Where To Buy Real Followers

Where To Buy Real Followers

The Top 10 Best Sites To Buy Followers

Discover the best websites to buy Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud followers

The top follower providers, with the best services for Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and more are listed below. We have placed the best follower providers at the top, and we work down from there. Our team has tested each provider to ensure that their services are reliable, and that they have excellent customer support. In addition, each follower provider below offers a minimum 30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee exclusively to readers of Buy Followers Guide.

Top Websites to Buy Followers

#1 Best!


$20per 1000 Followers
$20per 1000 Followers
  • Up to 100,000 Twitter Followers
  • USA-Targeted Followers available
  • Organic & safe service delivery
  • 30-day Replacement Guarantee
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
#2 Best!


$17per 1000 Followers
$17per 1000 Followers
  • Up to 100,000+ Twitter Followers
  • USA-Targeted Followers
  • Gradual and organic delivery
  • 180 Day Retention Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
#3 Best!


$45per 1000 Followers
$45per 1000 Followers
  • 2500 followers only
  • Real followers
  • Turnaround in 2-4 days
  • Good lifetime replacement warranty
  • Decent 30-day refund guarantee


$25per 1000 Followers
$25per 1000 Followers
  • Up to 200,000 Twitter Followers
  • 100% Real & Active Followers
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • 200% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Retention Warranty

BuyFollowersGuide is a free and independent review website funded by referral and/or advertising fees. This does not affect our reviews which are based on thousands of hours of research and testing. It may impact the location, prominence, and order in which these providers below appear. We regularly review new providers but do not feature every provider on the market.

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Do Bought Followers Look Real?

Am I going to get caught buying?!

Yes, they look REAL, but it depends on the company you choose. The best companies offer followers that look and act real. They look completely unique, have a full profile, and are active. The worst offer followers which all look the same, have empty profiles, and are inactive. Many are in between. If quality is important to you, check out our reviews above to learn what they’re REALLY like behind their marketing.

Can I lose followers overtime?

Is buying followers just a waste?

Yes, it is possible to lose followers. Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube are constantly updating their platform and algorithms, causing a small percentage of followers to occasionally disappear. This happens with every company selling.

The good news is that some of the best follower providers over-deliver and offer replacement guarantees. These steps ensure that you get more than you paid for, and that you’re covered in case of losses.

top 10 best sites to buy followers
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Will bought followers engage my posts?

Will they like, retweet or share?

How followers behave depends on the company.  Most companies will deliver followers that will never engage with you, but some of the best companies actually do deliver followers that are active. They will engage with you by liking, sharing, and retweeting your posts to their following. This activity allows you to grow your reach even further. 

This is one thing we look for when we’re reviewing providers. Many don’t always promote how their followers behave, and even then they may not be what you expect. This another reason why choosing a tested, and well rated, follower provider is the only way to go.

Why are prices so different?

Buy 1000 followers for $1 or $100

The you get what you pay for principle applies to buying followers as much as anything else. There are hundreds of websites or private sellers of followers, and each one is different. They use different techniques, offer different levels of service, and offer different levels of support afterwards.

Cheaper followers can be very slow, or of much lower quality. Expensive followers are usually high-quality and delivered fast, but that comes at a cost.

We admit that price isn’t the ONLY consideration when determining the best place to buy followers – that’s why we’re here! 

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Pros and Cons of Buying Twitter Followers​

As with any other aspect of your online marketing, you shouldn’t rush into buying Twitter followers without first considering the pros and cons. There are some big upsides to buying Twitter followers, but they don’t come without consequences.

Read on for a thorough look at the pros and cons of buying Twitter followers, and increase your chances of making the right decision for your Twitter account.

Pros for buying Twitter followers

A large following makes your account look more important

Basic psychological concepts apply just as readily to Twitter followers as anywhere else. Social proof is a concept which looks at how credible an idea is based on how many people support it. More support = more credibility = more people joining in on the idea.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.25.10 PM

Your Twitter account is exactly the same. If you have more support, meaning more followers, more Twitter users will see you as credible and follow your account. It all starts with having a large number under that heading marked “Followers.”

The bandwagon effect

This is related to the social proof concept above as more Twitter users see you as successful, more will follow you. This can lead to that situation you saw back when you faithfully followed your favorite sports team: When a deep playoff run got going, suddenly everyone remembered that they were a fan!
Buying Twitter followers can lead to huge upsurges in real Twitter followers as people follow you when they see your numbers are high, and then let their friends know about your popular account.

Twitter Bandwagon

Buying a few Twitter followers is easier and cheaper

Building a real following on Twitter takes time. Lots of time. It takes even more time when you start out your account and have a big fat ZERO listed on your page for followers. Buying those first few followers will help you get over this hump quickly, and push your numbers up with real followers soon after.

Buying Twitter followers is widespread

Many people are already buying Twitter followers to boost their numbers. There’s no law against it, you’re not buying drugs! Everyone from Lady to Gaga, to RiRi, to President Obama has some bought Twitter followers on their account.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.38.59 PM

Some claim as high as 70% of RiRi’s 35 million followers are bought! That fact doesn’t make me, or anyone else, sing any less harder to “Rude Boy” when it comes on…

It is just another piece of marketing

What is so different about paying for Twitter followers when you can pay for a Twitter Ad Campaign to get more followers? The difference is one allows Twitter to get more money, the other doesn’t allow them to get their hands on your cash.

The difference for you is that a Twitter Ad Campaign may not get you the Twitter followers that you need RIGHT NOW, while buying Twitter followers will. At the end of the day, buying Twitter followers is a marketing move that makes just as much sense as paying for any of Twitter’s advertising options.

Cons for buying Twitter followers

They are not real followers

When you buy Twitter followers, you’re paying for that number under you Follower heading and nothing more. Most companies will not sell you Twitter followers that will interact with you in any way. Some will be able to help you with retweets, but there will be very little in the way of the interaction that real Twitter followers provide.

They will not raise your Klout score

If you pay attention to your Klout score, buying Twitter followers will not do much to raise that number. Klout looks at interaction and influence, not just numbers. So you could have 1000 followers that you interact with all the time in some way, and rank higher than someone with 3000 followers who is ignored.

There are scams out there

We are here to help you get around the scams, and every Twitter follower provider we review has been thoroughly tested to make sure they’re real, but there are scams out there. Some dubious providers will say that they’ll get you XX number of followers, and then never deliver. Be sure you’re using a reputable Twitter follower provider before you buy!

You could be found out

The chance of being found to have purchased Twitter followers is low if you go to a reputable provider. We have read time and again that accounts with bought Twitter followers suffer some slight to their reputation, but we can’t really find any proof.


For example, we talked above about how we know that President Obama, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and others have bought Twitter followers on their account. Obama is still President, and I will still dance around like a fool to “Firework.” If there’s some damage to your reputation for being exposed, we haven’t actually seen it. But it could happen depending on your industry, and the number of Twitter followers that you buy.