How to Showcase Your Expertise Using LinkedIn?

How to Showcase Your Expertise Using LinkedIn?

An online presence can help you grow your brand. Several things could help you with that – for example, a functioning website. Accounts on social media platforms also help you expand your reach. LinkedIn, specifically, is a platform dedicated to professionals. So if you aren’t on this platform yet, it’s time for you to make an account.

Aside from those, blogs can also increase your visibility. Showing your knowledge about what you do is important to let consumers, clients, or employers know that there’s value in connecting with you.

How to Showcase Your Expertise Using LinkedIn?

You are lucky we were no longer in 2013. Back then, you needed a blog site separate from your LinkedIn account. That’s not very effective. It takes a lot of work because you are managing 2 platforms. But it often results in a little payoff.

People don’t know where you publish your blogs. They can only get that information if they look hard enough or if you put the link on everything you publish on other platforms.

Because of that, building an audience was comparable to searching for a needle in a haystack – it is very difficult. In turn, views and engagements are not as high as you had hoped for, maybe even zero. 

Thankfully, LinkedIn realized the importance of blogs for professionals. So, in 2014, it released a feature that allows users to showcase their thought leadership on the platform. That effectively converted LinkedIn from an e-resume and networking tool to an actual social media platform.

Many professionals are already on LinkedIn, and they want to see your work. So allowing users to post blogs on LinkedIn is the perfect solution. The platform also benefits because it stops people from looking for content elsewhere. 

Blogging On LinkedIn Got Better

LinkedIn’s decision to allow users to post blogs produced positive results. Engagements on the platform increased, and professionals benefited from it a lot.

Over the eight years that this product has existed, LinkedIn has continuously improved it. That made the platform the go-to for professionals looking to share their thought leadership.

LinkedIn is not done yet. Recently, it launched a set of new tools and functionalities to help with content creation on the platform. These will make you showcase your expertise on LinkedIn more easily.

Improved Profile Videos

On LinkedIn, you can have a profile video on top of your profile pictures. It is useful for increasing your credibility and introducing yourself to others. It also helps if you buy more Linkedin followers and connections to give yourself a jumpstart to success!

How to Showcase Your Expertise Using LinkedIn?

When people visit your profile, they will see a muted 3-second preview of your profile video. Then, it will revert back to your profile picture. Visitors can access the video by tapping your profile icon. And a blue ring around your picture will indicate that you have one, in case they have missed the preview playing.

People, especially on LinkedIn, want to see how credible you are before they read your blogs. A profile video introducing you and showing your expertise will help them decide. If they like what they see, they will be more inclined to read your posts.

LinkedIn has introduced new tools for profile videos. It will show you prompts that will give you ideas on what to share on your profile video. On top of that, LinkedIn will show you stats on how many watched it.

Your Provide Video Ring will also be visible on the feed and on search. That will make people learn more about you more easily. That also enables you to showcase your expertise on LinkedIn more effectively.


Aside from blogs, your brand should have a newsletter. It makes your consumers aware of what’s happening in your company. That also helps you showcase your expertise. 

LinkedIn eliminated the need for a separate website for newsletters last year. It offered the opportunity to use a newsletter publishing system, which was well received. Since the feature’s launch, newsletters published on LinkedIn increased by a whopping 625 percent. Likewise, subscriptions to newsletters across the globe have seen an 89 percent increase.

Insights And Analytics

You don’t post and never revisit that post ever again on any social media platform. Monitoring how well or unwell it performs is arguably more important than publishing it.

You would need insights to see what types of blogs work and don’t work on LinkedIn. Good news! LinkedIn will make it easier for you to access more data in the coming months. Its insights and analytics tools will show you more than impressions and basic engagement stats. On top of those, you will see improved individual post analytics. That will be detailed on a summary page.

Data for different content types will also be available. It includes articles, videos, and text posts. So that will help you improve your blogs and all the other things you publish on LinkedIn.

Better Visibility

The most popular social media platforms are now making it easier for people to find the content they want. LinkedIn has joined them in this trend. Your followers can now receive notifications whenever you make a post.

Users who want to receive these push notifications can click the”subscribe” bell icon on the top of your profile page. With that, they will never miss any of your posts again.

As you can see, it is an opt-in feature. But if your content creation strategies are on point, your followers already know about your expertise. That makes them look up to you and more inclined to press that button.

How to Showcase Your Expertise Using LinkedIn?


Showcasing your expertise on LinkedIn is super easy. You have access to so many tools. Blogs, videos, newsletters, and even skill verification tests make people know you are capable. The best thing is that LinkedIn is constantly improving these features and functionality.

So, as long as you have inspirations for posts, you can naturally showcase your expertise on the platform.

Should you do it? Absolutely! Effective thought leadership brings value to you and your audience. Thus, it helps make the community thrive. And the more it thrives, the higher the chances for its members to succeed. 

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