Your Guide To Buying Followers

Everything you need to know about buying Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud & Vine followers.


Buying followers has become a popular method for businesses, celebrities and influencers to grow their presence and popularity on Twitter and many other social media sites. About 28% of Twitter users have purchased followers and the numbers continue to grow. Here we explore this industry, review providers and provide you with guides and tips to buy with confidence.

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Where To Buy Followers – Top 3 Providers

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#3 Twitter Boost

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Can You Really Buy Followers?

Yes, you can.
There are tons of companies that will sell you followers on Twitter & Instagram. Every company is a little different on how they do it, but just to name a few: Rewards Networks, where users gain rewards to follow you (they may unfollow afterwards). Follow-first, where a company logs in to your account and follows relevant users in hopes they follow-back. Bot Accounts where a company manages Twitter accounts and has them follow you when you purchase.


Are The Followers Real?

Sometimes. It varies with each company.

Buy Twitter Followers services vary a lot. Some services are cheaper, but offer inactive followers. Other services are a bit more expensive, and may offer slightly more active followers. However, these active followers may unfollow your account later, or require a follow back, while inactive followers may stick around longer or permanently.


Why would you Buy Followers?

It’s about Social Proof.

Buying followers isn’t about getting genuine followers (that’s called marketing). People buy followers to look more reputable, to increase social credibility, and to appear more popular in hopes that people will see it as the next best thing, and jump on the bandwagon. Essentially, fake it til’ you make it.

Super Twitter Bird

Where Can I Buy Followers?

10,000 Choices. Take A Pick!

There are thousands of websites that sell followers. Some websites are good, others are less than good. Checkout the reputable Buy Twitter Followers Reviews, or jump over to our own Where To Buy page.

After You Buy

Use The Credibility!

If you bought followers, what’s the next step? Well, it’s simple. Use Your Twitter and Start Marketing. We go through it all in our guide.


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