Seven Marketing Tools Every Instagrammer Should Have

Seven Marketing Tools Every Instagrammer Should Have

With over a billion users, Instagram is one of the essential channels you would want to be in to reach your target audience. Marketing on this platform, however, is much more complicated than just posting your photos. Here are seven handy tools that will help you successfully execute your Instagram marketing plan.

Instagram marketing tools: Instasize

Filters are a great way to enhance your photos, but Instagram only gives you a few to choose from. This can make your images look repetitive, or just like everyone else’s. Instasize gives you access to more than 80 filters developed by professional photographers, adding variety to your feed.

Beyond being a filter generator, the tool lets you edit your photos. You can adjust things like sharpness, brightness, and exposure. It also comes with 50 different fonts to add text to your image. The best part is that you can resize images for posting on other social media sites.

Instagram marketing tools: Preview

Planning how your photos will look together on your profile’s image grid is a surprisingly effective way to catch people’s attention and get them clicking. Preview is a tool specifically designed for that purpose. The app will let you upload multiple photos, rearrange them as you like, then export them to Instagram.

At the same time, Preview lets you edit your photos to create a consistent look. You can even set a reminder on when to post your photos. The app is free to use, but you can get more features by getting the Premium version.

Instagram marketing tools: RiteTag

Finding the right hashtags to make your Instagram photos more discoverable is sometimes difficult. A useful tool here is RiteTag, which will help you assess the quality of a tag before using it. The tool tells you which hashtags are popular at the moment and which ones are already overused.

RiteTag also lets you compare a group of hashtags and add them to your posts. It even claims to help you determine which tags are being shadowbanned by Instagram. This makes it a must-have for building your overall hashtag strategy.

Instagram marketing tools:

More users are now using Instagram not just for marketing, but also as a direct channel to get people to make purchases. Instagram itself is facilitating that trend with the introduction of shoppable posts and “Buy” stickers. If you want to take advantage of this feature and combine your Instagram marketing with your product website, is a good tool to use.

The tool allows you to recreate and import your Instagram feeds into your marketing websites. This makes it easier to update your website with the latest product content from your Instagram page. features an easy-to-use dashboard to manage both your Instagram sales posts and web page.

Instagram marketing tools: Later

Posting content coming from your Instagram audience is an effective way to get them coming to you and popularizing your page. Later can help you quickly discover user-generated content through its Search & Repost feature. You can even schedule your reposts for maximum visibility.

Beyond curating user-generated content, Later is a comprehensive content management tool that lets you:

  • Schedule your Instagram posts
  • Auto-publish content
  • Organize your Instagram feed
  • Manage your Instagram sales posts

You can get all of these with the free plan. You can access more features by signing up for the premium service.

Instagram marketing tools: InfluencerDB

If you plan to tap influencers on Instagram to promote your page, InfluencerDB is a good tool to start with. It shows you specific influencers in your Industry based on your chosen keywords, letting you discover dozens in one go.  

InfluencerDB also gives you plenty of statistics for each influencer, like:

  • Follower count dynamics
  • Brands and hashtags they talk about
  • Users who mention them
  • Locations they tag

You can use these stats for comparing different influencers and deciding which one best suits your target market.

Instagram marketing tools: Squarelovin

Squarelovin is an easy-to-use analytics tool for tracking your Instagram performance. One great thing about it is that it can narrow down your audience analytics to only the active ones. This gives you a better insight into how much your engagement changes over time.

Squarelovin is also useful for optimizing your posts. The tool analyzes your post history and shows you which type of images have the best results and when you should share them. It will even give you information about the filters and hashtags that drew the most engagement.

Instagram tools for marketing

These tools cover all the important areas of Instagram marketing, from creating your posts to analyzing the kinds of engagement you are getting. Explore each tool, and discover how you can use them to implement a more effective Instagram marketing strategy.

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