Common Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Common Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the “must-use” social apps. YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook can help you earn money while also providing entertainment. But LinkedIn helps you grow as a professional.

The world is more connected than ever, and everyone in the world of work should leverage that for their growth. LinkedIn is focused on professional networking, which can help you connect with people in the same industry. That will help you learn new things and possibly new skills.

Contractors and first-time job seekers also benefit from using LinkedIn for followers. Growing their network on this platform makes finding projects or landing jobs easier. That’s truer now than ever before. Many companies and hiring managers have switched to virtual hiring practices.

Common Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Of course, being on LinkedIn is not enough. It would be best to consider your reputation and how you present yourself. They can make or break deals.

That said, you must know the dos and don’ts on LinkedIn.

How Detrimental is Making Mistakes on LinkedIn

Many times, people make mistakes without them even realizing it. On LinkedIn, these mistakes could be why you are struggling to grow your network or find jobs.

“Gregg Burkhalter is a recognized authority on Personal Branding and LinkedIn,” says his website. He helped many professionals in the world gain growth using LinkedIn. 

Burkhalter, known by many as “The LinkedIn Guy,” did a Q&A session with BioSpace. Let us relay to you what they discussed in that session.

But let us first check how reliable Gregg Burkhalter is before we proceed to that. We don’t want you to take advice from someone who can’t prove what they are saying.

Who is Gregg Burkhalter?

Gregg Burkhalter says he began his professional career as a radio DJ. In the first ten years of his career, he worked all over the southwestern US. Then, she transitioned into the music industry – not surprising, considering his previous work.

The “LinkedIn Guy” says he stumbled upon a dream job he never knew existed. He worked in the largest music account in the southwestern US and was in charge of all the buying decisions. Burkhalter reviewed the music sold in convenience stores and truck stops across America and Canada and picked what to buy. He says it was a great business, and he loved it.

Again, it was a great business. The company Burkhalter worked for unfortunately went bankrupt eight years ago. And that was the end of Burkhalter’s dream job. But as they say, endings lead to new beginnings. What sprouted from that unfortunate event was the birth of the “LinkedIn Guy.”

A friend of Burkhalter, ten years younger than him, advised him to make a LinkedIn account. He did what his friend told him, but he was clueless like other newcomers to the platform.

So he formed a strategy on his first day, which proved correct. That is to build connections on LinkedIn as you would do in person. He stuck with this mindset, and one year later, a big opportunity came knocking at his door. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

A Chamber of Commerce in the Atlanta area saw Burkhalter’s potential and invited him to host a LinkedIn workshop. Burkhalter decided to give it a go and build a business that helps people with personal branding on LinkedIn. Now, seven years later, the business is still going strong. That’s a testament to how much you can trust Burkhalter’s advice.

Three Mistakes You Should Avoid

Now that we know how reliable Burkhalter’s words are, it is time to hear his advice. These are the top three mistakes you should avoid, according to the “LinkedIn Guy.”

Not Being “In” LinkedIn

As we mentioned earlier, being on LinkedIn is not enough. Gregg Burkhalter agrees with that. He says you need to be “in” LinkedIn rather than “on” it.

What he means is setting up your account is and should not be the end. Over time, you will change jobs, gain new experiences, and learn new skills.

These new things will not magically appear on your LinkedIn profile. You have to put them in. Emphasis on “have to.”

Suppose you are applying for a position in a company. Since most impressions these days are digital, that company is likely to search your name on Google to see your social accounts. The first thing they will check is your LinkedIn account.

If they see that your LinkedIn profile is outdated, do you think that will impress them? The answer is no, which will hurt your chances of getting hired. The company will look for and prefer other candidates who care about how they present their brand.

Burkhalter says you need to use your “power tools,” and there are two more of those now. Education/training and working experiences are the two power tools we have always known. But personal brands and an engaged professional network are now also in this toolbox. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for these.

Wrong Attitude

This advice is true for anything, so it’s not surprising that it is here. But what does Burkhalter mean when he says “wrong attitude.”

Burkhalter says that LinkedIn is not an “I” channel. Instead, it is a “we” channel. So, don’t focus too much on what you have and can do. What matters more is how you bring value to the community. You can elevate your brand by becoming part of the community on LinkedIn, providing value, and staying humble. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn


Inconsistency is never a good thing. So, as much as possible, try not to be like that.

Burkhalter says you should not have the “I will give LinkedIn a try” mindset. LinkedIn requires commitment, and it’s not something you can do halfheartedly. You must make time for it every day. If you can’t reduce your time on Instagram or Facebook to be active on LinkedIn, it will probably not work.

Because of the pandemic, more people have started using LinkedIn. That’s the more reason to be on and be active on LinkedIn for follower growth. It will help you to grow as a professional now and in the days to come.

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