How to Grow Your Instagram and Twitter Through Clubhouse

How to Grow Your Instagram and Twitter Through Clubhouse

Not too long ago, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Followers are the social media stars. However, another platform came and took away the limelight from these three That platform is Clubhouse.

Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about the said new social platform. From life coaches, real estate agents, business owners, to celebrities everyone cannot get enough of it. 

How to Grow Your Instagram and Twitter Through Clubhouse

For those who don’t know, Clubhouse is an exclusive invite-only application that is only available for iOS. 

As of now, there are a number of intrigues that surround Clubhouse. It was banned in China for some conversation stint. Still, a lot of marketing professionals are saying that the platform will become as big as the other social media giants. And since this platform is not going anywhere anytime soon, then it would be an excellent idea to use it for your benefit.

You can utilize Clubhouse to grow your followers on Instagram and Twitter. Wondering how? We’re going to walk you through that.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is basically an audio-based platform that allows you to connect with other people in real-time. Unlike Instagram Followers and Facebook Live, this social platform does not connect you through videos. This voice-chatting platform that is only accessible through iOS allows people to join or host different conversations. 

When you open the app, you will see a list of rooms that you can join in. Additionally, you can also create your own room and invite people to join your conversation. Each room will differ in terms of topic and is often hosted by a pioneer or expert in the field. 

There are no photos and videos on Clubhouse, just your account’s icon. In fact, even the text that you can use is limited. For this reason, it is perfect for people who are not comfortable with joining video chats.

What is even better about Clubhouse is no one can save the discussions. So, you do not have to worry that someone might have recorded the things you said and post them on social media. 

Other Platforms are Threatened By Clubhouse

Every day, the number of people who use Clubhouse is climbing up significantly despite the app still being in its early stages. In fact, it already has hundreds of thousands of users. This is the reason why other social media platforms are feeling threatened by their existence.

For instance, Twitter, a micro-blogging platform, is not known for not being so focused on communication features. But when 0Clubhouse raised in popularity, it developed and launched a video chat feature called Spaces.

 Similarly, Instagram upgraded its live feature, allowing up to four people to join a single live stream. 

How to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Instagram and Twitter Following

Clubhouse makes it easier for people to follow you on other platforms

When you are browsing on social media, it is safe to assume that most of us will not do something if it is not as easy as clicking a button. That being said, you can use Clubhouse to make it easier for people to find you on Instagram and Twitter. This is because Clubhouse allows you to directly link your preexisting Instagram and Twitter profiles during a live broadcast. This way, those you are in discussion with will be able to know where to connect with you quickly. They will also be able to view your profile.

How to Grow Your Instagram and Twitter Through Clubhouse

However, it is important to note that not all your social media links will be clickable when you add them to Clubhouse. If you happen to have a Tiktok or Facebook that you want to add to your Clubhouse bio, note that they will not be clickable links. Still, it would be a good idea to include them as there is still a chance that people will check them out.

Take advantage of the features that Clubhouse does not have

As mentioned, Clubhouse is an audio-only platform. As of now, it does not have any feature that lets users share direct messages with each other. You can use this lack of DM feature to your advantage. In an instance that you have made a great impression on someone you are in discussion with, follow them, and they might want to connect with you. You can tell them to follow you on your social platforms and shoot you a private message. 

How to Grow Your Instagram and Twitter Through Clubhouse

Be your most authentic self

Clubhouse is created to provide users with a new and unique way of showing potential followers the value that they can give. Contrary to other platforms where you can add filters and do editing processes before posting, Clubhouse’s environment gives you no choice but to be your authentic self without any edits. 

You can think of Clubhouse as a pre-screening process. Your potential clients and followers will have a chance to hear your true personality. As a result, they might get a good idea about the person that they are talking to versus the person that you show them on Twitter and Instagram. Needless to say, Clubhouse keeps everything about you real. 

Final Thoughts

With all that has been said and done, we can conclude that Clubhouse is indeed a useful platform. Though it is still a newbie in the world of social media, it brings people a number of benefits that we cannot find on other apps. 

In addition, this voice chatting platform is perfect for people who want to grow their Twitter and Instagram connections. And if you are not comfortable with people seeing your face during a live discussion, Clubhouse does not have a video feature. So, you will never be forced to turn on your camera when you do not want to.

Clubhouse does not allow anyone to save a conversation, so whatever it is that you talked about will be gone forever after the discussion has ended. When Clubhouse is already available for everyone, it is truly a platform worth having.

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