How You Can Double Your Twitter Followers In a Matter of Five Minutes a Day

How You Can Double Your Twitter Followers In a Matter of Five Minutes a Day

Twitter is undoubtedly a huge part of every person’s social media life. Regardless if their account is for business or personal purposes, the platform has already invaded the life of a lot of individuals. In fact, Twitter has nearly 650 million users. These users post over 500,000 tweets every day. Needless to say, the internet has overflowing opportunities to attract large numbers of new followers. 

For the reason mentioned above, businesses do different tactics in order to attract new hordes of followers. They try to reach those people who are likely interested in their brands in hopes of converting them into customers. 

How You Can Double Your Twitter Followers In a Matter of Five Minutes a Day

Regardless if you already have a sizable following, you can still attract more. You just need to do several simple changes to your buying real follower’s safety approach.

Ways of Boosting Your Twitter Following

One of the most simple ways of increasing your Twitter followers is to utilize the connections that you already have. The Find Friends feature of Twitter allows you to search your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, and AOL address books. This will help you find out who among your contacts already have signed up for Twitter. In addition, you can import your contacts manually– either one contact at a time or with .csv-copied addresses. 

Following contacts who you are already connected to will encourage them to follow you back. In addition, you will be able to see who they are following. This will expand your list of potential followers. 

How You Can Double Your Twitter Followers In a Matter of Five Minutes a Day

Moreover, adding contacts is one thing. But it is also important that you interact with your Twitter followers. You are more likely to attract new followers if you engage in a conversation with them. Also, it is important that you provide them with high-quality posts that would be useful and meaningful for them. This way, they will get more information from you and see you as a relevant account to follow.

How to Double Your Twitter Following in Only Five Minutes Per Day

Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms on the internet. It has more than 645 million existing users. Apart from that, about 135,000 new users are signing up every day. So, if you are trying to boost your follower count on the platform, the best thing to do is to engage with them at least five minutes each day. This is because users are more likely to follow accounts that actively answer their questions. 

In addition, you need to provide your followers with high-quality content. In order to do such, you can follow the steps below:

Create a Flawless Profile

Twitter users will check your profile before they finally hit the follow button. So, you need to perfect every detail of it, starting from your profile picture to your tweets.

If your Twitter account is a personal account, then you need to use a close-up photo of your face as your display picture. On the other hand, brands need to use their company’s logos as their display photo. 

A perfectly-written Twitter bio is also important. While it has a limit of only 160 characters, you can use it to tell people why they should follow you. 

For brands, they can link their website so that people can reach them easier. 

More Tweets Equals More Followers

A study conducted by Beevolve found out that Twitter users who posted less than 1,000 tweets usually have followers fewer than 100. 

On the other hand, accounts that have more than 10,000 tweets have followers between 1,001 to 5,000. 

Lastly, Twitter profiles that tweeted more than 15,000 times have a follower count of 100,001 to one million. 

Needless to say, those who tweet more frequently tend to have more followers.

How You Can Double Your Twitter Followers In a Matter of Five Minutes a Day

For this reason, it would be helpful if you will schedule your tweets using tools like Hootsuite. This will allow you to post consistently even when you do not manually post each day. However, you have to be careful when you are using scheduling tools. This is because too many posts may turn followers away. 

In addition, using hashtags will also increase your account’s as well as your tweets’ visibility. This will let you get more engagement than just tweeting without hashtags.

Use Your Connections

You can find your existing connections using LinkedIn or email. People who already have a connection with you outside Twitter will more likely follow you when they found out that you have already established your Twitter account. 

Begin by following your contacts on Twitter. You have to make sure that you get them using various steps.

First, go to the contacts page of your LinkedIn and then select “Settings.” After that, export all your contacts in a CSV file and upload it to your email contacts. 

You can now import your email contacts on Twitter and choose which connections you want to follow. 

Engage with People Through Twitter Chats

As mentioned, it is important to interact with your followers. Join weekly Twitter chats, or it would be better if you will start your own. This will let you engage with people who are in the same field as you.

Joining in on Twitter chats will bring you many benefits. You’ll be able to meet new people who you can potentially convert into followers. In addition, you can also become an industry insider. 

Moreover, Twitter chats can also help you stay informed about trending topics related to your industry. But, the best thing that you can benefit from Twitter chats is that it is a good outlet in promoting your brand. 

Keep Your Followers Well-Engaged with You

Engagement is important in maintaining followers. You can mention and retweet their tweets so that they’ll know that you are paying attention to them. 

If you are a brand, post your products or service occasionally. But remember not to do it overly promotional. You can also give information about your product and its benefits. This will help you persuade them into buying your product or service, thus converting them into customers.

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