How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Twitter is a social network widely used by professionals, and the microblogging platform par excellence. Less fashionable than Instagram or Snapchat, less popular than Facebook, it is still essential to communicate with your users or develop your brand. Tweeting short messages, the humor of users and the commitment of the community have made it the best platform to promote your business.

How does Twitter work? Who are its users? Can we sell on Twitter? These are questions asked by most business owners on Twitter.

Many brands today use Twitter to communicate with their customers and respond to their problems quickly. The social network can indeed serve as an after-sales service, and you can also pin Tweets that return to your tutorials or Frequently Asked Questions; this will help your clients get answers very quickly.

How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Sort Your Profile Out

First and foremost, ensure your username is short, unique, and easy to recognize – in the sense that if someone searches, they will be able to find your page. In respect of that, ensure all your names are the same across all your social media profiles. If you use a different name on Facebook and another on Instagram, your followers get easily confused, making your page harder to find.

If you’re just getting started, ensure your username is relevant to your company. This time, ensure you steer clear of names with numbers as they’re harder to remember while those that are lengthy are less appealing to customers.

As for the profile picture, most brands are likely to use a logo or images that relate to what their product is all about. Secondly, your profile picture should be one that is professional enough. In the sense that it should have a neat background, contain enough details, and of good quality.

Leverage On Influencers

To build your audience, you need to do more than engage with your followers. You have to develop some rapport with top Influencers on your niche, and this doesn’t mean that you should comment or retweet on all their posts, instead take some time to engage with their tweets whenever you can as this will get you more followers.

You should know if someone is an Influencer in your field, they must have the kind of audience you want. Hence, gaining traffic from such medium increases conversion as your post is likely to appeal to their interest.

Finding an Influencer isn’t an easy task, and gaining their attention is even more tedious. However, you shouldn’t be desperate, and neither should you take this opportunity to spam their post.

Make Tweets Engaging

Most brands are one dimensional with their tweets, they appear too pushy rather than trying to build a connection with their audience. Tweets are more than mere messages and Should contain a headline that grabs attention; this could be a question or a quote. They should pave the way for a conversation and should increase your audience’s curiosity.

To have an idea about what to tweet about, study what the Influencers in your niche are doing. They may not be right all the time, but there’s always something new to learn. From research, tweets that ask questions increase engagement by 40%, while those with only linked record the lowest.

Chat With Customers Through Direct Message

If a customer makes a negative comment about your post, you can get in touch with them through direct message. Now, a direct message is a way of interacting with customers and also getting feedback.

Replying to clients through direct message is advisable for a lot of reasons. First, you don’t want other followers to know about the issue especially if it will create a negative perception about your business. Secondly, there’s no limit to the number of words you can use on DM.

As expected, only your followers, as well as those you follow, can send you a direct message. Hence, only your customers can contact you.

Host Live Tweets

Live Tweets are unpopular, but they create a medium of increasing conversation. Live Tweets are tweets used to generate interaction related to a live event; this could be breaking news or issues related to your favorite TV show. It could also be a trending event like the Grammy Awards or Jennifer Lawrence slipping on the red carpet.

Use Paid Adverts

Posting on Twitter is free, but advertising comes at a cost. Just like on Facebook, promoting your products on Twitter increases conversion as only users that are likely to buy will see the ad, provided you get your targeting right.

There are several ways of promoting your tweets on Twitter. Promoted tweets are regular Ads shown on followers feed. Promoted tweets allow you to reach people even beyond your audience base. Unlike on Facebook, where ads are labeled as “sponsored posts,” on Twitter, the tag is “promoted posts.”

Promoted accounts, on the other hand, are designed to help brands grow their followers base. You will see Ads for promoted accounts at several points on Twitter. Only users who are likely to have interest in an advertiser’s post-promoted ad will see it. And they are labeled “promoted post” just like on promoted tweets.


Most Twitter users are fond of buying followers to increase their followers base without putting in much work. There are several services for buying Twitter followers but look beyond those if you want to keep your account in the long run. Fake followers won’t increase interaction since they aren’t real.

Secondly, ensure you use the Twitter mobile App to access features absent on the web version. Lastly, ensure you carry out in-depth research before using paid ads. Not doing so will land you in trouble as you end up not getting the reward you want even after spending heavily.

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