Attracting followers on Instagram is already a challenge, but losing them is even more nerve-wracking. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people might be unfollowing you and how you can get them back. 

Inconsistent posting schedule 

Posting often is a common strategy to keep your followers engaged, but posting too often can actually end up annoying them. This is because the deluge of content will feel like spam to them and obstruct other posts they want to see. 

On the other hand, a sudden content drought is also no good. People might leave, thinking you have become less enthusiastic about your page. Such a situation can happen if you have become preoccupied with other things for a long time. 

To solve both issues, you need to develop a content schedule. You will often find plenty of recommendations for the “best times” to post for different fields, like the times indicated in this tweet:

These are a great starting point for creating your schedule, but don’t depend on them entirely. Remember that your audience still has specific preferences. Experiment to know which times are you getting the best response, and use the results to build your schedule. 

Posting the same content over and over will also cause your followers to lose interest. Take this into account when planning your schedule. 

Once your schedule is ready, use a social media management tool like Buffer or Agorapulse to automate your posting. This lets you do other stuff without worrying about forgetting to post or leaving your followers hanging. Be ready to upload new content personally from time to time in the heat of the moment 

Being too promotional with your content

With its large user base, Instagram is a great platform to promote your work or products, but being too promotional on your posts will not sit well with your followers. If they leave, this kills any promotional opportunity you hope to gain. 

Balancing your promotional and non-promotional materials is the key here. Remember that people are on Instagram, mainly to find content that interests them. Make this the focus of your Instagram content, showing how people can use your products or services for their interests.

You can also inspire them with new ideas to try out. Tool manufacturer Dremel does this strategy well, featuring a variety of craft projects on its Instagram page. 

Reasons Why You Lose Instagram Followers & How To Deal With It

@dremel creative post. Screenshot was taken on August 3, 2019

While Dremel’s products are barely mentioned in these posts, people still see the association. The posts are also done entertainingly and engagingly which keeps followers glued to their account.

This idea should also apply to your actual sales posts. Look for ways to make them feel like less of a hard sell, such as conveying the lifestyle messages associated with your goods. You would also want to space these sales posts between your main posts to draw attention.

Making inappropriate posts

You probably know about Instagram’s rules against generally offensive and banned content, but dealing with inappropriate posts actually goes beyond those rules. 

In some instances, a portion of your followers might still find a certain post of yours offensive enough to unfollow you, even if the post is fine with your other followers. This is often due to each user’s specific sensibilities and expectations about your page. 

Knowing your audience better is the best way to go around this issue. Interact with your followers regularly to explore their preferences more, don’t just treat them like numbers.

If you do end up posting content that some find inappropriate, treat it like a generally offensive one, and apologize. Ask for their feedback to know where you went wrong, and assure them that it won’t happen again.

Keeping your followers around is an ongoing process if you want to grow your Instagram page. Watch out vigilantly for these and other reasons that might cause them to unfollow, and always be ready to strengthen your relationship with your followers to prevent them from leaving.

Get this: A 2013 study showed that over a third of marriages in America between 2005 and 2012 started online, mostly through dating sites like OKCupid and This tells us that people no longer find online dating as creepy and unrealistic as when it was launched in the 1990s. However, there is a significant shift in recent years: From dating sites to social media sites. It turns out Facebook marketing isn’t only for products and brands.

A more recent study entitled “First Comes Social Networking, Then Comes Marriage?” revealed that around 21% of married couples who met online started through social networking sites. This percentage is about the same as the percentage of couples who met offline through school. Jeff Hall, the author of the study from the University of Kansas, said that he was surprised that this shift happened without “anyone researching it, without anyone even paying attention to it.”

In Hall’s study, several of the married couples met through new social media sites like and Myspace, before Facebook and Twitter exploded. This makes Hall think that there are still bigger waves of marriages to come, with the boom of social media and the fact that the whole friendship-dating-marriage process can take several years.

Online dating sites vs. social networking sites

The movement of online dating to social media doesn’t necessarily mean the end of dating sites like and OKCupid though. In fact, analysts believe that there is room for so many players in the dating services industry because it is worth about $3 billion.

However, there are notable differences between online dating sites and social networking sites that experts and people who found and are looking for love online are pointing out.

  • Social networking sites are free: While dating sites will cost you around $6 to as much as $25 per month for paid plans, social networking sites are completely free. Social media sites are primarily used for several reasons other than dating, and their income comes from ads revenue, rather than subscription costs.
  • Social networks connect people with similar interests: Facebook and Twitter algorithms work by suggesting to users people that are within the same alumni group, sports group, or any targeted group. They can also recommend people who like the same pages as you. There’s definitely a good chance that the people you meet on social media share the same interests as you, or that you already belong to the same social circle.
  • Online dating sites offer limited options: A Pew study says that 54% of people on online dating sites are suspicious of the authenticity of the profile owners. They only put out what they want you to think of them, and you base your decision on that profile and the photo attached to it. It’s limiting, and even misleading.
  • Social networking sites offer a look into your life: Social media profiles reveal clues about the real personality of the user as shown in the articles they share, how they interact with friends, the images they upload, and the words they use in every post or comment. Dating sites don’t have these details.

Many people, therefore, prefer social media sites in looking for partners, but there are still those who go the “old-fashioned” way and sign up for dating sites. As experts said, the dating industry is large enough for multiple dating platforms.

Woes of online romance

Finding love online is as complicated as finding love offline, perhaps even more so. For one, people who flirt on social media should be comfortable doing so in the public eye. Your friends and the other person’s friends can see your comments and replies to each other and can join in. They can even take a screenshot of the whole thread just for the heck of it.

Two studies conducted by Russell Clayton, a researcher at the University of Missouri, also reveals that heavy use of Facebook and Twitter often lead to jealousy. According to one of the studies, heavy use of these social networking sites could mean that the person is:

  • Indirectly neglecting their partner.
  • Directly neglecting their partner by still communicating with exes.
  • Constantly monitoring their partner.

All these can lead to conflict in the relationship and also result in Facebook-related jealousy. Furthermore, constant use of social media when in a relationship can lead to temptation for physical and emotional cheating.

All these can lead to conflict in the relationship and also result in Facebook-related jealousy. Furthermore, constant use of social media when in a relationship can lead to temptation for physical and emotional cheating.

With over a billion users, Instagram is one of the essential channels you would want to be in to reach your target audience. Marketing on this platform, however, is much more complicated than just posting your photos. Here are seven handy tools that will help you successfully execute your Instagram marketing plan.

Instagram marketing tools: Instasize

Filters are a great way to enhance your photos, but Instagram only gives you a few to choose from. This can make your images look repetitive, or just like everyone else’s. Instasize gives you access to more than 80 filters developed by professional photographers, adding variety to your feed.

Beyond being a filter generator, the tool lets you edit your photos. You can adjust things like sharpness, brightness, and exposure. It also comes with 50 different fonts to add text to your image. The best part is that you can resize images for posting on other social media sites.

Instagram marketing tools: Preview

Planning how your photos will look together on your profile’s image grid is a surprisingly effective way to catch people’s attention and get them clicking. Preview is a tool specifically designed for that purpose. The app will let you upload multiple photos, rearrange them as you like, then export them to Instagram.

At the same time, Preview lets you edit your photos to create a consistent look. You can even set a reminder on when to post your photos. The app is free to use, but you can get more features by getting the Premium version.

Instagram marketing tools: RiteTag

Finding the right hashtags to make your Instagram photos more discoverable is sometimes difficult. A useful tool here is RiteTag, which will help you assess the quality of a tag before using it. The tool tells you which hashtags are popular at the moment and which ones are already overused.

RiteTag also lets you compare a group of hashtags and add them to your posts. It even claims to help you determine which tags are being shadowbanned by Instagram. This makes it a must-have for building your overall hashtag strategy.

Instagram marketing tools:

More users are now using Instagram not just for marketing, but also as a direct channel to get people to make purchases. Instagram itself is facilitating that trend with the introduction of shoppable posts and “Buy” stickers. If you want to take advantage of this feature and combine your Instagram marketing with your product website, is a good tool to use.

The tool allows you to recreate and import your Instagram feeds into your marketing websites. This makes it easier to update your website with the latest product content from your Instagram page. features an easy-to-use dashboard to manage both your Instagram sales posts and web page.

Instagram marketing tools: Later

Posting content coming from your Instagram audience is an effective way to get them coming to you and popularizing your page. Later can help you quickly discover user-generated content through its Search & Repost feature. You can even schedule your reposts for maximum visibility.

Beyond curating user-generated content, Later is a comprehensive content management tool that lets you:

  • Schedule your Instagram posts
  • Auto-publish content
  • Organize your Instagram feed
  • Manage your Instagram sales posts

You can get all of these with the free plan. You can access more features by signing up for the premium service.

Instagram marketing tools: InfluencerDB

If you plan to tap influencers on Instagram to promote your page, InfluencerDB is a good tool to start with. It shows you specific influencers in your Industry based on your chosen keywords, letting you discover dozens in one go.  

InfluencerDB also gives you plenty of statistics for each influencer, like:

  • Follower count dynamics
  • Brands and hashtags they talk about
  • Users who mention them
  • Locations they tag

You can use these stats for comparing different influencers and deciding which one best suits your target market.

Instagram marketing tools: Squarelovin

Squarelovin is an easy-to-use analytics tool for tracking your Instagram performance. One great thing about it is that it can narrow down your audience analytics to only the active ones. This gives you a better insight into how much your engagement changes over time.

Squarelovin is also useful for optimizing your posts. The tool analyzes your post history and shows you which type of images have the best results and when you should share them. It will even give you information about the filters and hashtags that drew the most engagement.

Instagram tools for marketing

These tools cover all the important areas of Instagram marketing, from creating your posts to analyzing the kinds of engagement you are getting. Explore each tool, and discover how you can use them to implement a more effective Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram Founders Leaving The Platform For Good

Founders leaving the company is not a good sign. And the first thing that will come to our mind if this happens is that something is wrong with the company.

What will happen to the company? Will it close down? How about the employees?

These are just some of the questions that will pop into everyone’s mind. Much more, if the business or the company is famous or in a steady growth, founders leaving it is a big question mark.

That is what happened with Instagram.

On September 2018, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger decided to leave the platform for good. They left the company without any reason. The company is one of the biggest in the industry today. That is why it is really a big question why they have to leave it.

And since Facebook has bought Instagram, Facebook will take over the management of the platform. Facebook Exec Alex Mosseri is the one who heads Instagram today.

You may think that this will be the end of Instagram and that Facebook will finally incorporate it into its systems and make it one of its features. Also, you may think that there is a gap that happened between its original founders and Facebook that triggered their departure.

Well, the truth is, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s decision to leave Instagram is not a bad move. In fact, it is for their benefit as well as for the greater good of Instagram.

Why? Here are the reasons why it is better for Instagram’s original founders to leave the company and let Facebook take charge:

1. Passion

Just like any startups, Instagram was born out of passion and creativity. Both founders are passionate about their dream of creating a platform that would make an impact. But as the platform starts to create buzz and be popular, the job and responsibilities of maintaining it become bigger.

Founders are not only after the functionalities of Instagram. But they also need to look after profitability, long-term value, data, among others, to sustain its growing market.

And since it was acquired by Facebook, the pressure to sustain and make it bigger starts to become overwhelming. The expectations are higher, especially now that Facebook aimed to put Instagram in its big data program.

Instagram needs someone to take this pressure and heightened expectation. And Adam Mosseri is the perfect person for the job. On the other hand, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, will be able to do what they do best and follow their passion in creating new technology or apps or a new platform that will create an impact.

And now that they don’t have that pressure on, they can be as wild and free in creating something new again. You may be thinking that starting from scratch again will be hard for them.

The start is always the hard part, but it is also the most exciting part. And with their popularity and experience in the industry, it won’t be hard for them to create a mark again and infiltrate the market.

For sure, there are big businesses or organizations, or people out there ready to fund their ideas or with the fortune, they got from Instagram, they can finance their own ideas.

In the end, these founders leaving the platform is not really a losing game for them. In fact, it will be a win, since they don’t have the pressure and the expectations of a growing platform.


2. Growth

Instagram is already famous even before Facebook bought it. It has a growing 30 million users. It creates a new opportunity for influencers and people who need a platform to showcase their creativity. However, despite its popularity and growing community, it still needs Facebook to be massively successful. True enough, the buyout turned to be a good turn around for Instagram as it was able to enjoy its massive success today.

Why did it become successful?

Instagram has the infrastructure that Facebook has been dreaming of. With its photo-sharing feature, Facebook was able to create a new segment of the audience for their platform. It was very successful.

And now, that a Facebook exec will head Instagram, it will be easy for Facebook to inject some of its ideals and make it bigger than it is today. With Facebook’s 2.2 billion users, it won’t be long to have a storm of follows and likes in Instagram.


3. Facebook advantage

The change in leadership will make it easier for Facebook to apply and integrate Facebook’s infrastructure to Instagram. They don’t have to worry about its original founders. They are free to make changes however they want. Also, this means another revenue stream for Facebook’s consumers and most especially advertisers.

One way that they can do this is by integrating an online shopping feature on Instagram. Consumers can directly order an item from the account of their favorite brand or artist. If you are interested in the clothes that your idol is wearing on his/her Instagram story, you can easily purchase that on his/her account, or something to that effect.

This is just the beginning. There are other features that can increase Facebook’s revenue with Instagram. Instagram is a very popular platform, it has a market and active users. And, photos are a powerful element to trigger interest and attract revenues.

Win-win situation

With the founders leaving the platform, they will have time to create new things or technology that would create another buzz in the industry. They can do the things that they are best at and they have all the time to focus on that. Unlike before, where the pressure of running the whole Instagram company is on their shoulders. They don’t have the pressure any more when it comes to managing the platform and making it bigger as well as sustain its growth.

On the other hand, they did not leave Instagram in the dark. In fact, they left it with someone that will take good care of it and make it bigger.

With a Facebook exec managing Instagram, it will be easier now for Facebook to integrate its infrastructure to the platform. They are now free to make the changes and execute the plans to make it a much bigger hit.

Also, with its billion users, Facebook users will be exposed to a new platform that promotes creativity. On the other hand, it will be also easier for consumers to buy products from their favorite brands just by following brands and directly buying through their Instagram account, once this e-commerce plan was put into place.

Instagram is introducing new features that will aid users in reaching out and engaging with their audience. They also have a third feature out which they hope will drive more meaningful engagement. Here is a look at the new Instagram Stories Questions feature being tested, and the “All Caught Up” notification. I will look at what this will mean for marketers, as well as show off one last new feature.

Instagram Stories Questions

Instagram Stories Questions is a new question and answer feature for the Stories platform. The tool lets you quickly add a question to a Story post which can then be answered by people who viewed your story. Their answers are then sent to you via private message.

The new feature, which was first reported to be in testing last April and is now available widely, works in a similar manner to the already available Poll sticker. To add a question to your Story, choose the Q&A sticker from the sticker list. Type your question and it will automatically be displayed in your posted Story. Chris Mikulin demonstrates it in the tweet below.

Instagram Stories Questions is currently still in testing. Many users have reported having access to it in the last few weeks. The site is expected to officially launch the feature in the months to come.

Catching up with updates

Instagram has also announced a new “You’re All Caught Up” notification on users’ feeds. The short message informs you that you have already read all the new content posted by the profiles you follow.

Below the spot where the message appears, you will find all the posts that you have viewed and other posts from the last two days. This is a useful feature as Instagram is now largely driven by an algorithm.

Instagram said that the notification is a simple means of keeping track of the posts you are following. By scrolling below it, you can find the posts you might want to respond to. Commenting on these posts is a good way to show the people you follow that you are truly interested in their content. This is an effective way to encourage engagement between you and them.

Mute Instagram notifications

This feature is being carried over from Facebook where you are allowed to mute notifications from the app for certain amounts of time. Here is a look at the options:

instagram mute feature

This will allow you to turn off notifications for work, or just when you want some peace and quiet. You can also turn notifications off entirely with the “Until I turn it off” setting if you only want to know what’s going on with Instagram when you actually go on Instagram. The company is likely hoping that this will drive more meaningful engagement for long-term success. This feature is currently in testing while they try to figure out this theory.

Using these features to increase engagement

The Instagram Stories Question tool being rolled out by the site adds another means of using the Stories feature to engage your audience. Including a specific question in your Stories image or video updates is an effective way to get your audience to respond to your posts. This gives you an opening to get them into longer conversations, driving engagement further.

The Instagram Stories Question tool and the “You’re Already Caught Up” notifications are just two of the little improvements that Instagram has rolled out in the last few months. These tools can have a significant impact on your engagement strategy. Check them out and discover how you can use them for building your Instagram following.


The struggle for the highest number of Facebook likes and shares per post shows how important they can be for your organic reach. If no one is liking your posts, they have little value and all the creative juices you poured into them seem wasted.

It should be no surprise, that people pay to get their Facebook posts in front of many people. With changes to their algorithm, the result was a diminished engagement on many users’ pages. So today, growth simply depends on it.

If you have important posts you want more people to discover, like, and share, read on and find out how Facebook Boost can help you.


What is a Facebook Boost

A typical Facebook post will only reach about 2% to 10% of your followers.

To increase your posts’ organic reach, Facebook offers a simple advertising option where all you have to do is click the “Boost Post” button at the bottom of your existing posts.

Image credit: Facebook Business 


Hitting that button will display your post in news feeds of more people who are then likely to bring in more engagement to your post.

Facebook Boosts are different from Facebook Ads in that the ads have custom targeting options while Boosts only work to garner more likes, shares, and comments on a post.

Thus, having plenty of followers help not just in strengthening your presence on the platform, but also in widening your organic reach. So, build your followers by running a follower campaign and kickstart your growth by buying Facebook followers.

Bought followers can’t give you engagement but they can help you attract organic followers. The more followers you have, the greater your organic reach will be, and the higher overall growth you’ll have for your brand.


Why Boost Your Facebook Posts

Facebook reach, or the number of unique people who see your post on Facebook, affects all your metrics. All the clicks, likes, shares, and comments hinge on your reach. In short, your post reach only increases when it’s exposed to more people.

Boosting your Facebook posts means each time you boost a post, more people will see it.


How to Boost Your Facebook Posts

Only posts from pages can be boosted. To boost a post from your business page, you just go to the post you want to promote and click the “Boost Post” button at the bottom of the post. If the button is not clickable, that means the post is not eligible for boosting, though you can easily reverse that.

Image credit: Facebook Business


After clicking the button, you can then choose your audience, and finally, your budget. The fee will depend on how many people you want your post to reach and the number of days you want it boosted.


When to Boost

It’s best to boost a post only after you’ve taken advantage of the free organic reach that Facebook gives each of your post. So boost your post a few hours after posting it only.

For maximum exposure, make sure you post on a day and at a time when more people are online. The latest study by Coschedule reveals Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are better than any other days. The study also shows 3 PM posts receive most clicks from viewers but 1 PM posts get the most likes, share, and comments.

Image credit: AdEspresso


Remember that there is no perfect time to post and what studies say is best may not be best for you. Check out your analytics to study the times and days you get the highest traffic on your posts and page, and decide from there.


What to Boost

You’ll always get the best bang for your buck with posts that perform well organically. Top posts tell you what content resonates with your audience and what will likely connect to a broader audience. So pick your top post but make sure it’s about your brand and that it does not have links promoting others. After all, you are the one paying for it!

Paid promotion on Facebook can bring organic results just like buying followers can lead to natural and organic follower growth. Don’t forget to include buying followers in your campaign as well, because they can help you look popular, which in turn will encourage more organic follows from the platform.


Start Boosting Your Posts

The sad truth about Facebook posts is that great content is not all it takes to bring you likes, shares, and even followers. The only way you can get more of that is by advertising.

Boosting your posts means more visibility for your posts to get more engagement. That— and the obvious fact that your brilliant posts won’t be wasted— is the best reason for using Facebook Boost.

So, go on and start boosting your posts today!




Social networking sites were originally designed to connect people around the world through the wonders of the internet. Today, social networking sites have evolved and are fast becoming one of the prime marketing channels for companies to attract business and reinforce their brand.

Social media sites can be your gateway to high conversion if you know where to look and who to find.

Social networking sites are becoming increasingly important in today’s marketing and branding game. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have the power to dictate the course of your marketing efforts. These sites are so powerful they can even shape the economy!

If you want your marketing efforts to bring home the dollars, you need to find out where the people are on the internet.

Find out which among the social networking sites out there are popular among internet users below.



What started out as a simple site designed to connect people has now become one of the most popular social networking platforms on the internet. Facebook currently holds the title as the most popular social networking site on the internet with over 2 billion active monthly users.

Image credit: The Verge


Facebook is a social networking platform with a sense of social responsibility. In an effort to make the internet a lot safer, Facebook launched a kid-friendly messaging app designed for users under the age of 13.

There’s no telling what Facebook will come up next but one thing’s for sure, there’s no single social networking platform out there that can dethrone it anytime soon.



WhatsApp is another heavy hitter in the messaging and video calling platforms with over 2 billion active monthly users.

What sets this app apart from all the other messaging apps out there is its reliable services worldwide. Aside from sending messages to friends and loved ones, users can also use WhatsApp to share live locations as well as status updates to everyone in their contact.

The team behind WhatsApp recently announced that they’re working on creating a chat assistant that can summarize all the messages and calls a user may have missed. WACAO or WhatsApp Chat Assistant is available for anyone to try on GitHub.



Everyone knows Youtube, which is not surprising considering its over 1.5 billion active monthly users. It’s also credited as the second largest search engine today.

Despite facing a massive ad boycott, YouTube pranced around with shiny new stats at the recently concluded VidCon 2017 held at the Anaheim Convention Center last June.

In an attempt to convince advertisers to return to YouTube, the video sharing platform came up with stricter guidelines that aim to moderate the videos that are on their platform. YouTube also announced that they are increasing their content moderation and enforcement staff in the coming year to make sure their platform is as advertiser-friendly as possible.



Anybody who’s anybody with a smartphone is sure to be on Instagram. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform has over 800 million active monthly users – and 500 million of which log in almost every day!

Image credit: Ask A Millionaire

Instagram is home to some high-reaching influencers.Tim Karlsiyev is the mastermind behind the magnanimous Daily Dose account. Through his inspirational and motivational posts, he’s able to reach over a million users through Instagram alone – making him one of the most powerful  influencers out there today.

You can kick your campaign up a notch by purchasing a few thousand Instagram Followers from a reputable provider. Bought Followers can give you a seemingly impressive social proof that will attract even more organic followers.


Tumblr is a microblogging site that’s been flying under the radar lately but has surprisingly more users compared to Twitter! Tumblr currently has over 340 million active monthly active users.

Tumblr received a lot of flack in the past due to its spammy feed filled with lewd ads. To resolve the problem, Tumblr encourages the community to flag and report any spammy ads they see on their feed. They also launched the NSFW filter that moderates offensive or pornographic posts.

Tumblr has, in recent years, made changes to make their platform to be more appealing to mobile users. They’re also coming up with new moderation features that will significantly decrease the number of pornographic posts on their platform.



Twitter is a microblogging site that’s home to over 330 million active users. Because users are forced to reduce their updates to no more than 140 characters, people get to enjoy valuable yet succinct updates every time they log in.

Twitter is a platform that isn’t afraid to embrace change. Just this year, Twitter announced that they are doubling the character limit to help users express themselves better in their tweets.

Jack Dorsey tweeted “This is a small change but a big move for us. 140 was an arbitrary choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet. And at the same time maintaining our brevity, speed, and essence!”

If you’re having a hard time editing your marketing message, the new supersized character limit is sure to change the course of your campaign.



Snapchat banked off everyone’s fear of permanence and created a photo-sharing platform for photos and videos that self-destruct after 24 hours. The idea behind Snapchat was so new to many people that it attracted over 300 million active users.

Their growth quickly went to a standstill once Instagram Stories came into the picture. In an attempt to regain its glory days, Snapchat has begun dabbling in augmented reality featuring the works of artists like Jeff Koon.

Image credit: TechCrunch

The new augmented reality art platform launched in several locations around the world and allowed users to see digital art installations when they hold up their phones in the right spot.



Message boards are among the earliest forms of social media and are still thriving in this modern age. Reddit is one of the more popular message boards that’s been around since 2005. It’s being kept alive by over 250 million active monthly users who like exchanging stories and posts about every topic imaginable.

Image credit: Forbes

Reddit has some of the most passionate and engaged social media users you can ever come across. If you want to keep tabs on what people are talking about in your specific niche, this site is worth checking out.



Pinterest is one of the largest and most popular digital pinboards with over 200 active monthly users. Pinterest lets users save – or pin –  images and other multimedia posts based on their interests.

Image credit: Pinterest Blog

Pinterest is one of the best content discovery tools out there today. Pinterest can help brands like yourself connect with highly engaged users who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Just this year, Pinterest launched Pinterest Lens, which lets users make search inquiries using images on their phones or captured by their cameras.

If you want to integrate Pinterest into your current campaign, you should buy yourself a few thousand High-Quality Followers from a tried and tested provider. Having an impressive social following will surely capture the interest and attention of avid pinners!



SoundCloud is dubbed the YouTube of sound and has the largest collection of independent audio on the internet.

SoundCloud has over 175 million active monthly users composed of podcasters, musicians and avid fans from around the globe.

If you’re a musician who’s just starting out, SoundCloud is the perfect place to share your tracks. Increase your chances of attracting fans from around the globe by purchasing a few thousand SoundCloud Followers from a reputable provider. is an asking and answering platform that lets users submit questions anonymously and answer controversial topics from followers.

Currently, has over 130 million active monthly users who upload video and text responses to some of the questions posted on their profile.



Google+ hasn’t been getting a lot of press lately but it’s still the go-to sharing platform for many hobbyists from highly specific niches. Currently, Google+ has 111 million active monthly users.

Despite the less than impressive numbers, Google+ continues to thrive as a platform for many of its highly engaged users.



LinkedIn is a social networking site designed to help professionals connect with colleagues and people and other relevant people within their industry.

LinkedIn has over 106 million active users – and 40% of those users log in to the platform daily. Their robust user base has changed the way people use their platform. Now, people can write industry-related blogs and find their dream job all within the same social networking platform.



Flickr is one of the few social media sites that has a photographer’s stamp of approval. Flickr is a photo sharing platform that keeps the integrity and quality of the photo intact – which is why so many photographers and shutter bugs are so fond of it.

Currently, Flickr is staying alive with over 90 million active monthly users who share their best snaps without compromise among fellow photography enthusiasts.



Ever wondered how former classmates from high school are doingw now? Well, Classmates will help you find out. This social networking site is dedicated to helping you find and reconnect with friends (and even teachers) from your old alma mater.

Classmates has been around for over 22 years and has over 32 million active monthly users, most of which are from the United States.


There Are More Out There

If you want your marketing campaign to kick ass, you need to diversify your strategy. Explore different social media sites and get to know the people who are most active there, they could be your next customer or even brand evangelist.

Kick your campaign into high gear by purchasing a few thousand High-Quality Followers from a tried and tested provider. Bought followers can give you a noteworthy social proof that will turn heads.

Social media is the future of marketing, so make the most out of it and start connecting with people!


Has your engagement and growth on Instagram declined over the past few months? Just like thousands of other brands and influencers, you might have fallen victim to the hashtag restriction that’s automatically filtering posts, having a strong effect on users with small followings.

The shadow ban, as the internet calls it, has left some influencers and brands at a practical standstill with their engagement and growth. And as if to add salt to the cyber wound, over six million Instagram users were also hacked just recently.

Instagram hasn’t officially acknowledged the shadow ban as a real thing. Without guidelines and notifications, users everywhere are left without a clue as to if or when the shadow ban will befall them.

What You Need To Know About The Shadow Ban

Just this year, there have been been rumors going around that Instagram is filtering some hashtags and preventing them from being seen, without apparent rhyme or reason.

The internet calls this kind of phenomenon, where people are banned in some way without being told, a shadow ban. And this restriction has left thousands of brands and influencers with a significant decline in engagement and growth.

It’s believed that Instagram is underhandedly filtering out posts that use specific hashtags from being seen by most of the community.

When a user uploads a photo and adds a seemingly-innocent hashtag in their caption, everything would seem normal on their end. A shadow-banned user can still find their posts in the gallery by running a search on the discover tab using any of the hashtags in their caption, and their followers can see it too.

But after that, things begin to look weird.

When any other random user searches for that hashtag, the post won’t show up. The post gets automatically filtered from their hashtag searches, which robs brands of the ability to be discovered and grow.

While the user who publishes the post and their followers can see it in the gallery, people who don’t follow that person can’t see it.

To this day, Instagram hasn’t officially acknowledged shadow banning. Back in February of this year, Instagram issued a vague statement that addressed the concerns expressed by some users regarding their missing posts. The statement did not directly address shadow banning and instead reminded users to adhere to guidelines and policies to avoid running into any problems within the platform.

Image credit: Female Creatives Association

How Does the Shadow Ban Affect You?

In case it wasn’t obvious enough, Instagram’s shadow ban can kill your engagement and growth potential faster than you can take a selfie.

Instagram is home to over 700 million active monthly users, making it a diverse online community with unlimited marketing potential — in theory. The current restriction is preventing brands and influencers from connecting with the community Instagram has successfully built, instead only showing their posts to people who already follow them.

As if standing out on a highly saturated platform like Instagram isn’t hard enough, you also have to worry about using the wrong hashtag and being at risk of shadow banning. This would seem to make it pretty hard to get your posts in front of new eyes and grow your audience.

It seems Instagramers can’t catch a break these days.

Below you can see a post of a photographer who’s been victimized by the shadow ban on Instagram. If you look at it closely, you’ll see that there’s nothing offensive about the post nor its caption — but it got banned anyway.

Image credit: PetaPixel

When someone other than the user runs a search on any of the hashtags, it’s obvious that the post has been filtered out of the results and won’t show up in the gallery.

If a shadow ban can befall a cute, innocent proposal photo, it can happen to you, too.

Have I Been Affected By The Shadow Ban?

If you’re noticing a significant drop in your engagement the past few months, you’ve most likely been affected by the shadow ban.

The only way to know for sure is by conducting a hashtag test. For this, you need your brand account and another one that’s never had an interaction with your profile.

Using your account, post a photo and add one or more of your underused hashtags in the caption. Publish it and run a search in the Discover tab using the hashtag you used.

You should be able to see the post under the Most Recent tab.

Now, take the other Instagram account and search for the same hashtag. If you can find your post using the other account, you haven’t been banned. At least for that hashtag, for now.

But if you can’t find your post in the Most Recent tab, you’ve most likely been shadow banned.

Image credit: LGBTQ Nation

Why Did I Get Banned?

Instagram hasn’t officially acknowledged the shadow ban, which isn’t helping users avoid it.

Based on Instagram’s last statement regarding the matter, influencers and brands deduced that adhering to the policies and guidelines is the safest way to avoid the restriction. But this doesn’t help anyone who thought they were already doing all the right things.

There are a few particular moves that could get you shadowbanned on Instagram and we’ve enumerated a few of them below.

Using a Banned or Broken Hashtag

Instagram has banned some hashtags to prevent users from uploading and sharing what they deem to be offensive or explicit content, though this list has changed over time. Some of these are understandable, related to porn and racism, but others are a bit weird. #Armparty and #desk were banned, really?

Using any of the currently banned hashtags in your caption might increase your chances of getting shadowbanned in general, and will definitely make those particular posts impossible to find.

Some hashtags that are/have been banned. Image credit: The Data Pack

Mass Following or Unfollowing Spree

Instagram limits the amount of engagement and actions you can take per hour to prevent people from spamming other users. Following, unfollowing, and engaging with people rapidly on a massive scale may lead Instagram HQ to think you’re a spambot wreaking havoc on their platform. This could get you shadow banned or your account temporarily restricted.

Someone Reported You

There’s no telling who you’ll piss off on the internet so it’s best to be careful with your interactions. If someone reports you, HQ may pose restrictions on your account for violating community guidelines.

You Used a Hashtag Way Too Much

Using the same set of hashtags on all of your posts can make you appear spammy and may force Instagram to pose restrictions on your account, which may include shadow banning your posts.

When using hashtags, try to switch things up with every post so you can cover more ground, it’ll be a lot better for your engagement anyway.

Grow Your Following

The shadow ban definitely seems to be real, whether Instagram admits it or not, and it’s affecting thousands of users as we speak. It may be some kind of error in the hashtag search algorithm, a problem Instagram has mentioned, but the effects on the user are the same as a ban.

While there’s no way to beat this restrictive monster from deterring your growth with absolute certainty, there are few things you can do to circumvent its adverse effects on your engagement.

One way to beat the shadow ban is by growing your following so more people can see your posts, creating a better chance to have them shared around. This way, a significant number of users can still see your posts even if you fall prey to the shadow ban.

Easier said than done, right? Well, not exactly.

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A high-quality Instagram follower.

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Focus & Regroup

Shadow banning and other surprise algorithm changes have made Instagram marketing even more challenging than it already was.

If you’ve been affected by the shadow ban, the best thing to do right now is to regroup and rethink your strategy. Focus on building a significant relationship with your followers so your posts will be more visible to them and more likely to be shared.

While you’re improving your engagement, you should also work on your credibility by buying an impressive number of Followers from a reputable provider. Make sure not to buy hundreds of thousands at once, so they come in at a somewhat gradual pace.

By buying an impressive number of followers, you’re making yourself seem more credible and relevant in the eyes of organic users.

The shadow ban may make Instagram marketing even more challenging but you can overcome it. You just need to understand the new landscape to conquer Instagram once again.