Twitter is an interesting place and powerful tool for building your network in any area you could be interested in. As you grow your brand on Twitter, you gain followers as your primary audience for your content. The most difficult aspect of Twitter is getting and maintaining followers. Many people starting to build their brand assume that once you acquire a follower they stick around forever. Far from it, many reasons can make the followers you worked hard to start unfollowing you. If you are on Twitter and losing followers this is the best article for you. Here, you will learn the dos and don’ts for you to maintain your Twitter followers.

Twitter follower


Understand your niche and avoid changing it drastically

When you start building your brand on Twitter, identifying your target audience is the first step. The niche is created in your bio description. When people follow you they are aware of what to expect from you. When they start feeling that you are feeding them with different information apart from what they expect, your follower count starts falling.

Engage followers strategically

Twitter offers an amazing platform to engage with followers. Like any other social media platform, strategic engagement with your followers plays a big role in the success of your brand. When you post content, engagement can be in the form of retweets, replies, comments or favorites. It is important to give timely replies whenever your followers raise concerns. Your followers are the primary customers. When you actively engage them in your twitter handle, it helps in building trust with them. In return, you will have an easy time convincing them to accept your product.

Optimize your profile

Apart from the type of content you are posting, your bio is the other thing that could be making people unfollow you. You can do the following to optimize your profile.

Fill out your description

Your description should contain information relevant to your niche. It offers a great way to connect with people whom you share interests with. People could have stumbled upon your account or known you through mutual connection or a comment you made on their blog. Whichever the case, your description should be the perfect place to entice them to follow you.

Your bio should act as a synopsis of what you tweet about. When people read it, they should decide whether or not to follow you. People could start to unfollow you when your bio does not entail their interests. Your biography provides a good way to accumulate followers without any effort from you. It should be searchable by using relevant keywords. You could also use the link in your bio to landing pages.

Post consistently

When building a brand, everyone posts regularly for their Twitter handle to be busy. However, some people stop posting frequently due to various reasons. Taking too long before tweeting makes your followers start forgetting about you. Twitter has millions of people trying to build their brand and they are all competing for the same audience.

Social media marketing is a commitment. You should post frequently to stay in front of your followers’ eyes and keep your brand growing. When people notice your inactivity, they start to unfollow you. However, it is also important to avoid tweeting too much. Your followers might get annoyed when you fill their news feed with your posts.

Have relevant and quality photo

Twitter offers a default profile picture of an egg. People could be unfollowing you if you are still using it. Accounts with the Twitter default profile picture are associated with bots programmed to automatically hunt for followers. Having a decent profile picture of yourself is one way of making your account legitimate.

Since Twitter allows you to add header and background images, they should be descriptive enough. Anyone looking at the pictures should tell your specialty even without reading the description.

If you have to post about a different topic it is advisable to inform your followers before posting the content. Hoping across different niches makes your followers start to doubt about your specialty. Since there are many people on Twitter focusing on different niches, sticking to your specialty helps in keeping your followers.


Automate tweets

You should be cautious before sending automated tweets or impersonal DMs to your followers. Like any other social media platform, Twitter is built around free expression and two-way conversation. Your followers could be annoyed when they detect that you send automated posts. Automated posts lack authenticity and many people can differentiate between fake and real ones.

Tweet about controversial topics

There are certain areas that you should completely avoid for the sake of keeping your followers. For example, many people do not like politics. Unless your niche is centered on this area, you should stay away from the topic since it could offend your followers. Religious and political topics are the top topics that can trigger people to unfollow you.

Tweet about yourself only

Posting about your brand in every article is one way to annoy your followers. It is important to retweet other people’s posts and shares articles that could be beneficial to your followers. When you retweet other people’s posts, your followers know that you are not self-centered and you value other people’s work. Followers would like to be associated with someone who minds about the success of others too.

Overuse hashtags

Hashtags are used to mark keywords and topics in your post. They are powerful tools you can use to increase views for your post. If there is a trending topic relating your niche you could use it to reach people who are not your followers but have similar interests. While hashtags can help you in amplifying your popularity, overusing them can make your followers feel like you are spamming them. Any activity that makes followers uncomfortable can contribute to immediate unfollowing. You should limit hashtag usage and apply them in your posts only when it is necessary.

Amassing many twitter followers has become an essential part of leadership in the recent past. World presidents and leaders have had to be audited for the number of followers they have on their twitter accounts, and some criticized for any mishappenings regarding their followings. No wonder the news making headlines these days touch directly on the twitter accounts of world-famous leaders and presidents.

Rahul Gandhi thanks his 10 million Twitter followers

One such man is Rahul Gandhi, who has stepped down as the congress president, according to the New Delhi news on July 10th. He has taken on the huge milestone with pride, and he considers it a great achievement worthy of a big celebration. He decided that he would celebrate the achievement in Amethi, with his congress supporters, where he intends to meet with them in person.

Rahul Gandhi joined the twitter platform in the year 2015 and has since grown gradually to garner the much following as of this year. Today, he commands a whole ten million-plus crowd of fervent followers, who he thanks greatly for bringing him thus far in both his twitter and his political history. When you try to compare the numbers, you will realize that Narendra Modi, the prime minister, joined twitter in the year 2009 in January, and today he has approximately forty-eight and a half million Twitter followers! Comparatively, Rahul Gandhi is doing positively well if all his followers are organic. If this would go on for another five or so years, it is speculated that the number of his followers would double or even triple if all factors remained constant.

Later on, in the coming few weeks, Rahul Gandhi is expected to visit the headquarters of the district, in Gauriganj, where he is supposed to address some of the congress party workers in the Nirmala Institute of Women’s Education in an intense indoor meeting.

Rahul Gandhi stepped down from the political race after he lost the poll by fifty-five thousand votes to his competitor, Smriti Irani, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB). After conceding defeat, he is expected to give his concession speech as well as highlight the reasons he thought might have led to his loss in the election.  

Manoj Tiwari demands NRC in Delhi; to meet Amit Shah

The chief leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB), Manoj Tiwari, approximated an extremely high number of illegal immigrants within the national capital city. According to the news on the 31st of August, 2019, the chief leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB) has demanded to be accorded the official National Registry of Citizens for Delhi. The NRC is aimed at trying to identify and flush out the presumably ever-rising number of illegal immigrants. Still o the same issue, Manoj Tiwari is expected to meet up with Amit Shah, the Home Minister, to have some light shed on the issue. The National Register of Citizens provides for the list of the people who are supposed to be in a given city at a given time, legally. According to political analysts, Manoj Tiwari might have begun the push to see the National Register of Citizens after Assam announced the final NRC list on Saturday. We are no sure as to whether the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB) leader feels that the list is not comprehensive, but we are sure that he is claiming that the number of illegal immigrants has risen to fifteen lakh currently, within Delhi.

According to trustworthy sources of the party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB)’s chief, Manoj Tiwari is going to meet up with Shah by the end of the week to have a further discussion on the illegal immigrants’ issue. But according to him, he prefers that they be forcefully removed and deported back to their countries, and he intends to push for Shah to demand the same, as heard from sources within the party. It seems to us that Manoj Tiwari is not about to let this issue die off, because earlier this year in May, he was heard pushing for the same agenda tirelessly. 

Assam woman commits suicide ahead of NRC list

In the heart of Sonitpur District, is a small village called Asam. This is the latest village to take the news of the official NRC list with the seriousness it deserves. For fear of not being included in the list, the villagers can do anything, as gathered from onlookers and witnesses. A woman committed suicide by jumping to death into a well in the back of her yard, for fear of her name not being on the list of the official NRC report.

According to the villagers, if your name was not included in the list, you would be at risk of being sent to detention camps awaiting your deportation back to your country. Seeing that most of the numerous reasons for immigrating illegally into a country are extremely hard to bear, some people would rather die than go back, according to a small report by the villagers of Asam.

However, the police superintendent of the district of Sonitpur, Mr. Kumar Sanjit, has dismissed the claim news, saying that earlier reports indicated that the woman was mentally ill, and that was the reason as to why she committed suicide. As much as she claimed that she had tension for fear of being left out of the NRC list, all of her family members were listed, according to the superintendent of police in the region.

According to the officially released National Register of Citizens on the morning of Saturday, up to nineteen million, six thousand, six hundred and fifty-seven people are living in the county’s capital illegally, leaving the official count of Indian citizens at three billion, eleven million, and twenty-one thousand and four.

The public is appealing to the government to offer an extended timeline for the count, citing instances where the NRC list might have been compiled in haste in a bid to beat the deadline. To avoid cases where wrong info is submitted and innocent people affected, this might just be a great solution.

In most cases, when an employee defects from a company or a given position, it is expected that they are immediately taken out of the company’s payroll and it is publicly announced that they are official non-members. This is the universally accepted theory. By being non-members, it is also expected that their involvements with their former bosses and former companies be dropped forthwith. The involvements include any club associations, and membership of groups, including social media platform associations.

Twitter follower

But such is not the case with Haroon Ullah. He is the ex right-hand person of John F Lansing, the CEO of the United States Agency for Global Media, abbreviated as USAGM. Whilst under John F Lansing in service, Haroon Ullah was charged with defrauding the United States government of an ample amount of money.

It was, then, an expectation of the general public that USAGM and John F Lansing cut up all their links to the admitted felon going forward. Unfortunately, the people have had to watch on as Haroon Ullah still remains to have John F Lansing as his twitter follower. As if that is not enough, Haroon Ullah still has his title of Chief Strategy Officer in the United States Agency for Global Media. so, how can all this still go on after Haroon Ullah stealing from the government and defaming the name of the honorable USAGM?

Haroon Ullah is the former right-hand man of John F Lansing, an embattled CEO of the US Agency for Global Media. Ullah was charged with stealing money from the US government when he was serving as the Chief Strategy Officer directly under Lansing. It is a humiliation to his government and the taxpayers that Lansing is still a Twitter Follower of Haron Ullah and that Ullah’s bio is still on the USAGM official webpage while on other pages of his title as the Chief Strategy Officer is still retained.

On Haroon Ullah’s Twitter account, it is evident that Lansing is still of Ullah’s feed despite Ullah’s admission to federal defrauding charges. He defrauded the government almost $40000 which defamed the agency. Publicly, Lansing is still shaming most employees by associating himself with his former assistant who committed the fraud while operating under his own eyes.

Even a former chief of the Voice of America who is also a longtime Voice of America foreign and domestic correspondent couldn’t help but comment on the stupidity and density of this action. He even mentioned other examples where other senior USAGM and VOA executives under Lansing had a link with a fake Iran account and then linked it with the person responsible for posting vulgar comments.

In 2017, Haroon Ullah was recruited for his senior position and began appearing in public with John Lansing, his recruiter. Even after pleading guilty to the charges of defrauding the government while at USAGM, by July 1, 2019, the USAGM CEO, John F Lansing and the Acting Chief Strategy Officer, Shawn Powers are still his twitter account followers.

Going through the documents of the United States Agency for Global Media, it is noted that Haroon Ullah was a renowned employee with a fast climb up the professional ladder. It is also worth noticing a weirdly convenient promotional history of Haroon Ullah in USAGM. Noting on how Ullah quickly got promotions up until being Lansing’s deputy is alarming. Ullah was directly recruited in a senior position in USAGM as a chief strategic planner to employees, to Congress and Media members and finally to being deputy. So, is it worth looking into that Haroon Ullah was treated with somewhat favorable positions while at USAGM and that his former boss still wants to be a great part of his life after work?

Among Ullah’s twitter followers is the USAGM Board which includes both Republicans and Democrats together with the Voice of America on the list. It does not necessarily mean that following Ullah is an implication of their support, but being the dominant public figures, in this case, doesn’t create the best picture to the public at large. As compared to the head officials and executives, the other USAGM employees like editors and reporters from the Voice of America can follow up Haroon Ullah’s story because it is an area of common interest. A report from VOA did not talk about Ullah bringing people close to him as contractors who with time established positions in the Federal government at the senior level. An important omission in the report is also how Lansing’s participation in bringing him into USAGM and also the eminent role that he was given.

So far most employees’ self-esteem has been crushed due to Ullah’s shameful acts, and therefore the agency officials should save them the little dignity by avoiding any public association with him. It was already unfair that the employees have to deal with their former Chief Strategist Officer’s theft allegations, but it gets deeper when they realize that he is stuck with them, long after he had the charges on him and left the company to shame.

Right under his nose, it is said that he had received complaints on Haroon Ullah but no action was seemingly taken. The complainants being lower-ranking employees and a former manager complained about Ullah being troublesome, intimidating, issuing threats and other rule violations. According to sources, Lansing ignored these complaints, terming them as false and Ullah ended up insulting the manager who later resigned because the rules were being violated. 

It is more alarming than the initial evaluation by the senior staff of John F Lansing became insufficient and still, Haroon Ullah’s is still on the USAGM government website with the fact that top officials including John F Lansing still follow him on Twitter

An agency with an essential role has been compromised by incompetent administration because of this one man, John F Lansing. He should apologize to the US government, the USAGM employees and the taxpayers in general for bringing shaming them.

If you are a fervent social media user, you certainly love to read reviews about various things, items, or even places. It pays when there are more of them because they, in a way, appeal to our senses, depending on what the review is. But there are special cases, some are inevitable and some are deliberate. For example, what happens when you are given the hype to read a certain review without the link to it? You may be left in suspense, and you might feel betrayed after a huge psyche up, or you might even reach out to the blogger and ask him or her for the link.

Such is the case of Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of President Donald J Trump. On one Friday evening, Rudy Giuliani posted on his twitter page that he needed his twitter followers to check out his Yelp review for Mama Lisa, an Italian restaurant that he thought was super amazing. Rudy Giuliani, also the former mayor of New York, had his followers yearning for this review in vain; it remained in the dark, and whether or not it was intentional, he did not see to realize how much his followers were in the dark. What did he do? He left out the link to the review, knowingly or unknowingly.

Twitter follower

How did we know that he might not have realized the small error? The next of his tweets were on a series of events and things that were totally unrelated to the Mama Lisa restaurant. So, naturally, his followers took to questions and inquiring comments about his ‘forgetfulness,’ still in vain. What was left for them to do? They went right ahead and searched for Mama Lisa’s restaurant and read about it. It is clear that most of Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter followers agree with him on how great the Italian restaurant really is. As it is, none of the followers of the prominent man is aware of the exact review he talked about, but they all agree that the reviews are excellent.

Knowing the internet and how things seem to go viral in only a matter of minutes, some of his followers jumped right at the opportunity. In a mix of humor and relish, the followers came out to capitalize on the forgetfulness of the former New York Mayor. All in all, the excellent quality and great service at Mama Lisa restaurant remains unbeaten, according to the followers of Rudy Giuliani on Twitter.

In other news, there could be huge consequences for Google as a result of a contractor’s union. In a recent turn of events for the tech giant, some contractors in the HCL America Inc. Google contractor in Philadelphia decided that they wanted to join the union of the United Steel Workers. As a result, Google is in search of an immediate solution before things go very south for the company. Google is looking at one of the biggest movements in the history of its business life if this is not handled fast and firmly.

The percentage of contractors working with Google that would like to unionize themselves is approximately sixty-six percent. One careful look at the numbers will tell you that if the union move went ahead, it would mean that Google might lose the rest of its contractors to the same fate. The simple reason; the unionized contractors will outdo the high number of full-time employees at Google.

For the longest time today, Google has had approximately one hundred and twenty-one thousand temporary and contracted employees as compared to one hundred and two thousand full-time employees. These numbers juggle a very huge difference in the total salary range between the two groups of workers, with the salaried employees being on the downer margin, an even bigger reason for Google to fear for the loss of more of its contractors if the threat to unionize materializes.

The giant corporation is seeking all kinds of solutions to this issue, which is considered fatal for all operations at Google if the contractors defect from mainstream Google. The management is, however, doing all that it can to ensure that even if the National Labor Relations Board were to grant the contractors their plea, the interests of those who remain with and come to work for Google will be upheld.

In yet other news, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey was reportedly hacked. It is almost unexplainable that the owner of such a massive platform as Twitter could have their account exposed to hackers! At this point, we may think of hackers as special people with powers we cannot behold.

News reaching us on the 30th day of August 2019 has so much to reveal. Apparently, the account of the Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey was taken over by hackers. The hackers went ahead to post tweets of all kinds of threats and hate words in a series of tweets that left the word agape. One of the tweets claimed that a bomb had been set up in the headquarters of the company. All manners of racist and anti-Semitic texts were also posted on his page, leaving the public wondering why this happened again after some of the same doses in the past years.

In the year 2016, in what was considered a major hack into the account of the same Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey, the same hackers took over the account of the CEO and ran a series of tweets that were everything but pleasant to the public. Experts say that since the posts were allegedly done from the Cloudhopper app, Jack Dorsey might have forgotten to log out of his account and also forgotten to revoke the privileges, one very dangerous thing to forget, according to experts, for a major social media company CEO like him.

Accidents do happen, and human is to error. As of now, the hurtful and malicious tweets have been taken down and the account has been recovered from the hackers. In an official statement by Twitter, the company expressed their remorse about the incident, but it might have been too late; social media users never fail to use the art of screenshots going viral within minutes of the hack.

The United States president, on one Thursday afternoon, stood on the stage to fuss endlessly on the shifts in the number of his twitter followers exposing his pack of not so insignificant friends and family to the public. Daniel Dale, a CNN reporter explains the kind of lies the US President aired on that day. Clearly, he was talking about the numerous audits that have come out to say that his twitter followers are not all as real as they have been made to appear and that a large percentage of them is either bought, fake, or bot; in all ways possible, inorganic.

During his endless fussy speech, there are a few lessons that we may have learned. And these are so real as every twitter user can relate with them, although we may already know them from the past.

To begin with, his following on twitter is diminishing and for obvious reasons of censorship and prejudice, he is not as viral as before. His good days are long gone but he still believes that he can have more followers than he has at the moment just because of the comments people make when they meet him. This is where he emphasized that it is for free speech, that he is only against the internet silencing his supporters and he gave an example of Jim Hoft and Sebastian Gorka who are both the internet’s stupidest man and internet’s stupidest Nazi respectively. Daniel Hale in his Tweet talks about Trump expressing how he feels about people being banned from social media unreasonably, tends to think that however much you may feel about the injustice, it is not worth abusive or bitchy posts.

Twitter Follower Count

The mainstream media, though, is on the bad side of the US President. Why do you ask? President Donald J Trump outrightly said that the media was busy spreading rumors and that the information that they propagated was crappy, crooked, and untrue. In return, the media shifted on to the bad side of the President and jumped at every opportunity to expose anything they felt the world needed to know, including the fact that they felt that the president was duping the public with his many twitter followers, most of whom were fake. The public may have heard his response speech which was deemed bitchy by the media, and opted to unfollow him, leading to a massive drop in the number of his followers, a thing that has really agitated him. While the president openly said the media’s free speech was crooked and dishonest and that did hurt his feelings, he appeared more carefree when he unimaginably expressed his disappointment and was mad that his event on the kidney wasn’t covered.

As for his black friends, he had much to say and show off. In the full glare of the public, they claimed that they were censored from using the internet including all the other social media platforms. The public watched on as they graced the stage with their presence there, not forgetting their embraces with President Donald J Trump. This was, however, not misunderstood because the public clearly understood because of their unwavering support for the president.  Diamond and Silk, the Social Media personalities and also political activists graced Trump’s event with their presence because they are well known to grift under his administration. According to the public, this was a pre-planned show-off, because the president did not hesitate to use them as a way to report the low black people’s employment as they are his diehard supporters in a bid to win a soft spot in the hearts of the black people.

Those may not have been the only issues that were troubling President Donald J Trump. Seemingly Trump was mad about many other issues; relevant or not. The wall, for instance, was another of his many other issues, not forgetting his war with Elizabeth Warren. We also know that he has a big deal of an issue with the ‘Pocahontas’ on the Green New Deal and also has an irrelevant issue to deal with on how easy it is to ask irrelevant questions during Census. 

There were many other irrelevant issues expressed by President Donald J Trump. On this very event, Donald J Trump wasted a lot of his precious time talking about the American Television series, The Apprentice. He was the host of this show up until he declared his candidacy for the Presidency. As soon as he declared his interest in the presidential position, Arnold Schwarzenegger took over from him, something everyone who reads and listens to news knows. However, President Trump did not hesitate to criticize him for not being as good as he was when he was the host. The public just listened on in awe.

About his eldest child, Don John Trump Jr, the president had only nice things to say. As much as this was probably for the first time ever, the cameras were great in capturing the ecstasy and happiness of Junior’s beaming face and his elated body language clearly shown with the mention. That might have been right about the only positive thing president Donald J Trump had to say the entire time; everyone was quick to notice. 

This event hosted a guest, one of whom was the ever serious American attorney and politician Senator Josh Hawley for Missouri. Lila Rose, the anti-abortion activist whose Live Action group has been banned from some platforms because of lies was also present. James O’Keefe, well known for editing and releasing misleading videos also graced the White House with his presence and Trump never hesitated to give him a shout- out. Not forgetting Charlie Kirk, Ali (Akbar) Alexander, a convicted felon and the famous Bill Mitchell are Trump’s close buddies.

At the Rose Garden where Trump caved on the Census and a fistfight between Sebastian Gorka and Brian Karem, almost happened in the White House. He behaved like an asshole on the sidewalk with the reporter after driving him into the street and afterward blocked him on twitter.

The recent glorification of social media followers has given rise to fake followers emulating some functionalities of real human beings. Having many twitter followers has a direct financial benefit to the account holder. Celebrities having real twitter followers are paid thousands of dollars by companies to promote their products. Many people are resulting from purchasing Twitter followers due to the benefits that come along. Nowadays, robots are on twitter, and people are paying to have them as followers. While having many followers is good for promoting your brand, you need to have real human followers whom you can engage in.

There are companies in the business of creating and selling fake Twitter accounts in the form of bots. These bots can execute simple tasks such as retweeting, liking posts, and inflate people’s follower count. Some bots are programmed to follow twitter accounts in the hope that you will follow them back. This makes it hard to determine if they are fake or real. Having fake twitter followers can be detrimental to your brand since while you have a large number of following, there are no real engagements. This results in low returns if you intend to promote your product through twitter. Below are ways to identify fake Twitter followers.

How to Identify Fake Twitter Followers

Image: Fake Twitter Account Warning Signs. Photo was taken from SearchEnginengine

Take a keen look at their profiles

The quickest way to identify fake followers on your account is to look at their profiles. Fake Twitter account holders apply excessive hashtags or advertise spammy links. These followers can also be identified by determining the number of people they follow. Twitter has a limit on the number of people a user can follow until he has more followers. For example, a user with 200 followers but following 5001 people shows a fake account.

A high number of followers but few tweets

It is hard for someone who rarely posts on Twitter to have many followers. People with many followers often post to maintain their presence in the online world. Frequent posting also serves as a way of getting more twitter followers. If there is a disconnect between the number of followers and the tweets, then the account is probably fake.

How to Identify Fake Twitter Followers

Image: Little following, little tweets but a large number of followers. Photo taken from Medium

Twitter account with no description

Many people provide a description of who they are and what they do. A description provides the opportunity to interact with your followers and give them the chance to know you more. A blank description should be treated as a red flag. However, you should review the account’s tweets, the followers, and who the account holder follows to determine whether the account is fake or real.

Instant response to tweets

If you have ever published a tweet and someone instantly responds to it and starts following you, then you could be dealing with a fake follower. Immediate tweet responds are often generated by bots programmed to react to a tweet whenever a predefined keyword is used in a post. There are different tools, such as hashtags that Twitter users can use to reach their target audience quickly. However, when the response to your tweets is immediate, the account could be fake. Even when people respond to your tweet, they take time to read it and react to it.

Dominating promotional tweets

It is not likely for a real Twitter user to always post promotional tweets. Many fake account holders publish nothing but promotional tweets in their accounts. Such followers could be fake, and they have no benefit to you or your brand. It is important to evaluate whether they are naive Twitter users who do not understand how to use the platform or robots masquerading as real users best.

A huge number of tweets

If you identify a follower making many tweets per day beyond human capability, then you should treat it as a red flag. Although people can share login credentials when they are managing a brand account, you can always tell if the tweets are automated depending on how they are posted. If the volume of tweets per day seems impossible, it means you have fake Twitter followers.

Absence of a profile picture

People do not like to interact with faceless social media users. Like any other networking platform, a lot depends on building a good relationship with your followers. The first step of this process is by having a profile picture in your account to show people your face. If you find an active Twitter account with no profile image, it could be fake. Many Twitter users would like to be known either directly or through the brands they represent. A profile picture is an ideal step for building a relationship with your followers.

Similar tweet to different people

Legitimate Twitter users like to send unique tweets to their followers. However, if you see a similar tweet sent by the same user to different people, it shows the account could be fake. Many twitter robots are programmed to send similar images to different people at specific time intervals. It is, therefore, vital to examine the tweets you receive to detect whether they are emanating from a real Twitter user.

How to Identify Fake Twitter Followers

Image: Similar Tweets.

Direct warning messages

If you have been a victim of direct warnings to your twitter account, then you might have interacted with a fake Twitter follower. Such warnings are accompanied by a link that you should click to learn more about the warning. These messages are usually spam and are intended to trick you into accessing malicious sites. You should always ignore or delete such messages since they are sent by fake followers.

It is important to have legitimate Twitter followers since the platform has grown to be an official communication channel being used by renowned leaders. Also, brands are looking for people with real followers to promote their products. A user with many fake followers cannot satisfactorily promote a product since there is little engagement with people. Twitter Inc. is always looking for ways to eliminate fake accounts with no benefits to the people they are following. Besides the effort made by the company to eliminate fake followers, you should use the above guidelines to identify and eliminate fake followers.

Boost Your Twitter Engagements With These Tactics

Getting people to engage with you more on Twitter is vital for your account to thrive, but it can often be harder than tweeting itself. You really need to convince people to lend their time and converse with you. Here are some strategies you can explore to increase the engagement you get from your tweets.

Use Twitter for helping people

Twitter’s real-time nature makes it a useful platform for providing assistance to customers and non-customers. You can set up a separate account to serve as your support channel if you’re a large enough corporation, but most will only use their main account.

When using Twitter to provide support for people, you need to respond to their concerns in a timely manner. This should preferably be just within a few hours after they tweet you. You can also specify your operating times for people to know when to send their messages.

In some cases, you might need to provide people with one-to-one assistance via Twitter Followers. After their initial tweet to you, offer to get more details about their issue through direct messages, like what airline company JetBlue does here.

You can also refer them to other real-time support channels like the phone. Just make sure you have someone ready to answer right away.

Lead people to useful content

You can also help other users and generate more engagement by tweeting various useful content. Quick tips are a popular type of useful content. Do a series of these under a single hashtag so that people can easily go through them, like this one.

You can also tweet and link other people’s content which your audience may find helpful. This might seem a bit counterintuitive, but you would gain a good amount of engagement here. When those users see you share their content, they are likely to return the favor, driving their followers to you. This also opens more possible engagements between you and them.

To have a better idea of what helpful content your audience would want to see, read through their tweets. Look for common issues they would want to know more, and focus on those. You can even directly converse with them to get feedback.

Run Twitter contests

Contests are a constant favorite for driving more engagements on Twitter. There are surprisingly a lot of types you can do, like:

  • Creative answers: Use Twitter’s character limit to add a fun mechanic to the usual question-and-answer game.
  • “First to answer” contest: This works well as a quick way to earn engagements and entertain your audience. It is also the most common type of contest you will run on a regular basis.
  • Photo contest: When doing such contests, choose a theme that your audience can quickly execute. Share the entries on your tweets to give each participant a good amount of exposure.
  • Caption contests: Like the creative answers contest, you can ask participants to create captions using a limited number of words to make the event more fun.

Do these contests frequently, and mix different types to get the audience more interested. Be sure to follow Twitter’s contest guidelines when you do this.

Encourage your followers

Your audience will engage you more if they see that you appreciate their efforts. Offering some personal engagement is one way of showing that appreciation. Read through their tweets, and find ones that announce milestones. Reply to those, and address them on a more personal manner.

Even something as simple as sharing their tweets works well to show your appreciation. When sharing, make them the focus of your tweet and highlight their work. You can even encourage your followers to check out their account.

Try out these tactics, and you will find yourself receiving more engagements. Be ready to discover even more useful strategies to boost these engagements, and turn your Twitter presence into a thriving one.

Twitter Makes It Easy To Find The Right Timing For Videos With New Tool

Twitter is giving its users a new tool that will help them better plan their video posts and make sure that their audience is there watching. This tool is called “Timing is Everything,” and its release could not have come at a better… time.

Finding the right timing

Dubbed “Timing Is Everything,” the new tool uses historical data to show when users are watching videos on the platform. The data is presented in an easy-to-use chart that lets publishers quickly determine the best days and times to tweet their videos.

To use the tool, go to Media Studio and open the Analytics dropdown menu. Select Insights, and you will be able to see the chart. You can select the data range from the last seven days up to a few weeks back.

Twitter explains that the data the tool show doesn’t represent when your own organic followers are watching your content. It instead provides an aggregate representation of the times when any user would generally watch videos on the platform. It would then suggest the optimal times to post your content.

Using the Timing is Everything tool

Determining the best times to tweet your videos often require a considerable amount of observation of your followers’ usage habits. While Timing Is Everything doesn’t give you data for your specific audience, it is still a good starting point. From there, you can better infer your audience’s preferred viewing times.

That planning comes in handy especially when you are running video ads like this.  

Even if you can’t pinpoint the exact time when people will most likely see your ads, you can use the larger time ranges the tool gives to spread them out. This gives your ads a better chance to be noticed.

Other uses of Twitter’s Timing is Everything tool

Besides regular videos, the tool is helpful when planning your livestream tweets. Twitter has given livestreams greater visibility by showing them on top of users’ timelines. By grabbing users’ attention with a live broadcast at the right time, right when they’re on Twitter for a few moments, you can use the opportunity to lead them to your other Twitter content.

The site noted though that posting during the best times is not always enough to generate a large number of engagements. Twitter Product Manager Ellen Fitzgerald recommends that you post video content throughout the day to maximize its reach. She adds that you can use the scheduling tools within Insights to coordinate your daily video release. This gives you a good followthrough for your main video content.

Timing Is Everything is a simple yet handy tool coming from Twitter. Check it out, and experiment on how to effectively use the information it has to make your Twitter videos grab more viewers.

Whatever you do, don’t change your birthday on Twitter to 2007. Of all the things to tweet about, some Twitter users chose to post about how you’ll get cool features, new color schemes, and even cash if you change your Twitter birthday to 2007.

Twitter prank

As to how these posts got a lot of retweets, one can only guess. This prank has gone viral, and it’s having an impact on Twitter users the world over. Twitter advised against doing what it says as the social media site doesn’t have color schemes based on birthdays.

So what really happens?

When you change your birthday to 2007, you will get locked out from your account for being only 12 years old.

Several Twitter users can attest to this as you need to be at least 13 years old to have a Twitter account.

If you too fell for the prank, there’s no need to worry. Twitter says that you can get your account back if you contact Twitter support and tell them that your birth year is actually 2008. Just kidding! Contact Twitter support, and give them a copy of your government-issued ID. Twitter will reinstate your account after that.