How to Use Rich Pins to Grow your Pinterest Following

Use Rich Pins to Grow Your Pinterest Following

Pinterest can be more valuable for business than other larger social media networks because it directly aligns with your sales goals. People come to the network to find inspiration and plan events. Because of this, Pinterest is one of the highest drivers of referral traffic to websites, second only to Facebook. It allows you to convert more of your fans into paying customers who will easily become your brand evangelists. Below are ways you can use rich pins to grow your following on Pinterest.

What are rich pins?

Rich pins have extra details and more information than regular pins. They are also known as super pins or enhanced pins. They show the pin’s metadata on the pin itself, thus giving users a better experience and driving engagement. The extra information in a rich pin is independent of the description. There are six types of rich pins: product, recipe, article, movie, place and apps.

To use rich pins, your account must be verified business account. You will need to prepare your website with meta tags, test out the rich pins and then apply to get them on Pinterest. Preparing and testing your site’s meta tags can be a bit technical, so you might need some help from your web developer. To get started using rich pins, you can find documentation about choosing the most appropriate type of rich pin for you and how to find the right meta tags for to add to your website.

Rich pins have higher engagement rates as compared to regular pins. According to a study by Get Elastic, pins with prices receive 36% more likes as compared to those without. Rich pins also drive more referrals to your website, according to Target, whose Pinterest referrals grew by 70% after implementing rich pins.

Why use rich pins?

Rich pins show up more in searches that regular pins. Since they have extra metadata, it’s easier for search engines to index them. They also help to boost your visibility and branding because they include the name and logo of your business below you images, which makes them stand out more.

Rich pins allow your followers to perform actions without leaving Pinterest. For instance, with app rich pins, a user can install an app directly from Pinterest. They will also show the prices and availability of your products and allow users to make purchases. When information changes on your website, such as a change in price, rich pins automatically update the new information on the pins, saving you from having to make the changes manually. In addition, users who have pinned your rich pins will receive email alerts every time you drop your products’ prices. Rich pins therefore also work for target marketing.

How to grow an audience with rich pins?

Before you can start using rich pins, you need to decide which type of pin you will be using, because you’re only allowed to use one type of rich pin. Your choice will depend on your products, content and target audience. Using rich pins will drive more search traffic to your account because rich pins show up higher in search results. Use rich pins to forge greater intimacy with your audience by sharing more information and making it easier and faster for them to engage with and perform actions on your pins.

Pro tip: buy Pinterest followers for added effect

To further enhance the effect of rich pins, you can buy Pinterest followers. Buying followers works through the concept of social proof, where people’s behavior is influenced by the behavior of others around them. When you buy followers, people assume you are popular, and more of them will be willing to follow you as a result. This will help more people find your rich pins by expanding your audience on Pinterest, which will in turn enable them to drive more engagements and help you sell more or increase traffic to your site.

For this strategy to be effective, you need to ensure that you buy high-quality followers. If you buy low-quality followers, they are likely to be removed and your account could get suspended. Instead, you should buy real, active followers from reputable companies.

To evaluate whether a seller is reputable, you should check the payment options they accept, their prices as compared to the average, whether they offer replacements, money-back guarantees and the ease of placing an order.

Interested in finding reputable companies where you can buy Pinterest followers? Check out our reviews of the top 4 companies for buying Pinterest followers.

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