How To Create Follower Campaigns On Twitter in 2021

How To Create Follower Campaigns On Twitter

The number of someone’s followers on Twitter determines how much opportunity awaits them on the platform. Of course, the more followers they have, the higher the business’ chance for growth and development. The problem is, Twitter -like other social media platforms – is already oversaturated by companies. Thus, competition is tough – especially if one is pitted against giant corporations like Nike or Apple. 

Thankfully, there are features and programs on Twitter that can help solve this problem. With Follower Campaigns, for instance, Twitter allows brands to attract new followers passively. Furthermore, follower campaigns enable companies to build an engaged audience to amplify their message. Then, as a bonus, followers could become loyal customers and brand advocates. 

How To Create Follower Campaigns On Twitter

Step by Step Guide To Setting A Follower Campaign

Setting up a follower campaign is quite an easy but somewhat lengthy process. But that’s what this blog is for, so you need not worry. Follow this guide to set up your own Follower Campaign.

1. Creating The Campaign

First, you should log in to your Twitter Ads account. Next, in the top-right corner of your Ads Manager, search for and click “Create Campaign.” Then, choose “Followers” from the list of campaign objectives. 

2. Set Up The Details

After you’ve done everything on step one, you will arrive at the “Details” tab of the campaign setup form. This is the tab where you will add a name to your campaign.

Next, you will need to choose the funding source for the campaign. This is the credit or debit card where you will be billed. Afterward, you will need to set the campaign date and budget. 

Now, there are two timeframe choices. The default setting is to “Start immediately and run continuously.” Here, your campaign will run until your budget is reached. But, you can also stop it manually. On the other hand, the other option will let you set start and end dates. 

3. Setting Up Ad Group

The next step is about adding ad groups to the campaign. Ad groups are how you want your money to be spent. You can set the budget, targeting, and placement for each of your campaigns on an ad group. For Follower Campaigns, your Ad group goal will automatically optimize towards gaining Followers.

How To Create Follower Campaigns On Twitter

Also, keep in mind that a campaign can have many ad groups. Likewise, an ad group can contain many Tweets.

Also, you can set ad group start and end times on this step. 

4. Selecting The Bid Type

Next on the process is about selecting the bid type you’d like to use in your Ad group. You also have two options here. Either you choose Target cost bid type or Automatic bid. 

If you choose the former, which Twitter recommends, you can name the bid you want to pay per follow. Then, your campaign will auto-optimize your bids. It will aim to achieve a daily average cost that meets or beats your target.

As for how much you’ll actually pay, that will be the average cost for all follows during the day. In the event that you change your bid over a day, it will average to the highest target cost you set. 

If you choose the latter, your bid will auto-optimize to get the best results. The “best results” mean the lowest price within your budget. It is the easiest way to get your campaigns live and serve impressions on the platform.

5. Pay By Metric

You don’t have to do anything on this step as it will default to “Follower” for Follower Campaigns. Leave it be and proceed to the next step.

6. Targeting

Here, you’ll select who you want your ads to target – your audience, in other words. There are many options here. Please refer to the official Twitter Campaign Targeting Help Page. 

7. Adding The Tweets

This is the step where you will choose which Tweets you want to include in your campaign. 

Twitter highly recommends that you choose text-only Tweets on Follower Campaigns. Twitter does not expand any additional links, pictures, and videos since they will distract from the “follow” button. Adding excessive hashtags is also discouraged. 

How To Create Follower Campaigns On Twitter

On the flip side, Twitter suggests letting people know that they should follow you in your tweet. You can include “follow us” or other similar phrases. Twitter says that advertisers who did this had the most success.

8. Review And Launch

Before you launch your Follower Campaign, be sure to review it to make sure everything is how you want it to be. If you suddenly want to add new ad groups, the “Review and Complete” tab will let you do so without sending you back to previous tabs. 

Once all is set, launch your Followers Campaign.

Serving Your Followers Campaign

You cannot customize where you would like your follower campaign impressions to appear. Instead, they will be displayed in multiple locations on Twitter – such as home timelines, Who to follow, and search results. Furthermore, they will be distributed across these locations to users who fit the targeting you set before launch. And, as with Takeover products and Promoted Ads, impressions will bear the label “Promoted.” It will help to distinguish the appearance from other recommended accounts.

Viewing The Results

You can see the results on your Ads Manager. You should filter the date range in the top right corner to see critical metrics. This includestotal spend,” results (follows), cost per result (cost per follow), and result rate. 

How Much Do Follower Campaigns Cost?

There is no definitive answer to that question. The cost you pay per follower will depend on the budget and bid you set for your campaign. The targeting you select will also be factored in. Moreover, Twitter will only charge you only for the follows that you acquire from the campaign. Things like impressions, replies, and Retweets – any other interactions or engagements – are free.  

 A bid of $2.50 – $3.50 is recommended based on historical averages, however. Though, you’ll receive real-time bid guidance in your campaign setup.

Follower Campaigns are effective ways for increasing exposure and visibility. Rest assured that they will be worth your money.

Example: Chrissy Teigen in the Cancel Club: Now Chrissy Needs Twitter Followers

“Nobody’s perfect.” That is a saying that you probably heard more than a dozen times. But what it says is true. All things -not just humans – have “defects.” There are things we cannot do that other can. Also, it is normal for humans to make mistakes. However, even with how often we say and hear the adage, people still sometimes forget. 

It is not wrong to point out others’ mistakes, especially if what they have done is unacceptable. If they did something criminal, then they deserve to be put in jail. But if it’s not that extreme, some rebuke should be enough. Doing so will let them know that they need to change. 

Chrissy Teigen in the Cancel Club: How Does She Feel?

That is easier now, more so than ever. The world has Twitter. On this platform, they can hold a person accountable for their wrongdoings through the public’s help. The community on Twitter is very “woke” and combative. By showing them enough evidence, they will not hesitate to help make the person liable. That’s how Twitter users expose violators of ethics and force them to admit to their mistakes. But sometimes, they overdo it.

Instead of wishing for these offenders to change, they put them in the “naughty corner” and never allow them to leave. 

Cancel Culture

People look up to celebrities. Whether they are actors, singers, dancers, politicians, or even business figures, their success stories inspire. And, of course, they love being in the spotlight. It makes them even more successful. However, they are playing with a double-edged sword. One simple mistake could inflict a lot of damage.

Being a celebrity means you are a role model. Thus, their eyes and attention are on you. So, you have to meet high expectations, and even the slightest misstep will significantly disappoint your fans.

That is why they are the standard “victims” of cancel culture on Twitter. Once people have found the skeleton hiding in the star’s closet, they will no longer deem them admirable. And, they will make sure to inform the others. We all know how fast word spreads on Twitter. In no time, the star will be shunned.

Chrissy Teigen in the Cancel Club: How Does She Feel?

Once people have called out the celebrity for their controversial things, they will gradually lose followers. Many people who have been “canceled” remain in power and continue their careers as nothing happened. But in severe cases, the lack of supporters makes it challenging for them to secure deals or projects. 

Chrissy Teigen’s Cancellation

American model turned chef Chrissy Teigen is among those celebrities who have been exiled. She allegedly sent harassing tweets and direct messages to non-binary star Courtney Steddon in 2011. Steddon was 16-years old back then, and they were facing scrutiny for marrying 51-year old actor Doug Hutchison. Aside from that, she allegedly cyberbullied Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, actress Lindsay Lohan, and Quvenzhané Wallis too. This scandal has landed Teigen in a place and situation where no one would want to be in.

Three major retail department chains discontinued their deals with Teigen. Bloomingdale and its parent company Macy’s planned to sell 31 items of “Cravings by Chrissy” – Teigen’s cookware line. But, they reportedly pulled out at the last minute. Likewise, Teigen lost a lucrative partnership with Target.

Teigen has since deleted the Tweets. She also posted a string of Tweets to apologize to Stodden. She wrote: “Not a lot of people are lucky enough to be held accountable for all their past baloney in front of the entire world.” She says she was ashamed of who she used to be – “an insecure, attention-seeking troll.” 

Teigen followed that with an apology blog post. There, she said she’s reaching out and apologizing to other people she offended. She wrote that she’s sitting in a hole of well-deserved global punishment. But, she points out that “We are all more than our worst moments.” So, she humbly asks for forgiveness.

Stodden said she accepts Teigen’s apology, and she forgives the model. Although, she claims that contrary to what Teigen said, the cookbook author has not reached out to her privately. In fact, they are still blocked by her on Twitter.

We Need To Talk

If you are canceled, you should probably take a break from social media and the internet in general. But, Chrissy Teigen just can’t quit sharing her thoughts on social media.

“I desperately wanna communicate with you guys instead of pretending everything is okay,” she said on a lengthy Instagram post. She says that she has learned a lot from being a member of the Cancel club. Teigen also acknowledged that she had done something wrong, but it was hard for her to talk about it because she would sound whiny. And she knows too well that that’s not how a guilty person should act. “There’s no winning,” she continued. She asked for an honest moment with her followers because she loves and misses them. Furthermore, she says she is tired of being sick with herself all day. 

“Going outside sucks and doesn’t feel right,” Teigen narrates. At the same time, “being at home alone with my mind makes my depressed head race,” she adds. “I don’t really know what to say here…But I do know that however, I’m handling this now isn’t the right answer.”

Chrissy Teigen in the Cancel Club: How Does She Feel?


Teigen concluded by saying that this post may have been a bad idea. “It’s gonna get brutally picked apart.” However, she knows it’s about time to address the issue.

TMZ paparazzi sighted Teigen on her way to pick up her 5-year old daughter from school. She was asked about her opinions about Addison Rae – the newest inductee to the celebrity cancel club. Teigen refused to give a direct answer. Instead, she said that she has decided “not to get involved in anyone’s sh*t ever again.” The interviewer also asked her how long she expects to remain a member of the cancel club. Teigen jokes that she could be forever a member. She does not have an idea, in truth. But, she knows that all she can do is live her life, take care of her kids and family. Ultimately, she has learned her lesson. That is to mind her own business. 

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