Performance Advertising For Twitter Followers: 2021 Edition

Performance Advertising On Twitter: How It Began vs. How It Has Been

Buying real Twitter followers is very popular due to its transparency. It always makes sure that people can access all of the data that are available for the public

However, the open nature of this platform has resulted in a number of unprecedented challenges in terms of protecting privacy rights and freedom of expression. Still, the social media giant believes that transparency is the major principle in its mission to protect the open internet. 

Performance Advertising On Twitter: How It Began vs. How It Has Been

To continue its commitment to being a transparent platform, on February 8, 2021, the micro-blogging platform Twitter released an article that contains all the updates about its performance advertising efforts.

An Update On the Progress of Twitter’s Performance Advertising

Late last year, the top 10 sites to buy Twitter followers built its Carousel Ads launch. In addition, it concluded two important milestones. First is the rebuilds of the platform’s Website Clicks and App Installs objectives. The rebuilds are focused on getting the platform’s fundamentals right. It also aims to include improvements across five different areas — Quality Supply, Campaign Management, Optimization, Ad Formats, and Measurement. 

Additionally, the social media giant’s commitment to developing the important tools needed by advertisers to launch campaigns and drive customer acquisition is already in the works. For this reason, the company shared to the public more about the progress that it has made:

Progress 1. Twitter Completed the Rebuild of its App Installs Objective

Twitter rebuilt its App Installs objective’s foundation in order to help advertisers in launching, managing, and measuring app install campaigns better than ever. As part of the rebuilding efforts, Twitter redesigned a number of its most famous formats. The aim is to drive higher engagement. In addition, the redesign increased mobile app impressions by 80 percent as well as improved prediction and measurement. It also developed a faster and even more intuitive experience in terms of campaign creation.

Below are the changes that Twitter did during the rebuild:

Enhanced creative formats

Apart from Twitter’s recent improvement in Carousel Ads, the company also made a number of improvements to Twitter App Cards. This improvement made them a lot more engaging than they were before by adding more information and context. That includes app price, app ratings, as well as download details. All of these help the platform better in serving up-and-coming apps by providing them with more credibility. As a result, there was more than 8.88 percent install per impression improvement.

Improved prediction and supply

The social media giant has also launched a combination of bid optimization, prediction, supply, as well as supply quality improvements. The aim of this move is to deliver more performance and stability. In addition, the company upgraded its infrastructure as well as how its ad serving works within the platform’s timeline. As a result, a significant number of impressions that App Install advertisers are now winning in the platform’s auction. 

Easier setup and management of campaign

In addition to the aforementioned changes, Twitter also improved the aspects of its Ad Manager to make it more intuitive. These improvements include a single tab between Tweet creation experiences for advertisers. This is to allow them to build their entire creative in one go, thus reducing the amount of time consumed and the number of interfaces that advertisers should navigate.

Performance Advertising On Twitter: How It Began vs. How It Has Been

Apart from that, there was also an update on Twitter’s Ad Group Details page. This has simplified optimization and bidding combinations. 

Improved measurement

Finally, the social media giant has implemented measurement solutions. This aims to help advertisers more accurately attribute installs as well as navigate the upcoming network of iOS 14 called ATT or app tracking transparency framework.  

Progress 2. Twitter Introduced Twitter Click ID and Improved Conversion Optimization

There are a lot of advertisers who are focused on driving outcomes for their websites. For this reason, the social media giant is working hard in terms of work improving formats, optimization models, and measurement. This will increase click-to-land rates and promote the reduction of reporting discrepancies between third-party reporting and Twitter reporting. 

Notably, the industry is shifting away from using third-party cookies in determining if an ad resulted in a site visit. For this reason, Twitter has improved its Twitter Website Tag through the development of the first-party click ID parameter. 

Twitter Click ID works by providing a reliable method of measuring discrepancies. This way, advertisers will be able to access better data and a measurement solution that is long-term in the cookie-less advertising industry. 

How Twitter Click ID Works

When a user clicks on a website ad, the unique identifier of the Twitter Click ID will be automatically appended in the URL. When that person lands on the website and the Twitter pixel detects it, the ID will be captured and sent to Twitter. The platform will then use this ID to attribute the site visit to the click. 

According to the test results released by Twitter, there is a 10 times increase in the reported site visits in Twitter Ads Manager. 

Moreover, the social media giant also upgraded its conversion optimization model. This was done to improve campaigns that are optimized for site visits. Twitter said that its system is now improved and better in terms of identifying people who are more likely to check out an advertiser’s website. During testing done recently, the social media giant observed a median increase in terms of click-to-land rate of more than 26 percent. In addition, there was a significant fluctuation in cost per site visit in Twitter Ads Manager. 

Performance Advertising On Twitter: How It Began vs. How It Has Been

Furthermore, the company made improvements to its Website Card format as well. It included better navigation to a full-screen browser, improved usability of media controls, and reduced loading time for websites. 

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