Staying Safe and Informed About COVID-19 Through Twitter

Staying Safe and Informed about COVID-19 through Twitter

The global community is now facing the COVID-19 pandemic. As this happens, buying Twitter followers is aiding people to find relevant and reliable information. It also serves as a platform where people connect with others and follow the latest happenings in real-time. For this reason, the social media giant is providing its users with a number of tools and updates that they can use to stay informed and remain connected during these trying times.

Staying Safe and Informed about COVID-19 through Twitter

Twitter’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Global Expansion of the Research Prompt of COVID-19

This one is launched just six days before the coronavirus’s official designation in January 2020. Now, the company continues to expand its research prompt feature. This is to ensure that when a Twitter user comes to the service to get information about the virus, they will find credible and authoritative content. In addition, Twitter is continuously monitoring the conversation on the service. This ensurest hat all keywords, even the most common misspellings, would show relevant results to the search prompt. 

Furthermore, buy real folllowers on Twitter services have also partnered with the World Health Organization or the national public health agency in the countries where this initiative was launched. As of now, more than 70 countries around the world have access to the proactive search prompt. 

COVID-19 Tab in Explore

Last May 18, the social media giant integrated a new tab in its Explore feature. The said tab helps people find the latest information about COVID-19 easier and faster. 

The COVID-19 tab will feature curated pages that highlight the latest news like public service announcements. Tweets from public health experts, journalists, and stories about how others are coping and helping one another will also be featured in the said tab.

Staying Safe and Informed about COVID-19 through Twitter

A New Dedicated #KnowTheFacts Search Prompt

Twitter aims to show people what it is doing to serve them with the right information. It also aims to promote constructive engagement and highlight relevant and truthful information about the said topic. 

Considering the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic as well as the growing international response, the social media giant launched its latest dedicated research prompt about the coronavirus. This ensures that all the information accessed by Twitter users is true and verified. In addition, the company will stop its auto-suggest results. The reason is that these auto-suggests are directing individuals to non-credible information within the platform. This step is also an expansion of Twitter’s Know the facts prompt. The said prompt is particularly put in place in order to help the public find clear and credible information about vaccination health and immunization.

Twitter Clarified How It Assesses Misleading Tweets

Fake and misleading information is very common among social media platforms. For this reason, Twitter clarified its policies against potentially misleading tweets about COVID-19. This clarification includes additional information about the factors that Twitter takes into account when considering content for the takedown.

According to Twitter, its primary goal is to address misleading information about COVID-19. For this reason, it will continue to take down demonstrably fake or misleading information that has the highest risks to cause harm. 

Twitter Updated Its Approach to Misleading Information

Another goal for Twitter is to make it easier for users to find relevant and credible information on the platform. It also aims to limit the proliferation of potentially harmful and misleading content. For this reason, the social media giant introduced new labels as well as warning messages. Such will provide additional information and context regarding some tweets that contain misleading information about COVID-19.

This update will help people land on relevant and truthful information whenever they search for COVID-19 related news on Twitter.

Twitter Broadened Its Definition of “Harm”

The social media giant has broadened its definition of harm. This is to address content that directly goes against the platform’s guidelines from authoritative sources of both local and global public health information. 

Instead of telling people to report harmful content, Twitter enforced the aforementioned step in close coordination with its trusted partners. The company’s partners include governments and health authorities. 

Twitter, along with its partners, continuously use and consult with information from sources whenever they are reviewing content. 

Moreover, Twitter also announced that it will prioritize taking down content when it promotes a risk to an individual’s well-being or health. However, the social media giant pointed out that it will not be able to take enforcement action on all the tweets that hold incomplete information about the pandemic. The social media giant added that broadening the definition of harm is not meant to limit expressing hope about the studies related to potential COVID-19 cure or any good faith discussion. 

Staying Safe and Informed about COVID-19 through Twitter

Ever since this policy was introduced last March 18, Twitter has already removed over 1,100 tweets that contain potentially harmful and misleading content. In addition, the platform’s automated systems have challenged over 1.5 million Twitter accounts that targeted discussions around COVID-19 in manipulative or spammy behaviors. 

The Use of Automated Technology

As mentioned, Twitter expanded its definition of harm. This was done in order to address content that directly goes against the authoritative sources of health information. 

In addition to the aforementioned policy, Twitter also increased the use of automation and machine learning in order to implement a wide range of action against potentially abusive and manipulative tweets. 

Moreover, the social media giant made it clear that it is working to make sure that its systems remain consistent. However, it can still sometimes lack the context brought by its teams, potentially resulting in making mistakes. As a result, Twitter will not permanently suspend any accounts that are detected solely by its automated enforcement systems. Rather, it will continue to find opportunities to build in human review checks where they will impact the most.

Twitter’s Zero-tolerance Approach to Platform Manipulation 

Twitter continues its zero-tolerance approach when it comes to platform manipulation as well as any attempts to abuse its platform. In addition, the company will remain vigilant as well as invested substantially in its proactive abilities to ensure that everything within the platform is protected from malicious behavior.

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