The complete guide to creating a stunning profile on Instagram

The complete guide to creating a stunning profile on Instagram

INTRODUCTION to Creating An Instagram Profile

Founded in October 2012, Instagram has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, shattering records, breaking boundaries, and connecting individuals and businesses. With over 79 million photos and videos shared daily and billions of likes appended to them, Instagram is no longer the app known exclusively for sharing glitzy holiday locations and shoe collections. It is much more, and it does much more. In recent times, businesses have begun flocking to Instagram because it has become a haven of some sort for B2B and B2C interactions. To entice and hold the attention of your followers, you need a stunning profile. We have compiled the guide that can help you create a stunning profile on Instagram. You will thank us later.


 With millions of photographers, comedians, sports stars, and influencers on Instagram, one cannot overstate the importance of finding your niche as an Instagrammer. Whatever role you play or whatever niche you are, be aware that on Instagram, you will be competing with others offering the same content. When people check out your profile, they should be convinced to follow from a pool of others, and to achieve this result, ensure that you follow the steps below. This is why buying Instagram Followers for your baseline starting point converts more niche followers.

· Reset your profile

It is essential to know that Instagram’s default setting can aid your goals as an influencer; here is how. The default setting of Instagram is as public (which means that everyone can view every post and your profile whenever you post. Limiting the public access to your profile and posts can work for you as an individual, but it will work against you if you want to use Instagram for business. As a business and brand, people need to follow you as they wish and also check your picture and engage with you with minimal restrictions. If you want to have a stunning profile, ensure that your profile is switched from private to public (if it isn’t already).

· Have a catchy and bright username (@username)

Usernames are important. They are as important as your profile image, bio, and every other means of identification. Your success or failure on Instagram is predicated on your username; here is how. Having a catchy username can and will attract followers to your page, but being catchy is not sufficient, having an explicit user name is. Either as a musician, artist, sports star, or influential, your fans want to find you in the least stressful manner. As a business, ensure that your username on Instagram is the same or closely related to other social media platforms. To edit your username, visit your profile and click on the edit button. Change your username to the desired one.    

· Clear and catchy profile picture

In case you don’t know, you should know that Instagram is one of the most popular photo/video sharing apps in the world, which makes the use of images a big deal. As an individual or as a brand, your profile image can communicate all the necessary information about you. It is one of the first things that visitors will see upon a visit to your page. Profile pictures are always prominently displayed at the top corner towards the right.

If such an image isn’t clear, catchy, and recognizable, your dream of having a stunning profile might end up being a dream eventually. Ensure that you have a clear image that shows your face for personal accounts or your brand image (logo) for business/brands. Changing your profile image is easy; here is how. On the profile page, tap the “edit profile” icon, tap edit feature, which should pop up under your present profile image. Finally, import the image from any of your social media handles or any stored on your device.

 Build a brilliant bio

With 150 characters, you can create or destroy your Instagram profile. Just like your profile name and photo, a bio is another extremely vital part of your profile that has to manage with utmost care. Your bio makes people know “who you are,” “what you do,” and interestingly, “why they should follow you.” As an upcoming Instagram star, your name may not be popular, but your bio should communicate the necessary details to your followers. Sometimes your bio can contain addresses and other social media handles. Ensure that your bio is informative, catchy, and can call your followers to action (if necessary).

Experiment with colors on your profile

In a visual word, the most visually appealing profile always stands out. If you want to have that guide that not only stands out but also sticks in the mind of your followers, experiment with colors. You can go all monotone, or you can go polychrome (mixing different colors of your choice). When playing with colors, it is advisable to go for all white or some shades of bright colors.

Apply filters

 Edited images are always better than unedited ones because of filters. With filters, you can achieve the almost impossible feat on Instagram. You can make all your pictures appear uniform. Profiles that have the same theme always look more organized and attractive than those that have different ideas. When you apply filters, you get the best of uniformed look on your page. Instagram has a whole lot of filters, and other mobile applications can help with editing and modifying your images.

Posting images like a mesh, shifting borders, setting a theme for your profile are many other ways of creating a stunning profile on Instagram. If you follow these steps, you would surely have an outstanding profile.    

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