Boost Your Twitter Engagements With These Tactics

Getting people to engage with you more on Twitter is vital for your account to thrive, but it can often be harder than tweeting itself. You really need to convince people to lend their time and converse with you. Here are some strategies you can explore to increase the engagement you get from your tweets. […]

Even Marketing Head Found Twitter Thread on Peloton Ads Very Funny

If you’ve seen a Peloton ad recently, you’ll understand why the Twitter thread started by @ClueHeywood now has 31,000 Twitter retweets, almost 3000 comments, and 137,000 likes. Other Twitter users responded to the thread with their version of the mockery, with some even applauding @ClueHeywood’s sense of humor. The Twitter thread also led to less […]

Seven Marketing Tools Every Instagrammer Should Have

With over a billion users, Instagram is one of the essential channels you would want to be in to reach your target audience. Marketing on this platform, however, is much more complicated than just posting your photos. Here are seven handy tools that will help you successfully execute your Instagram marketing plan. Instagram marketing tools: […]

Twitter Makes It Easy To Find The Right Timing For Videos With New Tool

Twitter is giving its users a new tool that will help them better plan their video posts and make sure that their audience is there watching. This tool is called “Timing is Everything,” and its release could not have come at a better… time. Finding the right timing Dubbed “Timing Is Everything,” the new tool […]

What Really Happens When You Change Your Twitter Birthday to 2007

Whatever you do, don’t change your birthday on Twitter to 2007. Of all the things to tweet about, some Twitter users chose to post about how you’ll get cool features, new color schemes, and even cash if you change your Twitter birthday to 2007. As to how these posts got a lot of retweets, one […]

5 Twitter Tactics for Your Business

Twitter is one of the best social media avenues if you are after lead generation for your business. This microblogging platform allows you to connect to numerous social media users and potential customers around the world. Twitter posts cleverly lead followers and non-followers to your desired landing pages. Here are some social media strategies on […]

These Strategies To Convert Your Social Media Interaction Into Sales

With a good strategy, social media is an excellent way to build a good brand reputation and credibility. Aside from that, it is also a good way to build a community to interact with your followers, customers, and would be customers. However, it is not enough that you interact with them. It is good that […]

Instagram Founders Leaving The Platform For Good

Founders leaving the company is not a good sign. And the first thing that will come to our mind if this happens is that something is wrong with the company. What will happen to the company? Will it close down? How about the employees? These are just some of the questions that will pop into […]

Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide for 2019 – What’s In It For You?

Pinterest is primarily about ideas that help users plan out their activities during seasonal events such as the New Year and Halloween and during life moments such as weddings and moving into a new home. Staying true to this concept, Pinterest is making it easy for brands to come up with campaign ideas by releasing […]

Twitter Is Earning A Profit, Despite Looming Problems

Who would miss out on President Trump’s unrefined tweets that have reached people across the globe through an exchange of comments and opinion that brought up a lot of conflicts? The 45th President of the United States is so active with Twitter that social media has been his platform to break news, have a feud […]