Devumi vs. FastFollowerz: Who does Twitter Followers better?


UPDATE: FastFollowerz and Devumi are no longer in operation.

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More and more people are turning to buying followers, Retweets and likes to fast track growth on Twitter. To meet the demand, a flood of websites specializing in these Twitter marketing services have sprung up. However, choosing a high-quality provider from all these unknown websites is no simple task, even for experienced internet users, and that’s why reviews sites have become critical in the decision-making process.

For a good place to start, read on to find our side-by-side comparison of two popular Twitter follower vendors: Devumi and FastFollowerz.

Devumi vs. FastFollowerz

FastFollowerz is one of the top-rated social media services providers. The company is mostly known for its real looking, high-quality and active Twitter followers as well as its well-designed customer dashboard. FastFollowerz is a New York-based company and has been in operation for about two years.

Devumi has built a reputation for itself as a top-quality provider of Twitter followers and engagements. The company has been around since 2010. It is mostly known for reliability and dedicated personal support team.

Pricing and discounts


  • Moderate price plan
  • Slightly more expensive for 250,000 followers


  • Moderate price plan
  • Less expensive for 250,000 followers

One of the key factors that people consider before buying followers is the price. How do the two compare? When it comes to pricing, both Devumi and FastFollowerz are on the same level. They both start at $19 for 1,000 Twitter followers, $39 for 2,500 followers and $99 for 10,000 followers. However, as the number of followers increases, a difference emerges between the two and buying followers from FastFollowerz becomes cheaper. When you need to buy 250,000 Twitter followers, FastFollowerz will cost you just $1,499, while you will have to part with $1,799 for the same amount of followers from Devumi.

Quality of followers


  • English-speaking accounts;
  • Drop off more frequently


  • English-speaking accounts
  • Provide minor engagements such as Retweets and favorites
  • Higher-retention rate

Devumi and Fast Followers have both established themselves as providers of high-quality Twitter followers. The follows are from English-speaking accounts, and are delivered naturally and gradually, just like organic followers. Both companies use the safest promotion techniques, ensuring that your bought followers cannot be detected. On their websites, they claim that their followers have a high-retention rate. However, there have been reviews from previous clients claiming that followers from FastFollowerz drop frequently. In addition to having a high-retention rate, followers from Devumi also provide minor engagements for your content. They will Retweet and favorite your tweets.

Quality of service


  • Money-back guarantee
  • One-year follower replacement guarantee
  • Protects your privacy
  • Accept various forms of payment (Bitcoin, PayPal, major credit cards)


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Two-year follower replacement guarantee
  • Protects your privacy
  • Features a well-designed client dashboard

One of the factors that sets Devumi and FastFollowerz apart from other providers of Twitter followers is their quality of service. Both are confident in their services, and therefore, when you buy followers from either of these companies, you get a 100% money-back guarantee in case you do not get the followers as promised. In addition, both of them have a replacement guarantee in case the followers they provided drop. However, another slight difference appears here. Devumi offers a one-year replacement guarantee, while FastFollowerz, on the other hand, offers a two-year replacement guarantee.

Neither will ask for your password, and both will protect your privacy. In addition, FastFollowerz will give you a well-designed client dashboard where you can follow your progress, while Devumi accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and the major credit card companies.

Customer support


  • Superb customer support


  • Provides a dashboard that help customers follow progress
  • Customer support team is a bit slow in responding

Having high-quality customer support keeps clients coming back and helps a company build a stronger image. How do Devumi and FastFollowerz compare in terms of customer support? According to reviews from previous clients, Devumi boasts superb customer support, which customers rave is both fast and helpful. Although FastFollowerz provides its clients with an elegant customer dashboard for them to follow their progress, it has been noted that following up issues with their customer support team can be frustrating, because they are somewhat slow in responding to issues.


Both Devumi and FastFollowerz have built names for themselves as top-rated providers of high-quality Twitter followers and engagements. Comparing the two is really a battle between two of the industry’s top heavyweight contenders. However, there are some slight differences between the services of the two companies.

When you want to purchase a particularly high number of followers, then FastFollowerz is the cheaper option and could make sense depending on your budget. However, when you’re looking at a smaller purchase, and the quality of followers is your main concern, remember that Devumi followers have higher retention rates than FastFollowerz and they offer engagements as well. Although FastFollowerz provides a solid service, when all the features are added together, including follower quality and customer support, our final verdict is that Devumi emerges as the better bet for purchasing Twitter followers.

UPDATE: Devumi and FastFollowerz are no longer in operation.

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I have tried fastfollowerz for Instagram followers, all of their accounts were non english speaking mostly from Brazil, any suggestions on high quality english speaking Instagram followers. I have also tried Coincrack which used to have excellent follower account, however their new followers also seems to be mostly Brazilian account.

i would appreciate another recommendation.

Thank you


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