Top 5 Creative Ways To Market Products on Twitter

Here are the Top 5 creative ideas and unique ways to market and promote products on Twitter using creative genius and raw intellect!

Why Instagram is a Better Platform for Marketing than Twitter

Many have believed Instagram to be a better marketing platform than Twitter. With several factors put into consideration, this article offers readers a chance to see why this is so.

How to Optimize the Use of Hashtags on Twitter for More Likes

Many people use hashtags on Twitter and do not know how to optimize this usage. This piece guides readers to a path that leads them towards getting the best out of hashtags on Twitter by optimizing their usage.

How To Get More Retweets and Followers on Twitter?

Having an online presence on twitter is the best thing that can happen to a brand or individual. However, it takes more than just publishing content; the engagement rate is measured by how well people interact with content posted, and one of them is retweeting. The guides here will give hints on what to do to get more retweets from your followers.

What to do if Your Twitter Account is Suspended in 2020

People can get their Twitter account suspended. If you are someone who has experienced this, there are certain things you can do to lift the suspension.

Facebook Followers Marketing Stats to Help You be More Effective

Many statistics have been recorded concerning marketing on Facebook. By understanding these statistics, readers can better perform their marketing strategies on the platform.

Tools to Make Your Twitter Account More Active

You might as well have a Twitter account that is active. Irrespective of your goals, except of course it’s spamming, you need an active Twitter account to achieve those goals. In your quest to build a more vibrant Twitter account, we will introduce you to some tools that will make Twitter more active.

How to Create Twitter Captions on Videos for More Followers

Captions increase your engagement rate exponentially, and an increase in engagement rate leads to an increase in views, which is the ultimate aim of many Twitter users. Read on the know-how to create Twitter captions that can lead to amazing results.

Things to do When Your Twitter Account gets Hacked

One of the biggest social media disasters that can happen to any Twitter user is finding out that you no longer have access to your Twitter account. As painful as it seems, this is the painful reality of some Twitter account owners. Here we have enumerated some steps to take when your social media account is hacked.

10 Things You Can Use Twitter For As a New User

What do you use your Twitter handle for on the platform? If you’re one who uses Twitter for interacting with friends, only then will you discover several essential things you can do on this platform.