SoundCloud puts music writers in charge of its new playlists

SoundCloud puts Music Writers in Charge of its Playlists

We have come to know and accept that music is unique in our day to day lives. It gets better now that there are websites that play good music that we can listen to for free online. The fun does not end there, we have now been allowed to download music for free and create our exclusive playlists to which we can listen anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days we used to burn discs with our music tracks or favorite deejay mixes on them. Out with that, in with the live streaming era, from the comfort of your seat!

One such website is SoundCloud. It has become our most trusted music companion of all time. With SoundCloud, you can listen to any music genre anytime you want. You can search for your favorite artists or known album for any music you want. How exactly does SoundCloud work, then?

In essence, it is a website that is being used by artists, producers, and marketers of all sorts to sell their music tracks to as many people as possible across the world. Soundcloud is today’s way of selling music even when it is still fresh from the pot. Every time a person listens to an uploaded music track, the artist gets a play. Think of it as YouTube, and every time someone watches your video, you get a view. The more the plays you get on SoundCloud, the higher the chances of your music going viral.

So, what is new on Soundcloud?

The newest thing on SoundCloud right now is the fact that the website has given music writers the mandate to take charge of its new playlists. This might by far be the best strategy SoundCloud ever used in its music journey over the years. The videos you post of the platform as an artist have a lot to do with how your music is going to be received and how much steady your music will remain over the years.

This may mean a lot to music writers. First, it means that they have to write excellent music. Nobody is going to listen to mediocre music in the name of a first-timer. So, newbie or not, you will have to provide exceptional music quality if you have to win over the plays.

Secondly, it means more marketing strategies have to be reached to be able to harness the full potential of the plays. In short, we are saying that SoundCloud plays are not sufficient for you to break even in the music industry. You have to keep on sharing your music on as many platforms as possible until it reaches far and wide. Do not be held back by negativity in the market; if your music is excellent, it only deserves the best in marketing to soar into great heights.

Thirdly, this is a sign that you need to work with other experts in the market to ensure you remain relevant. For instance, before you post your music track, it is only essential that you look around for the same genre of music and copy a few useful notes from them. You can also reach out to renowned artists and ask them to listen to your music before you upload it. They will be sure to leave positively honest feedback regarding where you should improve or change. If you cringe away, you might never know any of the necessary tweaks to do to give your music a more magical touch.

Soundcloud and Artist Development

Today, SoundCloud has officially become the best way for an artist to market their music from the comfort of their homes, as opposed to the tiring road tours to perform in live shows. It is even better for new artists and fresh music tracks and mixes. Over time, as more and more people play your music, you get to the top, and like your music rocks, so does your career. 

Soundcloud has everything you will even want in music as a listener and everything you will ever want your music to be like as an artist. For example, anything you are looking for in music, be it different genres within the music industry, or hot deejay mixes, or even randomly created playlists. Find it all in Soundcloud. If you do not like the kind of playlists you find there, why not take your time to make your playlist step at a time?

As a music maker, growing through the ranks can be hard. It is worth the trial, though. As soon as you upload your music, take to thorough marketing to ensure your track begins to get enough plays to make it go viral. If you cannot seem to reach the required plays, you can buy the first batch to kick start your musical journey.

Today, SoundCloud gets even better with hot playlists topping the list from both male and female artists. The famous Billboard songs have made their way to the platform, and so have other music tracks from different online streaming channels like UK Top 40. The good thing is that Soundcloud has been accepted even more deeply by the radio stations. Most of which stream their music from the platform. The platform is still growing, and in what can be likened to a massive seismic shift, it is only fair to say that we are heading for as Soundcloud and music are both concerned.

There are many hashtags on Soundcloud. Some of them could be the keywords to help you search for your favorite song, album, or name of the artist without so much of a hustle. Other hashtags could be used to imply the genre of the music therein. It depends on how the artist decides to name his or her track. It could be #rock or #country, for example. Whichever way you look at it, you should ensure you use the perfect has tags to reach as many people as possible.

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