The Best Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended By Experts

Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing is often a tedious undertaking, especially if you are coordinating campaigns on different platforms. Having the right tools will help you pull off that work much more comfortable. Here are some of the best social media marketing tools that experts say you should be using.


AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that lets you schedule and automatically posts your content on different platforms. You can also use it to discover and monitor conversations on social media, including those that are specifically relevant to you.

In a survey done by marketing expert Heidi Cohen, 36% of her colleagues said they use the tool often. Some of the reasons they cite why they prefer AgoraPulse are:

  • It makes it easier to identify Instagram hashtags based on user interactions. 
  • AgoraPulse can support regular content distribution across different platforms.
  • It can be used to manage the messages you receive on social media easily.
  • It makes rescheduling and repurposing content easier. 

These reasons highlight its versatility, making it indispensable for your marketing needs. 


Buffer is another favorite tool among experts, with many survey participants citing its scheduling capabilities as one of its biggest selling points. The tool lets you create and schedule posts in bulk, saving you a lot of time. You can add new posts to your schedule queue anytime, giving you a lot of flexibility. 

The tool also has a browser extension that lets you schedule posts from anywhere on the web. If you come across content that your audience will be interested in, you can click on the extension to quickly post it on your preferred social media sites. The extension even lets you take snippets from the content for quicker posting. 

Beyond scheduling, Buffer has engagement and analytics features. With the tool, you can monitor and manage your social media conversations in a single inbox. The analytics feature, meanwhile, gives you a detailed report of your content’s performance, including which types of content your audience best responds to. 


Canva is surprisingly popular in Cohen’s survey, with 13% of the respondents recommending it. It is an online tool that lets you create visual content and publish it on any social media platform. Its three main focuses are:

  • Graphs: You can generate different graphs either using the site’s vast template library or doing a custom design.
  • Photo editing: Canva comes with a selection of photo enhancement and editing tools that are specifically geared towards creating social media images. 
  • Print: You can also create designs for different kinds of printed content, including business cards, flyers, and invitations. 

These categories are further broken down into subcategories, making it easier to find the kind of content you want to create. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by Experts

Image: Latest Canva version. Photo taken from Canva

The most common reason why many marketing experts like the tool is its ease of use. You simply point and drag the elements you want to create your design. The site’s large library of templates also gives you a lot of flexibility for quick design needs.


BuzzSumo is one of the most popular social media tools for tracking relevant conversations around you. The tool is web-based, letting users do their monitoring wherever they are and without the need for installing any software. You just search for the topic you want to track and the tool will give you plenty of data about it. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by Experts

Image: A sneak peak of BuzzSumo. Photo taken from BuzzSumo

Another nifty use of BuzzSumo is for discovering social media influencers you can work with. You simply search for your target niche or market and the tool will show you a list of the most popular influencers in those categories. BuzzSumo gives you a lot of information about them, including the level of their authority and which platforms they use. It even provides you with quick follow tools to interact with them immediately. 

While these tools are the most popular ones experts recommend, there are a lot of others that you will discover for your social media marketing needs. Get these tools and use them wisely to accelerate the growth of your social media pages. 

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