How to Gain Organic Followers on any Social Media Platform

Looking to build a following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or some other social media platform? You’re in the right place, because we’re about to show you exactly how you can do that by following a few simple guidelines. Let’s get to it!

instagram dog Engage with your audience

Getting your followers or subscribers to comment or reply on your status, photos or videos is the best way to get more organic growth to your page. Whenever someone interacts with your page, it typically will alert everyone on their friends list, which can often result in them checking out your page.

You can encourage audience engagement by adding a call to action in your status, photo, or video. Simply ask viewers to comment with something related to the video, for example, if you were posting a photo of a dog you could ask viewers to comment with their dog’s breed or something along those lines. Just make it something quick and simple that people will actually want to do, as the main objective is to get the interaction. 


Share, share and… oh right, share

Get out on other social media platforms and share your page, as you’ll reach way more people than if you just focus on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube alone. Another really effective form of advertisement is sharing on websites related to your page. Doing this directly might get you marked as spam, so it is best to first become an active member of the community with your page only being linked in-directly through your profile on their website. Eventually, you can start sharing your page without others marking it as spam, as you’ll be recognized as someone who is reputable on the site.


buy-twitter-followers-social-proof Buy a Follower Kickstart

Yes, we know the article is entitled how to gain organic followers, but this actually works. The fact is, having a higher amount of views, likes, subscribers, or followers, will positively affect your organic growth. Therefore, if you purchase say 10,000 Twitter Followers or Facebook Likes, others users that find your account or page will see your popularity and be more inclined to follow or like you as well.

However, this really only works if the followers, likes, views or social signals you purchase are high-quality or real. Fake or low-quality results may help a little (if at all), but usually does more harm than good. This is one of the biggest reasons we personally review companies that offer these type of services. That way, you can buy Twitter followers or Instagram followers properly and actually experience the positive results, rather than get stuck with a bad company that screws you over.


These were just three things that you can do to grow your following, attract more viewers and gather up more likes. There are still thousands of other ways to grow on social media, which you’ll slowly learn by using social media and subscribing to our blog for more articles like this.

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