Can I get kicked off Twitter for buying followers?

The obsession with follower count has been growing on Twitter. More and more people are buying followers to grow their follower count on the platform. Nobody likes to talk about this practice publicly, which gives way to a conversation dominated by rumors and myths. One myth says buying followers will get you banned from Twitter. This has created confusion for users looking to grow their number of followers, and has kept many from using this effective social media marketing tactic.

While buying followers won’t get your account banned, that doesn’t mean that there are no risks associated with the practice. Here we will touch on the truth about buying Twitter followers and give a breakdown of good practices.

Will buying followers get you kicked off Twitter?

Twitter won’t ban you just because you bought a bunch of followers. However, you should make sure that you do not share your password with the follower vendor. This can definitely get your account banned. Twitter’s policy expressly states that it is against their terms and conditions to share passwords. Follower vendors who ask for your password are most likely frauds, and you should avoid them. You should also be wary of vendors that garner followers through aggressive Follow and Unfollow campaigns, as this will also likely lead to your account’s removal from Twitter.

Risks of buying followers

Buying followers involves risk. You should proceed with caution if you decide to purchase followers. One of the risks is that you will suddenly lose your bought followers. If you end up buying followers from a poor-quality vendor or company, a chance exists that they will sell you follows from obviously fake accounts. Some of these may lack profile pictures while others are inactive, or even worse, spammy. Since Twitter doesn’t permit fake accounts, from time to time, they perform purges to clear the service of the fakers. If such accounts form the bulk of your followers, you might experience a sudden loss of followers following these purges.

Buying followers can also ruin your reputation. Nowadays, the internet is awash with tools, like Fake Follower Check, that exist to check whether a Twitter user’s followers are genuine or whether they are actually bought. With such tools, your real followers or a competitor will be able to discover that you have bought your followers. If discovered, you risk tarnishing your reputation, both online and offline.

Good buying practices

There are a number of actions you can take to minimize your exposure to risk when buying followers. First, you should avoid buying cheap, fake followers. You should beware of cheap vendors, because in all likelihood, they will provide you with follows from faceless Twitter bots. These generated follows are easily detectable as fake followers, and are, in the long run not beneficial for your account.

Instead of the fake followers, you need to buy real followers. Buying real followers from high-quality vendors might lean a bit more to the expensive side, but it benefits your account in the long run. When you buy follows from high-quality vendors, your bought followers will have polished accounts with sleek bios and profile pictures, and filled in background pictures. Some of these followers may even tweet. High-quality followers don’t look like the typical followers you can buy from cheap vendors.

Before you make the decision to buy followers from a particular vendor, you should review them to determine what you are actually paying for. Check the number of followers the vendor promises for the money. Does the vendor give the option of providing targeted followers by location? Will they provide sponsored mentions for your account? What is the quality of their customer service? Do they swiftly respond to client concerns? Check whether they have replacement or money back guarantees for lost followers. You should also remember to check reviews from people who have previously bought followers from them.


You can go ahead and buy Twitter followers with assurance that your account won’t get banned. However, if you decide to buy followers, remember you are still taking a risk. Before you buy, remember to avoid the cheap, fake followers and properly review your vendor. With these steps in mind we know you’ll be able to effectively include buying followers as part of a your marketing strategy on Twitter.


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