What To Do (For Fun) On Twitter If You Are Inside A Coronavirus Quarantine

What To Do On Twitter If You Are Inside A Coronavirus Quarantine

With more news flooding in with relevance to the spread of COVID-19, many cities have issued quarantine procedures to contain the spread of the virus. COVID-19, a highly infectious disease born from Wuhan, China, has slowly enveloped the world with its illness. Mostly targeting men of ages 25-55, people are now becoming reluctant to step out of their house. Also, most cities that were once brimmed with people are turned to a wasteland due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Moreover, the decline in sanitary supplies on the market has created a brand new problem for people facing COVID-19. The virus persists in many countries with no signs of stopping.

The Fear Created by COVID-19

When compared to other pandemics like the bubonic plague and the Spanish flu, COVID-19 is subpar. However, the circumstances of having no cure with today’s technology bring fear to the hearts of many. Moreover, pneumonia-like symptoms with underlying fevers and body pains can be a result of different ailments. With this being said, more and more people are growing in panic as such simple colds can be seen as coronavirus infection. And since more than half of the world organizations have made steps for quarantine, people resided in using whatever means of communication, including posting, video sharing, and live streaming into a variety of social media platforms to avoid approaching other people and risking a further spread of the virus. 

Coronavirus Quarantine and its Advantage for Twitter Users

Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media networks alongside Facebook and Instagram. Although, Twitter is not as immersive as its social media counterparts with pop-up message boxes like Facebook or a vast array of images like on Instagram. However, what Twitter has under its arsenal is its timely updates with the current news on the internet. The designated search engine of Twitter enables users to find relevant news using keywords and essential hashtags. What’s more, Twitter’s popularity runs deep. More than 90% of the US population has heard and used Twitter at some point enabling this platform to have an advantage in the audience.

Furthermore, Twitter’s network is riddled with useful information. Whether its current news, articles, recipes, or even viral videos, you’ll find them scattered under Twitter’s belt. With the large information bank that Twitter has to offer, you can do many things while on Twitter. Even better, if your city is currently on lockdown and under quarantine, you’d have more time browsing Twitter. And, who knows? You might find something educational and funny along the way.

What To Do On Twitter While Quarantined

Since you’re in the middle of a crisis – COVID-19 pandemic -, keeping calm and being informed is a necessity. With Twitter’s dedicated search volume for high-end keywords and hashtags, you’ll definitely dig up information about the outbreak. However, searching for the same thing – COVID-19 news – can be dull and stale. For this reason, why not create your very own content for your audience to see while on quarantine?

Lighten Up The Mood

If you find yourself in the middle of the boring quarantine, keeping your mind on the right path is essential. Twitter allows a lot of opportunities to exercise your brain and keep panic down to a minimum. Search or tweet funny quotes, images, or stories that you find interesting. With that being said, not only will you have your daily dose of fun factor but also enable your Twitter account to become active on the social media platform.

Share Your Favorite Recipe

Who does not want food? Share food recipes or easy to cook meals while on quarantine. Not only will your Twitter profile be a source for people to take an interest at but also provides you with simple cooking recipes you can enjoy at home. What’s more, due to the incident of people resorting to “panic-buying,” some commodities are scarce. Having a handy recipe ready on your Twitter account means you could easily access it whenever you cook.

Upload Some Videos and Images

If you have a moderate fanbase, providing images and videos enables it to increase exponentially. The concept of credibility is necessary to improve your Twitter followers. Uploading related videos on your profile gives you that boost for social proof. With that being said, Twitter followers will have more interest in engaging your posts and tweets. If your Twitter profile mainly focuses on business, you can upload images or product review videos at home to supply content to your Twitter profile. 

Update Your Fanbase with Your Daily Life

If your goal is to be an online influencer or figure – vegan, ASMR, and many more – you can use Twitter as a reliable platform to be recognized. Increase your traffic by posting daily videos while quarantined and keep your audience in check. You can create videos regarding what you do regularly while the outbreak of COVID-19 persists. Moreover, keeping your audience and potential followers updated with your daily life enables you to build a strong online relationship which can drive traffic to your tweets and profile.

Increase Your Twitter Followers

Whether you use your Twitter profile for marketing, business, or promotion, increasing your Twitter fanbase is a crucial step. Influencers or business owners, like you, should take note that having a higher count of followers over your competitors gives you a considerable advantage over the market. Not only will you have better social credibility, but it also gives you extensive traffic to your profile. And one of the best ways of increasing your fanbase is by purchasing them through a legit vendor like Buy Followers Guide

The Bottom Line: Why Should You Buy Twitter Followers While Under Quarantine?

Since most people are staying at home due to the outbreak, you can use this situation to increase your Twitter followers. Twitter users are more inclined to visit or take an interest in your tweets and profile if you have a decent amount of existing followers. In fact, if your profile does not have enough visibility and followers, all your tweets would be overshadowed by the competition, even if they are relevant and informative. For this reason, buying Twitter followers online will get you that boost in follower count to build a solid foundation for your Twitter profile.

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