We have come to know and accept that music is unique in our day to day lives. It gets better now that there are websites that play good music that we can listen to for free online. The fun does not end there, we have now been allowed to download music for free and create our exclusive playlists to which we can listen anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days we used to burn discs with our music tracks or favorite deejay mixes on them. Out with that, in with the live streaming era, from the comfort of your seat!

One such website is SoundCloud. It has become our most trusted music companion of all time. With SoundCloud, you can listen to any music genre anytime you want. You can search for your favorite artists or known album for any music you want. How exactly does SoundCloud work, then?

In essence, it is a website that is being used by artists, producers, and marketers of all sorts to sell their music tracks to as many people as possible across the world. Soundcloud is today’s way of selling music even when it is still fresh from the pot. Every time a person listens to an uploaded music track, the artist gets a play. Think of it as YouTube, and every time someone watches your video, you get a view. The more the plays you get on SoundCloud, the higher the chances of your music going viral.

So, what is new on Soundcloud?

The newest thing on SoundCloud right now is the fact that the website has given music writers the mandate to take charge of its new playlists. This might by far be the best strategy SoundCloud ever used in its music journey over the years. The videos you post of the platform as an artist have a lot to do with how your music is going to be received and how much steady your music will remain over the years.

This may mean a lot to music writers. First, it means that they have to write excellent music. Nobody is going to listen to mediocre music in the name of a first-timer. So, newbie or not, you will have to provide exceptional music quality if you have to win over the plays.

Secondly, it means more marketing strategies have to be reached to be able to harness the full potential of the plays. In short, we are saying that SoundCloud plays are not sufficient for you to break even in the music industry. You have to keep on sharing your music on as many platforms as possible until it reaches far and wide. Do not be held back by negativity in the market; if your music is excellent, it only deserves the best in marketing to soar into great heights.

Thirdly, this is a sign that you need to work with other experts in the market to ensure you remain relevant. For instance, before you post your music track, it is only essential that you look around for the same genre of music and copy a few useful notes from them. You can also reach out to renowned artists and ask them to listen to your music before you upload it. They will be sure to leave positively honest feedback regarding where you should improve or change. If you cringe away, you might never know any of the necessary tweaks to do to give your music a more magical touch.

Soundcloud and Artist Development

Today, SoundCloud has officially become the best way for an artist to market their music from the comfort of their homes, as opposed to the tiring road tours to perform in live shows. It is even better for new artists and fresh music tracks and mixes. Over time, as more and more people play your music, you get to the top, and like your music rocks, so does your career. 

Soundcloud has everything you will even want in music as a listener and everything you will ever want your music to be like as an artist. For example, anything you are looking for in music, be it different genres within the music industry, or hot deejay mixes, or even randomly created playlists. Find it all in Soundcloud. If you do not like the kind of playlists you find there, why not take your time to make your playlist step at a time?

As a music maker, growing through the ranks can be hard. It is worth the trial, though. As soon as you upload your music, take to thorough marketing to ensure your track begins to get enough plays to make it go viral. If you cannot seem to reach the required plays, you can buy the first batch to kick start your musical journey.

Today, SoundCloud gets even better with hot playlists topping the list from both male and female artists. The famous Billboard songs have made their way to the platform, and so have other music tracks from different online streaming channels like UK Top 40. The good thing is that Soundcloud has been accepted even more deeply by the radio stations. Most of which stream their music from the platform. The platform is still growing, and in what can be likened to a massive seismic shift, it is only fair to say that we are heading for as Soundcloud and music are both concerned.

There are many hashtags on Soundcloud. Some of them could be the keywords to help you search for your favorite song, album, or name of the artist without so much of a hustle. Other hashtags could be used to imply the genre of the music therein. It depends on how the artist decides to name his or her track. It could be #rock or #country, for example. Whichever way you look at it, you should ensure you use the perfect has tags to reach as many people as possible.

Online platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud are paving the way for the rise of a new Latin music genre. Let’s take a look at how these platforms are helping artists draw the attention of record labels.  

The rise of Latin trap

Latin trap, as the genre is referred to, began emerging in Puerto Rico in the mid-2000s. It found greater success during the 2010s with the debut of new artists like Bad Bunny, Ozuna, and De La Ghetto. These artists began experimenting with new styles by combining Latin trap with elements from other genres like reggaeton.

The experiments proved successful, with tracks like Bad Bunny’s “Mia” gaining millions of plays on YouTube, SoundCloud, and other streaming platforms. 

Latin trap artists expressed their gratitude for the emergence of such platforms. In an interview with The Washington Post, artist De La Ghetto noted that during the early days of the genre, they really didn’t have a means of building large fan bases. 

SoundCloud became one of their primary means of spreading their new music. Bad Bunny routinely uploaded new tracks on the platform when he wasn’t doing his day job. Other artists also relied on social media to hype their music to more listeners.

The growing popularity of the genre online also convinced record producers to take a second look. Dominican rapper Messiah said that, in the past, the labels often told them that the genre is “going nowhere.” Latin music blogs and sites seconded this opinion, stating that the genre was cool but did not have what it took to grow. 

The tables have since turned, and labels are now scrambling to sign up Latin trap artists. In 2018, Bad Bunny released his debut album “X 100Pre” under the record label Rimas. 

They also continue to grow their presence online. Puerto Rican artist Ozuna, for instance, became the most streamed YouTube artist in 2018. He was able to gather 8.7 billion views, beating perennial favorite Justine Bieber. “Te Bote Remix,” a collaboration of several Latin trap artists, was also one of the most-watched music videos for the year.

The secret behind Latin trap’s success

According to Messiah, the reason behind the genre’s continuing popularity is its continuing evolution. He noted that there were instances when most of the tracks he listened to were pure trap, but he also found ones that had a generous amount of R&B and dance hall influences to them. 

This direction is important for promoting not just Latin trap, but also other music. Messiah noted that if there is little variety, they would end up sounding the same. Observers say that this also helped the genre become more mainstream.

Social media pushes Latin trap

Social media is another important factor in the popularization of the genre. It gave the artists a venue to promote their music and catch the attention of listeners despite not having the marketing machinery of major record labels. 

The artists’ growth on different platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud also paved the way for record labels to reevaluate these artists. Once you can show a record label that there’s an audience, with solid numbers, you’re at least halfway there.

Latin trap music is expected to grow more in the next few years. Even if you are not part of the music scene, its story will give you a lot of lessons on promotions and marketing. Study it, and check out their beats while you are at it. 

Almost everything can be found online, be it gadgets, clothing, accessories, and even groceries. The same is true with music. You no longer have to go to a record store and manually browse through CDs. The Internet is a hassle-free source of all types of music. You can easily find tracks by your favorite artists and discover new ones.

In the same way, the Internet has revolutionized the way business owners and music creators showcase their products and songs. Most eCommerce businesses, for instance, don’t need a physical store to sell their products anymore.

Music creators also don’t need to release CDs since music lovers mostly consume digital music. I’m not easy to sell your music, or any product, online. A different kind of challenge is involved in promoting your brand on the Internet, and it takes a lot of hard work, common sense, and a certain level of tech-savviness.

SoundCloud marketing

One of the most famous music platforms these days is SoundCloud. Understanding how it works will definitely put you on your way to a great career in the music industry. After creating and perfecting your profile, the next step is to gather as many as SoundCloud followers as possible. This is where SoundCloud marketing skills come in.

Aside from letting your friends know about your SoundCloud profile, one strategy is to buy SoundCloud followers. There are several providers that offer SoundCloud followers at a reasonable price. 

Yes, you can buy SoundCloud followers and you should, especially if you’re only starting out. The number of your followers will be one of the first things profile visitors will see, and if you have zero or less than 10 followers, they will think that you are not worth following. So yeah, you should buy SoundCloud followers, but make sure they are of high quality.  

Benefits of buying SoundCloud followers

When you decide to include buying SoundCloud followers in your marketing strategy, you will reap the following benefits:

  • Makes your track look popular: With the number of followers you buy, your track and your brand of music will sound more popular.
  • You’ll see an increase in your audience: Since people see you as popular, they will feel that you’re worth following, so your audience will inevitably increase. 
  • You’ll get noticed by record labels: With quality music and a huge following, record labels will start noticing you. As Rory Fresco found out, there are many ways that SoundCloud can lead directly to a record deal.
  • It’s cost-effective: Given all these benefits, you’ll find that buying SoundCloud followers will be cost-effective in the end. For a small investment, you’ll gain popularity and possibly sign with a record label. 

As I mentioned, there are hundreds of providers that offer SoundCloud followers. It’s as easy as signing up for an account and giving your payment and SoundCloud details. After a few hours, you’ll see those followers start to come in. Determine the number of followers you need to kickstart your music career on SoundCloud. You may look at the popular artists in your genre and see how many followers they have and go from there. 

With that said, there are also scams out there so better watch out and do some research before giving your hard-earned money to any company. 

One thing that many Mac users still wish up to this day is for a SoundCloud app for their computers. While the music streaming site did debut a Mac app in 2011, it eventually got discontinued several years later. To help you out, here are five desktop apps that you can use in lieu of an official SoundCloud app for Mac.


The SoundCloud app is notable in being the one that SoundCloud actually recommended as an alternative after it shut down the official Mac app in 2012. The best thing about the app is its simplicity.

The app still offers some basic functionality. You can use the on-screen keys on the SoundCloud site as they are for playback. It also supports several keyboard shortcuts like:

  • Cmd + Left/Right: Move backward or forward through different tracks.
  • L: Like a track
  • R: Open the Repost panel

These shortcuts allow for even faster navigation on the app without having to fumble around on the screen.


Cumulus is another Mac desktop app that offers a simple way to run SoundCloud. The app is split into three different sections for Feeds, Likes, and Playlists. You can also control and navigate through it using your Mac keyboard’s media keys. The only downside is that there doesn’t seem to be any keyboard shortcuts.

Another great thing about the Cumulus app is that it resides in the top right-hand menu bar on your Mac screen. This makes it easy to access. What’s more, the app can be quickly toggled to hide it and give you an unobstructed view of your desktop.


Unlike the other entries on this list, BeardedSpice is not a dedicated SoundCloud app. It is instead a general menu bar application that lets you control any web-based media player or native app using Mac’s media keys. Aside from SoundCloud, you can use it for applications like:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • VLC media player

This makes it a great all-around tool if you want only a single Mac app controller.

One nifty feature of the app is the Smart Mode, where it automatically determines which media tab it should control. It also has some handy keyboard shortcuts, such as Cmd + F6, which locks the tab the app is controlling.


Soundnode is a full-fledged open-source app for SoundCloud, having plenty of functionality that you would expect from an official app. It has a sleek design, with the navigation sidebar positioned on the left. The center panel displays the tracks and playlists that you are following.

A notable feature of Soundnode is its search function, which suggests queries when you type, This makes it a good complement for the SoundCloud Upload app when building your music library. It also has a queue button for displaying upcoming tracks.


Like BeardedSpice, VOX is more of a general media player for the Mac that offers SoundCloud support. The app gives you simple playback features, and Apple AirPlay support is already provided with the free account.

One thing to note with VOX is that it has limited track engagement functions. You can like tracks by hovering your mouse over the currently playing one, but there is no way to view comments. There is also no playlist support, but the basic playback makes up for that.

SoundCloud Mac apps

These five apps are definitely a lifesaver for Mac users who want to listen to their favorite tracks right on their Mac computers. Check each app out and you will surely find one that is to your liking. Happy listening!

SoundCloud is a fun place where artists are encouraged to share their music. It’s a social media platform in its most basic form, but it focuses on music creation and sharing. Like any other social media platform, a person’s success on SoundCloud relies on followers, likes, and in the case of SoundCloud, plays.

As a SoundCloud artist, your goal is to build your profile up so fans will follow you and listen to your tracks. It goes without saying that your primary job is to create great and awesome music that your target listeners will love.

Competition on SoundCloud

Competition is tough on SoundCloud. Some artists enthusiastically upload their tracks on SoundCloud, but days would go by and the number of plays is still stuck at five. Most of the time, they will lose heart and see no point in continuing the pursuit of fame.

If you’re reading this right now, you might be one of the artists who are starting to see SoundCloud as only a means to express your musical abilities, but not necessarily a lucrative venue for you to get noticed. Please know that you are wrong in thinking this.

SoundCloud is fun, but what sets it apart is that it allows you to reach out to millions of people. Heck, you can even get noticed by record labels just like other musicians such as Bill Dess, aka Two Feet:

  • He uploaded his first song entitled “Go F*ck Yourself” on SoundCloud, slept, and woke up a star.
  •  The track had four million plays on SoundCloud when he woke up, and record labels were calling him hours later.
  • He finally signed with Universal Music Group’s Republic Records who also handles Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and other famous artists.

The first step is making the music, the next step is making SoundCloud work for you!

how to get more followers on soundcloud

SoundCloud service providers

Before you get discouraged by the performance of your SoundCloud tracks, you should know that there are companies that offer SoundCloud services to help you build up your profile. These services include:

  • SoundCloud followers
  • SoundCloud plays
  • SoundCloud likes
  • SoundCloud comments
  • SoundCloud reposts

For as little as $4, you can get any of these social metrics by the thousand. 1000 plays or followers will be added to your profile, effectively increasing your credibility and giving you social proof. Of course you can get hundreds or thousands of followers without buying them, but you would need enough money to either throw parties and organize events regularly, or hire an expert social media manager.

If you don’t have the budget, you can manage your own social media presence, but it will take time before you will see results. It doesn’t help that the social media marketing industry is changing constantly. When you adapt a marketing tactic that people say will work, another one comes up until you get confused as to which tactics are real, and which ones are just fads.

If you employ the services of SoundCloud providers, they will take care of your online presence on SoundCloud by ensuring that your profile will look famous and credible. As a result, people who haven’t heard about you will be swayed into playing your tracks and following your SoundCloud profile. Soon enough, you will find success on SoundCloud.

How does buying SoundCloud followers work?

You might think that buying SoundCloud followers involves only two things: Signing up for an account, and waiting for the followers to be delivered. It’s actually more than that. Here are some tips for when you buy SoundCloud followers:

  • Research first: You may have heard about online scams that promise to deliver high-quality followers, likes, and plays, but in the end the accounts they use are actually bots or fake accounts. Before signing up for any service, make sure first that the provider is legitimate by doing some research first.
  • Choose a provider with positive user feedback: While doing your research, you will come across several providers claiming to be the best. Don’t take their word for it. Read user feedbacks and reviews, and go for the provider with the most positive feedback.
  • Choose a provider with a money-back guarantee: Another criteria in choosing a provider is the money-back guarantee. A scammer won’t offer this kind of safety net, and if they do, they won’t provide any easy way to contact their customer support team. So go for a provider that promises a money-back guarantee feature and has a reachable customer support department.
  • Find out how many followers you need: You also need to figure out exactly how many followers you need and if you have to order other services aside from followers. For instance, if you’re new, you can start with 1000 followers on SoundCloud and couple it with maybe 1000 or 1500 plays to make everything about your profile look natural.
  • Determine your budget: Money is an important consideration, especially for new artists who are usually on a tight budget. Invest the amount you are most comfortable with, without breaking the bank. On average, the price for 1000 followers or 1000 plays is around $4 to $6. Anything more than is likely overpriced.
  • Take advantage of free trials: Speaking of budget, there are providers that offer free trials of their services. It’s a great way to increase your follower count without spending anything, and also to test the provider’s services. If the free trial works well for you, you might want to upgrade to their paid services.

All these things might sound complicated at first, but once you find a good quality SoundCloud services provider, everything will just flow smoothly. You only need to create your kind of music, upload it, and let the provider take care of your social proof. It will also help if you promote your SoundCloud tracks on other social media platforms. Twitter, for one, is a very lucrative promotional partner. Most SoundCloud artists promote their craft on the platform, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

With over 10 million creators on board, getting your music established on SoundCloud can be a challenging effort. To help you out, one of the site’s top honchos is offering some advice on how you can get your tracks discovered.

Defining your success on SoundCloud

In an interview with AWAL.com, SoundCloud’s Vice President for Content and Community Megan West said the first key in making successful music is having a good idea of what success would be like. She said that it will help musicians establish their goals and look for ways they can branch out.

West noted that artists now have more freedom in defining success for their respective careers, but they still need to have a clear way of measuring it. This is where having the right kind of data comes into play. The SoundCloud executive stressed that artists should not only be focusing on the prominent ones, like the number of plays a track has. but also look into other pieces of data:

  • She gave the location where the plays are coming from as an example of the wider data set that creators should look into.
  • West said that musicians will likely be surprised when they see plays coming from unexpected places.

By finding out who those listeners are and why they are listening to your tracks, you can plan out how to turn them into a new audience.

Sharing your music the right way

Another topic that West looked into is the release strategies used by SoundCloud artists. She pointed out that many artists don’t follow the traditional two-year album cycle that their counterparts rely on. They instead release new music as they see fit, doing single-track releases and whole album uploads on a more varied timetable.

West explained that such a flexible schedule better suits the need to keep listeners engaged on an online platform like SoundCloud, and in today’s what-have-you-done-lately mediasphere. She noted that the attention span of the current generation listeners are short, and artists need to provide them with content that would best resonate with them often.

West presented the band SUICIDEBOYS as an example of artists that have adapted to the non-traditional release schedule. She noted that they release songs immediately after finishing them, giving their listeners a continuous stream of new songs.

The executive added that engagement shouldn’t be limited to just putting out new tracks. You  should also give your listeners the means to provide feedback on your work. SoundCloud itself offers a variety of ways that you can receive and respond to feedback, like regular comments and on-track comments. Make sure that you respond to such as much as possible to show your audience that you really do listen to them.

Getting the right partner

The last point West covered is the importance of having a partner to help you take your career to the next level. She reminded that your choice of a partner, and indeed the decision to get one, should be guided by your initial definition of success. Some people go so far as to buy Soundcloud Followers to obtain social proof of their music.

West added that the partner you get should also believe in the vision you have for your career. They also need to fully understand how to make your plan work. Make sure that you discuss with them everything about your career goals and what you have done so far to popularize your music.

West’s advice is definitely going to be welcomed words for budding SoundCloud artists like you. Use her commentaries as a guide for planning and executing your career plans and you might soon find yourself at the top of the SoundCloud charts.

Thanks to SoundCloud, new artists can secure a fan following much more quickly – and for a lot less money! The Sound Cloud service allows artists to build their fan base through streaming their tunes! If you are a singer, songwriter, or band looking to build your fan base, SoundCloud is the best choice for maximum exposure for your tracks. There is a reason that new artists on Soundcloud often buy Soundcloud followers to get off on the right path.

Guide on Soundcloud Influencer Marketing


Start with the best meta tags you can imagine that will lead directly to your most listened to tracks. Ensure that your photos are of high quality, have amazing track art, include a blazing biography, and add meta tags on all of your tracks.


While starting with a free account is great at the beginning, once you have the start of a following (say 50-100 followers), it’s time to upgrade to a Pro Account. The two plans available ($6 per month or $15 per month) allow you to upload more and add longer tracks.

The premium version that costs $15 a month includes data analytics, an invaluable source of information about your following. You also get the Spotlight feature – a chance to showcase your best work. While spending cash to promote your work is hard, the features you get make it all worth it:

An Increase in Uploads
The more music you have on your SoundCloud, the better the odds that a new fan will discover your tunes. With the increase in uploads with the Pro account, you are increasing your chances of being seen by new followers.

SoundCloud’s Spotlight option lets you highlight a trending track at the beginning of your profile. You have the power to decide which one of your songs is in the limelight when you pay for the Spotlight feature.

Data Analytics
Analytics are the best predictors of future sales and connections with fans. The data analytics allow you to create targeted marketing campaigns and even plan where you will play based on which cities have the most followers.


Stay in tune with social media – and share your posts every day! Work to build your followers on any and all social media – Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, etc. The more exposure you have, the more likely you are to succeed.

Now, with all these accounts, how does an artist keep track? Create a posting chart. Figure out the optimal times to post on each social media platform and post there every day, at the same time. Being consistent is quality fans will flock to. If they know you will put up a new track every Thursday at 3 pm, they will be there waiting for the new songs.

Once you have that calendar of postings, encourage your listeners and followers to share, share, share!


Blogs have become a great way to stay connected with fans. Any artist hoping to maintain a fan base should maintain a blog. Blogs are primarily about storytelling and fans love to hear what their favorite artists are up to, updates from their personal lives, concert schedules, and when the big break finally happens!


Social media influencers are the doorway to exposure. Collaborate with other artists who have achieved greater success than you have so far. Join their social media pages and provide links to your own (with permission of course). Maybe you can even convince a well-known artist to work with you on track! Your fans would see that other, more popular artists see the value in your work and are willing to partner with you.


It won’t do you a whole lot of good to pay for SoundCloud, spend time on a posting calendar, and reach out to influencers if you aren’t communicating with your fan base. Answer their emails, respond to their tweets and posts, and most importantly, engage with them in person. If you plan a concert for a city with a large number of followers, make sure you offer a meet and greet experience (VIP) and get to know your peeps!


Whether you post on YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo, posting videos is crucial to your social media success. And don’t just make music videos! Do a live Question and Answer session on Facebook, post a behind the scenes video of your studio work or live concert performances, you can even just post a video that tells a great story of how you met a huge fan or how a city reacted to your concert. You can build these into a channel on YouTube or Vine and reach even more of your fan base!


Social media groups are a great way to personalize your music to a targeted audience and always stay engaged.

Not only is this a great place to build a fanbase, but it is also a way to market your work. Offer contests or special events for group members only. Invite other artists to join the group and work with them on potential collaborations. Link your group to your SoundCloud and other social media pages.


Even with a great social media presence, traditional marketing is still a huge part of your job. Just make sure that any printed materials include your profiles for Sound Cloud and the links to your other social media pages.


All of the work on social media and group pages and linking and traditional marketing will be for nothing if you don’t produce great art! Don’t allow your efforts to promote yourself to overwrite your talent as an artist. Be very deliberate with your time. Schedule time to write, time in the studio, and time for promotion. When you offer up your very best, the marketing you have in place will take care of itself. Max your tracks!

Social networking sites were originally designed to connect people around the world through the wonders of the internet. Today, social networking sites have evolved and are fast becoming one of the prime marketing channels for companies to attract business and reinforce their brand.

Social media sites can be your gateway to high conversion if you know where to look and who to find.

Social networking sites are becoming increasingly important in today’s marketing and branding game. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have the power to dictate the course of your marketing efforts. These sites are so powerful they can even shape the economy!

If you want your marketing efforts to bring home the dollars, you need to find out where the people are on the internet.

Find out which among the social networking sites out there are popular among internet users below.



What started out as a simple site designed to connect people has now become one of the most popular social networking platforms on the internet. Facebook currently holds the title as the most popular social networking site on the internet with over 2 billion active monthly users.

Image credit: The Verge


Facebook is a social networking platform with a sense of social responsibility. In an effort to make the internet a lot safer, Facebook launched a kid-friendly messaging app designed for users under the age of 13.

There’s no telling what Facebook will come up next but one thing’s for sure, there’s no single social networking platform out there that can dethrone it anytime soon.



WhatsApp is another heavy hitter in the messaging and video calling platforms with over 2 billion active monthly users.

What sets this app apart from all the other messaging apps out there is its reliable services worldwide. Aside from sending messages to friends and loved ones, users can also use WhatsApp to share live locations as well as status updates to everyone in their contact.

The team behind WhatsApp recently announced that they’re working on creating a chat assistant that can summarize all the messages and calls a user may have missed. WACAO or WhatsApp Chat Assistant is available for anyone to try on GitHub.



Everyone knows Youtube, which is not surprising considering its over 1.5 billion active monthly users. It’s also credited as the second largest search engine today.

Despite facing a massive ad boycott, YouTube pranced around with shiny new stats at the recently concluded VidCon 2017 held at the Anaheim Convention Center last June.

In an attempt to convince advertisers to return to YouTube, the video sharing platform came up with stricter guidelines that aim to moderate the videos that are on their platform. YouTube also announced that they are increasing their content moderation and enforcement staff in the coming year to make sure their platform is as advertiser-friendly as possible.



Anybody who’s anybody with a smartphone is sure to be on Instagram. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform has over 800 million active monthly users – and 500 million of which log in almost every day!

Image credit: Ask A Millionaire

Instagram is home to some high-reaching influencers.Tim Karlsiyev is the mastermind behind the magnanimous Daily Dose account. Through his inspirational and motivational posts, he’s able to reach over a million users through Instagram alone – making him one of the most powerful  influencers out there today.

You can kick your campaign up a notch by purchasing a few thousand Instagram Followers from a reputable provider. Bought Followers can give you a seemingly impressive social proof that will attract even more organic followers.


Tumblr is a microblogging site that’s been flying under the radar lately but has surprisingly more users compared to Twitter! Tumblr currently has over 340 million active monthly active users.

Tumblr received a lot of flack in the past due to its spammy feed filled with lewd ads. To resolve the problem, Tumblr encourages the community to flag and report any spammy ads they see on their feed. They also launched the NSFW filter that moderates offensive or pornographic posts.

Tumblr has, in recent years, made changes to make their platform to be more appealing to mobile users. They’re also coming up with new moderation features that will significantly decrease the number of pornographic posts on their platform.



Twitter is a microblogging site that’s home to over 330 million active users. Because users are forced to reduce their updates to no more than 140 characters, people get to enjoy valuable yet succinct updates every time they log in.

Twitter is a platform that isn’t afraid to embrace change. Just this year, Twitter announced that they are doubling the character limit to help users express themselves better in their tweets.

Jack Dorsey tweeted “This is a small change but a big move for us. 140 was an arbitrary choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet. And at the same time maintaining our brevity, speed, and essence!”

If you’re having a hard time editing your marketing message, the new supersized character limit is sure to change the course of your campaign.



Snapchat banked off everyone’s fear of permanence and created a photo-sharing platform for photos and videos that self-destruct after 24 hours. The idea behind Snapchat was so new to many people that it attracted over 300 million active users.

Their growth quickly went to a standstill once Instagram Stories came into the picture. In an attempt to regain its glory days, Snapchat has begun dabbling in augmented reality featuring the works of artists like Jeff Koon.

Image credit: TechCrunch

The new augmented reality art platform launched in several locations around the world and allowed users to see digital art installations when they hold up their phones in the right spot.



Message boards are among the earliest forms of social media and are still thriving in this modern age. Reddit is one of the more popular message boards that’s been around since 2005. It’s being kept alive by over 250 million active monthly users who like exchanging stories and posts about every topic imaginable.

Image credit: Forbes

Reddit has some of the most passionate and engaged social media users you can ever come across. If you want to keep tabs on what people are talking about in your specific niche, this site is worth checking out.



Pinterest is one of the largest and most popular digital pinboards with over 200 active monthly users. Pinterest lets users save – or pin –  images and other multimedia posts based on their interests.


Image credit: Pinterest Blog

Pinterest is one of the best content discovery tools out there today. Pinterest can help brands like yourself connect with highly engaged users who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Just this year, Pinterest launched Pinterest Lens, which lets users make search inquiries using images on their phones or captured by their cameras.

If you want to integrate Pinterest into your current campaign, you should buy yourself a few thousand High-Quality Followers from a tried and tested provider. Having an impressive social following will surely capture the interest and attention of avid pinners!



SoundCloud is dubbed the YouTube of sound and has the largest collection of independent audio on the internet.

SoundCloud has over 175 million active monthly users composed of podcasters, musicians and avid fans from around the globe.

If you’re a musician who’s just starting out, SoundCloud is the perfect place to share your tracks. Increase your chances of attracting fans from around the globe by purchasing a few thousand SoundCloud Followers from a reputable provider.



Ask.fm is an asking and answering platform that lets users submit questions anonymously and answer controversial topics from followers.

Currently, Ask.fm has over 130 million active monthly users who upload video and text responses to some of the questions posted on their profile.



Google+ hasn’t been getting a lot of press lately but it’s still the go-to sharing platform for many hobbyists from highly specific niches. Currently, Google+ has 111 million active monthly users.

Despite the less than impressive numbers, Google+ continues to thrive as a platform for many of its highly engaged users.



LinkedIn is a social networking site designed to help professionals connect with colleagues and people and other relevant people within their industry.

LinkedIn has over 106 million active users – and 40% of those users log in to the platform daily. Their robust user base has changed the way people use their platform. Now, people can write industry-related blogs and find their dream job all within the same social networking platform.



Flickr is one of the few social media sites that has a photographer’s stamp of approval. Flickr is a photo sharing platform that keeps the integrity and quality of the photo intact – which is why so many photographers and shutter bugs are so fond of it.

Currently, Flickr is staying alive with over 90 million active monthly users who share their best snaps without compromise among fellow photography enthusiasts.



Ever wondered how former classmates from high school are doingw now? Well, Classmates will help you find out. This social networking site is dedicated to helping you find and reconnect with friends (and even teachers) from your old alma mater.

Classmates has been around for over 22 years and has over 32 million active monthly users, most of which are from the United States.


There Are More Out There

If you want your marketing campaign to kick ass, you need to diversify your strategy. Explore different social media sites and get to know the people who are most active there, they could be your next customer or even brand evangelist.

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Social media is the future of marketing, so make the most out of it and start connecting with people!


With over 10 million music creators worldwide, standing out on SoundCloud may be quite a challenge – especially when you’re just starting out.

Gaining recognition may not come as easily as you’d want it to, but there are a number of things you can do to ensure your SoundCloud profile is fully optimized. Tweaking every bit to get it just right can help you increase your searchability and introduce your tracks to more listeners.

Your SoundCloud profile is composed of several areas that are just waiting to be optimized – from your username down to your followers. Find out how you can use them to your advantage and increase your searchability by reading the blog below.

Your Username

Your username can make or break your branding goals and has a lot to do with how searchable you’ll be.

If you want more listeners, you have to make it easier for them to find you. Having a long, confusing, and forgettable username is not how you do it.

When crafting your username, avoid using too many special characters as this can only cause confusion, making it harder for people to find you.

Be as consistent with your brand name as possible. Use the same name you use on all your other social media accounts to make it easier for people to find you – make your username short and sweet.

So instead of using Sn00pD0gg, keep it OG and just stick with Snoop Dogg, alright?

Image credit: GoldLink SoundCloud

GoldLink is an independent, Virginia-based rapper on the rise who knows how important a short, sweet and consistent username is to his branding efforts. With over 170,000 followers, this artist knows how to optimize his username for success.

Your Profile Image

Think of your profile image as your face on the platform – so you have to make it count. Optimizing your profile picture makes you more memorable. It’s important that you choose an image that represents you as an artist in the best way possible.

Keep it professional and make sure it scales well across all screen sizes because there are listeners who browse through SoundCloud on their mobile devices.

SoundCloud recommends you use a square image with a dimension of 1000 pixels X 1000 pixels. Also, keep in mind that your profile image will be cropped round to distinguish it from album artwork.

Chance the Rapper is one of the biggest names in the hip-hop scene and he knows exactly how to choose the right image for his SoundCloud profile.

Image credit: Chance the Rapper

His profile image is consistent with his overall brand – not too flashy but still polished and planned out too, if you know what we mean.

Your Street Cred

If you want to optimize your presence on SoundCloud, consider investing in your street cred with bought SoundCloud Plays and Followers.

Social proof is highly regarded on the internet, most especially on a platform like SoundCloud. If you want to have a more credible reputation, consider investing in bought SoundCloud Plays or Followers. Buying plays from a reputable provider can help you appear more established without having to painstakingly wait for organic growth.

Bought plays can make tracks appear more popular, without requiring you to exhaust all of your marketing energy and resources. They can improve your street cred, helping you appear more popular.

There are a lot of scammers out there, so do some research before choosing a provider. To make things easier for you, we test and review some of the best and most reputable providers of SoundCloud Plays. Go with our recommendations and you’ll be in good hands.

These providers offer tried and tested services, so you can know you’ll get exactly what you paid for – or even more.

Your Social Links

You can reach more listeners by linking all of your social media accounts to your SoundCloud profile. Giving listeners access to your social links allows them to learn more about you. This is also a great way to drive existing networks of fans to your SoundCloud page.

With the latest updates in social media integration, you’ll also have a much easier time sharing your music to all of your followers from every platform.

Even a pop icon like Lana del Rey knows how important it is to link all her social media accounts to her SoundCloud profile. This artist has everything linked, from her website down to her Instagram account, for all of her 7 million fans to view and follow.

Image credit: Lana del Rey

The Spotlight Feature

If you need to drive more attention to a particular track, you can optimize it by using the Spotlight feature. This allows you to put a specific track on the forefront of your profile – which will be the first thing a listener sees when they chance upon you.

Putting a track in the Spotlight will encourage casual browsers to give them a play – but it’s only available to premium Go accounts.

soundcloud go track

SoundCloud currently has two types of pro accounts that are being offered to serious content creators: SoundCloud Pro for $7 / month or $63 / year and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited for $15 / month or $135 / year.

Both plans allow you to pin a maximum of five tracks per account. The only difference between the two is the amount of upload time permitted per account and the analytics.

If you want to optimize your tracks and make them more visible to more listeners, investing in a pro account might be worth your while.

Your Followers

You might not be aware of this, but you can actually optimize your followers through engagement. Engagement can help you become more visible and relevant to more listeners.

soundcloud comments

SoundCloud boasts a unique feature that allows you and your fans to post comments on a specific time within a track. You don’t just have to comment on other peoples’ tracks – use this feature to make notes on your own music for people to see and respond to. Use this as a way to give your listeners some cool insider information they can’t get anywhere else.

Engaging with your listeners is one way to turn casual passers-by into loyal fans. The key to engagement is personality and honesty – be wary of template responses that can make you sound like a robot!

Optimization Is In The Little Things You Do

Optimizing your SoundCloud profile doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, all it takes are some tiny, informed tweaks that will maximize its potential.

After optimizing your SoundCloud profile, you’ll want to come up with a strong marketing plan that can help you build on your initial success. Being a successful artist on SoundCloud, after all, requires both talent and a talented marketing strategy.

When buying plays, always go for a more reputable provider. Choosing a provider based on rates alone will not guarantee you’ll get what you paid for.  Our list of Top SoundCloud Plays Providers can point you in the right direction based on your specific needs and budget.

Once you’ve optimized your SoundCloud profile and crafted a winning marketing strategy, keep making great music for your new fans to enjoy!

As the importance of social media has grown, so too has the popularity of tools to manage all those accounts. According to a report by Buffer, more than half of the marketers surveyed said that driving traffic to their website was one of their social media challenges. So how can social media tools help solve this problem and give you a competitive advantage?

The answer is with management tools. This is because managing your many social accounts is time-consuming. Whether you are a small business or a big brand, some management tools can be very useful for helping you create a consistent online presence. There are social media tools available for every major platform. To help you wade through this sea of options, we’ve collected a list of some of the best tools to improve your game on Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Twitter management tools


Image credit: Twitter

TweetDeck is a fully-featured dashboard for your Twitter account. It organizes your feed, notifications, and messages into easy to read columns. It is perfect for individuals, businesses, and anyone with multiple accounts.

Tweetdeck can help you monitor multiple timelines, or even create a custom timeline as well. For example, you can have one column for your followers, one for your mentions, one for your DMs, and one for trending topics. You can add and customize as many columns as you need, and rearrange them based on your priorities.


Image credit: Keyhole

When it comes to Twitter, hashtags are crucial elements. Keyhole is a hashtag tracking tool that will help you up your Twitter game. It provides you with information like real-time analytics and metrics of influencers. You can track posts containing your hashtags and keywords, along with the number of retweets, likes, and impressions that your campaign generated.

It also helps you discover related hashtags that can help you measure and improve your engagement. You can monitor your individual posts, as well as those of your competitors. Doing both of these can help you optimize your content strategy.


Image credit: IAmWire

Crowdfire is an app that helps you manage your Twitter Followers. It lets you see the people who follow you, those who don’t follow you back, and those that unfollowed you. It also lets you find inactive or influential users. Overall, it’s a great tool that can help you maximize your engagement with your followers.

One of this tool’s highlights is that it allows you to find followers of your competitors who may be interested in your content too. Crowdfire has a lot of potential to grow your audience.

Instagram management tools


Image credit: Minter.io

Minter.io will provide you with analytics regarding your Instagram followers, levels of engagement, and tips to better optimize your content. It can give you an analysis of the entire history of your profile, and then gives you a summary of the points you should focus on to increase your impact.

It measures your audience growth to help you generate valuable insights. You can even find out the gender and location distribution of your followers. You can analyze their hashtag activity, discover your most important contributors, your most engaging posts, and better measure the reach of your Instagram marketing campaigns.


Image credit: Later

Creating a visual content calendar for your future Instagram posts will help you plan better stories for your audience. Later helps you do just that, with both free and paid plans. Whether you want to post regular updates, launch a new product, or host a contest, Later helps you with the organization and execution of your campaign.

Later also lets you see a preview of what your grid will look like, giving you more control over the way your Instragram page will appear. If you are working in teams, Later has a Bulk Uploader that lets you post photos from your Cloud storage, which any team member can access.


Image credit: Onlypult

If you want to get ahead in the Instagram game, you’ve got to get ahead of your competitors. Onlypult lets you view all of the Instagram posts of your competitors in one place, giving you a bird’s-eye view of exactly what you’re up against.

You also have the option of uploading unlimited photos and videos on a schedule that you can determine ahead of time. It lets you create an easy ”planner” and add posts to a queue. Onlypult is a great tool for businesses or anyone who has a lot of Instagram content to schedule. It’s definitely an option to consider for those that want to expand their work beyond their mobile device.

SoundCloud management tools


Image credit: Landr

If you want to sound like a pro without paying for a studio, then you should be using Landr for your SoundCloud tracks. Landr uses its cloud-based mastering software to analyze your track and then enhance it, just like a professional studio. They’ll give your music a more polished and balanced feel in just minutes.

One of their more interesting features is the genre detection function. Based on the musical components of your tracks, it classifies your music into a particular genre or genres, helping you create tags for your music. The software then masters your track according to the conventions of the genre it was classified in, making your music even more appealing.

YouTube management tools

VidIQ for Chrome

Image credit: VidIq

There are many factors when it comes to YouTube metrics, and to eliminate that confusion is VidIQ. Install this Chrome extension and it will provide you with key insights into what top YouTube users are doing to drive growth, increase their engagement, and create viral content. You are then free to imitate them to grow your own channel.

VidIQ collects data from your videos and your channel, and from there it will give you the probability of your content being featured as a related video, being recommended, or coming up in search results. You’ll also get valuable engagement metrics.

Finally, it even suggests changes you can make to improve particular areas of your video content. This is very useful data you can use to fine-tune your channel.

YouTube Reputation Tool

Image credit: Seochat

The YouTube Reputation Tool is very simple, but useful. It allows you to easily search keywords to see how your brand shows up on YouTube.

You can search your social media handle, your domain name, video titles, keywords related to your videos, and more. It lets you collect results and watch videos all on the same page. Research widely so you can incorporate this SEO data in your videos.

What’s In Your Toolbelt?

In any social media marketing plan, the first step is to identify which social media platforms you are going to focus on. There are a lot of tools available to help you improve your marketing strategies. Many of them will help you with the initial planning and research you need to do based on your needs and goals.

Hey, did you know? One of the easiest ways to build a social presence is to buy Followers and other forms of engagement for your social media accounts. It’s a quick way to improve your popularity and reputation online, so check out our list of trusted providers.

While your business might be running smoothly, you might be under-utilizing the useful resources you have available. You may need at least one or more management tools to maximize your social media presence. Find some that work best for you, analyze and monitor your progress, and stay on top!

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