Learn About Lost Ark Twitch Drops

Learn About Lost Ark Twitch Drops

What social platform do you think of when thinking of gaming? Probably, that would be Twitch. This is a social platform focused on live streaming. And among the most popular streams are people playing video games.

No matter what game you love, you can find a content creator for that on Twitch. There are players of Valorant, PUBG, League of Legends, Genshin impact, and even Pokemon and Minecraft.

That said, Twitch is a social platform well-loved by gamers. And there are more reasons for them to love it.

Learn About Lost Ark Twitch Drops

On Twitch, you also get informed about the new games that came out. Does Elden Ring live up to the hype? Is Pokemon Arceus good? You can find answers to these questions on the platform.

And here’s the most exciting thing about watching streamers on Twitch. Sometimes, games partner with the platform to give viewers in-game rewards. That could range from common loot to special time-limited items. So if you want to get hold of these sparkly items, you better check Twitch regularly.

Last month, it partnered with Lost Ark to celebrate its launch in Europe, North America, and South America. You might have seen players zooming around riding golden electric hoverboards. They are also accompanied by pets that look like mystical foxes. Those are Lost Ark Twitch Drops. People were able to get those by watching participating streamers on Twitch.

Saphia Pet Selection Chest

The event had two promotions, the first one being the Saphia Pet Selection Chest. It lets you choose one of the six pet foxes: white, pink, aqua, orange, black, or yellow fox. You pick a color when you open the Saphia pet chest.

Like other pets in the game, these foxes AutoLoot. Furthermore, they provide +5% max HP and +10% crit chance when summoned. 

If you have Lost Ark’s paid subscription, aka Crystalline Aura, you can use pets to access storage – both personal and roster -repairs and market. That is no matter where you are.

These event pets are also “hardship specialized” against a specific element like other pets. If you did not know, Hardship specialization comes into effect when you send a ship on a dispatch mission. You can unlock this mechanic once you have got a stronghold. You can also assign pets to missions. Suppose their specialization is the same as the mission’s hardship. You will get a higher chance of getting bonus loot. 

Don’t worry if you want your pet to be beside you all the time. You can still summon pets even if they are on a mission.

Legends of Lost Ark

The second promotion is a lot more complicated than the previous one. It is called the Legends of Lost Ark. This promotion has four tiers of rewards.

In this promotion, participating streamers were put into teams. Together they had to work through the tiers as they played. Unfortunately, you can’t claim the previous rewards once they have already advanced to the upper tier. Latecomers to the party were only able to snag the golden hoverboard. That was at least until the event made all the tiers available again.

The reward for the four tiers is as follows. A battle item chest containing consumables like grenades and potions was the reward for the first tier. Next is the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest. The reward for the third tier was a pet reminiscent of an angry chicken. And as mentioned above, the final tier rewards you with the Neugier Gold mount – the electric hoverboard.

Learn About Lost Ark Twitch Drops

This special hoverboard makes quite an obnoxious noise when you are riding it. And unlike other mounts, it can’t jump. In exchange for that capability, it has a speed boost function. You can activate that by holding down ‘Q’ on your keyboard.

Starting on February 25, Twitch brought back the tiers for 24 hours each. Meaning the Battle Chest was available on February 25 and the Arkasia Paper Hat Chest on February 26. The Helgaia pet chest was available on February 27, and the Neugier gold on February 28.

One must have Twitch Drop enabled to receive the rewards. They must also watch any participating streamer for at least four hours. After these dates, the promotion will end, and there will be no way to obtain these items.


The event was already over. Still, you can use the information on what happened to know what to do if ever a repeat comes.

First, let us discuss how to activate Twitch Drops. Visit the Twitch Drops page on the Lost Ark Website. Then, sign in with Twitch and link your Steam account. Finally, click the activate button.

You can start watching participating streamers to rack for four hours now that that’s done. There’s a specific channel you need to watch to get the Saphia Pet Selection Chest. That is the Crown Channel. This promotion was available until March 7.

There’s no specific channel you have to watch for the Neugier Gold mount and the other rewards. However, you must look for the “drops enabled” tag, and they should be streaming Lost Ark. You can use this opportunity to watch and support lesser-known streamers. That way, you will get rewards and do an act of kindness at the same time.

Twitch will notify you when you earn a drop. That notification will bring you to your Twitch inventory page; you can claim your rewards from there. After that, open your game. The items should be in the product inventory next to your mail. Don’t panic if you don’t see it immediately. Give it 24 hours max, and it will show up eventually.

Learn About Lost Ark Twitch Drops

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a 2.5D fantasy MMOARPG (multi-media online action role-playing game.) It is mainly PvE, focused on exploration, questing, and achievement hunting. There’s a storyline that you need to finish to beat the game. But there are PvP elements too to satiate those with competitive sides.

The awards this game has gotten speak for how good it is. It has won six awards in various categories at the Korea Game Awards 2019.

What We Hope Other Game Studios Will Learn and Adapt from this Twitch Drop

For the past decade, the hopes and dreams of an eager era of millennials truly thought that technology would continue to change the way we do things and live our life. That optimism has since receded seriously, but this Twitch Dropping tactic is the beginning of something entirely new. We believe this is a scratch on the surface of completely new and unique ways players can engage and interact with their favorite games and game studios. Think of it like an NFT, but actually real.

There is no easy way for gaming studios to allow a trackable and scalable way for gamers to merge with their desired gaming universe, and although the technology and its rate of use are low, Dropping Items on Twitch for in-game acquisition is something we’ve never seen before. It touches on many of the promises of technology that we’ve all been looking forward to, but it’s actually here. More importantly, it actually worked.

Sure, on the surface it looks like just a cheap and free method for a gamer to get some loot, but a lot more than that is happening under the surface. The game studio can use this as a new way to tap into the most notoriously difficult market to break into live streams. Corporations pay huge sums of cash to get real, live, eye-balls on their Twitch streams in the form of influencer marketing, among other sponsorships. This technology helps make these boatloads of cash more effective and even helps the influencer do their job at getting and maintaining the much sought-after limited attention span of the young folks of our time.

As an Influencer, How Can I Use Twitch Drops to get more Twitch Followers and Sponsors?

This is the million-dollar question that often bears a million open-ended answers. The desire to get revenue on Twitch is intertwined with the requirement to get and have a growing supply of Twitch followers. Once you have these Twitch followers, you are able to get paid from Sponsors like a real Twitch influencer and will put you on the path of enabling real Twitch Drops from your live streams for in-game partners. Don’t think you need to get all your followers at once, but you do need to start somewhere, and that’s why aspiring Twitch Drop partners buy Twitch followers to get past the first hurdle of success.

It goes without saying that just buying Twitch followers is only one critical component of what you should expect of yourself, and those you are competing against. You need to use your competition as a measuring stick and meet or surpass their quality in as many areas as you can. You need to produce high-quality content, just like they do. You need to stick to a consistent schedule, just like they do. You need to play the game, just like they do.

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