Why Businesses Need To Twitter Blue for Increasing Twitter Followers

Why Businesses Use Twitter

A common practice done by businesses in the digital age is using social media networks such as Twitter. It helps them connect to their audience, increase their visibility, and attract new customers.

Twitter has a significant impact on culture. Now, brand involvement in culture is essential among consumers between the ages of 18 and 35. Furthermore, Twitter users are more passionate, informed, and feel more strongly about brands aligning with culture compared to the general population. So, businesses come to Twitter to connect to that and see what’s happening. Also, since people come to Twitter to discover new things, companies can make a lasting impression.

Why Businesses Use Twitter

How Does Twitter Blue Help Companies Maintain Growth in their Twitter Followers?

With that said, it will be best for your business if you bring it to Twitter Blue. On this platform, you will be able to connect to a robust and passionate audience. On top of that, you can make an impact and drive positive results. You’ll get many new benefits of the new service rollout by Twitter called Twitter Blue. One of these is even the infamous Edit button!

According to a Nielsen Brand Effect report, brands who connect with what’s happening on Twitter see lifts across the marketing funnel. Specifically, they see an 18% increase in message association, 8% in brand awareness, 7% in brand preference, and 3% in purchase intent.

So, opportunities for business growth are present on Twitter. Likewise, your audience is already there, and they are listening. All that is left is you and your business. 

Benefits Of Twitter For Business

  • You Can Promote Your Business – For Free!

Billboards ads, TV and radio commercials – those are some ways one can promote his business. But, that requires you to bring out cash. Spending money is a part of growing your business. But, let’s face it, you want to save as much as possible. 

Using Twitter is just as effective as those things. It will enable you to build brand awareness by building a solid organic following. The best thing is, it’s free of charge!

  • Being On Twitter Helps Expand Your Reach

There are over 206 million monetizable daily active users on Twitter, according to Statista. Meaning, you can use the platform to connect and engage with new fans and potential new customers. Furthermore, it will allow you to network with partners and identify influencers – who have the ability and make your growth faster. 

Overall, Twitter helps increase your brand’s visibility and reach new audiences.

  • Twitter Allows You To Start A Conversation Or A Movement

One of Twitter’s main goals is to encourage public conversations. Thus, they thrive on the platform. So, how can this help your brand’s growth?

Why Businesses Use Twitter

According to a study, tweets could be a great alternative to surveys. This is due to their unsolicited nature. As a business, you can use that to collect informal feedback. Also, you can hear from your followers by running polls and Tweeting questions. 

If you can add some personality to your Tweet, that would be great. You will be hitting two birds with one stone that way. Aside from learning about your customers’ opinions, you’ll be humanizing your brand. That will help build a stronger connection between your brand and your audience.

  • With Twitter, You Can Stay In The Know

Social media platforms have fanned the flames and made the spread of news even faster. Thus, it is a great place to learn about what’s happening in the world every day. It brings you and your business up to speed. 

Brands can gain lots of benefits from learning the latest, real-time trends and investing in social listening. It will enable you to craft the best marketing strategies. Also, it’s a great way to get a read on your brand’s public reputation.

  • Twitter Lets You Experiment With Tone

A characteristic that is often associated with Twitter is boldness. People on Twitter are not afraid to express themselves and say their opinions. But that’s not limited to them. You, as a business, could do it too. Twitter grants you the perfect opportunity to experiment with your brand voice and messaging. Do it to see if they can be more human and conversational.

Twitter Can Help You Manage Your Business

On top of the aforementioned benefits, Twitter can also help you when it comes to managing your business. It can do it in many ways. Read about them below:

  • Attract New Customers And Make Them Devoted

Let’s have a recap on the things mentioned above. Seventy-nine percent of the brave, bold, and dynamic people of Twitter are there to discover what’s new. Data also says that 53% of them are more likely to purchase new products.

Twitter provides you with tools you can use to capture and lock your attention. It allows you to connect with your current and potential customers. Once you have done that, you’ll gain the chance to convert them from loyal followers to devoted customers.

  • Provide Timely Customer Service.

Nowadays, people use social media – Twitter, mainly – to express their frustrations. And Twitter is accessible 24/7. Therefore, you can use the platform to keep an eye out for your customers who are experiencing issues or need assistance. You can effectively provide fast service or personalized help through DMs by creating a dedicated customer service account. 

Why Businesses Use Twitter
  • Have A Better Way Of Launching New Products

Again, people come to Twitter to see new things. Thus, it is the perfect place for you to introduce new products or a new sale. Before launch, you can excite your audience by posting Tweets that act as product teasers. Then on and after launch, you can partner with influencers to advertise the product. People will be aware of your new product in no time.

  • Monitor the Industry And Your Competitors

You are not the only business that uses Twitter. Your competitors do too. You can use the platform to see what they are doing. Likewise, you can learn about the latest trends in the industry through Twitter. This would help you make informed decisions when taking your next step. 

How Does Twitter Blue Help You Grow Your Twitter Followers Count?

It’s very complex and very simple at the same time. How does any service truly start? Well, it often starts with the product or service engineers who are tasked with coming up with a solution to a problem that their customers face. For Twitter, their customers constantly need more and new Twitter followers, which is why many services and countless websites offer ways to buy Twitter followers online.

Twitter even lets businesses buy Twitter followers, but it’s only through the form of advertisements that run on their platform, and the people you get as followers are not only very expensive on a per-follower basis, but they can even be fake – even though you bought directly from Twitter! The problem is that many robots on Twitter deliberately hide by automatically following any account that does sponsor Ads on Twitter, thus becoming common accounts that engage with Twitter Ads. Twitter loves these accounts since they demonstrate that their ads are working and their customers should continue the ad campaign. It also helps keep these accounts around longer since Twitter has every incentive not to ban


Twitter Blue solves the Twitter Feed problem for businesses that rely on Twitter Analytics by giving them more control over their own timeline of events. This changes the tweets they see and the order they see them as well. Brands often have full-time staff who stare at the screen looking for every mention and studying every interaction. They also need to be kept abreast of current events and be very careful when posting content online.

Twitter Blue Brings the Edit Button To The Masses!

Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of the Edit button, now available to anyone and everyone in the United States that also subscribes to the Twitter Blue service. Many people are quite literally coping and seething at the prospect of having to pay Twitter for what they have determined is a basic function on any normal platform: the ability to edit something you posted.

However, due to the way Twitter works, and the essential state of the “time” aspect of the “Twitter Timeline”, there is almost supposed to be no edit button. If someone made a mistake on something they tweeted, that’s on them. They can either publish a future update apologizing and correcting their past mistake, or they can simply delete it.

Everyone knows a deleted tweet is a sign of failure.


People often screenshot the deleted tweets and make photoshops of funny renditions of the quote or content of the original tweet overlayed with the text that all deleted tweets get: This tweet is no longer here. It is one of the single funniest parts of Twitter, and one that harkens to its old age. Everyone loves and trusts Twitter, and this is like a “tough love” part of the Twitter Universe. People don’t know it yet, but they should actually fear the edit button. Nobody second guesses that tweets could potentially be edited years in the future, or years in the past. Those who control history will control the future!

What Can Twitter Followers Do With Twitter Blue?

We are entering a new stage of Twitter. Everything from this moment on will be fundamentally different. Part of the beauty of Twitter was that it was so old and basic, there is and was no point in deleting something from the past because it’s commonly associated with a sign of admission of guilt. Journalists and Companies large and small will be able to control their own histories, which will prevent many epic dramas, screw-ups, and potentially even crimes go under the rug. This is obviously not a good thing, but people will be able to benefit from this too.

The benefit for the individual, that is – on an individual level – is pretty clear. We all screw up. We all make mistakes. This new service option allows us to clean up our own individual history without deleting everything we’ve ever done. It is a get out of jail free card before we might even get caught. In the age of cancel culture, it can be a nice tool to save someone a national or global level of embarrassment if they once posted something that is now considered hateful or offensive.

Even if the person did post something terrible in the past, maybe the person has totally changed and they are someone who doesn’t essentially need to go through the public process of mockery to become a better human. However, this will be as it is, on a case-by-case basis.


The real conclusion is we simply don’t know what to expect from Twitter Blue, except for a few trends. We can safely expect there to be less drama on Twitter. This is because companies and people can correct their past mistakes in real-time, preventing people from getting those embarrassing screenshots that so often go viral. It will help people modernize and clean up their own history, and move forward with a degree of safety. It will also give everyone, big and small, a slightly better chance of sleeping well at night. This is just because we all are human, and we all still make mistakes. This gives us a brief moment of clarity and power to know we have control over what we post on Twitter, and if we make a mistake, we can fix it before it gets too problematic.

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