How to Optimize the Use of Hashtags on Twitter for More Likes

How to Optimize the Use of Hashtags on Twitter for More Likes

When taking a look at some of the most used features of social media platforms, hashtags are never left out of the picture. The fantastic use of hashtags has brought about more significant ways of promoting a profile, an event, or content found online. Twitter is one of the many social media sites that has allowed the use of hashtags on its platform. With the many active users across the platform, hashtags have become one of the most used features.

If you run a business, hashtags are a must-use as they practically aid the portion of the promotion of your brand. Asides using hashtags, people also need to learn how to optimize the benefits it provides through its use. Are you somebody who is itching to figure out how to maximize the use of hashtags on Twitter? This article should effectively guide you on how you can do this.

Below, we will talk about some of the best ways people can optimize the use of hashtags and equally get the best out of Twitter with it. These hashtags are a critical strategy to get more retweets as well! Let’s dive in;

How to Optimize the Use of Hashtags on Twitter for More Likes in 2020

Choose Hashtags Wisely: Use Data!

Hashtags come as unique tools for making awareness in a short time. With their nature of being created easily, people can work with them anytime they wish. By while working with hashtags, you should be ready to do your research.

You can always do your research on hashtags by typing in the hashtag in the search box of the platform. This provides you with what hashtags are trending, giving you an idea of what could work best in promoting your post across Twitter. Also, by taking note of what hashtags are trending, you stand a chance to get involved and use the trending hashtags to the advantage of your business, profile, or post.

Apart from using hashtags that are topping the trending board, you must be ready to use relevant ones that work best with your post. To pick related hashtags, keep it in mind that what your post needs is something that describes and defines it while still engaging users across the platform.

Choosing the kind of hashtags you use must be done wisely. These tips put forward to you should help you do that.

Use Branded Hashtags if Possible

If you run a brand on the Twitter platform, hashtags that are branded can always come in handy at certain times. For example, when creating a post about your brand online, using a branded hashtag that signals your brand name is a great way to use branded hashtags on Twitter. Branded hashtags are perfect tools for people who hope to stand out from others and ensure they leave an impact on their audience. With branded hashtags, your content stays unique and can become something trendy everyone will be talking about.

Custom hashtags can also be used when you do not have a brand. This kind of hashtags can be used during the period of an event. If you have an event coming on, hashtags can do a great job in not just boosting the excitement around, but to also help spread words faster. With hashtags, you can keep track of what your audience thinks about a specific event. This event can be an actual event or a competition/promo you are hosting on your Twitter profile.

Don’t Spam Hashtags!

Keeling your hashtags brief is a crucial step you must take when trying to optimize its use. This allows you to avoid boring your audience as people can sometimes lose interest when straining themselves to read something online.

Too long hashtags can disengage a user on social media, and this is something you should always avoid on Twitter. Keeping your hashtags brief will always come in handy when keeping their readability on a standard level.

Of course, some multi-word hashtags need to be huge to make sense. You should always make use of camel casing when dealing with this mind of hashtags.

Limit the Number of Hashtags you use in 2020

As you use hashtags, keep in mind that you must always avoid using too many of them. By limiting the number of hashtags you use, you can prevent your post from containing spam, or even disengaging the user. Using too many hashtags in one post is not a great idea, as not all users who see your post filled with a large number of hashtags will show interest. As you work with hashtags, try to avoid doing this as it can save the Twitter profile from unfollows.

When making a post with hashtags in it, use a limited number of hashtags. This keeps your post a lot cleaner than it would look if you use a lot of hashtags. Of course, using a lot of hashtags will boost engagement widely. However, this can be considered as spam and can harm the people you call your audience and will most likely disengage some of them.

Target Keywords with your Hashtags

Just like most content you find online, keywords are essential in promoting your hashtags. By spotting what keywords should be your target, you stand a chance to use them in your hashtags and boost the engagement that comes to your post on Twitter.

Most people usually search for posts using unique keywords. If you understand what keywords matter the most within your niche, using them within your hashtags can bring a lot of good activity to your Twitter post.

The first step to target keywords with your hashtags is to research what the audience within your niche searches. After figuring this out, you will need to pick the best hashtags with those keywords while ensuring they fit right into your posts.


Hashtags are great for just about anyone who needs to grow the engagement level on their Twitter profile. If you are someone who needs a better level of engagement, hashtags are a must-use. However, using these hashtags can be optimized to give the best results. The above tips should help you do this.

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