Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide for 2019 – What’s In It For You?

pinterest seasonal insights guide 2019

Pinterest is primarily about ideas that help users plan out their activities during seasonal events such as the New Year and Halloween and during life moments such as weddings and moving into a new home.

Staying true to this concept, Pinterest is making it easy for brands to come up with campaign ideas by releasing its 2019 Seasonal Insights Guide. The guide serves as a content planner for Pinners, and it contains a lot of information including statistics, popular search terms, and seasonal and a life events activity guide.

Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide: Statistics

Although not as huge as other popular social media sites, Pinterest is growing substantially with over 250 million users as of September 2018. What’s noteworthy about this social media platform is that 98% of users try out the new things they find on Pinterest. This is important for those who want to reach out and influence people with their concepts. Brands should not ignore Pinterest too since 82% of weekly users have made a purchase based on what they saw on the platform. Pinterest is fast becoming a platform for people to discover new brands and products.

Pinterest seasonal insights statistics

You can see all these data and more – including the number of pins and number of searches related to every event – in the Seasonal Insights Guide that Pinterest released for 2019.

Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide: Search keywords

The popular search keywords for each season and life moment are included in the report, saving you a lot of time in doing keyword research. For example, the popular search terms for summer are “summer hair color,” “summer bucket list,” “casual summer outfit,” and “summer dinner recipes.” You can shape your marketing campaign on Pinterest based on these keywords.

On top of this, the guide also includes the number of searches a particular event has each year. Among all seasonal activities, summer has the highest number, with 768 million searches. For life moments, the wedding season has the most number of searches, reaching up to one billion.

Year-round seasonal activity guide

The majority of the guide is dedicated to the seasonal moments, starting with the year-round chart that shows when engagement for each season starts to rise. Using the chart, you will see that people plan their seasonal activities two months before the actual date. This figure is longer for major global events such as New Year and the holidays (six months), while it’s shorter for regional events such as The Big Game (they can’t legally say ‘Super Bowl’) and Memorial Day (one month).

pinterest seasonal insights guide graph of dates

The guide also includes campaign ideas for each season, and advertisers must take these suggestions seriously because they are based on studies that show how consumers prefer brands that take a stand on social issues.

Furthermore, the guide also suggests the ideal months when advertising for when a specific event should start.

Life moments activity guide

Pinterest gives inspiration to people in every important life events – from weddings, decorating a new home, to retirement, and everything in between.

With the Seasonal Insights Guide for 2019, Pinterest has compiled all important life events based on the search volume, and Pinners can create an effective marketing strategy focused on these. Like in the seasonal moments, Pinterest also included popular search keywords and important stats in each life event.

pinterest seasonal insights guide life moments

Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide in 2019

Pinterest may not be as huge a marketing platform as Instagram and Facebook, but it is definitely one of the most popular social media sites, and a promising one for any brand’s marketing campaign. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore, especially since Pinterest expanded its shopping ads availability to more businesses in early 2018.

Pinterest has also made efforts to improve their ad offerings by introducing the carousel ad format in November 2018. This ad format has been successful on Instagram and Facebook, and even LinkedIn released its own version of the carousel ad. In Pinterest, brands can now use five images in one add, and popular brands such as Toyota, Covergirl, Away Travel, and Cheerios, are already using it.

Advertisers can definitely benefit when they include Pinterest in their marketing campaigns, and the 2019 Pinterest Seasonal Insights Guide is a good resource to start.

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