Why Does the Cost of Twitter Followers Vary?

If there’s one thing you need to know about social media, it’s that not all Twitter followers are created equal. Social media boosting companies acquire the followers they sell through different methods – and that’s why the price point varies from provider to provider.

A reputable provider sells followers that they acquire through earnest and competitive social media marketing techniques. They cost more to get, so they’re priced comparably higher than others.

Fake followers are priced significantly cheaper, and they are most likely just a bunch of bot accounts that won’t do much for your online popularity. There are also certain types of followers than can potentially get you banned from Twitter altogether – and those are the ones you should definitely steer clear from!

Today, we’ll talk about the different types of bought Twitter followers and the reasons why their costs vary. If you’re thinking about buying Twitter followers to improve your social media presence, be sure to read this first!

Bought Twitter Followers: the Good and the Bad

Some providers are able to give you a ton of followers for basically pennies: around $2 – $5 for 1,000 followers. Premium, high quality followers, on the other hand, usually cost between $15 – $20 per 1,000. The more you’re willing to pay, the higher quality you’re going to get.

Below are the different types of bought Twitter followers, starting with the bad and finishing with the good. We rounded them all up to help you make the best decision… of your life!

Bad Twitter Followers

Fake Followers or Bots

Fake followers, or sock puppets, as some experts call them, are those bottom-of-the-barrel followers. They’re among the cheapest you can buy and they often come in truckloads. These fake followers generate zero engagement and are the least likely to stick with you for the long haul.

These followers are the equivalent of space junk – they are useless and they take up precious space on the internet. They are often generated by software, and that’s why they have generic-looking profiles and they send out a myriad of tweets that don’t make sense – because they are system generated.


If you ask us, these egg heads are not worth your money. They come and go faster than you can encapsulate your thoughts into 140 characters. Fake followers like these are not hard to spot and they get deleted frequently. If you purchase these cheap imitation users, expect your following to fluctuate in numbers on the daily.

Celebrities frequently wind up with tons of these bot accounts. Take Justin Bieber, for example, who once had 37 million Twitter followers – 53% of which were fake!

This type of follower is easy to create and requires zero maintenance, which is why they’re significantly cheaper than more authentic-seeming followers. They exist to bolster your numbers and that alone – since they can’t do much after that.

Follow-First Followers

The follow-first method is an aggressive social media marketing technique used to rapidly increase the number of followers of a particular account. It’s probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. While it may appear harmless, this type of service can actually get your account suspended from the platform.

Follow-first services can be dangerous as they require you to endorse their activity with your login details. So if they try to pull something that’s against Twitter’s Terms of Service, your account could be suspended.

Users who practice this method don’t wind up with the best followers, either:


Providers of this service ask for your login information so they can access your account and follow people within your niche, in the hopes of getting a follow back. If you don’t have a verified account or a good following/follower ratio, this is a fast way for you to reach your 5,000 following limit and it can raise the suspicion of Twitter engineers.

Followers acquired through this method are considerably more expensive compared to bot followers. Providers don’t guarantee any sort of engagement, but do they produce fast results when they work.

Good Twitter Followers

Premium Bot Followers

Premium bot followers are the Lamborghinis of fake followers. They are system generated accounts, but created with unique profiles. These followers also produce extra engagement through likes, retweets and comments.

Unlike fake followers, these do not come in bulk. Providers of these types of bought followers focus more on quality rather than quantity. If you’re just testing out the waters when it comes to boosting your brand on social media, going with premium bot followers is one of the safest ways to go.

These followers are delivered in an organic manner and have high retention rate – that means they rarely unfollow:


Providers of these followers also offer good customer service, along with guarantees to make sure you get value for your money. If you ask us, going for a company with policies in place to protect its customers is always the best route.

Mix Marketing Followers

As the name suggests, these followers are acquired through a combination of different social media marketing techniques. They can be a mix of authentic and premium bot followers – it really depends on the company you go with.

Mix marketing followers do not come in bulk and can render slow results – but that’s not a bad thing at all! These are actually one of the best types of bought followers on this list. Providers who offer mix marketing followers favor quality, relevance and engagement over numbers so you are sure to get your money’s worth.

Although priced higher compared to other bought followers, mix marketing followers are the best way to increase a following without compromising your integrity and security.

Followers Acquired through Twitter’s Promoted Accounts Program

Twitter knows the importance of building a following, and they also know users don’t have time to wait for organic growth. That’s why they created the Promoted Accounts Program.

Twitter users can sign up to have their account promoted on various parts of the website. Twitter can also suggest your account to people within your targeted niche – exposing you to authentic Twitter followers.

Signing up with the Promoted Accounts Program is like purchasing a prime piece of commercial real estate on Twitter, because your account is pushed across different, important areas of the platform.


Although it would be ideal, not everyone has the money to fund this type of marketing. A promoted account campaign can run you anywhere from $.50 up to $4 per engagement – and if you want a solid amount of followers, you’ll need the funds to back it up.

A promoted account campaign is ideal for a business with a strong marketing fund at its disposal, because the price on this can blow the roof off really fast.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Being influential on Twitter may seem like a numbers game to some, but it’s definitely more than that.

If you’re thinking about purchasing followers to pump up your brand on Twitter, be sure to focus on the highest quality you can get. These will help you reach the top, rather than bring you down.

The bargain option is always tempting, but when it comes to Twitter followers this is quite risky – especially if you have a lot at stake. Before you make a decision, remember that old saying: “If it’s good, it ain’t cheap, if it ain’t good then it’s cheap!”


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