Instagram Founders Leaving The Platform For Good

Instagram Founders Leaving The Platform For Good

Instagram Founders Leaving The Platform For Good

Founders leaving the company is not a good sign. And the first thing that will come to our mind if this happens is that something is wrong with the company.

What will happen to the company? Will it close down? How about the employees?

These are just some of the questions that will pop into everyone’s mind. Much more, if the business or the company is famous or in a steady growth, founders leaving it is a big question mark.

That is what happened with Instagram.

On September 2018, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger decided to leave the platform for good. They left the company without any reason. The company is one of the biggest in the industry today. That is why it is really a big question why they have to leave it.

And since Facebook has bought Instagram, Facebook will take over the management of the platform. Facebook Exec Alex Mosseri is the one who heads Instagram today.

You may think that this will be the end of Instagram and that Facebook will finally incorporate it into its systems and make it one of its features. Also, you may think that there is a gap that happened between its original founders and Facebook that triggered their departure.

Well, the truth is, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s decision to leave Instagram is not a bad move. In fact, it is for their benefit as well as for the greater good of Instagram.

Why? Here are the reasons why it is better for Instagram’s original founders to leave the company and let Facebook take charge:

1. Passion

Just like any startups, Instagram was born out of passion and creativity. Both founders are passionate about their dream of creating a platform that would make an impact. But as the platform starts to create buzz and be popular, the job and responsibilities of maintaining it become bigger.

Founders are not only after the functionalities of Instagram. But they also need to look after profitability, long-term value, data, among others, to sustain its growing market.

And since it was acquired by Facebook, the pressure to sustain and make it bigger starts to become overwhelming. The expectations are higher, especially now that Facebook aimed to put Instagram in its big data program.

Instagram needs someone to take this pressure and heightened expectation. And Adam Mosseri is the perfect person for the job. On the other hand, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, will be able to do what they do best and follow their passion in creating new technology or apps or a new platform that will create an impact.

And now that they don’t have that pressure on, they can be as wild and free in creating something new again. You may be thinking that starting from scratch again will be hard for them.

The start is always the hard part, but it is also the most exciting part. And with their popularity and experience in the industry, it won’t be hard for them to create a mark again and infiltrate the market.

For sure, there are big businesses or organizations, or people out there ready to fund their ideas or with the fortune, they got from Instagram, they can finance their own ideas.

In the end, these founders leaving the platform is not really a losing game for them. In fact, it will be a win, since they don’t have the pressure and the expectations of a growing platform.


2. Growth

Instagram is already famous even before Facebook bought it. It has a growing 30 million users. It creates a new opportunity for influencers and people who need a platform to showcase their creativity. However, despite its popularity and growing community, it still needs Facebook to be massively successful. True enough, the buyout turned to be a good turn around for Instagram as it was able to enjoy its massive success today.

Why did it become successful?

Instagram has the infrastructure that Facebook has been dreaming of. With its photo-sharing feature, Facebook was able to create a new segment of the audience for their platform. It was very successful.

And now, that a Facebook exec will head Instagram, it will be easy for Facebook to inject some of its ideals and make it bigger than it is today. With Facebook’s 2.2 billion users, it won’t be long to have a storm of follows and likes in Instagram.


3. Facebook advantage

The change in leadership will make it easier for Facebook to apply and integrate Facebook’s infrastructure to Instagram. They don’t have to worry about its original founders. They are free to make changes however they want. Also, this means another revenue stream for Facebook’s consumers and most especially advertisers.

One way that they can do this is by integrating an online shopping feature on Instagram. Consumers can directly order an item from the account of their favorite brand or artist. If you are interested in the clothes that your idol is wearing on his/her Instagram story, you can easily purchase that on his/her account, or something to that effect.

This is just the beginning. There are other features that can increase Facebook’s revenue with Instagram. Instagram is a very popular platform, it has a market and active users. And, photos are a powerful element to trigger interest and attract revenues.

Win-win situation

With the founders leaving the platform, they will have time to create new things or technology that would create another buzz in the industry. They can do the things that they are best at and they have all the time to focus on that. Unlike before, where the pressure of running the whole Instagram company is on their shoulders. They don’t have the pressure any more when it comes to managing the platform and making it bigger as well as sustain its growth.

On the other hand, they did not leave Instagram in the dark. In fact, they left it with someone that will take good care of it and make it bigger.

With a Facebook exec managing Instagram, it will be easier now for Facebook to integrate its infrastructure to the platform. They are now free to make the changes and execute the plans to make it a much bigger hit.

Also, with its billion users, Facebook users will be exposed to a new platform that promotes creativity. On the other hand, it will be also easier for consumers to buy products from their favorite brands just by following brands and directly buying through their Instagram account, once this e-commerce plan was put into place.

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