Now that many brands and businesses are using Twitter not only to post content but also to engage with their followers real-time, Twitter has come up with a new way to beef up the use of direct messages by adding a call to action button. Seemingly set to push more brands to use direct messages for more customer service options on their platform, brands can now add direct action buttons like Follow, Share, Subscribe, Buy Now or check out an external website.


Twitter brands have been using direct messages primarily to respond to customer concerns and provide better customer care over social media. It has been very helpful for brands ever since in dealing with various product or service issues that require customers to explain more about a problem they may have posted on Twitter. Direct messages also give brands more room to troubleshoot and resolve these issues which may be difficult to do via Twitter replies’ limited 140 characters. As direct messages in Twitter are private, customers no longer have to worry about providing valuable and sensitive account information or posting personal contact details. Alternatively, brands use direct messages to get customer feedback or to post surveys about their after-care solutions.

Riding on the success of direct messaging, Twitter has added more features to it in the past such as welcome messages, location sharing and providing quick reply options that attract consumers to further interact with Twitter’s chatbots.

Now that Twitter has added new direct action buttons in DMs, brands can further utilize direct messaging to boost external site traffic, get more followers or encourage customers to share their experiences to other social media channels. As of now, businesses can add three action buttons to DMs and also have the option to customize the text for their call-to-action buttons.



Here are some Call to Action buttons that brands can add to Twitter’s direct messages.

Follow | Connect With

Whether it is to follow the brand’s other Twitter accounts, Follow CTA buttons remain useful for brands looking to expand their fan base further and entice potential leads and customers. Being able to add it to Twitter’s direct messaging platform makes it easier to get that instant customer connection while still engaged in a conversation with them. Brands with more than one Twitter handle can use Follow CTA buttons to introduce other accounts or help customers connect with partner profiles. They can also be more creative and change the Follow text to ‘Connect with.’

Subscribe | Try Now

Subscribe CTAs add a sense of urgency when interacting with potential leads via Twitter’s direct messaging feature. It is also an excellent way to encourage existing followers to try out monthly newsletters or get them to subscribe to your mailing list for new updates and promotions. To make this much more effective, brands can add a time limit such as a CTA that says ‘Subscribe now and get a free trial.’ This pushes customers to take you up on offer more quickly and in a way that is convenient for them rather than having to walk them through some steps to subscribe or fill out forms on an external site.

Buy Now

This is perhaps one of the most effective CTA buttons to add to DMs as it drives more conversion for brands looking to push new products and campaigns to their followers. Buy Now CTA buttons have been known to change the playing field for brands to market and transform their social media accounts into active sales channels. When added to DMs, it is even more effective at getting customers to respond to your product offerings by encouraging them to tap on ‘Buy Now’ button while you are in an active conversation with them. It is easy and more personalized which makes it more convenient for customers to try out new products at their own time. When linked to a brand’s main website, it can also drive more traffic from Twitter’s active online community.

Share or Retweet

Businesses and brands looking to get more exposure for new products and services can get the most benefit from adding the Share or Retweet CTA buttons to DMs. These buttons are also an excellent way to get more traffic for new content or get customers to share how much they love or appreciate your brand and the service provided to them. Giving the customer a call to share your brand to their circle of friends does more than getting your brand an added boost, it also helps drive engagement when more people respond and ask questions. This also works best with brands that have multiple social media accounts so they can give followers the chance to promote the excellent customer service you provide throughout various channels.


Web and mobile apps have much to gain from the Download CTA as it makes it easier to introduce new updates and applications to their subscribers. It is a great way to drive customers to try our additional support features and program that may be a direct extension to the app. For long-time subscribers, it can be a great way to promote customer loyalty by giving them direct links to new app updates. The Download CTA can also be used to draw feedback from customers when launching Beta test trials for new applications and features.

Now that many other social media platforms like Facebook are bringing in more chatbot features to their messaging platforms, Twitter’s launch of CTA buttons just shows everyone that they are not about to get left behind. Brands who are already taking full advantage of Twitter’s Direct Messaging features have much to gain from the launch of these features as it makes it easier for them to take social customer care to a whole new level. Even better, these CTA buttons will work for hand in hand and support already existing Twitter DM features like Direct Message Cards that bring DM conversations to a whole new level.

In case you missed it, Twitter just recently announced that they’re testing a new 280 character limit on the platform and the 140 we’ve all grown accustomed to might be going away — for good.

They’re raising the character limit and they have all the statistical reasons why it’s better for you and the network. How will the change affect users and marketers alike?

Read on and see how you can use this new development to change your marketing approaches and grow your brand.

Twitter is Raising the Character Limit from 140 to 280

Twitter is experimenting with raising the character limit to 280. Their data shows that 9% of all tweets in English are hitting the 140-character limit and that this limit is the major source of frustration for those tweeting in that language. In contrast, only 0.4% of people who use Chinese, Korean, or Japanese share the feeling.

Thoughts expressed in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese only take up about half the space needed to express the same thoughts in English. Thus, the increase shall apply, for now, to English and virtually all other non-Asian languages that Twitter identified as “impacted by cramming.”

This increase is not available to all users yet but Twitter envisions more people tweeting with a 280-character limit, and so the change may be likely to roll out to everyone soon.

Incidentally, you can help increase engagement with your tweets by simply growing your followers. Experiment with buying Twitter Followers to inflate your follower count. A high number of followers will attract other users when they see how popular you are. So, even though the followers are bought, they’ll draw in organic users who will follow your account if they like what they see.

Just make sure you buy high-quality Twitter followers from reputable sellers. High-quality followers look real and will therefore not jeopardize your reputation. Check out our reviews of the best follower providers on the net to find the right company to help grow your account.

Twitter’s Development Over The Years

When Twitter was launched in 2006, the 140-character limit was inspired by the technical restriction of 160 characters of SMS technology. The extra 20 characters were reserved by Twitter for usernames and other unknowns, leaving 140 for the tweet message itself.

By the end of 2015, Twitter briefly toyed with the idea of increasing the tweet limit to 10,000 characters. In the end, the company decided to exclude media attachments from the word count instead and they retained the 140 limit.

So, increasing the limit now is indeed, to take the words of its CEO, a big move for Twitter.

What the Twitterverse Thinks of the Change

If you’ll look up the subject of character limits on Twitter, you’ll see that those in favor of the old 140 limit are winning the polls, even though there seem to be more people tweeting about how they want to have the new 280-character limit.

It’s interesting how many of those who don’t like the change aren’t verbalizing their opinion with a tweet while those in favor are all over the platform. Those who aren’t in the test run are worried about not getting the increase. Many are even attaching a certain prestige to getting the increase, and it has become the new status symbol on Twitter.

Indeed, those who are in the test run are mostly happy and believe it makes them elite users of the platform.

Many others can’t wait to have more space to express themselves.

So, while these users clearly thought the increase was awesome, some have other ideas —  and many made fun of Twitter for the change.

Image credit: The Guardian

How the 280 Character Limit Will Change Twitter

It’s a move that’s seen by many as an attempt to revive Twitter, its declining users, and profits from advertising.

More users equals more advertisers, except Twitter hasn’t been growing and its monthly active users, in fact, have stagnated at 328 million for two consecutive quarters. An increase in users will keep the platform thriving and Twitter admitted as much when it said they expected more people to tweet with the 280 limit.

That’s all nice and good, but that means deviating from the core design feature that defines Twitter for what it is. A product confusion will likely ensue. Similarly, we’ll see the widespread use of tweet “novels” all over the platform from people who’ll abuse the longer character limit.

This will get people in the habit of dismissing longer tweets as spam and if marketers aren’t careful, their tweets will be ignored before they’re ever read.

So, while the 280-character limit gives marketers more real estate to play with, it’s also a double-edged sword.

Help counter the effect by expanding your Twitter reach. Run follower growth campaigns and consider including bought Twitter Followers in your strategies.

Bought followers can boost your campaign results without swelling your budget. Because a high follower count can make you appear influential, your bought followers can help you attract more attention. So, you’ll attract a large following in less time and with less money.

The increase in character limit is also a cause of concern for people who are aware of President Trump’s Twitter habits.

Hopefully, the increase in limit will not also incite a nuclear war by encouraging President Trump to tweet more policy decisions and vengeful threats, and for the whole world to see. If he can express so much with 140, imagine what he can do with 280.

140 Out, 280 In!

The 140-character limit is probably going to be a thing of the past, unless this is another fake out. For now, at least, it looks like it’s really happening.

The change will impact not just users but marketers and advertisers, too. Hopefully, the effect will not have a major effect on politics — and world peace.

The increase will give people more characters to express themselves with, and it’s hoped to give the platform more users and advertisers to keep the business afloat. However, whether Twitter is making a good or bad move with the increase, and whether the extra space is good for users or not, only time will tell.

Do you need all 280 characters to express your thoughts on Twitter, or are you content with 140 like some people? Share your thoughts below!

The world of digital marketing changes frequently. You have to pay attention to trends in online advertising or you’ll quickly fall behind.

The shelf life of a tweet has been measured to be four times shorter than a post on Facebook, only 24 minutes compared to 90 minutes. With facts like that, it may be a challenge to get your tweets to stick in the minds of users. But you can do it if you take the time to learn and build on your current methods.

Before you start learning how to improve your ads, you have to understand the various ad types available. The one that’s right for you will depend on the results that you want to achieve. Here’s a look at the different types of ads and how to use them.

Types of Twitter Ads

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are actively pushed to new users, and users that don’t follow you. They’re just like regular tweets except they indicate that they’re promoted.

You can use this type of ad If you want to increase the reach of your tweets beyond your current followers, or to push a particular tweet to your followers. They’ll appear in quite a variety of places, making them a great tool to expand your reach:

  • At the top of relevant search results
  • In the results for Promoted Trends
  • On home timelines
  • On relevant user profiles
  • Through official Twitter desktop and mobile clients

Image credit: Marketing Land

Promoted Accounts

Much like promoted tweets, these promoted accounts are designed to expand your follower base by exposing your content to new users. Promoted accounts will be displayed on Home Timelines, the Who to Follow panel, and search results.

Image credit: Marketing Land

Promoted Trends

Promoted trends are just what they sound like: topics that you can pay to have trend on Twitter. They’ll appear at the top of the Trending Topics widget, are marked as ‘Promoted,’ and will occasionally appear on users’ timelines.

Promoted trends are currently not available for self-serve advertisers.

Image credit: AdEspresso

Website Cards

If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, you can use website cards to showcase your content while encouraging a specific action. Website cards are similar to normal tweets but they have a headline, a photo, and a “read more” or “visit now” button.

Image credit: Social Media with PB

App Cards

If you have an app, you can encourage more downloads with app cards. Twitter users will click on the CTA that you will provide, and that will lead them to the app store to install your app. Or, if they already have the app, it will open it up.

Video Ad

These ads can include videos, sound clips, or GIFs. They can include direct tweet buttons or provide a CTA for people to click.

How to Improve your Twitter Ad Campaigns

Create a Plan

The first step is always to create a plan for your strategy. This is how you determine the kind of ads that you will be using.

Factors that you should include can be: overall goals, your customer profiles, how you will measure your success, influencers to tap, and your editorial calendar.

Define Your Target Market

For you to effectively use the targeting options of Twitter, you need to have a clear picture of what kind of person you want to reach. This way you can create a focused content strategy for your campaign.

You should consider the age, gender, goals, interests, and hobbies of your possible followers. You can even get as detailed and specific as the customer profile below.

Image credit: Brandon Pugsley

Buy Twitter Followers and Other Forms of Engagement

If people see that you have a large following, they’ll be more likely to follow your account and check out your content, website, etc. This will further your social credibility and invite more followers to engage with you.

You can quickly and easily increase your social proof online by purchasing Twitter followers. A larger following means you’ll appear more popular online, encouraging people to pay more attention to your ads.

Create an Editorial Calendar

One thing that will give your campaign more clarity is the creation of a structured editorial calendar.

This will become your guide for content creation and will help you maintain a level of consistency.

In designing the calendar, always remember to post at the most advantageous times. This will depend on your particular audience and can be determined through Twitter Analytics, but the best times tend to be around noon, 3 p.m., and from 5 – 6 p.m.

Use Advanced Targeting Features

If you want to maintain a positive ROI with your ads in the long-term, you’ll need a combination of using the right ad formats and targeting the right audience. Here are the following targeting options you should consider:

  • Keyword Matching: Once you have chosen a set of keywords, Twitter will search for tweets containing them and show your ads to users who use those keywords as well.
  • Followers: This allows you to target the followers of influencers, companies, and organizations.
  • Email Lists: You can upload the emails of your customers on Twitter, and it will match their accounts and target them directly.
  • TV Targeting: You can target people who watch certain TV shows.
  • Event Targeting: This allows you to reach people involved with current events.
  • Remarketing: Twitter allows you to target users who have have previously visited your site. You can even connect with people based on specific pages they have viewed.

Create Great Content

It’s challenging to create one-size-fits all content, and not usually a goal you should aim for. Different audiences will look for different types of content.

According to Buffer, these are some of the most popular types of content people look for on Twitter:

Image credit: Buffer

It seems that most users are interested in content about discounts and promos, free stuff, and entertainment. Not exactly a surprise, but good to know. In creating content, you can also take note of the following:

  • Check the influencers of your industry for what kind of content they use.
  • In conversation with other users, make sure you reply with something valuable.
  • Create a sense of mystery and controversy only when it is appropriate, but posts like these can make you popular.

Reduce Ad Costs with Bidding Options

The default choice for Twitter ads is automatic bidding. You have an option to choose different bid types that will help you increase your exposure, which will help you get more followers and engagement.

You can choose your bid based on your budget. This will also depend on how much a lead, click, and engagement is worth to you. You may actually spend less than you offer. Just set the maximum amount you want to spend per lead or link click.

Image credit: Ad Espresso


Analyze Your Results

Remember that everything you do should be tied to a specific business goal. You’ll need to check your results and compare them to your previous situation in a detailed manner to fully understand your Twitter campaign.

If you don’t have solid proof, you can’t be sure of what happened and you won’t be able to replicate your success (or avoid repeating a mistake). These are some of the metrics you can also consider for gauging the success of your campaign:

  • Follower growth
  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Shares
  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages
  • Hashtag usage
  • Impressions
  • Click-throughs to your website
  • Product purchases

Get Them To Notice You!

By following the tips we have shared, you can improve your ad performance on Twitter while making the most of the budget you have for it. You’ll able to reach your target market and, if you you design and enact a solid strategy, you’ll get more engagement and leads.

The key is to define your goals, choose the right ad formats, create engaging content, and measure your results. Don’t forget to buy Twitter Followers and other signs of engagement to accelerate your efforts even faster.

Take advantage of these ad types and develop a more engaging Twitter account. Understand these tips, and people will notice you in no time!

Image credit: Giphy

Social media networks are vital tools for companies looking to promote their businesses online. Most of these platforms are free to use and their paid advertising features can expand the reach of businesses. But just because you have access to all of these networks, should you be on every single one?

How does a business choose and devote their time and resources to those social media outlets that will be mostly beneficial to them? If you do your homework you can save hours, cash, and eliminate unnecessary tasks by focusing on the platforms that will give you the best direct ROI.

We’ve profiled a few of the biggest social media platforms to help you see which will be best for your business. Which one is right for you?


Twitter is meant for short updates, to which you can add images, videos, links, and polls. It’s easy to interact with other users all around the world. The platform has 328 million monthly active users worldwide and supports over 40 languages, which means it’s a great way to market your business because of its wide reach.

You can also use it as an effective channel for customer service. Your customers can use Twitter to share their concerns and praises for your brand, and you can reply right back for everyone to see.

If you want to announce something that you want to spread quickly, then this is the way to go. Others can easily retweet and share your content. Your target audience should range between 18-49 years old, because those are the ages we usually see on this platform. Experts, however, are predicting the eventual decline of Twitter, so if you’re using this platform alone don’t forget to innovate on your strategies.

Tips and tricks for Twitter

  1. Focus on social customer service: Make it easier for your customers to contact you. Some brands even have a separate Twitter handle specifically for customer service.
  2. Use videos and GIFS to promote your products: If you are releasing a new product, catch the attention of your customers with creative videos and GIFS.
  3. Increase engagement with Twitter Chat: You can host a weekly chat or do a collaborative chat with an influencer. Or invite experts to respond to as many questions from your followers as they can.
  4. Buy Followers to boost your social proof: Did you know that you can quickly improve your rep on Twitter by purchasing Followers and other social signals? Just be sure to go with a reputable provider who can offer high-quality Followers.

One of the best brands on Twitter to learn from is DiGiorno Pizza. They are also known to be one of the funniest brands to follow. Even back during 2013, when NBC showed the Sound of Music LIVE, DiGiorno Pizza tweeted a Sound of Music-related tweet that caught tons of attention. It was hilarious but it was also a great example of how you can talk about your product without hard selling it.


Instagram is the most visual social media platform, based entirely on photo and video posts. With over 600 million users, it’s no doubt that Instagram has great reach.

It also has unique filters and video editing options which cater mostly to the artistic niche. If your brand is focused on beautiful images and videos this can be your main brand building tool.

However, with their latest algorithm change, you can no longer view content in chronological order. This gives less control to companies as they don’t know how the consumers will be exposed to their content. Feelings about this change have been mixed, but overall it doesn’t seem to be the end of the world.

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media tools with the younger folks, with a primary user base of people 18-29 years old. You can communicate with them effectively by writing good captions explaining your image, and taking advantage of the multi-photo and Instagram Stories features.

Tips and tricks for Instagram

  1. Always relate your posts to your brand: If your business has nothing to do with a topic, don’t post about it. It will ruin your branding and will confuse your followers. Make sure your photos are relevant to your company.
  2. Reply to your followers: When your followers take the time to comment, make it a point to reply back. Interacting with them shows that you care about them and you listen to them. This is a great way to create loyal fans.
  3. Run contests and giveaways: Contests allow your customers to market your brand by encouraging them share stuff about you on their personal social media accounts.

One of the best brands to follow and learn from on Instagram is Califia Farms. Most of their posts feature their containers creatively displayed either as the main subject of the photo or as an accessory. Overall, their whole Instagram account exudes the healthy lifestyle persona of their brand, matching it perfectly.

Image credit: Califia Farms on Instagram


If your business is mostly focused on females, Pinterest might be your best choice. Astoundingly, it has managed to capture 45% of all women online, so if you want to sell to women you should probably have a presence here.

Just like Instagram, this social media network is mostly visual. If your business is in home decor, art, fashion, DIY, beauty, photography, exercise, or food, you can benefit well from this platform.

It allows users to save and display content they like by “pinning” it on their digital bulletin boards. They can then organize it by category. For example, a foodie can create a food board dedicated to pinning recipes.

Pinterest has a buy button which aids businesses, letting customers make purchases with a click of a button. They also have a feature called Rich Pins, where brands can add special information like product details, recipe information, and location details.

Compared to Twitter and Instagram, however, Pinterest is more of a niche network so it may not work for every business. That’s not to say that if your business doesn’t fall into the categories mentioned above you’ll automatically fail on Pinterest, but it is an especially good marketing tool for those niches and similar ones.

Tips and tricks for Pinterest

  1. Add a Pinterest Board widget to your business website: When visitors come to your website, they’ll know you are active on Pinterest and it may lead them to your Pinterest Boards.
  2. Add the “Pin It” button to your website: This will allow Pinterest users, followers and non-followers alike, to pin your content to their digital bulletin boards directly from your website. This makes it easier to share your site content.
  3. Create gift guides: You can turn pinboards into custom-themed gift guides. You can include your own products as well as other brands, so it doesn’t look like a big sell out.

The Container Store, for example, is serious about their Pinterest account. They create custom content for the many boards they curate, and organize them efficiently into different categories. Their boards are wonderful examples of how to use Pinterest effectively, and you can learn a lot from them.

Image credit: Pinterest

Choose Just One or Choose All

Staying ahead in the social media game can be difficult but it will reap big rewards for your business. Figuring out where your company fits and investing in the right two to three platforms will yield the best results compared to trying to capitalize on every single platform.

It’s important to take some time and carefully choose the social platform that works best for your business so you don’t waste time and effort. Save more time and maximize your reach by using the appropriate social media tools along with their respective platforms. And remember that you can buy Followers for your accounts to improve your social proof, boosting your reputation and credibility online.

If you want to create a successful social media strategy for your business, you should take a close look at how each of the platforms work, the kind of markets they reach, and how your business can plan to use it.

Image credit: Giphy

In this day and age, no brand can survive without a social media marketing strategy. Coming up with valuable content for every platform you have an account for can make or break your advertising goals.

The social media marketing playing field is home to fast-changing and emerging trends. As a brand, it’s crucial that you stay on top of all these trends in order to stand out from the competition.

Learning how to use each social media channel to your advantage can make all the difference in your ad and content campaigns.

Fortunately, you no longer have to scour the internet to learn how to do just that. Below is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to write perfect content for some of the most popular platforms out there.

Ready? The road to marketing success begins here.


If there’s one thing you need to know about Facebook users, it’s that they are what experts call skim readers. Skim readers have extremely short attention spans, which means you have roughly eight seconds to grab their attention and deliver your marketing message.

Given how short this opening is, it’s important that you keep your posts noteworthy but succinct.

What to Post

Facebook allows you to post almost anything, like links, photos, videos, and text updates. According to a study run by Socialbakers, videos are the most consumed content on Facebook, while text come in second and valuable links come in third.

Image credit: Socialbakers

If you want to grow a highly engaged following on Facebook, you have to take the most popular type of content and pair it with an attention-grabbing caption.

When writing the perfect caption for anything you’ll publish on Facebook, pay special attention to the first four words because they’ll serve as your hook.

Nike’s Facebook page has several well-produced videos that are less than a minute long. Most of their videos are pretty short but come with powerful captions that reel people in.

Nike #Breaking2: 2:00:25

Eliud Kipchoge – 2:00:25The barrier just got that much closer. #Breaking2 #JustDoIt

Posted by Nike on Saturday, May 6, 2017

Their caption for this video was simple:

“Eliud Kipchoge – 2:00:25

The barrier just got that much closer. #Breaking2 #JustDoIt

Instead of exhausting all your marketing energy on pushing your product, focus on creating content of value to your target audience, and keep your captions short and sweet.

How to Post

There’s really no end-all-be-all publishing time for Facebook or any social networking site. You can, however, determine when your target users are most active using tools like Facebook Karma, Facebook Analytics, or Simply Measured.

These web-based tools can help you gain a more in-depth understanding of your target users, their browsing behavior, and the type of content they like.


More than an avenue for your 140-character musings, Twitter has proven to be one of the most powerful marketing avenues out there for small businesses. With over 6,000 tweets being sent out every minute, vying for attention can be a challenge.

In order to get the attention of the users you want to attract, you need to craft the perfect tweet at just the perfect hour.

What to Post

According to the renowned marketer Neil Patel, images trump videos as the most shared content on Twitter by 361%. This is largely due to the fact that images take up a huge chunk of space on someone’s feed and deliver a strong message without requiring a click-through.

Image credit: Quicksprout

If you want your posts to travel far, pair your catchy tweet with an equally catchy image to stop users in their Twitter tracks. It’s also a good idea to tweet a few conversation starters here and there to grow a more engaged audience.

How to Post

Buffer’s CEO Joel Gascoigne swears by creating a sharing ratio to keep his Twitter feed varied and robust.

His current sharing ratio is 4:1. That means four “staple posts,” containing links to helpful articles and other related literature, to every one post of other kinds, such as images and plain-text tweets.

You can recreate his success by posting varied yet valuable updates topped by a respectable amount of high-quality Likes and Retweets from a reputable provider. This should help you achieve your marketing goals a lot faster and more cost-effectively.


LinkedIn has become the third-most rapidly rising social networking channel out there. More and more brand execs and business owners are using this platform to network with high-value connections within their respective industries.

Consistently posting relevant blogs, news articles, and status updates will help you establish a presence among your most important industry connections.

What to Post

According to the staff of LinkedIn themselves, a majority of their users are interested in seeing more industry insights from the people they follow.

This is one of the few platforms out there that is receptive to news about your company, services, and products – so take advantage of it.

Whenever posting updates on LinkedIn, keep in mind that having a signature tone is important. You have to find a voice that’s credible-sounding yet shows just the right amount of personality.

How to Post

When posting on LinkedIn, remember that most of the people on there are busy professionals who might not have a lot of time on their hands. Pay special attention to your headline and make sure you publish content that is worth their time.

Add eye-catching images to accompany your updates to increase your chances of gaining more attention.

Louis M. Profeta is an Indiana-based ER doctor who became an overnight LinkedIn influencer after publishing a heart-wrenching article entitled “I Know You Love Me – Now Let Me Die”.

Image credit: Getty Images

His painfully honest article has a headline that can grab anyone’s attention, whether they’re in the medical field or not. This shows us that a well-written piece that triggers conversations will travel far on a platform like LinkedIn.


Business owners who want to drive traffic to their website or sales page can benefit from creating a carefully-curated Pinterest account.

Image credit: The American Genius

Considered to be one of the biggest website drivers on the internet, Pinterest can help you connect with your target audience and appreciably increase sales – given you post well-thought out content that is of great value to consumers.

What to Post

Despite being a highly-visual driven platform, the chart below from The American Genius tells us that articles are actually the most popular type of content on Pinterest, aside from regular posts.

Image credit: The American Genius

If you want to broaden your marketing reach on Pinterest, you have to publish articles that are relevant and useful enough to your target audience that they’d want to save them for later reference.

Shifting your strategy and incorporating articles that help them better their lives and increase their productivity may help you gain the traction you’ve been coveting.  

Keep in mind that Pinterest is designed to be a digital mood board, so you have to pay close attention to the visual elements of your posts just as you would your written content.

Martha Stewart Living has a vast collection of boards but all of them are properly curated and well-organized so visitors can easily find what they need without being overwhelmed.

How to Post

Being as consistent as you can on Pinterest will help make your posts more visible to more users. Combining your insightful articles with an eye-catching pin image and a consistent voice should help you garner traction from Pinterest users.

Canva is a lightweight visual editing and graphic design tool that allows you to create custom images for your blog posts. They have tons of templates you can use to create custom pin images for your articles. Get to know it, and your pins should get better straightaway.

Buying a good amount of Pinterest Followers can also help you establish a more credible persona on the platform, which helps you attract even more authentic followers. When people see how popular you are, they’ll definitely come over to check you out.

If you’re really serious about building a presence on  Pinterest, install the app on your phone so you can engage with your followers and post fresh pins on the go.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

It’s almost impossible to nail down the perfect content strategy for social media marketing on your first try. It takes a bit of experimenting in order for you to gain enough insight to determine the perfect tone and pitch for your audience.

Take the early stages as a learning opportunity to figure out as much as you can about your ideal followers and even your competitors.

Make use of analytics tools in order to determine which parts of your campaign are working, and if you find something that doesn’t seem to work, don’t be afraid to regroup.

In the competitive game of social media marketing it pays to be original and consistent so don’t be afraid to put fresh ideas out there – consistently. Buy yourself a good running start by purchasing high-quality social signals from a provider you can trust to strengthen your social proof and appeal to the internet masses.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, posting on various social media channels will get much easier and a lot more rewarding – trust us!

One of the most powerful psychological tactics that you can use in your marketing is a phenomenon called social proof. It’s the one thing that can either make or break you, projecting your brand as either desirable or undesirable to consumers.

It comes in several forms and we encounter it in our daily lives more often than you might think we do. Sometimes you’ll recognize it immediately, while other times it may slap you in the face and you still won’t know that you’re actually looking at social proof in action.

What is Social Proof?

“The tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it” is how Robert Cialdini described social proof in his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Social proof happens when we follow what others are doing, especially when we’re faced with decisions we either don’t want or don’t have time to make.

So, say you’re deciding between two restaurants you don’t know much about, one with a long line and one without a line. Even though you may choose the restaurant without a line on a busy day when you don’t want to wait, you still believe the one with the long line is probably the better eatery, and you’ll no doubt wish you could get in there.

Image credit: DailyMail

As you probably already know, perception is everything in marketing. In social media, the person with the higher number of Followers, Likes, Views and Comments is often perceived to be the most influential and credible.

Paired with a brilliant organic marketing strategy, buying Followers and other social signals could kickstart your influence and credibility in your social media channels. Followers though, are not the only kind of social proof.

Kinds of Social Proof

There are 5 sources of social proof as identified by expert marketers, and they are:

  • Expert
  • Celebrity
  • User
  • The Crowd
  • Your Friends

To illustrate further how you can use these five types of social proof, we’ve put together examples that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

Customer User Reviews

If you can convince potential customers that there are many people out there who already like and avail themselves of your products or services, then you’re halfway through getting them to purchase your products. You can do this through consumer reviews.

What previous customers have to say about your products and services will affect the credibility of your reviews. Research shows that a 100% positive review is not always better than one with some negative feedback. Apparently, 68% of people believe reviews more when there are both good and bad scores, and 95% suspect reviews to be fakes when they don’t see any bad ones.

This makes sense, because everything winds up with a bad review now and then – it’s natural. If all the reviews for a company, like the one below for example, were good ones, wouldn’t you think they were fabricated?

Image credit: Homepolish on Yelp

Reviews are also especially powerful when they are given by friends. A survey conducted by Nielsen proved that recommendations from people we know and trust are still the most credible form of advertising today.


Testimonials are those reviews that are usually found on your website, written by your clients, chosen by you, and including the best of your best feedback.

They are more credible when they come with pictures, as research shows that pictures increase the trust of consumers in testimonials. In other words, consumers still suspect testimonials on your page to be fake and fabricated, unless the people recommending your services appear very real.

Image credit: iMOBDEV

Awards and Badges

Awards establish your competence and give credence to the claims you market to your audience. They are strongest when they come from a prestigious or well-known organization.

An experiment on badges displayed prominently on a website, belonging to the company Bag Servant, suggests that establishing credibility with a trust badge increases conversion rates by 72.05%.

Increase yours too by displaying badges on your site. If there is no official badge logo, you can display your awards the way this personal trainer did.

Image credit: MikeZRobinson

Social Media Buttons

Remember, social proof can either hurt or help your business. When it comes to how many Followers you have, keeping your low following to yourself is better than sharing it with the world. This applies to social media buttons as well.

It’s nice to add social media buttons on your page so readers can easily find you on other platforms, but when there are no numbers to show or you have very few Shares or Followers, it’s better to go with social media buttons that don’t have a Shares or Followers counter.

Image credit: creativepro

Follower Count

A high number of Followers will attract even more Followers. It’s the best form of social proof on social media for increasing your audience and expanding your reach. Unfortunately, if you have a low Follower count, there is no way you can hide it on your social media page.

What you can do to remedy this and improve your presence online is to buy Followers of various kinds from trusted, reputable companies. Your bought Followers will encourage real people to Follow you, and will thus increase your organic Followers. The end goal is to have more organic Followers and not to simply have an impressive number to show on your page, although that doesn’t hurt either.

Remember to do your research before buying Followers, and never buy low-quality Followers that will jeopardize your online reputation.

“As Seen on TV”

Image credit: Pattys-Cakes

If you’ve ever been featured on TV or covered by other media like websites, Internet radio shows, podcasts, or anything else, you can improve your credibility by displaying a picture or logo of the media outlet on your website.

“Best Seller”

Labeling a product as a “best seller” instantly increases its desirability factor. The Bandwagon Effect, a powerful facet of social proof, is at play here.

When a large number of people obviously find the product nice enough to buy, other people tend to get on board, whether or not they initially believed in the product’s claims.

Image credit: Tesco

“Our Graduates”

Schools looking to attract more students display pictures of their famous alumni, implying that anyone who decides to enroll in their school has a good chance of becoming popular as well.

If you are a small school hoping to grow your enrollees, you can show your school’s successful alumni or graduates of an educational approach you use in your school. Perhaps you use a Montessori method of teaching – you could then advertise popular graduates of Montessori.

Image credit: myips

Purchase Counter

Seeing the number of people who have bought your products or availed themselves of your services is akin to seeing long lines of customers waiting to be served or seated in a restaurant. It conveys the message that what you have to offer is good.

Displaying the number of people who bought your products is a great show of social proof – the more the better, of course.

Image credit: Groupon

Endorsements and Recommendations

Another compelling facet of social proof that you can use is the approval of your brand by an industry leader, influencer, or celebrity.

An endorsement and recommendation from a person viewed as an authority is highly effective, particularly if it’s unpaid.

As a brand, you can also work on building your online authority by growing your Followers. Perfect your growth campaigns by utilizing organic strategies and then buying social proof to augment them.

Buy Followers and other social signals that will help build your social proof and your online authority, faster and more effectively than usual.

Social Proof Your Business!

Simply put, social proof is the driving force that makes people follow what others are doing. It can work for you or against you, but when done properly, social proof may just prove to be enough to propel a successful business.

Leverage social proof in your business today, and use these tactics to establish a strong online and offline reputation that converts into sales and money in your pocket.

Reaching viral success today has become a realistic possibility for every brand and business out there thanks to the rise of social media marketing.

According to a study performed by Texas Tech State University, social media marketing also helps brands gain massive attention while encouraging brand loyalty among customers. And if you’re lucky enough to reach viral success, those benefits are sure to be magnified. Aside from the attention, you’re also bound to receive a great boost in engagement from users around the world.

Going viral in this digital day and age sometimes seems all too easy, but you want to make sure to gain that attention for all the right reasons. Find out how you can achieve viral success on social media (the kind that’s good for your business) by reading our comprehensive guide below.

Stay on Top of Pop Culture

Keeping up with pop culture allows you to remain relevant as a brand in the eyes of your social media followers. This gives the impression that you are speaking their language and care about the things they care aboutmaking your brand appear relevant and relatable.

Pepsi celebrated the anniversary of the iconic film ‘Back to the Future’ with limited edition bottles that gained massive attention. Back on October 21, 2015, the internet was ablaze with brands who tried to leverage the film’s anniversary for their marketing success.

Image credit: Social Media Week

After the campaign snowballed on Twitter, the company received an overwhelming demand for their limited edition bottle. So overwhelming that Pepsi had to give everyone a second chance at picking up their own ‘Back to the Future’ bottle again in November.

What made Pepsi’s campaign so successful was its simplicity. Through a simple design and a solid social media marketing strategy, they were able to hit all the right spots that made fans feel nostalgic.

Familiarize Yourself With the Wheel of Emotion

There’s no stronger way to convey a brand message than by appealing to the emotions of your audience. According to Dr. Robert Plutchik, our feelings guide our behavior, including our shopping habits. When used in marketing, the wheel of emotion can help you influence your target market’s buying behavior.

Image credit: Buffer Social

Humans are capable of four basic emotions, namely: anger, happiness, fear, and sadness. The wheel of emotion peels back the different layers of each emotion to guide you on how to motivate your followers to buy into what you’re selling.

Here’s a great example. Back in 2013, Chipotle released an animated short entitled “The Scarecrow.” What started out as a charming view of a quaint little farm soon revealed the harsh reality behind the fast food industry.

Paired with a haunting musical score, the animated short managed to depict the harrowing truth behind additive-filled, mass-produced fast food and inspired viewers to choose a healthier, greener alternative – Chipotle.

If you watch it til’ the end, we’re certain it will stir up some emotions, which helped make this animated short a viral success.

Incentivize Sharing

If you want your ads to reach as many people as possible, launching a sharing campaign should be a good way to do it. A sharing campaign is a marketing technique where you will incentivize users who share your post. The more people share your post, the more likely it will reach virality.

A great example of a successful sharing campaign would be Uber’s “Codes of Sharing.” Essentially, the campaign is a rider referral program wherein existing users are issued unique codes.

Image credit: UBER Newsroom

They can then share their code on social media, and if one of their friends uses the code, both riders earn a free ride.

The news about the codes spread like wildfire on the internet and people began sharing their codes in exchange for a free ride. One guy even earned over $50,000 worth of Uber credits through the code sharing program, which got him eight weeks worth of free rides!

While his account ended up getting flagged (bummer for him) it just goes to show how powerful a sharing campaign can be.

You can start your own sharing wildfire by creating discounts and rewards for your followers when they help you share the word about your brand.

Build Your Social Proof

Almost nothing is more crucial to your marketing success than social proof. In this digital day and age, people rely on social proof to influence their purchasing behavior. If they’re deciding between two brands, they’ll most likely go for the one with a large following and many positive reviews.

A relatively new business might not have enough social proof to impress a consumer. This makes purchasing social signals such as Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Instagram Likes, and more a viable option to make a good impression.

High-quality social signals from a reputable provider can help you gain credibility at an expedited speed. It also won’t require your full attention, so you can focus on launching your viral campaign while your bought social signals take care of your social proof.

Get Your Timing Right

You can be on top of the trendiest of topics but if you don’t know how to use them with appropriate timing, you won’t be able to maximize their marketing potential.

When a topic is trending, you basically have mere minutes to react to it before it becomes old news, or someone scoops your idea. You have to publish something noteworthy while it’s still the talk of the town, otherwise all your efforts will seem outdated.

Arby’s is a fast food giant who knows how important it is to quickly jump on a trending topic before it’s too late. They were quick to react to Pharrell William’s iconic Happy hat which he wore to the Grammys.

Their quick wit paid off as Twitter users set the retweet button ablaze. If you really want to take advantage of pop culture and the trendiest of trends, do as Arby’s did and be quick about it.

Get Visual With It

Aside from being emotional beings, humans are also highly visual creatures. This means they easily gravitate towards posts that are accompanied by images.

According to a study done by BuzzSumo for OkDork, users are more inclined to share posts that are accompanied by at least one image.

Image credit: OkDork

If you want to hack virality, you have to make sure you use imagery to make a post more memorable and shareable to your audience. Images make it a lot easier for people to understand what they’re reading and are far easier to digest compared to plain-text posts.

Increase your chances of gaining massive popularity by sprinkling unique, eye-catching images throughout all your posts.

Get Influencers In on It

Social media influencers are some of the most powerful voices on the internet today. Influencers have the ability to motivate a buying frenzy among consumers, which is why brands are always aggressively chasing them down for collaborations.

If you want to reach out to more people, consider working with an influencer in your niche. They can foster immense awareness about your products or services through their posts and recommendations.

Ingrid Nilsen is a beauty and lifestyle influencer who has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. For the post shown above, this powerhouse influencer collaborated with Fresh Beauty to celebrate the brand’s 25-year anniversary.

Through her eye-catching post, she was able to round up over 80,000 likes and amassed a tremendous number of comments from beauty lovers everywhere. This helped Fresh Beauty introduce their classic services to a whole new crowd.

Working with influencers isn’t as hard as most people think. All it takes is specific targeting and a winning pitch to help you reach viral success.

Find out who the influencers are in your field and reach out to them. They might be the tipping point to your brand’s success.

Virality Requires Hard Work

While virality has the ability to ring in instant success, building an effective campaign takes hard work and dedication. If a random post goes viral, it’s hard to capitalize on it if you’re not prepared.

By learning as much as you can about the most effective strategies from the biggest and brightest brands on social media, you’ll be able to develop your own strategy that is scaled to your goals.

Your credibility is a large factor to your viral success, so be sure to invest in building a more credible reputation in the most efficient and effective way possible. Purchasing high-quality social signals from a reputable provider will help you up your authority and improve your reputation in as little time as possible.

Take bits and pieces from some of the most effective viral campaigns discussed here today and get experimental with your marketing efforts to increase your chances of going viral.

Just be sure to go viral for all the right reasons – remember, getting massive renown for the wrong thing can take a permanent toll on your reputation.


It’s been reported that over 74% of Twitter users have followed a brand or business on Twitter with the intentions of seeking customer support and receiving product updates. This makes Twitter the best platform to connect with existing and potential customers alike.

Knowing who you want to reach can help you develop a more precise Twitter marketing strategy that can deliver high-quality results. Your target market, the group of people most likely to buy your product, is out there on Twitter and all you have to do is find them.

To help you make better and more efficient use of your marketing resources, we’ve listed some of the best tips to help you reach your target market on Twitter.

Are you ready to refocus your marketing efforts on the right Twitter users? Let’s go!

1. Create a Strong Profile

In order to attract all the right people, you have to have an impressive-looking profile. You want your profile to exude credibility, so it must contain ample information about your brand to serve as a reference to those who might look you up.

More than just for networking, Twitter is a great social media platform for brands who want to provide prompt customer support.

Warby Parker is one of the fast-rising e-Commerce sites in the United States that’s changing the way people get their prescription eyewear. Aside from their unique delivery of services, they are also known for providing quick and dependable customer support.

If you want to impress all the right people, you have to provide them with credible, dependable and prompt customer support while exuding strong social proof through a well-thought-out profile.

If you’re fairly new to Twitter, you’d know that amassing an impressive following can be a long and arduous process. Did you know that purchasing high-quality followers from a trusted provider can help? This will help you establish a more trustworthy impression without having to go to extreme lengths exhausting all of your marketing energy and resources.

2. Target Keywords in Twitter Bios

A good Twitter bio is filled to the brim with highly-targeted keywords that describe a user and his/her interests.

This makes it a lot easier for you to find your tribe – or your target market, at least. There are a number of online tools that allow you to target Twitter users based on specific keywords such as interests, location, username and even URL.

Twitter Search and FollowerWonk are both free advanced search tools that allow you to target a more specific audience using keywords. SocialBro by Audiense helps you target your audience with more advanced filtering tools and even allows you to collate all of your findings into one organized list.

Targeting your audience using keywords has never been easier thanks to these free online tools.

3. Use Hashtags

Twitter users employ hashtags to partake in trending conversations with fellow users around the world. As a business owner, you can use hashtags to find people who are looking for niche topics that are most relevant to what you offer.

Hashtags are keywords that help you discover and track trending topics in real time. Much like the tips mentioned in the previous section, hashtag research can be done through the use of various online tools.

TrendsMap, RiteTag, and Sprout Social are three of the most popular hashtag search tools out there today.

You can also use high-performing hashtags and incorporate them into your posts to help users find you through this simplified search index.

4. Create a List

Having a separate list for users who fit your buyer persona to a T should help you zero in on all their activities on Twitter. Lists are one of the most useful yet underutilized targeting tools on Twitter that allow you to cut through the noise of an otherwise bustling feed.

Adobe is a known tech brand who has a public list on Twitter that’s dedicated to their brand’s evangelists. This allows Adobe to engage with and put the spotlight on those people who are driving their business forward.

By creating a list for all their brand evangelists, they are able to interact with them on a more consistent and personal basis.

Find out how you can start creating your very own list on Twitter through this step-by-step guide.

5. Find Influencers and Amplifiers

Without a doubt, influencers have the most valuable and powerful voice on social media. Knowing who’s the biggest influencer in your industry should help you track down your target audience more quickly and accurately.

Coca-Cola has a more general target market that allows for maximum flexibility. By teaming up with TV personality Ryan Seacrest, they were able to magnify their marketing campaign and reach out to Ryan’s fans.

Influencers who serve a specific niche should serve to introduce you to Twitter users who are after what you’re selling. Browsing through the right influencer’s list of followers should be one of the best ways for you to find your targeted audience.

6. Pay Attention to Your Existing Followers

Your existing followers can introduce you to like-minded Twitter users who are more likely to be interested in your services or products.

Your loyal followers and repeat patrons are among the best brand ambassadors you can ever come across. If you want to find people who are just like them, taking a good look at their list of followers should be worth your while.

Having a common connection should make it a lot easier for you to convince newly discovered users to check out your page. If they’re interested in the same things your original followers are interested in, they’ll most likely check you out and even follow you.

BONUS TIP: Monitor and Interact

Having a highly-targeted following on Twitter is nothing if you don’t put that audience to good use. Now that you are on their radar, you must work twice as hard to keep them engaged, informed and entertained.

Make good use of the data you have at your disposal and use it in order to learn as much as you can about your target market. With all the information you have on hand, you can easily develop an effective Twitter marketing strategy that is specially designed for the users you want to reach out to.

Image credit: PostPlanner

Someecards is a renowned humor site who knows their audience and gives them exactly what they want. While there’s no denying that there are pretty brilliant and hilarious minds behind their official account, they are also quite diligent about monitoring their followers in order to find how to tickle their fancy.

Monitoring can help you find out what your followers want, and interacting with them can help you stay on their radar for as long as possible.

Make your followers feel like they’re being seen and heard by putting them in the spotlight from time to time. Getting a retweet or a reply from a brand they adore should be enough to keep them loyal – to your company.

Target Users More Regularly and Conscientiously

If you want to stay relevant on a fast-changing platform like Twitter, you should make audience targeting a consistently recurring effort.

Find out as much as you can about the kind of followers you want to attract. This will help you come up with a more relevant and effective Twitter marketing strategy.

Building a stronger social proof can help users who fall within your target market find you instead of the other way around, and buying Twitter Followers from a provider you can trust is one of the best ways to do this quickly and easily.

Combine bought followers with the strategies discussed here, and you’ll be way ahead of the pack. Avoid the scams by sticking to our tried and tested providers, who are proven to deliver the best bought social signals on the internet.

Stand out from the Twitter crowd, and focus your efforts on coming up with a winning strategy that will help you attract prospective customers on social media.

Twitter is home to an incredible number of brands and consumers, hosting around 500 million tweets on a daily basis. Brands are all aggressively vying for attention so it’s only natural to see some of them stumble along the way.

Committing a Twitter blunder is a fast way to gain a bad kind of attention from the denizens of the internet. Tweeting the wrong thing in this day and age can be extremely damaging to your reputation both online and offline, potentially hurting sales if people decide to avoid your brand.

Learn from some of the worst tweets we’ve seen on the internet so you can avoid getting the wrong kind of attention from the people of the internet. It may seem obvious not to do the following things, but these tweeters were once just like you…

The road to cringe-ville starts here!

Right Tweet at the Wrong Time for Qantas Airways

When Qantas Airways launched the #QantasLuxury campaign, they aimed to encourage their customers to share about their five-star experiences while aboard one of their aircraft.

Image credit: The Conversation

While their marketing team had good and clear intentions with this campaign, their timing was way off. The #QantasLuxury campaign was launched during a time when their aircraft were grounded due to a labor issue.

What was supposed to be an ingenious marketing tactic geared to show the lux side of their services became a window of opportunity for angry customers who found a platform for their frustration.

Neglecting to align your marketing strategies with current events and operations will result in chaos and may very well cost you the reputation you are working so hard on building.

Accidental Racism from The New England Patriots

Back in 2014, the New England Patriots launched their #1MILLIONPATRIOTS campaign in an attempt to become the first NFL team to reach 1 million followers on Twitter.

After reaching 1 million followers, the New England Patriots thanked their fans and supporters for helping them reach an ambitious milestone. They had an automatic system set up to mention the name of the millionth follower. In the process, they mistakenly mentioned an extremely racist and offensive account and even had his handle plastered on a new England Patriots jersey.

Image credit: Mashable

The tweet has since been deleted and the NFL team issued a public apology for the oversight saying that they failed to double check their filtering system.

Gaining massive amounts of followers through a hashtag campaign can be overwhelming and you are bound to make mistakes along the way. Instead of solely relying on organic growth tactics, try investing in some high-quality Twitter followers from a reputable provider to help you strengthen your social proof.

Strengthening your social proof is one of the most effective and efficient ways to attract more organic followers, without the hassle and chaos a hashtag campaign brings. You’ll need to implement ordinary marketing efforts too, but this is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Real Time Marketing Fail from DiGiorno Pizza

The #WhyIStayed campaign aimed to shine a light on domestic violence while spreading awareness about the struggles that victims face, which can force them to stay in an abusive relationship.

Image credit: @scottfpaul

DiGiorno Pizza saw the trending topic and jumped on the bandwagon without doing sufficient research beforehand. This led to the release of a highly irrelevant and highly insensitive tweet which stirred the crowd the wrong way.

Image credit: AdWeek

Trending topics are a great way to gain marketing mileage on a topic that’s already being talked about but you have to be selective and only partake in conversations that are most relevant to your company. And ones that you understand.

An F-Bomb from Chrysler

Chrysler is a globally-known automotive brand who uses an agency to handle all their social media affairs. This was working perfectly for them until one person forgot to log out of the official Chrysler Twitter account.

Image credit: AdWeek

After issuing an apology, Chrysler disclosed that they have severed their professional ties with the agency responsible for the irresponsible tweet.

When outsourcing your Twitter marketing campaign, make sure everyone on board is familiar with the brand image you are portraying. Set clear guidelines in using your official account and remind your team to be careful when switching accounts to avoid any discrepancies when it comes to the posts being published.

A Major Oversight from American Apparel

American Apparel is a known fashion brand who learned the hard way that sometimes even the most stunning image on the internet might be backed by a disturbing story to tell.

The people in charge of creating custom images for American Apparel unknowingly used an image of Space Shuttle Challenger exploding mid-air. Not good.

Image credit: The PR Room

The post was originally published on their Tumblr account but was later also shared to the company’s official Twitter page.

American Apparel responded to complaints and said that their marketing department is composed of young professionals who had no knowledge of the incident that transpired in 1986. Enraged, Twitter users publicly shamed the company for such grave oversight.

As a brand, you have an obligation to your followers to provide them with high-quality and well-researched content. Don’t resort to cutting corners or people will eventually take notice.

AI Conundrum from Tay and Microsoft

Microsoft, being a tech brand, has always been at the forefront of digital innovation. Just last year, they launched an experiment in machine learning and artificial intelligence which they called Tay. Tay was a Twitter chatbot, and she relied on the interaction she received in order to better her conversational understanding.

While the experiment was definitely groundbreaking, it took trolls only an hour to turn the playful chatbot into a hate-spitting Nazi.

Image credit: @geraldmellor

Too much automation can be a bad thing. While artificial intelligence and automation have greatly advanced throughout the years, there’s no beating human discernment. Tay fell when people realized how she worked and fed her full of hate speech on purpose – don’t let your methods be so obvious if you’re in a similar situation.

Pornographic Response from US Airways

According to a study conducted by Sprout Social, 90% of their respondents have used social media to reach out to a company for assistance. One US Airways customer who goes by the name of Elle on Twitter reached out to the airline to address her frustration about her delayed flight.

Elle managed to get a response from the airline, (which is now a part of American Airlines), but she was very surprised to find that the tweet they replied with came with a very NSFW photo attached.

The person manning the US Airway Twitter account accidentally sent out a pornographic image along with their response. This did nothing to pacify the already-angry customer, as you might imagine, and other Twitter users quickly took notice.

Before allowing anybody to handle your account on your behalf, make sure they completely understand how the platform works and the ramifications of tweeting the wrong thing. In some cases, however, a malicious or careless employee can’t be stopped.

Endorsement Fail by Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is one of the biggest celebrities out there and it’s only natural for brands and companies to chase after her for endorsement deals. A single tweet from Oprah can send any product flying off the shelf in a matter of minutes.

Oprah was approached by Microsoft to endorse their newly released tablet, called Surface. Well, she accepted the endorsement and told the world how much she loved her new Microsoft tablet… using her iPad.

Image credit: Linkdex

A bad judgment call and lack of attention to detail can be a bad thing for a brand or personality. Think about what you’re posting and try to determine what impact it has on the image you portray online. We’re sure that Oprah is still doing just fine after this tweet, but you probably aren’t quite as popular as her.

Racist Tweet from Home Depot

Home Depot published a tweet accompanied by an image of a man in a gorilla costume seated in between two African-American men donned in company uniforms.

Image credit: Daily Mail UK

While the company didn’t say anything racist outright, the implications were clear. After deleting the tweet, Home Depot half-heartedly apologized and deflected the blame on the agency handling their account.

When it comes to tweeting, make sure to stay objective and avoid treading controversial topics – unless that’s what you want to do, and in that case do it intelligently. You owe it to your followers to provide them with unbiased, quality content. The rule of “think before you tweet” applies to even the biggest brands on the internet.

Distasteful Comment from Kenneth Cole

Twitter has been a viable platform for everyone to express themselves regarding the most pressing social issues.

Naturally, these issues become trending topics on Twitter and it seems like brands can’t keep their hands off of them.

Image credit: Huffington Post

Kenneth Cole is global fashion brand who was found guilty of making light of the political uprising that was unfolding in Egypt to promote their spring collection. Many fans and internet users found the tweet distasteful and made their disappointment known by barraging the company with irate tweets.

Never take advantage of a highly sensitive issue for your marketing gain, people will take notice and your reputation will surely take a hit.

Your Mistakes Can Go Viral, Just Like Your Successes

Cutting corners can only get you so far. Put as much thought as you can into every tweet you publish to avoid any discrepancies that could potentially cost you your reputation.

Instead of engaging only in aggressive marketing techniques to gain more followers, invest some of your marketing resources into purchasing high-quality followers from a trusted provider.

Buying high-quality followers can tremendously increase your social proof, which encourages organic growth from real users  – without you having to overly exhaust yourself or your resources. When people see how popular you are, they’ll naturally want to come check you out – a hands-off approach to building your audience.

Don’t even attempt to launch a Twitter marketing campaign without a strategy in place because one wrong move can turn you into a viral sensation – and not the good kind.

According to a study by Expanded Rambling, over 65% of US businesses are already on Twitter. That means a lot of companies are already experiencing the marketing rewards Twitter has to offer.

You can get a lot of use out of Twitter too, from providing customer support to strengthening your branding efforts. Twitter is a versatile and rewarding platform for businesses of all sizes.

We’ve collected some of the most popular brands on Twitter, and described a bit about what makes them great. Learn from them, and you can recreate their success and incorporate their best practices into your own campaign.


Knowing more about your prospective followers can help you come up with tweets that tickle their fancy. Arby’s is a popular fast food chain that knows how to do just that and more.

Instead of putting up posts of food porn after food porn, Arby’s keeps things interesting by coming up with posts that reference pop culture.

In the post shown above, Arby’s made their way into the hearts of anime lovers with their Persona reference. They probably sold some extra fries that day.


If you want to connect to a whole new set of users, you have to have a clear idea of what they like. Stay relevant by keeping up with the latest trends and don’t be afraid to sprinkle a bit of pop culture in some of your posts to stir the crowd.


One brand that has continuously stayed on top of Twitter is Starbucks. These guys know how to captivate their followers with stunning images that evoke a strong emotion.

Aside from their killer content strategy, Starbucks also knows how to expertly handle themselves well under particularly tough Twitter situations.

Just last year, Starbucks was accused of canceling Christmas because many people believed their cups were too plain for the holidays.

A lot of angry coffee drinkers took to Twitter to express their sentiments about the #redcup but Starbucks handled it like a champ. They came up with several photo and video posts that showed just how much holiday spirit each #redcup possesses – if you use your imagination.

Their marketing ingenuity turned a fiasco into an online success.


Prepare for the worst. Make sure to stay on top of customer feedback both good and bad. Do everything you can to provide your customers with a satisfying response.


With over 13.7 million followers, there’s no denying that PlayStation is one of the biggest brands on Twitter.

PlayStation releases a wide variety of content that keeps their large following entertained and engaged. This company really knows how to take advantage of Twitter’s every feature – from the banner image to the pinned post, as well as offering special deals to their Twitter followers.


Make sure to properly optimize every piece of prime Twitter real estate available. This can help you make posts that are more visible to a lot more people.

If you really want to boost a post’s appeal to the general Twitter masses, consider buying social signals such as retweets and likes.

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If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’d know that brands like to take on social media feuds from time to time. Of course, these are all conducted in good spirits but it doesn’t make it less entertaining.

Orbitz challenged Priceline, their competitor, to a set of dares that had Twitter fans at the edge of their seats.

Orbitz won by a mile thanks to their fearless humor, creativity and a spokesperson who was willing to do anything for the team – Good job, Walt!


Instead of heavily investing in traditional posts, why not spend some time and energy in coming up with highly entertaining, creative posts? These tweets are much more shareable and appealing, making them more viral by nature.

Arena Flowers

If you’ve ever come across Arena Flowers’ Twitter feed, you’d know that this company is notorious for crafting funny and whimsical tweets.

Their tweets are so sassy and entertaining you’ll forget they’re even associated with a flower shop! Their tweets allow them to make a valuable impression on all their followers who are sick and tired of seeing ads on the internet.


Ads are often perceived as intrusive by internet users and social media platforms are riddled with them. Give your followers a break by coming up with posts that are entertaining and valuable.

Think of other ways to position your services and products – and don’t be afraid to add a bit of sass on every tweet!

Kia UK

Weirdly enough, people of the internet age have a thing for following inanimate objects on Twitter. Kia UK seems to have noticed how this trend picked up and jumped on the bandwagon right away.

Through this effort, Kia UK was able to reach out to more people aside from their existing car loving followers.


When taking advantage of a trend on the internet, be sure to incorporate it in your campaign in the most organic way possible – Twitter users can spot a sell out from a mile away so tread with caution!

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one company that knows how to stay on top of all the complaints they receive from customers while still providing them with a pleasant social media experience.

They also know how to position other aspects of their services, such as their airplanes, in a way that is just as attractive and appealing to everyone.


Learn to look at your products or services from a completely new angle. This allows you to add a fresh new take on your social media posts.

If you want to keep your followers engaged, you have to keep them interested and you can do this by learning to switch things up from time to time.


One of Oreo’s most notable feats on Twitter is their ability to quickly jump on trending topics in the most organic way possible.

Back in 2013, Oreo published the tweet shown above in response to the power outage that delayed the Super Bowl. The post was simple but it hit home to a lot of people who were all eyes on the game.


If you want to recreate their success, you have to be on top of the hottest topics on the internet. Do this by keeping an eye on the trending hashtags and current events.

Incorporate them organically into your posts and pair them with humorously witty copy that will surely have everyone clicking in no time.


Another big brand that’s making even bigger waves on Twitter is McDonald’s. The marketing team that manages the company’s Twitter account are masters of crafting winning hashtags that go the marketing mile.

They managed to create a highly engaging post that has gotten everyone’s attention just in time for April Fools’ Day. It’s apparent that the #MicroMac video definitely had everyone macro-laughing.


Don’t be afraid to take advantage of both national and international days of celebration – whether they are official or not. This is a great way to stay relevant to a larger group of people both within and outside your target market.


Etsy is a platform that thrives on customer-uploaded content. If you give their feed a quick browse, you’ll see that this company knows how to curate content from users.

Through retweets, they are able to provide their prospects with a clear overview of their customers’ typical experiences – which are pretty much always positive.


Giving credit where it’s due travels far on social media. Retweeting can help you establish a more approachable brand persona while attracting prospects by giving them an overview of the customer experience they can receive from your company.

Keep Up and Don’t Act Like a Brand

Some of the biggest brands who are making a difference on Twitter often don’t act like big brands at all. They take the time to get to know their prospects – what they like, what their problems are, and what makes them laugh – in order to come up with posts that resonate.

Focus your resources on building a more accurate and comprehensive buyer persona. This should help you identify pitch angles are relevant to the people you want to attract.

Don’t forget, purchasing likes, followers, and other social signals can help you establish a more influential status on Twitter much more quickly than you think. As long as you go with a reputable provider, you can rest assured that you are getting social signals that will look authentic.

Combining your newly bought social signals with highly engaging and relevant posts will surely help you attract the right kind of followers, who will then help you achieve your marketing goals.