What is Clubhouse and Why is Everyone So Into It?

What is Clubhouse and Why is Everyone So Into It?

It has been a year since everyone has queued for a night club and physical gatherings. You might even not remember the feeling of enjoying life outside. All the waiting while trying to look sober outside a club, the feeling of getting into long lines out in the cold, they have long been forgotten. 

Fortunately, the new platform Clubhouse is here for you. However, do not let the name fool you. But you can enjoy this club from the comfort of your home. Want to know more about Clubhouse? Then keep on reading. 

What is Clubhouse and Why is Everyone So Into It?

Clubhouse: What Exactly is It?

If you have not heard of this platform yet, Clubhouse is the new and highly-exclusive invite-only social media platform that is gaining popularity right now. It was launch last year while everyone is struggling to cope up with the pandemic. Basically, Clubhouse is an audio-based platform where you can host live discussions and invite people who you want to join you.

Currently, this platform is only available to those who are invited. In addition, Android users will not be able to access it as it is only for iPhone users.

Most of the members of this invite-only platform are celebrities. At the beginning of December 2020, Clubhouse had 3,500 members who came from all around the world. But due to its virality, it now has more than 600,000 users. These crowd includes the most famous stars, such as Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, Jared Leto, and Drake. Right now, only high-profile individuals can access this platform as it is in private beta mode. 

Moreover, the Clubhouse app came straight from Silicon Valley. In addition, it is being dubbed as social media’s next big thing. 

Clubhouse is a Platform Focused Only On Audio

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that focus on video chatting, Clubhouse is focused on helping people connect through audio. When someone invites you to join a Clubhouse room, you will be able to listen to the discussion. However, you cannot record anything. So, after the discussion is done, you will not have anything to play back. 

What is Clubhouse and Why is Everyone So Into It?

Moreover, it has not been so long when this viral platform made a brief and uncensored stint in China. As a result, it got itself banned. In a report, Bloomberg said that the ban reportedly came after users who came from China began discussing issues, such as China-Taiwan reactions, and the Chinese government’s genocide of Uighur Muslims. 

However, the ban did not stop Clubhouse from gaining a lot of popularity. This is because using the app feels like dropping into a podcast’s live recording, where you can raise your hand in case you want to ask a question. You can also contribute to the conversation or show your rapping or singing skills to those with who you are in a live broadcast. 

HamiltonCH Became Trending on Twitter

As mentioned, you can show off your singing and rapping skills on Clubhouse. This is because the cast of Hamilton is looking for people who will win a grand prize of two tickets to the West End’s Hamilton. What is even better is that those tickets are backstage passes.

Just like the CLubhouse rooms, #HamiltonCH became a trending topic on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. This happened after a tense battle between musical fans in the audition rooms of Hamilton where hundreds of listeners were tuned in.

Oloni Dee, a popular TV presenter and podcast host, as well as Sharon Rose who played Eliza Hamilton judged the talent and moderated the room. Despite that, the winner was picked using a Twitter poll.

Moreover, rooms for audions for the upcoming US tour of Dreamgirls have also existed in Clubhouse. The moderators of these rooms were the likes of Glee star Amber Riley and Broadway Actor Leroy Church. Hundreds and even thousands of people from all over the world had access to the Clubhouse room. For this reason, it felt like a live show for The Voice, only that there isn’t any video you can see. 

How to Buy Clubhouse Followers

Moreover, Clubhouse is a safe place where high-profile individuals like artists and celebrities can connect with their followers and answer their questions. Still, people want to know how to buy Clubhouse followers. They can also discuss various things and show their talents, as well as share stories using Clubhouse. The best thing is that they don’t have to worry about what they say being recorded and shared on other social media platforms. 

Furthermore, it has not been a year yet ever since the platform was first launched. However, its worth in the region has already reached $100 million. According to Clubhouse founder and CEO Paul Davison, they are planning to make the platform available for everyone. If this happened, then Clubhouse will have an even wider reach and more users. 

Also, Clubhouse is so popular that major social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter felt threatened and pressured by its existence. For this reason, Instagram has developed and launched a feature similar to Clubhouse called Instagram Live Rooms. Instagram already has a live broadcast feature. However, with Live Rooms, up to four people can enter the same room.

Similarly, Twitter launched a platform called Spaces, which, you guessed it right, is very much similar to Clubhouse.

The Takeaway

While Clubhouse is still an invite-only platform, no one can deny how popular it has become since it was first launched. And now that there is a global pandemic that is limiting our physical contact, such a platform is perfect for us to stay connected with our family and friends.

What is Clubhouse and Why is Everyone So Into It?

Needless to say, Clubhouse is a very useful platform. And once it is launched to the public, it will definitely become one of the best and platforms next to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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