Six Crazy Social Media Ideas to Make You Look Popular

In the highly superficial world of Social Media, how people perceive you based on your online persona is key to establishing who you are as a brand.  It is generally known that status is deeply correlated to how many followers and subscribers you have and what your profile looks like on social media. It is for this reason that celebrities and popular brands strive to gain and maintain their subscriber base through creative marketing methods that ensure they stay relevant to their audience and maintain their status online.

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Is Hillary Clinton Buying Twitter Retweets? Why Would She?

Did you follow the happenings in the GOP nomination? Then you must know that Monday, September 26, was the first sponsored debate between presumptive nominees Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump of the Republican Party. Living in the digital age, it is not surprising that many netizens (even the two nominees) took their thoughts to the popular microblogging site Twitter.


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What You Can Learn from Twitter Analytics – FOR FREE!


What You Can Learn from Twitter Analytics – FOR FREE!

Whether you are trying to get more people to try a product or service that your company is offering, or you’re building a brand, Twitter is one social media site that should be an integral part of your online marketing campaign. In Twitter, every word, photo, video, and link will have an impact on the success of your campaign. Fortunately, you can turn to Twitter Analytics to better understand what your audience is doing with whatever content you have shared on the site, and how their actions impact your business.

Twitter Analytics gives you detailed information on your followers and individual tweets, impressions, clicks, and engagement. Simply put, it is an easy way to determine how well your tweets are resonating with your followers.

Twitter Analytics used to be available only to advertisers and verified accounts. But since 2014, the tool has been made available to all Twitter users—for free.

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Devumi vs. FastFollowerz: Who does Twitter Followers better?

UPDATE: FastFollowerz and Devumi are no longer in operation.

Check out our list of the Top Providers to find the right followers for you.

More and more people are turning to buying followers, Retweets and likes to fast track growth on Twitter. To meet the demand, a flood of websites specializing in these Twitter marketing services have sprung up. However, choosing a high-quality provider from all these unknown websites is no simple task, even for experienced internet users, and that’s why reviews sites have become critical in the decision-making process.

For a good place to start, read on to find our side-by-side comparison of two popular Twitter follower vendors: Devumi and FastFollowerz.

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Can I get kicked off Twitter for buying followers?

The obsession with follower count has been growing on Twitter. More and more people are buying followers to grow their follower count on the platform. Nobody likes to talk about this practice publicly, which gives way to a conversation dominated by rumors and myths. One myth says buying followers will get you banned from Twitter. This has created confusion for users looking to grow their number of followers, and has kept many from using this effective social media marketing tactic.

While buying followers won’t get your account banned, that doesn’t mean that there are no risks associated with the practice. Here we will touch on the truth about buying Twitter followers and give a breakdown of good practices.

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Twitter vs. Facebook—Using the Right Network at the Right Time

Many marketers mess up when it comes to promoting brands on Twitter and Facebook. They think the two networks are interchangeable, so they use them both the same. In reality, these two networks are very different from one another, so you need to use them for different purposes. If you know when to use Twitter and when to use Facebook, you will get a lot more out of your campaign. To start, you may want to download this free social media content calendar from HubSpot to plan and organize the timing of all your social media posts.

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Twitter Makes Sending DMs to Companies Easier

Since its launch, Twitter has provided customers and brands with a unique opportunity to interact with one another. It did impose some limitations on private communications, though. Both parties had to follow each other in order to send and respond to direct messages, or DMs. On top of that, there was a 140-character limit on DMs, which made it virtually impossible for brands and customers to communicate effectively. They had to send out countless messages in order to get their points across to one another. This was incredibly frustrating, and a waste of time.

Now, though, that has changed. Twitter has lifted the character limit and people can opt in to send and receive messages from others, regardless of whether they are following the person or brand or not. While some brands are hitting the ground running, it is best to proceed with caution. Incorporate a strategy so you use this new feature to your advantage instead of annoying your customers.

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