Top Five Social Media Tools To Help You Improve Your SoundCloud Marketing

Top Five Social Media Tools To Help You Improve Your SoundCloud Marketing

Every musician dream to perform on stage with playful lights, while thousands of their fans are screaming and cheering to hear your music. This is how musicians envision success. However, non of them like to imagine all the difficulties that they have to face in order to reach stardom. 

The never-ending song practices, expensive production costs, late-night shows, and self-promotion– these are only some of the challenges that musicians have to face. Needless to say, it is easy to dream about becoming successful. But the process itself is long and tiresome. 

Top Five Social Media Tools To Help You Improve Your SoundCloud Marketing

However, the long journey towards success is not an indication that your dreams are impossible. In fact, there are plenty of steps that you can do in order to become a popular musician. One of these many steps is a properly-executed promotional marketing strategy.

A lot of independent musicians are starting to build their careers with the help of SoundCloud— a popular music platform. In this article, five of the best social media tools that musicians can use for their marketing strategies are broken down and explained.

What Exactly is SoundCloud?

If you are an artist who has not yet considered using SoundCloud to promote your music, then it is high time you should. With over 175 million users all over the world, this platform is the largest music and audio platform that you could ever use.

Through SoundCloud, artists can upload the music that they originally created and share it with the continuously growing user base of the platform. 

Artists can also receive feedback and suggestions from their target listeners through growing followers on SoundCloud’s waveform. So, without a doubt, this music-sharing platform is a must-use for aspiring musicians.

Top Five Best SoundCloud Marketing Tools that Every Musician Must Use 

Facebook Ads

The social media platform Facebook sometimes limits an artist’s ability to reach a vast amount of fans using organic marketing. For this reason, using Facebook Ads is an excellent alternative. This will help you expand the reach of your page as well as get it in front of more potential listeners. 

Top Five Social Media Tools To Help You Improve Your SoundCloud Marketing

Through Facebook Ads, you will be able to target and reach the right audience through demographics. This tool will also help you narrow down the type of music that your target audience likes. If you are an artist who is going on a tour, you can also use Facebook ads to target your audience by location.

Twitter SoundCloud Promotion

Twitter is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms where musicians can promote their tracks. Both fans and musicians love Twitter. What is even more compelling is that Twitter itself loves SoundCloud. In fact, this social media platform invested $70 million in SoundCloud back then. For this reason. Twitter can embed SoundCloud plays directly into the API.

Moreover, this tool is an amazing way to build fan engagement. Using retweets and comments, you can hype up your fans and inform them about everything that is going on with your music.

Twitter also allows users to build a story using a string of Tweets. This social network is an “in the moment” social media platform. Meaning, every user post the latest news about them. In addition, people love live updates and random tweets from their favorite musicians. 

Apart from promoting your music, Twitter also allows you to connect with your fans at a more personal level.

Instagram SoundCloud Promotion

SoundCloud is one of the largest music platforms. On the other hand, Instagram is the largest photo-sharing platform which is owned by Facebook. These two giants partnered a few years ago which made it easier for musicians to increase their play count. 

SoundCloud found out that high-quality images are as important as high-quality music. By connecting your SoundCloud account with your Instagram feed, you will be able to choose your best photos that you can add to your playlists, tracks, profile, and groups. This will help you you make both your Instagram and SoundCloud more promotable. 

Top Five Social Media Tools To Help You Improve Your SoundCloud Marketing

To link your SoundCloud to your Instagram, the first thing you need to do is to set up an Instagram profile and add your SoundCloud link to it. After that, you will be able to share whatever is the latest news about your music as well as your personal life.

Pinterest SoundCloud Promotion

Pinterest is another useful tool if you want to promote your music from SoundCloud. 

This tool is primarily an image-based platform. However, it has an embed feature that lets you include your SoundCloud tracks on the pins.

It is important to note that Pinterest is mostly about images. For this reason, if you are going to promote your music on this platform, you have to make sure that you are using an enticing and attention-grabbing image. Remember, a good image will prompt people to try and listen to your tracks. So, choose a high-quality photo that will visually represent your music.

YouTube SoundCloud Promotion

Back when YouTube is not born yet, musicians rely on MTV to promote their music videos. But now that YouTube has become extremely popular, every musician can promote their videos all by themselves. 

YouTube is a social media platform that every musician must get a hold of. This platform allows you to produce, upload, as well as share videos and tracks effortlessly.

Unlike any other social media platforms that musicians mostly use, SoundCloud and YouTube do not easily integrate with one another. However, there are still a number of third-party services that you can use to connect your SoundCloud account to your YouTube channel. 

Your goal in using YouTube is to redirect your listeners from the said platform to your SoundCloud page. You can do such through the use of links. For instance, you can try to create an enticing teaser video that briefly introduces your music. The video must have the link to your SoundCloud account. It must also be able to prompt your audience to click on that link and listen to your full track. This way, you will be able to successfully use YouTube to promote your SoundCloud tracks.

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