The success of online marketing is much dependent on the number of followers you have. Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are built around popularity. The more the number of followers you have, the more popular you are. Twitter has emerged to be a leading platform used by many to promote their products and do business. The platform has helped millions of companies to expand their marketing and reach a new audience. However, since a successful business is dependent on a large number of followers, many people resolve to buy Twitter followers. In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of buying twitter followers.

Pros of Buying Twitter Followers

Search Engine Optimization

Pros and Cons of Buying Twitter Followers

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Buying twitter followers can improve your website ranking tremendously. Search engines like Google consider the level of popularity of a site from various social media accounts to assign its ranking. If you have more followers on Twitter, your website stands a better position to be ranked high.

Makes you appear influential

One has to have a sizeable number of followers on twitter for them to be considered significant. Twitter users start to find you influential when your followers count begin to increase. If your account continues to have many followers, your brand starts to become noteworthy. Organizations start to approach you to become their brand ambassador when they realize you have many followers. This is also why people are constantly buying Instagram followers as well.

It is quick and easy

It is a common understanding that everything good takes time to accomplish. However, if you are looking for an easy and quick win, buying Twitter followers is the answer. You can move from an ordinary user to an influential figure overnight. There are many sites which offer twitter followers at an affordable price.

Instant organic growth

If you have a few followers, it gives your identity a meaning for people who have found you on the network. If you don’t have a background, the people start analyzing your capacity through the number of followers you have. That is where buying Twitter followers comes in handy.


One of the primary reasons why many people consider buying Twitter followers is how much it costs. Many companies have ventured in the business of selling Twitter followers. The high competition in this sector has lowered the cost significantly. Though the price varies with the quality of followers, generally they are affordable by many people.

The need to match up with others

Every brand is expanding its reach through buying twitter followers, and you cannot compete with them if you are left out. Since the criteria used to gauge the success of a brand is by determining the number of followers, it’s only wise to purchase followers for you to become a worthy competitor.

Cons of Buying Twitter Followers

Most of them are not real

Majority of the followers bought from different sites are not real people. In other cases, many of the followers you acquire will be inactive or uninvolved. This is because they could be fake or simply the wrong target group. In many cases, when you buy followers, you are not targeting them to come to your store somewhat boost your brand and improve its popularity.

Loss of reputation and integrity

In the current era, it is challenging to define morality since everyone has their opinion of what morality is. People, however, see buying social media follow a wrong thing to do. Many see it as a way of trying to be popular than you are through questionable means. While they might not know if you bought followers, instant growth of likes or retweets to the level of thousands is enough to get people suspicious. This could damage your reputation and have adverse effects on your brand.

The possibility of scam

Twitter followers business has attracted a lot of people. If you perform a simple search on purchasing followers, you will get tons of results. The massive growth in the business comes with the possibility of scammers. Therefore, you should be vigilant when purchasing Twitter followers to avoid such sellers.

Low engagement

Having a crowd of followers is not beneficial to your brand if they are not engaging. It is better to have 500 engaging followers that having 10000 dormant ones who only make you influential with no financial benefit. Your followers should participate in discussions and respond to issues. A large number of inactive followers will be of no use to you. The goal is to convert them to loyal fun base or direct customers. However, if they are not active, this goal will lose its meaning.

Regardless of the number of followers you purchase, it is just a number until you convert them to active followers. The rate of engagement should be higher than the dormancy rate if the followers are to add value to your brand.

Can damage your brand

Having a service provider which is only increasing your numbers with zero activity can damage your brand image. When choosing a provider, you should choose one with legitimate followers who can engage in discussions and with the potential of converting them to customers. Followers who cannot tweet back or give feedback about a product is a waste of resources. It is better to spend more and get genuine followers that having a multitude which cannot help you in realizing your marketing goals.

Violation of Twitter regulations

Twitter requires every account holder to build a spammer-free community. Also, you real followers may lose faith in you if they realize you violated these regulations in a bid to become more popular in the network.

You will get find out

There are many free tools that can help people to detect fake Twitter followers. If you do a quick google search to find fake followers, you will get a large number of checkers which can identify fake followers from any Twitter handle.

Pros and Cons of Buying Twitter Followers

Image: Popular leaders and Celebrities with Fake Twitter Followers. Photo taken from @twiplomacy

You won’t get a Klout

Klout measures your social influence. While having many followers makes you appear influential, Klout looks at the interaction rate to determine your score. If your handle has barely any retweets, replies, or likes you will have a low Klout score.

Social media marketing is often a tedious undertaking, especially if you are coordinating campaigns on different platforms. Having the right tools will help you pull off that work much more comfortable. Here are some of the best social media marketing tools that experts say you should be using.


AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that lets you schedule and automatically posts your content on different platforms. You can also use it to discover and monitor conversations on social media, including those that are specifically relevant to you.

In a survey done by marketing expert Heidi Cohen, 36% of her colleagues said they use the tool often. Some of the reasons they cite why they prefer AgoraPulse are:

  • It makes it easier to identify Instagram hashtags based on user interactions. 
  • AgoraPulse can support regular content distribution across different platforms.
  • It can be used to manage the messages you receive on social media easily.
  • It makes rescheduling and repurposing content easier. 

These reasons highlight its versatility, making it indispensable for your marketing needs. 


Buffer is another favorite tool among experts, with many survey participants citing its scheduling capabilities as one of its biggest selling points. The tool lets you create and schedule posts in bulk, saving you a lot of time. You can add new posts to your schedule queue anytime, giving you a lot of flexibility. 

The tool also has a browser extension that lets you schedule posts from anywhere on the web. If you come across content that your audience will be interested in, you can click on the extension to quickly post it on your preferred social media sites. The extension even lets you take snippets from the content for quicker posting. 

Beyond scheduling, Buffer has engagement and analytics features. With the tool, you can monitor and manage your social media conversations in a single inbox. The analytics feature, meanwhile, gives you a detailed report of your content’s performance, including which types of content your audience best responds to. 


Canva is surprisingly popular in Cohen’s survey, with 13% of the respondents recommending it. It is an online tool that lets you create visual content and publish it on any social media platform. Its three main focuses are:

  • Graphs: You can generate different graphs either using the site’s vast template library or doing a custom design.
  • Photo editing: Canva comes with a selection of photo enhancement and editing tools that are specifically geared towards creating social media images. 
  • Print: You can also create designs for different kinds of printed content, including business cards, flyers, and invitations. 

These categories are further broken down into subcategories, making it easier to find the kind of content you want to create. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by Experts

Image: Latest Canva version. Photo taken from Canva

The most common reason why many marketing experts like the tool is its ease of use. You simply point and drag the elements you want to create your design. The site’s large library of templates also gives you a lot of flexibility for quick design needs.


BuzzSumo is one of the most popular social media tools for tracking relevant conversations around you. The tool is web-based, letting users do their monitoring wherever they are and without the need for installing any software. You just search for the topic you want to track and the tool will give you plenty of data about it. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by Experts

Image: A sneak peak of BuzzSumo. Photo taken from BuzzSumo

Another nifty use of BuzzSumo is for discovering social media influencers you can work with. You simply search for your target niche or market and the tool will show you a list of the most popular influencers in those categories. BuzzSumo gives you a lot of information about them, including the level of their authority and which platforms they use. It even provides you with quick follow tools to interact with them immediately. 

While these tools are the most popular ones experts recommend, there are a lot of others that you will discover for your social media marketing needs. Get these tools and use them wisely to accelerate the growth of your social media pages. 

Attracting followers on Instagram is already a challenge, but losing them is even more nerve-wracking. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people might be unfollowing you and how you can get them back. 

Inconsistent posting schedule 

Posting often is a common strategy to keep your followers engaged, but posting too often can actually end up annoying them. This is because the deluge of content will feel like spam to them and obstruct other posts they want to see. 

On the other hand, a sudden content drought is also no good. People might leave, thinking you have become less enthusiastic about your page. Such a situation can happen if you have become preoccupied with other things for a long time. 

To solve both issues, you need to develop a content schedule. You will often find plenty of recommendations for the “best times” to post for different fields, like the times indicated in this tweet:

These are a great starting point for creating your schedule, but don’t depend on them entirely. Remember that your audience still has specific preferences. Experiment to know which times are you getting the best response, and use the results to build your schedule. 

Posting the same content over and over will also cause your followers to lose interest. Take this into account when planning your schedule. 

Once your schedule is ready, use a social media management tool like Buffer or Agorapulse to automate your posting. This lets you do other stuff without worrying about forgetting to post or leaving your followers hanging. Be ready to upload new content personally from time to time in the heat of the moment 

Being too promotional with your content

With its large user base, Instagram is a great platform to promote your work or products, but being too promotional on your posts will not sit well with your followers. If they leave, this kills any promotional opportunity you hope to gain. 

Balancing your promotional and non-promotional materials is the key here. Remember that people are on Instagram, mainly to find content that interests them. Make this the focus of your Instagram content, showing how people can use your products or services for their interests.

You can also inspire them with new ideas to try out. Tool manufacturer Dremel does this strategy well, featuring a variety of craft projects on its Instagram page. 

Reasons Why You Lose Instagram Followers & How To Deal With It

@dremel creative post. Screenshot was taken on August 3, 2019

While Dremel’s products are barely mentioned in these posts, people still see the association. The posts are also done entertainingly and engagingly which keeps followers glued to their account.

This idea should also apply to your actual sales posts. Look for ways to make them feel like less of a hard sell, such as conveying the lifestyle messages associated with your goods. You would also want to space these sales posts between your main posts to draw attention.

Making inappropriate posts

You probably know about Instagram’s rules against generally offensive and banned content, but dealing with inappropriate posts actually goes beyond those rules. 

In some instances, a portion of your followers might still find a certain post of yours offensive enough to unfollow you, even if the post is fine with your other followers. This is often due to each user’s specific sensibilities and expectations about your page. 

Knowing your audience better is the best way to go around this issue. Interact with your followers regularly to explore their preferences more, don’t just treat them like numbers.

If you do end up posting content that some find inappropriate, treat it like a generally offensive one, and apologize. Ask for their feedback to know where you went wrong, and assure them that it won’t happen again.

Keeping your followers around is an ongoing process if you want to grow your Instagram page. Watch out vigilantly for these and other reasons that might cause them to unfollow, and always be ready to strengthen your relationship with your followers to prevent them from leaving.

The competitive technology market today is no longer about the quality of a certain brand. It’s now more associated with how a brand is perceived based on its association with people deemed as experts in the field. More often than not, these relationships are cultural ones rather than plain business relationships. 

These individuals, called “micro-influencers,” are not always paid in cash, but they are instead given gifts in the form of trips, meals, products, or technology. They don’t only improve the sales of a company; they also help retain existing customers. Whether on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, social media influencers are changing the world of marketing. 

Centuries-old marketing tactic

Brand influencers aren’t really new. They have been around for centuries, even before the emergence of social media as we know today. 

The Role of Social Media Influencers in Tech Culture

Image: George Bryan Beau Brummel. Photo taken from He Spoke Style

George Bryan “Beau” Brummell was a perfect example of this. He was an expert in men’s fashion, and brands that were associated with his name became successful. His name was even included in poems and song lyrics in the 1800s. There’s also Nancy Green, a former slave who became the model for Aunt Jemima pancake mix in 1893. Celebrities took over product advertisements in the 20th century, but brand influencers are making a major comeback with the help of social media.

“I think they don’t call ’em influencers for nothing,” said Alex Bolen, the chief executive of Oscar De La Renta, in an interview with CBS News. “It would not be an exaggeration to say that our handbag business has taken off through our engagement with the influencer community. Our production has doubled.” 

This situation is not limited to the fashion industry. Social media influencers have a big impact on the technology industry as well. In fact, social media platforms have increased from 190 to 740, and their market size is valued at $6.5 billion. 

The Role of Social Media Influencers in Tech Culture

@StringNguyen Instagram Post on add more leads, more sales validation through adding wix.

Companies are even hiring influencers directly in a formal capacity. For example, String Nguyen was hired by video tech company Shootsta as its brand ambassador. Myleene Klass, a reality TV star from the UK, also became a brand ambassador in previous years. 

Aside from influencers who started out as regular people struggling to grow their social media following, CEOs of large companies have also become influencers in their own niche. WOAW CEO Joe Binder is running his branding company and plugging it at the same time. Jonathan Jabali, a social media influencer, and entrepreneur have been promoting his brand of cryptocurrency using interesting Instagram photos.

Personalized touch

These influencers, whether new or popular ones have an effect on how we perceive a technology or brand. They can shape our buying decisions better than a huge billboard of a famous celebrity. While celebrities on a magazine spread or on Instagram are more pleasing to look at, we can’t really interact with them the same way we can interact with influencers. 

People, especially the younger generation, crave for the personal touch that only influencers can give. You can’t expect well-known people to reply to your inquiries about a certain product. Micro-influencers are engaging and taking time to respond to their followers. Micro-influencers’ engagement rate is 60% higher than popular accounts, and this makes them be perceived as being more trustworthy and genuine. In return, the brands they promote also get this same level of trust. 

Around 84% of millennials actually don’t trust traditional ads. Though they hate ads, 58% of millennials won’t mind if their favorite influencer were in the ads. This is why brands and companies should allocate part of their marketing budgets to 10 or 20 micro-influencers, rather than put all their money on one celebrity. 

Influencer culture in the tech industry

What’s clear is that publicity gimmicks—like the “Pepsi Challenge” where random people are asked to taste unlabeled soda and choose which one tastes better—will no longer work. Buyer decisions are influenced by more than just what happens in front of the camera. The local voices and faces behind the tech brands are more relevant to consumers, specifically the younger ones. 

Micro-cultures in the community allowed consumers access to objective and genuine opinions. Consumers can direct their questions to these influencers without the fear of being ignored. What tech brands need to keep in mind is that a personal touch can go a long way in this modern and digital age.

These Strategies To Convert Your Social Media Interaction Into Sales

With a good strategy, social media is an excellent way to build a good brand reputation and credibility. Aside from that, it is also a good way to build a community to interact with your followers, customers, and would be customers.

However, it is not enough that you interact with them. It is good that you get likes occasionally from the post you published. It is good that you get positive comments from your social media marketing efforts. But these are not enough.

The purpose of social media should not be limited to building your brand image. It should also be about converting your engagement into leads.

Getting engagements is hard, especially if you are competing with hundreds or even thousands of other brands for the attention of your customers. That is why it is more difficult to convert these engagements to potential leads and sales.

It may be difficult, but it is possible. How? Here are some easy-to-follow social media strategies that work like magic when it comes to converting your engagements into leads.

Strategy #1 – Learn to listen

Setting up and building a social media account is just the first step. Populating it with engaging and exciting content is another. But these steps are not just the only activity that you should be doing with your social media account. You have followers. Your followers see your content. They are listening to what you are saying. And they are even giving their two cents about it. This means that your followers are taking the time to interact with you. And the only proper thing to do is to listen to what they are saying. Don’t just let their comments rot in the comment box. Whether good or bad, you need to listen to them.

Strategy #2 – Learn to respond

After taking the time to listen to their comments, don’t ever forget to return to them. If it is an appreciation comment or post, learn to say thank you. If it is an inquiry, immediately answer and respond. If it is a problem, provide immediate solutions. Responding to their comments is a good way of building trust with your followers. Also, it is an excellent way to improve customer experience. They will feel that someone is ready to listen and respond to their every query. Responding also helps humanize your account. They don’t think that an auto-bot is behind your every post.

Remember that 32% of your followers expect a response within 30 minutes. This is according to Jay Baer. So you need to be proactive in responding to them.

Strategy #3 – Help your followers/customers solve their problems

This is part of the responding strategy. But it is more critical than just simply reading and commenting to their post. If your follower or customer is asking a question or asking for help with a specific problem, learn to provide a solution. This is a good way to build a good image in your industry. If you can afford an answer, your follower will think that you are an expert in that field and will keep coming back to you to ask for more. And when they are about to purchase you will be the one that they will remember and buy because you always give something valuable to them. Your followers and customers will also begin to trust you. So it is important to always provide useful information to your followers and customers as it improves the process of your sales funnel.

Strategy #4 – Partner with influencers

Don’t just take all the work in building a good brand image with your social media accounts. Learn to outsource and seek the help of influencers. Influencers are gaining popularity today because many customers would listen to what they are saying and would sometimes buy what they are using. In fact, according to the study of Experticity, over 82% of consumers would listen to the recommendation of influencers.

Also, influencers have a lot of followers, which means, wider audience for your brand.

Strategy #5 – Learn to run ads

Organically doing your social media marketing is cheaper. But it will take you a long time to see the effects and the return. And sometimes, you may not be able to hit your goals. That is why there is no wrong to use paid social media ads. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have their advertising plans that you can use to promote your brand and your product. You can also track your ads depending on different metrics to see if your ads are converting into sales.

Running social media ads may be a bit expensive than doing it organically. But the returns are fast, and studies show that the results are good. Also, you need to budget your social media ads properly so that you get your money’s worth.

Strategy #6 – Use post gated content

Try creating content that converts into leads. How do you do that? Use links or direct people to your website or your contact page when you create social media content. If you are an eCommerce, it will also help if you directly put the link to your product so your followers and customers will have easy access on the checkout button. This simple technique will sure convert your engagement into robust sales.

These are just some of the strategies that you can use if you want to convert your engagement or follower interaction into solid leads. The first thing that you need to do is to listen to what your customers are saying. Take their feedback. And after that, make sure to respond to their feedback, question, or inquiry IMMEDIATELY. Don’t let their comments stay in your comment box for so long. They will lose interest in your brand. You also need to provide a solution if they are asking you for it. Your customers have problems and if you can give them the solution that they are looking for, they will surely remember you and will keep coming back for your brand and services.

Another thing that you need to remember is to partner with other people, especially those who have a lot of following. There are a lot of influencers out there that you can partner with to help you promote your brand. Also, don’t be afraid to try running ads. They may cost you, but if it runs well, your investment will be worth it.

And lastly, don’t forget to add links to your post. This will help your followers to do what you want them to do, and that is to make a sale.

Pinterest is primarily about ideas that help users plan out their activities during seasonal events such as the New Year and Halloween and during life moments such as weddings and moving into a new home.

Staying true to this concept, Pinterest is making it easy for brands to come up with campaign ideas by releasing its 2019 Seasonal Insights Guide. The guide serves as a content planner for Pinners, and it contains a lot of information including statistics, popular search terms, and seasonal and a life events activity guide.

Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide: Statistics

Although not as huge as other popular social media sites, Pinterest is growing substantially with over 250 million users as of September 2018. What’s noteworthy about this social media platform is that 98% of users try out the new things they find on Pinterest. This is important for those who want to reach out and influence people with their concepts. Brands should not ignore Pinterest too since 82% of weekly users have made a purchase based on what they saw on the platform. Pinterest is fast becoming a platform for people to discover new brands and products.

Pinterest seasonal insights statistics

You can see all these data and more – including the number of pins and number of searches related to every event – in the Seasonal Insights Guide that Pinterest released for 2019.

Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide: Search keywords

The popular search keywords for each season and life moment are included in the report, saving you a lot of time in doing keyword research. For example, the popular search terms for summer are “summer hair color,” “summer bucket list,” “casual summer outfit,” and “summer dinner recipes.” You can shape your marketing campaign on Pinterest based on these keywords.

On top of this, the guide also includes the number of searches a particular event has each year. Among all seasonal activities, summer has the highest number, with 768 million searches. For life moments, the wedding season has the most number of searches, reaching up to one billion.

Year-round seasonal activity guide

The majority of the guide is dedicated to the seasonal moments, starting with the year-round chart that shows when engagement for each season starts to rise. Using the chart, you will see that people plan their seasonal activities two months before the actual date. This figure is longer for major global events such as New Year and the holidays (six months), while it’s shorter for regional events such as The Big Game (they can’t legally say ‘Super Bowl’) and Memorial Day (one month).

pinterest seasonal insights guide graph of dates

The guide also includes campaign ideas for each season, and advertisers must take these suggestions seriously because they are based on studies that show how consumers prefer brands that take a stand on social issues.

Furthermore, the guide also suggests the ideal months when advertising for when a specific event should start.

Life moments activity guide

Pinterest gives inspiration to people in every important life events – from weddings, decorating a new home, to retirement, and everything in between.

With the Seasonal Insights Guide for 2019, Pinterest has compiled all important life events based on the search volume, and Pinners can create an effective marketing strategy focused on these. Like in the seasonal moments, Pinterest also included popular search keywords and important stats in each life event.

pinterest seasonal insights guide life moments

Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide in 2019

Pinterest may not be as huge a marketing platform as Instagram and Facebook, but it is definitely one of the most popular social media sites, and a promising one for any brand’s marketing campaign. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore, especially since Pinterest expanded its shopping ads availability to more businesses in early 2018.

Pinterest has also made efforts to improve their ad offerings by introducing the carousel ad format in November 2018. This ad format has been successful on Instagram and Facebook, and even LinkedIn released its own version of the carousel ad. In Pinterest, brands can now use five images in one add, and popular brands such as Toyota, Covergirl, Away Travel, and Cheerios, are already using it.

Advertisers can definitely benefit when they include Pinterest in their marketing campaigns, and the 2019 Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide is a good resource to start.

The struggle for the highest number of Facebook likes and shares per post shows how important they can be for your organic reach. If no one is liking your posts, they have little value and all the creative juices you poured into them seem wasted.

It should be no surprise, that people pay to get their Facebook posts in front of many people. With changes to their algorithm, the result was a diminished engagement on many users’ pages. So today, growth simply depends on it.

If you have important posts you want more people to discover, like, and share, read on and find out how Facebook Boost can help you.


What is a Facebook Boost

A typical Facebook post will only reach about 2% to 10% of your followers.

To increase your posts’ organic reach, Facebook offers a simple advertising option where all you have to do is click the “Boost Post” button at the bottom of your existing posts.

Image credit: Facebook Business 


Hitting that button will display your post in news feeds of more people who are then likely to bring in more engagement to your post.

Facebook Boosts are different from Facebook Ads in that the ads have custom targeting options while Boosts only work to garner more likes, shares, and comments on a post.

Thus, having plenty of followers help not just in strengthening your presence on the platform, but also in widening your organic reach. So, build your followers by running a follower campaign and kickstart your growth by buying Facebook followers.

Bought followers can’t give you engagement but they can help you attract organic followers. The more followers you have, the greater your organic reach will be, and the higher overall growth you’ll have for your brand.


Why Boost Your Facebook Posts

Facebook reach, or the number of unique people who see your post on Facebook, affects all your metrics. All the clicks, likes, shares, and comments hinge on your reach. In short, your post reach only increases when it’s exposed to more people.

Boosting your Facebook posts means each time you boost a post, more people will see it.


How to Boost Your Facebook Posts

Only posts from pages can be boosted. To boost a post from your business page, you just go to the post you want to promote and click the “Boost Post” button at the bottom of the post. If the button is not clickable, that means the post is not eligible for boosting, though you can easily reverse that.

Image credit: Facebook Business


After clicking the button, you can then choose your audience, and finally, your budget. The fee will depend on how many people you want your post to reach and the number of days you want it boosted.


When to Boost

It’s best to boost a post only after you’ve taken advantage of the free organic reach that Facebook gives each of your post. So boost your post a few hours after posting it only.

For maximum exposure, make sure you post on a day and at a time when more people are online. The latest study by Coschedule reveals Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are better than any other days. The study also shows 3 PM posts receive most clicks from viewers but 1 PM posts get the most likes, share, and comments.

Image credit: AdEspresso


Remember that there is no perfect time to post and what studies say is best may not be best for you. Check out your analytics to study the times and days you get the highest traffic on your posts and page, and decide from there.


What to Boost

You’ll always get the best bang for your buck with posts that perform well organically. Top posts tell you what content resonates with your audience and what will likely connect to a broader audience. So pick your top post but make sure it’s about your brand and that it does not have links promoting others. After all, you are the one paying for it!

Paid promotion on Facebook can bring organic results just like buying followers can lead to natural and organic follower growth. Don’t forget to include buying followers in your campaign as well, because they can help you look popular, which in turn will encourage more organic follows from the platform.


Start Boosting Your Posts

The sad truth about Facebook posts is that great content is not all it takes to bring you likes, shares, and even followers. The only way you can get more of that is by advertising.

Boosting your posts means more visibility for your posts to get more engagement. That— and the obvious fact that your brilliant posts won’t be wasted— is the best reason for using Facebook Boost.

So, go on and start boosting your posts today!




Social networking sites were originally designed to connect people around the world through the wonders of the internet. Today, social networking sites have evolved and are fast becoming one of the prime marketing channels for companies to attract business and reinforce their brand.

Social media sites can be your gateway to high conversion if you know where to look and who to find.

Social networking sites are becoming increasingly important in today’s marketing and branding game. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have the power to dictate the course of your marketing efforts. These sites are so powerful they can even shape the economy!

If you want your marketing efforts to bring home the dollars, you need to find out where the people are on the internet.

Find out which among the social networking sites out there are popular among internet users below.



What started out as a simple site designed to connect people has now become one of the most popular social networking platforms on the internet. Facebook currently holds the title as the most popular social networking site on the internet with over 2 billion active monthly users.

Image credit: The Verge


Facebook is a social networking platform with a sense of social responsibility. In an effort to make the internet a lot safer, Facebook launched a kid-friendly messaging app designed for users under the age of 13.

There’s no telling what Facebook will come up next but one thing’s for sure, there’s no single social networking platform out there that can dethrone it anytime soon.



WhatsApp is another heavy hitter in the messaging and video calling platforms with over 2 billion active monthly users.

What sets this app apart from all the other messaging apps out there is its reliable services worldwide. Aside from sending messages to friends and loved ones, users can also use WhatsApp to share live locations as well as status updates to everyone in their contact.

The team behind WhatsApp recently announced that they’re working on creating a chat assistant that can summarize all the messages and calls a user may have missed. WACAO or WhatsApp Chat Assistant is available for anyone to try on GitHub.



Everyone knows Youtube, which is not surprising considering its over 1.5 billion active monthly users. It’s also credited as the second largest search engine today.

Despite facing a massive ad boycott, YouTube pranced around with shiny new stats at the recently concluded VidCon 2017 held at the Anaheim Convention Center last June.

In an attempt to convince advertisers to return to YouTube, the video sharing platform came up with stricter guidelines that aim to moderate the videos that are on their platform. YouTube also announced that they are increasing their content moderation and enforcement staff in the coming year to make sure their platform is as advertiser-friendly as possible.



Anybody who’s anybody with a smartphone is sure to be on Instagram. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform has over 800 million active monthly users – and 500 million of which log in almost every day!

Image credit: Ask A Millionaire

Instagram is home to some high-reaching influencers.Tim Karlsiyev is the mastermind behind the magnanimous Daily Dose account. Through his inspirational and motivational posts, he’s able to reach over a million users through Instagram alone – making him one of the most powerful  influencers out there today.

You can kick your campaign up a notch by purchasing a few thousand Instagram Followers from a reputable provider. Bought Followers can give you a seemingly impressive social proof that will attract even more organic followers.


Tumblr is a microblogging site that’s been flying under the radar lately but has surprisingly more users compared to Twitter! Tumblr currently has over 340 million active monthly active users.

Tumblr received a lot of flack in the past due to its spammy feed filled with lewd ads. To resolve the problem, Tumblr encourages the community to flag and report any spammy ads they see on their feed. They also launched the NSFW filter that moderates offensive or pornographic posts.

Tumblr has, in recent years, made changes to make their platform to be more appealing to mobile users. They’re also coming up with new moderation features that will significantly decrease the number of pornographic posts on their platform.



Twitter is a microblogging site that’s home to over 330 million active users. Because users are forced to reduce their updates to no more than 140 characters, people get to enjoy valuable yet succinct updates every time they log in.

Twitter is a platform that isn’t afraid to embrace change. Just this year, Twitter announced that they are doubling the character limit to help users express themselves better in their tweets.

Jack Dorsey tweeted “This is a small change but a big move for us. 140 was an arbitrary choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet. And at the same time maintaining our brevity, speed, and essence!”

If you’re having a hard time editing your marketing message, the new supersized character limit is sure to change the course of your campaign.



Snapchat banked off everyone’s fear of permanence and created a photo-sharing platform for photos and videos that self-destruct after 24 hours. The idea behind Snapchat was so new to many people that it attracted over 300 million active users.

Their growth quickly went to a standstill once Instagram Stories came into the picture. In an attempt to regain its glory days, Snapchat has begun dabbling in augmented reality featuring the works of artists like Jeff Koon.

Image credit: TechCrunch

The new augmented reality art platform launched in several locations around the world and allowed users to see digital art installations when they hold up their phones in the right spot.



Message boards are among the earliest forms of social media and are still thriving in this modern age. Reddit is one of the more popular message boards that’s been around since 2005. It’s being kept alive by over 250 million active monthly users who like exchanging stories and posts about every topic imaginable.

Image credit: Forbes

Reddit has some of the most passionate and engaged social media users you can ever come across. If you want to keep tabs on what people are talking about in your specific niche, this site is worth checking out.



Pinterest is one of the largest and most popular digital pinboards with over 200 active monthly users. Pinterest lets users save – or pin –  images and other multimedia posts based on their interests.

Image credit: Pinterest Blog

Pinterest is one of the best content discovery tools out there today. Pinterest can help brands like yourself connect with highly engaged users who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Just this year, Pinterest launched Pinterest Lens, which lets users make search inquiries using images on their phones or captured by their cameras.

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SoundCloud is dubbed the YouTube of sound and has the largest collection of independent audio on the internet.

SoundCloud has over 175 million active monthly users composed of podcasters, musicians and avid fans from around the globe.

If you’re a musician who’s just starting out, SoundCloud is the perfect place to share your tracks. Increase your chances of attracting fans from around the globe by purchasing a few thousand SoundCloud Followers from a reputable provider. is an asking and answering platform that lets users submit questions anonymously and answer controversial topics from followers.

Currently, has over 130 million active monthly users who upload video and text responses to some of the questions posted on their profile.



Google+ hasn’t been getting a lot of press lately but it’s still the go-to sharing platform for many hobbyists from highly specific niches. Currently, Google+ has 111 million active monthly users.

Despite the less than impressive numbers, Google+ continues to thrive as a platform for many of its highly engaged users.



LinkedIn is a social networking site designed to help professionals connect with colleagues and people and other relevant people within their industry.

LinkedIn has over 106 million active users – and 40% of those users log in to the platform daily. Their robust user base has changed the way people use their platform. Now, people can write industry-related blogs and find their dream job all within the same social networking platform.



Flickr is one of the few social media sites that has a photographer’s stamp of approval. Flickr is a photo sharing platform that keeps the integrity and quality of the photo intact – which is why so many photographers and shutter bugs are so fond of it.

Currently, Flickr is staying alive with over 90 million active monthly users who share their best snaps without compromise among fellow photography enthusiasts.



Ever wondered how former classmates from high school are doingw now? Well, Classmates will help you find out. This social networking site is dedicated to helping you find and reconnect with friends (and even teachers) from your old alma mater.

Classmates has been around for over 22 years and has over 32 million active monthly users, most of which are from the United States.


There Are More Out There

If you want your marketing campaign to kick ass, you need to diversify your strategy. Explore different social media sites and get to know the people who are most active there, they could be your next customer or even brand evangelist.

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Social media is the future of marketing, so make the most out of it and start connecting with people!


The point of buying social media followers is to help you kickstart your presence on a social platform. If you’re only going to buy followers and not do anything else then you will only be wasting your money.

For real and substantial growth to occur, you shouldn’t just buy followers but also pair that strategy with valuable content and strong brand campaigns. In other words, you should only regard buying followers as a method to help you achieve your marketing goals — they won’t do everything for you, and they won’t become customers themselves.

If you’re interested in how bought followers can help you boost the performance of your social media accounts, take a look at why you should include them in your marketing plans and where you can get the best followers.

Why You Should Buy Followers

There are many benefits to buying social media followers but it all boils down to one— gaining a solid social media following.

From an SEO perspective, buying followers can also help you build stronger social signals so you’ll rank higher on search engines. You’ll have a higher number of shares and likes, and you’ll benefit from the added social visibility that having many followers can bring.

Here’s how you can use bought followers to rank higher on search engines and expand your reach.

A bought Twitter Follower

Appear More Popular

When you buy followers you’ll appear popular on your platform, and appearing popular has many benefits.

Aside from having the power to pull in real users who like following popular people on the net, you’ll also draw people to your brand and inform them about it. You’ll be able to promote your products and services to a wider audience.

Image credit: MrFLynn

If you buy high-quality Followers, which look real, it will be difficult for others to tell they actually aren’t. Use them to build up your following and soon enough you’ll have a large organic following.

Build Credibility

When you buy followers you’ll have more credibility on social media. It might be a disconcerting fact but the truth is, people use the number of followers you have to judge your worth. It’s a fact. It’s science.

If you have never heard of social proof, it is what influences people to follow the decisions and actions of others. People will take one look at the number of followers you have, or the number of orders you’ve received on your merchandise, and decide whether you are or your product is any good.

Image credit: The Daily Egg

So, buying followers is the same as building your credibility and your social proof.

Gain More Followers

You’ll gain organic followers by buying followers, because simply having a massive following is a pretty good motivation for people to follow you. To be a member and to belong to a group, particularly one that has the potential to be a source of our own self-worth, is a psychological need present in all of us.

People do tend to seek self-worth from others, and for some, belonging to a group fulfills this need.

Image credit: Alyssa Rawb

So, so when you buy followers and you appear to have a large following, people will want to follow you. The followers you bought will attract real users, and this will make your following even bigger — creating a cycle of positive feedback that helps you keep growing.

Where to Buy Followers

Where you buy your followers is as important as your decision to buy them. Not all followers are created equal. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s one you’ll find is true and failure to appreciate that can make or break your whole marketing strategy.

It’s important to do your research and to read our reviews to know who you can trust in this industry. Don’t just buy from the first company who’ll offer you tens of thousands of followers for just a few bucks.

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Why High-Quality Followers Matter

There are no risks to buying followers — as long as you buy high-quality followers from reputable companies.

High-quality followers look quite real, and are difficult for anyone to detect. In some cases it’s possible to guess, but a person would have to look very hard. These followers have authentic-looking pictures, a somewhat balanced following to follower ratio, and recent activity on their page. They also have some of their own followers that look real.

Some high-quality bought Twitter followers

Depending on the provider and the service you‘ll choose, some followers can also come with engagement signals: likes, retweets or shares, comments, etc. Some companies will let you write your own custom comments so they’ll add more value to your posts.

Low-quality followers, on the other hand, look fake. They either have random stock images for their display pictures or none at all.

A low-quality Twitter follower

These followers may also have NSFW, or Not Safe for Work, images and content, and they may lack profile information. They tend to have little or no activity on their pages, along with a suspiciously one-sided following to follower ratio.

These are just some of the qualities you’ll find in low-quality followers, and having too many of them attached to your account can ruin your reputation.

Get Ready to Kickstart Your Social Media Growth

Research and compare the services of reputable providers. Make sure you get high-quality followers so you’ll gain all the benefits of having the appearance of a large following.

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Image credit: tenor

YouTube may be a platform for self-expression, but it is just as open to examination, judgment, and criticism as any other public platform. Your actions on the site can also lead to prosecution according to certain laws.

This is was what YouTube creator Markus Meechan, also known as Count Dankula, found out the hard way after posting a seemingly innocuous ”joke” video. Read on to learn what offensive content can do to your YouTube popularity, and how you can prevent such these consequences from harming you.

A “joke” video…Leads to jail?

Meechan published the controversial video in April, 2016. In it, a pug named Buddha raises its right leg up to “salute” every time Count Dankula says “Sieg Heil.” The dog also perks up from sleep every time it hears “gas the Jews,” or “Jews.”

count dankula nazi dog video

The dog was even shown watching Hitler and appeared to raise its paw when Hitler said “Sieg Heil.” Meechan praised the dog, “Who’s a good wee Nazi?”

Buddha is owned by Meechan’s girlfriend. In the video, he explains that:

“My girlfriend is always ranting and raving about how cute her dog is so I thought I would turn her into the least cute thing you could think of, which is a Nazi.”

The Scottish YouTube creator clarified that he was not a racist.  “I just really, really wanted to piss (my girlfriend) off.”

Count Dankula’s video has since attracted more than 3.5 million views. While some found it amusing, others thought that it was anti-Semitic. Sure enough, the Scotland police were soon receiving complaints about the video.

Count Dankula’s punishment for the video

Meechan was charged with violating the United Kingdom’s Communications Act of 2003. The law dictates that all public communications that send out discriminatory religious messages are considered unlawful.

The YouTuber was eventually found guilty of the charge by the Airdrie Sheriff Court in Scotland, and was ordered to pay a fine of £800 ($1035). He was not handed a jail term as per the law.

In his defense, Meechan repeated his explanation that the video was only meant as a personal joke. He also apologized for the incident. The court pointed out that the video has been interpreted as “grossly offensive” by a large section of the Jewish community. It added that since Meechan uploaded it on his public YouTube page, where everyone can watch, it was hardly a personal video.

What you can learn from Count Dankula’s case

Meechan’s video and the eventual controversy around it highlight the negative impact of posting offensive content on social media. While you might get a few miles from such content, the ensuing backlash will definitely hurt you more.

Even if you are not charged in court, you could still end up losing a lot of your social media followers. Depending on how bad the reception was, it might be difficult to bounce back. Definitely not the result that you would want to get from a “simple joke.”

Dealing with offensive content

The best way to deal with offensive content is to avoid it at all costs. While a section of your audience might be fine with it, another will likely be offended. There is no point in making one section of your fan base laugh at the cost of losing another.

Of course, there are instances where you might have posted offensive content without genuinely realizing it. Here, you should act fast to remove the offending content and issue an apology. Be sure that this apology is visible in all your social media pages. Don’t be like Count Dankula and wait for the controversy to get out of hand.

Purchasing social media followers will help cushion your page from the ensuing backlash. Use our followers providers list to find out which ones offer the best quality. You will need that to make your account look like it isn’t losing hundreds, or thousands, of followers rapidly to save face. People will likely reconsider the decision to unfollow you if they see that you are still attracting new followers despite what happened.

Be wise, don’t be like Count Dankula

Count Dankula’s video and the resulting backlash show that, even if it is for a bit of humor, offensive content should be off-limits on your social media pages. The negative consequences far outweigh whatever gains you could get in return.

Be safe by staying with the content that will best engage your audience and keep them following you. Check out our blog regularly to learn more useful lessons on how you can keep your social media pages on the right path to attracting followers.