How To Get More Retweets On Twitter

twitter-retweetsExpanding your reach on Twitter comes down to ‘meeting’ more people. The easiest way to do this is by getting your tweets retweeted. That way your followers are doing your marketing for you by exposing your content to their followers. This concept forms the basis for Twitter’s exceptional sharing of information, and you need to capitalize on it if you want your Twitter account to go anywhere.

In this guide we’re going to look at all of the ways that you can get more retweets on Twitter. There will be some basic, beginner type content, as well as more advanced content that will push your Twitter account into the next level.

To further your understanding, there will be an example tweet which shows what is going on in the section described. Some will be serious examples of modern marketing methods. Others will just be fun, but on point!

The Basic Concepts To Getting More Retweets

Asking for retweets – the easiest way to get retweets on Twitter

This may sound like a ‘duh’ moment, but we assure you that a simple call to action that asks for retweets will help you get people pushing that button. Studies have shown that simply asking “Please retweet” can increase your chances of being retweeted by 160%!

Other effective calls to action for more retweets include:

● Retweet if you agree
● Retweet to say thanks
● Please retweet
● Please RT
● RT

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just a good and simple practice!

— Matt Goss (@mattgoss) October 8, 2014


Use a photo in your tweet

A study conducted by Twitter found that photos receive the highest number of retweets (35% more!) out of all content. This plays right into Twitter’s wheelhouse of instantly recognizable content for short attention spans. You can scroll quickly through your feed, see a picture, and instantly like it enough for a retweet.

Use your Twitter photos wisely. You can insert words that help you when you need more than 140 characters to relay information, then save the text area for hashtags and a call to action. You can also try experimenting with the new GIFs on Twitter (see below example) feature for extra fun!



Retweets are all about timing

You’ll never get retweets if your fans aren’t on Twitter. Figuring out when they’re actually around to push retweet is crucial, and there are a number of ways to do it. The easiest is to use a tool like Tweriod or Socialbro.

When you use these tools you’ll be able to pinpoint when you have the highest number of your followers on Twitter, and can target them with effective retweet-able content!


Send your content out twice: Retweet yourself

Some may argue that this is a spam tactic, but it is an essential tactic for those with followers in multiple time zones. Make sure that if you do tweet out the same content more than once that the second/third/fourth tweets are unique. Change the wording, change the link placement, and give your users who do come across the same tweet more than once something new to look at.



Space out your tweets

Nothing gets older quicker than an account that tweets all of its content out at once. You may not have the time to log into Twitter repeatedly throughout the day to post your retweet-able content, but you can use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets in advance, freeing you from the content glut! Our guide on managing your Twitter accounts dives into this topic in detail.


Content Ideas For More Retweets on Twitter

Offer information that is useful, helpful, or informative

Tweets about what’s going on in your day may interested your friends, and they could even start a conversation, but they rarely get retweets. You need to send out tweets that offer something to your followers.

Remember that social media marketing is value added marketing. You can add value to your Twitter feed by sharing articles and thoughts that help your followers in some way.

A business would also be wise to invest in a specific support/help account:


Try to offer unique content

Tweeting out the same content as everyone else will result in your tweets getting treated like most everyone else – you’ll be ignored. Offering a unique opinion or insight into a story can see your message getting many retweets.

Take a look at the trending topics on the left hand side, and see if you can offer anything unique to the discussion based on your strengths. The hashtag #RedMoon was trending at the time this was sent out:


Send out lists

What are you reading right now? A guide…that’s a list of useful retweet tips. People love to read them, and they’re an easy retweet on Twitter. This is due to how much people enjoy skim reading online, and is also why we broke this post up into so many different headings – it’s easier to skim read.

It also works with tragicomedy:


The words you use also impact how many retweets you get

Dan Zarella did a study on retweets which showed what the 20 most retweeted words are Starting from the most popular:

  1. you
  2. twitter
  3. please
  4. retweet
  5. post
  6. blog
  7. social
  8. free
  9. media
  10. help
  11. please retweet
  12. great
  13. social media
  14. 10
  15. follow
  16. how to
  17. top
  18. blog post
  19. check out
  20. new blogpost

See how “please,” “retweet,” and “please retweet are on this list? Maybe our advice from above about asking for retweets wasn’t so bad!

Looking deeper at this, you can see some trends emerging as to not only what words you can use to get more retweets, but what content. Start working this into your tweets and you’ll see you retweets increase.

This tweet rocked the “new blogpost” phrase:


When all else fails, tweet quotes

Quotes, especially those that are imposed upon images, are some of the easier retweets you’ll get. That Twitter study above showed a 19% increase in retweets when using quotes. They’re also some of the most pointless tweets as they rarely drive people to follow you, or say much about your brand message.

Still, you can use a few quotes that are directly related to your brand our personal style, and gain some exposure from them. Just don’t make them the main course of your ‘get more retweets’ meal – they’re not very filling!

If you’re still short on tweeting ideas, we have a cool guide on 10 things you can tweet that should help even the worst tweeters find great things to share with followers.


Twitter Etiquette Tips For More Retweets

Leave room for retweets

Sure, you get 140 characters to make your point, but what about the person who wants to retweet you? They may want to add a little comment, and the “RT” at the beginning also takes up space. Try to leave space in every tweet so that people don’t have to edit your tweets before retweeting them. An ideal length is around 110 characters.


Build relationships

Having a whole bunch of followers via retweets is always nice, but what’s even better is building relationships with key influencers that leads to many retweets over time. This makes it so you don’t get one retweet once from some random person, and instead get many retweets from someone nearly every time you send something out.

To do this, you have to stop looking at Twitter as a place to push out your links and start looking at it as a place where you can learn, laugh, and build relationships with people – people who may become your customers, followers, AND friends.


Join in on other content by sharing other people’s content

This is one of those moments where you’re trying to court the favor of a more powerful Twitter user. By sharing their content, and giving them a @mention, you can get them to retweet your tweet out to their following.

It may not work the first time, but you’re free to tweet out as much as you want – there’s no charge for posting to Twitter! Keep trying, and eventually you’ll get those retweets. Even if you don’t, you’re still turning out content that can earn you followers, and maybe get retweets from those who know the Twitter follower you’re trying to reach.

Watch how this guy got the attention of Arsenal FC, his favorite club, by using their @username. He got a retweet from @ArsensalFC, and many more, using this technique.


Getting more retweets on Twitter

As the guide has shown you, there are some clear steps to take to get more retweets, increase your reach, and start sharing your content with people who want to hear your message.

You can start as simply as asking for retweets, or get more complicated by looking at ideal posting times and what language works better at getting more retweets. Start with the tips you’re most comfortable with – don’t overwhelm yourself and give up! Instead, build a new skill in as you become an expert at getting more retweets!

Need MORE inspiration? Here are the two most retweeted messages of all time: