The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Followers on SoundCloud

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Followers on SoundCloud

Building a following fan-base can be a tough deal. Doing this comes in many ways, but usually, this depends on the kind of platform you find yourself. Today, tons of platforms can help people improve their audience.

As an artist, you will find yourself using some of the most engaging platforms to promote your tracks. SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for this. This is due to its wide range of users and amazing approach towards making the platform the right fit for artists to work on building a fan-base.

It is not a new thing to many that a significant number of people on the platform have no idea on how to build their fan-base in the most efficient way possible. In case you are one of them, then you must understand that there are tons of unique tips that can help you achieve that. Luckily we will be talking about some of the essential tips that can significantly help you grow your fans across the platform of SoundCloud.

How to Grow Your Followers on SoundCloud

Growing your fan-base can be a very challenging task to handle, especially if you are still new on the SoundCloud platform. However, there are some techniques you can adopt, which are bound to simplify the whole process. As an artist, building your fan-base over the SoundCloud platform can significantly give your career a huge boost.

Below are a couple of few tips to assist you in transforming your fan-base into something a bit more engaging. Here’s the deal:

1.              Join groups

Groups help to bring people together. Asides from bringing people together, these groups tend to help people meet other people who share the same interest as them. As an artist using SoundCloud, you must be willing to interact with others to get yourself known across the platform.

Thanks to the group feature, you can quickly join relevant groups that provide discussions based on your interests. This provides you with one of the best ways to meet new people and tell them about yourself. This, in turn, creates a chain of acquaintance as when a lot of people know you and your tracks, they get others acquainted too.

In other words, using the group feature is a great way to find yourself working with like-minded people. And when like-minded people come together, great things tend to happen. The same can be said for SoundCloud in terms of audiences.

2.              Consider the use of adverts or buy SoundCloud followers

Ada provides fantastic ways to promote anything. Today, brands and businesses rely on the use of adverts to grow their audience and equally get known by the world. As an artist, you are almost no different from these brands, this includes buying SoundCloud followers to stand out. Using ads can significantly enhance your fan-base and give you a considerable boost.

By considering the use of ads, you can easily find a platform that provides unique ads. In this case, you can easily find one as your primary area for promotion is your SoundCloud network. Thanks to SoundCloud ads, you can quickly get your tracks and profile out there to a large number of users. SoundCloud explains its ad feature as a great way to support artists and boost their reach in the platform.

Using ads is not a bad idea. In case you do not want to use the ads service provided by the platform, you can always refer to other platforms to get ad spaces.

3.              Promote your SoundCloud profile

Promoting your SoundCloud platform does not mean you have to limit yourself to the platform’s service or features. Putting every one of your eggs into one basket is never a good idea. The same ideology can apply to any scenario where you have to grow your fan-base. You would have to expand your scope. Thanks to the availability of other social platforms, you can easily copy links to your tracks and your profile, and share them across different social platforms.

This is a great way to promote a SoundCloud profile as it tends to introduce you to tons of users from other platforms without the use of ads.

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4.              Engage with people

Engaging with people is a great idea when it comes to growing your fan-base on SoundCloud. If you already have fans screaming your name, it is always a great idea to reply to their comments and interact with them.

When it comes to engaging with people, there are many ways you can easily do this. To grow your fan-base, you need to ensure you comment and interact with users on the platform not just on your tracks, but also on other records that are not yours. Apart from commenting, you can favorite tracks or playlists, while letting others know of what you think about other users of the SoundCloud platform. Doing this is one of the best measures for boosting your fan-base efficiently.

5.              Use high-quality tracks

Tracks that are of high quality will surely engage users and provide them with a reason to come back for more. As someone trying to build a fan-base, you should never upload tracks that are of low quality. This can make an adverse impact on the thoughts users of the platform may have towards you. So instead, ensure your tracks are high-quality and highly steady.

6.              Make covers of other tracks

Of course, by now, you will have your fans knowing some of your favorite tracks. You should know that making covers to these tracks is not a bad idea and can have a positive impact on your overall fan-base.

Making covers of others may be a challenging task to perform, but you must know it is an excellent way for people to grow their fan-base on SoundCloud.


As a user of the SoundCloud, the tips listed above should be of great help in helping you build a fan-base. Of course, some may be tough to perform, but they still get the job done by boosting your presence across the platform. 

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