Why Instagram is a Better Platform for Marketing than Twitter

Why Instagram is a Better Platform for Marketing than Twitter

Marketing is a great way to boost the scope of any business. However, when it comes to selecting the perfect medium to host marketing campaigns and deploy marketing strategies, there is always a little fuss in the minds of business owners. This is due to the many numbers of platforms that offer marketing opportunities; hence, making it a lot harder to find the right pick.

Luckily, research has proven Instagram, Twitter, and a few other platforms are ideal choices for those who want to market their business. But when taking a closer dive into this fact, how do we figure out which one does the best work?

Looking at Instagram and Twitter, both platforms have unbelievable features that make them the best platforms for marketing. It is especially true on Instagram that you need Instagram Followers to have any success. Don’t miss our list of the best sites to buy Instagram Followers from safely! With this into consideration, many sources portray Instagram as a better marketing avenue than Twitter. In this article, we’d take a deep dive into some of the reasons that make people believe Instagram is a better marketing platform than Twitter.

Why Instagram is a Better Platform for Marketing than Twitter in 2020

Why Is Instagram Better than Twitter For Marketing?

#1) More Engagement On Instagram

The engagement Instagram has processed within the last couple of years seems to have skyrocketed past that of Twitter. With not less than a billion monthly active users, people have experienced more engagement on their posts and videos. With the many forms of engagement, including follows, likes, comments, and views, the platform has ensured users receive the best kind of social experience. For regular users, this is fun. But for business owners, this is a great promotion.

The many features of IG are responsible for the high engagement across its platform. Through the live feature, IGTV, hashtags, and photo editing features, people get the chance to build an audience.

#2) High Video Usage

Videos are turning into an indispensable part of every marketing strategy. Having a look at some of the best methods of promoting a business online, videos are never an exception. From the latest video statistics, videos tend to offer more engagement than any other form of media.

Since the introduction of videos unto the platform of Instagram, people have found various means to communicate better and boost their level of interaction with their audience. Luckily, Instagram users tend to make use of videos frequently, thereby increasing the marketing process of a business.

Of course, Twitter supports videos. But due to its lower number of active users, Instagram happens to have a higher video usage level. The platform supports a live stream feature and also allows users to upload very long videos with its IGTV feature. With these features, the number of video content on the platform has risen. It is thereby leading to an increase in the marketing benefits derived from using videos to market.

#3) Better Use of Captions on IG

Captions are ideal choices for keeping an audience glued to appropriate content. If you are not used to using captions, you must begin to. Unlike other platforms of social media, Instagram supports better use of captions in several ways.

Users of IG can always use captions on their live streams, videos, and even on their photos. Using a caption along with hashtags can also be done to optimize the process better. Today, captions are an essential step to interesting your audience, while still delivering a unique form of description and definition of what your content, video, or photo could be all about.

#4) Bigger Potential Audience on Instagram

According to individual research conducted on the engagement level of Instagram to that of other social platforms, it showed that the platform receives more than 1 billion monthly active users. In comparison with the 330 million of Twitter, this shows the engagement of users has become more.

Today, Instagram is used by business owners across the globe, not just because of its amazing features, but its tremendous value for engagement. The many numbers of users across the platform makes it possible for brands to quickly drive traffic to their products, as well as their services. If you are a brand owner and hoping to find a place where there is a large crowd, Instagram is an excellent choice for that.

#5) Improved Functionality For Marketing

The functionality of any digital platform is what drives traffic the most. As mentioned earlier, IG is equipped with a wide range of functions that can help people boost their marketing strategies towards yielding more sales. Due to the exciting features offered by the platform, brands can easily retain customers and equally boost their interaction and engagement with potential customers across the entire platform.

Of course, Instagram is a lot younger than Twitter. This has got it equipped with most new technologies that ensure its users get the best out of using it. Features such as special business profiles that allow brands to track and analyze the performance of their marketing strategies on it. This is the best way for them to spot areas of their marketing campaigns that need improvements and focus.

#6) Unique Available Tools On Instagram

IG has also provided its users with the chance to use unique third-party tools on their accounts. This feature is not limited to brand owners who have business profiles on the social network. Thanks to software developers across the world, many mobile apps, and web applications have been created to simplify the work people put in on their IG accounts.

Many of these tools can track the engagement of customers, analyze potential flaws in content, and even report key metrics to help brand owners improve their marketing content. There are also available tools that provide scheduling features for the posts of marketers on IG.

New tools are being created as time goes on. As a brand owner, you should be ready to optimize the use of this.


Twitter is a great platform that significantly supports the marketing of a business in many numbers of ways. However, when comparing its platform with that of Instagram’s, it happens to lack a few key features that can boost the marketing process. As a brand owner, you should understand the above reasons matter. While keeping them in mind, you should be ready to make the best use out of them in building a perfect marketing profile for your brand.

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