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How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others on Social Media and Love Who You Are

We all do this because we’re human, prone to envy and low self-esteem, wired to seek approval, and powerless in the face of inexorable human nature. Yet, even though comparing ourselves to others is normal and human, it isn‘t always healthy.

We all compare ourselves to others. If we’re honest we do it pretty much all the time whether we’re online or not and sometimes, we come up short.

Indeed, no matter how many times we tell ourselves to stop comparing our looks, personalities, achievements, jobs, cars or other personal possessions with those of others, we still do it.

We all do this because we’re human, prone to envy and low self-esteem, wired to seek approval, and powerless in the face of inexorable human nature. Yet, even though comparing ourselves to others is normal and human, it isn‘t always healthy.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

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The challenge has always been to rise above such human tendencies, though this task is made even more difficult today with social media at everyone’s fingertips.

Social media has given us more to measure ourselves up against others, more ways to measure those things, and more opportunities to do that measuring. From profile pictures to numbers of friends to phenomenal vacation photos to major life events, people are trying to post the best versions of their lives.

This makes falling into the comparison trap easier than ever before, and practically encourages it.

Are you falling into this trap, endlessly comparing yourself to others on social media? Learn how you can fight your own insecurities the next time you find yourself thinking any of the following thoughts, wishing you were somebody else living a life you only glimpse through social media.

Other People have Better Pictures

If you’re on Instagram, expect that everyone’s pictures are going to be smashing. Instagram, after all, is where people showcase beautiful pictures of themselves and of others.

However, you can also take gorgeous photos using your phone and without spending a ton of money hiring professional photographers. You just need to spend a bit of time and effort learning how, just like many others have done.

So, don’t write off Instagram yet even if all your friends are posting perfect photos of different exotic places and all you can capture are pictures of herbs on your kitchen windowsill and the different ways your cat yawns. If you do it right, your pictures will be more beautiful than theirs.

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Take photos of everyday objects in your house or random observations on your way to work. There are people doing these exact things on Instagram and gaining a solid following while they’re at it.

Unique photos and large followings are two things that can attract people on Instagram. Work on your photography skills and buy Instagram followers to inflate your followers count, and you’ll most likely end up with a big surge of organic new followers yourself.

Social media users like following popular people and people who seem like an authority in their niche. Bought followers will give you the appearance of being popular and an influencer, encouraging people to flock to your account.

Everybody Else has a Fabulous Life

This is a lie and you know it, though sometimes if you’re feeling down life can feel this way.

Perfect, in this world, does not exist. No one leads a perfect life and the perfection you see on social media is the result of people faking things in order to look happy, rich, successful — like they’re living a perfect life.

Certainly, nobody is about to post all about her meltdown when her significant other forgot their anniversary (or most people wouldn’t, at least). People only post what they want others to know, and some people go to great lengths to make sure nothing they ever do looks bad in any way. Everything may look peachy and perfect from your perspective, but remember that it isn’t.

They have Better-looking Feeds

The subject in your photo is important in creating impressive Instagram feeds but it’s not all you should focus on. For instance, color coordination, theme, filter, and layout all contribute to a nice-looking feed.

Check out this eye candy. That’s some perfect color coordination.

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Learn how you can transform your feed from boring to eye-catching. You can change the order of your photos or even delete ugly ones. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Other People have Beautiful, Popular Friends

Posting photos of popular people with you in them is the online equivalent of name-dropping. However, just because people post pictures with popular “friends,” that doesn’t mean they’re actually friends in real life. If they are, then good for them!

Don’t base your own self-worth on your lack of celebrity friends, though. Draw your self-esteem from your inner self. Though if you feel your personal confidence grows by having plenty of friends, then consider growing your followers online.

Buy social media followers to attract more real followers for your account. The more followers you have, the more likely people will be to people click that Follow button, too. It’s the power of social proof.

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Your Friends have More Followers than You

Just because you don’t have a thousand online friends doesn’t mean you are not capable of making friends in real-life or that you aren’t likable. That is what a recent study into the differences between our lives on and off social media found. Online friends are not the same as real friends.

Still, it is easier to find friends online than offline, and in fact, more and more people, particularly teens, prefer making friends online than offline. If you feel the same, you can always kickstart the growth of your followers by, again, buying social media followers.

A high follower count can make people appear popular, influential, and credible, which is exactly the reason why you want more followers yourself. We also all want to be friends with popular people, and so when you buy followers, you’ll appear famous and your popularity will help you gain real online friends.

Other People get More Post Engagement

A large following helps in having more likes, comments, and shares. Build a big following to expand your reach and increase engagement on your posts.

If you’re a brand waiting for your followers to grow, work on increasing your post engagement by using more effective calls-to-action, launching contests, or simply asking for a retweet, share, or comment.

Always Love Yourself!

Someone will always look better, have more friends, more attractive photos, or more comments and likes on their posts. So, stop habitually comparing yourself to others because you’re bound to often find yourself holding the short end of the stick.

Instead, focus on your own gifts and on the positive things you can do to improve your social media presence. Remember too, that real life is not the same as your social media life. Work on having better online relationships but don’t forget your real offline friends.

Most of all, love yourself. If you don’t, it will be harder for everyone else to!

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