How to Craft Very Engaging LinkedIn Posts?

How to Craft Very Engaging LinkedIn Posts?

Are you a professional looking to connect with other working adults? LinkedIn is the social media platform for you. It lets you grow your career and professional network. And in the business world, a wide network is extremely important. You would know who to reach out to when you need something. Furthermore, they can help increase your brand visibility through partnerships.

Of course, you need to be close to those users before they agree to do anything with you. Merely connecting on LinkedIn is not enough. There should be interactions between you and the other party.

Engaging in public conversations on the platform helps you achieve that goal. And making posts is a great way to start conversations.

How to Craft Very Engaging LinkedIn Posts?

Of course, you need to ensure your posts are engaging. Otherwise, people on LinkedIn will ignore them. The average LinkedIn engagement rate hovers around 2% for most at present. However, with a good strategy, you can get higher than this number.

The right kind of inspiration produces quality content. So aside from using good photos and videos, you must also look for the right sources of inspiration. You can refer to these sources when writing your next post.

Good news! You don’t have to look any further. Here are five great sources of inspiration for writing an engaging followers-building LinkedIn post.

Customer Feedback Trends

Any good business has a way of collecting customer feedback. Sometimes, you may see consistent trends from that. It would be best to take note of those or have an automated system that categorizes trends.

Reports also revealed some information about companies with better products vs. companies with better customer service. So, making the experience for your customers a pleasant one is imperative.

What has that got to do with LinkedIn posts? Positive and negative feedback both give you important information you can use to improve your services. And the trends in the feedback you see in your business are likely to be trends in someone else’s business too.

That said, you can share what you encounter with your contacts on LinkedIn. Discuss how you addressed the issue. Because your peers can relate to that, they will be inclined to share their thoughts. Then, other people who see it will also pay attention because they may get some value from it. They may get solutions for their problems. That’s the engagement you are looking for.

Common Inquiries

Even before you make sales, you are already collecting valuable information. Potential customers are reaching out to you, asking questions to decide if they should make a purchase.

That’s great. However, if a question is becoming too common, it indicates you left something crucial in the information you initially provided. There’s still something good about it, though. People will be in different circumstances. Thus, the same question may have some variations.

Make a LinkedIn post for each common question. Share how you responded and how the conversations went. Your audience will love to have those insights. Thus, they will be inclined to engage with the post. 

How to Craft Very Engaging LinkedIn Posts?

It also helps your business make clients and prospects understand the landscape more clearly. LinkedIn posts about these conversations will make them aware of the changes you have to make to meet new market demands. And when they are more knowledgeable about these things, they become more understanding.

Client Suggestions

Instagram and Twitter users have asked for some accessibility features like alt text and auto-generated captions for a long time. So when the platform released these features, everybody celebrated.

The same thing could be happening in your business. Likely, some of your clients think you have the capability to provide a particular service. They may also think there is something important lacking in your offered services. However, you aren’t aware of what that is. So, it is best to collect suggestions from your clients. You can attach a survey form for sales and subscription confirmations. 

It will enable you to gather data and insights from your audience quickly. Also, you can collect data via SMS. A report has revealed that feedback surveys completed via SMS receive a high response rate of around 40%. If you can’t collect information using this method, you can use emails instead.

The lesson here is to listen to your customers’ demands. You can draw inspiration for your LinkedIn posts from that. Posts addressing your clients’ wishes will attract not only your clients but also other business owners.

Why Sales Fail

Nothing is more satisfying for a business owner than the feeling you get after closing a sale. However, not everything leads to a possible outcome. It is unfortunate, but some leads don’t convert to actual sales. 

Smart business owners don’t cry when expected conversions do not happen. They analyze. Look at the step in the sales process where customers tend to drop it. Then, try to fix it.

Present the solution you came up with through a LinkedIn post. Admittedly, it is a bit odd to share that your business is struggling to close sales. But LinkedIn users would appreciate the openness you have for this kind of conversation. There is also a chance others are facing the same challenges you face. They will be inclined to engage in conversations with people who can relate to them.

Trending Topics in the Industry

According to reports, top players in the industry get lots of attention on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Fifty-eight percent of users spend at least one hour per week reading these companies’ posts. That’s an incredible feat, considering people’s attention spans are getting increasingly shorter.

How to Craft Very Engaging LinkedIn Posts?

Most of the time, Industry leaders don’t come up with these ideas. Instead, they address big topics that are relevant at the moment. So, you can also put in your thoughts through your LinkedIn posts. 

Summarize the issue, then lay down your take to start a conversation. Because these topics are already trending, any post about them will surely attract attention.

Also, by sharing your thoughts, you are not only growing your LinkedIn engagements. You are also helping to make the industry grow. 

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