Guide on Soundcloud Influencer Marketing: Max the Tracks!

Thanks to SoundCloud, new artists can secure a fan following much more quickly – and for a lot less money! The Sound Cloud service allows artists to build their fan base through streaming their tunes! If you are a singer, songwriter, or band looking to build your fan base, SoundCloud is the best choice for […]

Effective Marketing with Pinterest

Ever wondered through Pinterest for any do-it-yourself, last-minute gifts or crafts? Well, there are thousands who are just like you: Browsing Pinterest, spending time pinning and pinning and pinning. This is why Pinterest has been deemed as an important social media platform to increase brand awareness and audience engagement. Filling up the panel can be […]

Five Tips to Help Maximize Your Twitter Video Content from Twitter

There’s a reason video is fast becoming the go-to content for social media marketers. Its rich media format makes it perfect for engaging audiences with content that other marketing strategies may be unable to deliver. Twitter is just one of the many platforms who has embraced the use of video and has added more video […]

Twitter Lite Has Expanded to More Countries; India, Turkey, Argentina & More!

The people over at Twitter were eager to find a way to make life easier for Twitter users. They can now proudly say that they’ve achieved their goal. With the introduction of Twitter Lite last year, Twitter introduced a more data-friendly way to see what’s happening in the world through Twitter. Twitter is now rolling […]

Instagram Stories Questions Feature Being Tested, Rolls Out ‘All Caught Up’ Tool

Instagram is introducing new features that will aid users in reaching out and engaging with their audience. They also have a third feature out which they hope will drive more meaningful engagement. Here is a look at the new Instagram Stories Questions feature being tested, and the “All Caught Up” notification. I will look at […]

Twitter’s Added New Direct Action Buttons in DMs to Provide More Bot Options

Now that many brands and businesses are using Twitter not only to post content but also to engage with their followers real-time, Twitter has come up with a new way to beef up the use of direct messages by adding a call to action button. Seemingly set to push more brands to use direct messages […]

How and When To Boost Facebook Posts

It should be no surprise, that people pay to get their Facebook posts in front of many people. With changes to their algorithm

The Top 15 Most Popular Social Media Sites

If you want your marketing efforts to bring home the dollars, you need to find out where the people are on the internet.

Where To Buy The Best Social Media Followers

When you buy followers you’ll have more credibility on social media. It might be a disconcerting fact but the truth is, people use the number of followers you have to judge your worth. It’s a fact. It’s science.