How To Do Competitor Analysis On Social Media

Spying on the competition is as old as competition itself. In business, gathering intelligence using publicly available data is not illegal, and not nearly as exciting as Jason Bourne’s life or half as dangerous as real international espionage is. It’s all business.

How to Cultivate Cult Branding

The bedrock principles of cult branding lie in the wants, needs, and ideals of people, and when you tap into them you activate the loyalty circuits in your audience. It’s not easy but neither is it impossible.

All About Pinterest’s New Lens Feature

Pinterest Lens is a discovery tool that allows you to capture images and use them to find pins more intuitively. This new feature is bound to change the way users find content on the platform based on their immediate needs and surroundings.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – Which is Right For You?

How does a business choose and devote their time and resources to those social media outlets that will be mostly beneficial to them? If you do your homework you can save hours, cash, and eliminate unnecessary tasks by focusing on the platforms that will give you the best direct ROI.

How to Give Your Followers Happy Feelings for Social Media Success

Have you ever talked to a negative person and hung on his every word because you liked listening to energy-draining talk? Do you think people will tend to react positively if you’re posting gloomy and meaningless updates, that don’t have any tangible benefit to their lives?

Rookie Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making

If you’re new to social media, don’t expect to figure things out right away. Finding the perfect strategy requires experimentation and a bit of experience before everything falls into place.

Social Media Marketing on a Budget

The dawn of social media has drastically changed the course of digital marketing. Brands, both big and small, now have fairly equal chances of increasing their visibility to consumers with ad placements and a smart social media marketing strategy.

How to Write Content for Different Social Media Channels

The social media marketing war is gruesome, but fortunately we’ve created a comprehensive guide that will help you write perfect content for each platform.

10 Perfect Examples of Social Proof in Action

Turbocharge your social media marketing with these social proof examples that establish credibility and increase consumer trust factor for your brand.

Podcasts to Make You A Better Social Media Marketer

Commit to listening to one or more of these social media marketing podcasts and watch your skills grow every day.