Does Buying Twitter Followers Still Work in 2020?

Does Buying Twitter Followers Still Work in 2020?

Buying Twitter followers have become a prevalent and conventional method for celebrities, social media influencers, and even businesses to grow online presence and outstanding popularity in the platform and also other social media sites. It has been reported that up to 28% of Twitter users have once purchased followers within the platform.

Though it is already common today to see individuals active in the Twitter platform with thousands – and even millions of followers, actually getting to that field is extremely difficult. Not all can be famous or, at the very least, make a name for themselves in just one day. Brands that you see taking over the platform today took days and days of hard work, perseverance, and ultimate commitment just to get there.

Who Hasn’t By Now, It’s “The Current Year”!

That being said, because of the internet’s growing dominance as the number one necessity to make it big and thriving today, people have come up with new ways to make the process a bit easier. And nothing represents that more than that of the emerging process of buying Twitter followers. The act of trading in actual money for more followers in your chosen Twitter account has been active throughout the platform for more than years now. In fact, it just seems to be becoming more and more prevalent as time goes by. Some may even go as far as saying that this practice has already become a necessity.

Now, with the year 2020 well on its way, such a question is unsurprisingly popping up to people’s minds: “Does buying Twitter followers still work in this year and age?” Let us answer just that within this article and try to answer several more questions concerning the process as we proceed through with it.

To start us off, here are some of the advantages that you may get concerning the practice of buying twitter followers:

Advantages of Purchasing Twitter Followers

As we have already established, gaining initial followers without purchasing said followers is an extremely tedious and patiently-driven process. Not to mention, having low figures may attribute to the inhibition of your businesses’ growth and its effectiveness with regards to online or social marketing campaigns.

Purchasing several Twitter followers would not just get your profile numbers up and elevate your social proof, the practice may also push your organic growth forward. Additionally, it would also help your already existing marketing and social media movements to become more productive, persuasive, and enticing. All of this may attribute to you, cutting down more cash on top of saving valuable time.

Everyone is already doing it, so why shouldn’t you

Famous politicians, brands, and even celebrities had gone on and bought Twitter followers to bolster up their respective profiles. Everyone from the world-famous Justin Bieber and the former president of the US, Obama, has been reported to have evidence of purchased followers from their own accounts.

Despite that being the case, Bieber is still the pop star icon today, and Obama is still the highly-regarded former president. Their accounts used Twitter followers services as a way to bypass the grind of actually getting it and as an effective and tested way to market themselves as successful within the online world.

It increases your organic follower growth

This is how buying Twitter followers can really do help your account be better. In perspective, accounts that do not engage in buying Twitter followers may see a much slower increase within their natural follower numbers than that of those that do. The only time that anyone may ever gain Twitter followers rapid is if they are already famous before creating their profile, or they are an internet sensation, to begin with. Buying Twitter followers is a great way to give your profile increased natural follower numbers. Not only that, but it will also get those real people that are already involved within your account, who buy your products, those who read your content, become more aware of who you and your brand are.

Here are just some of the most exciting ways of how the practice of buying twitter followers may give you or your brand advantage. Let us now proceed to the frequently asked questions about the practice.

Are you actually able to buy followers using real-world money?

The short answer is yes; you most definitely can. There are now tons and tons of companies and businesses that will gladly sell you, legit followers, on both the Twitter and Instagram platforms. Evidently, each company that you may engage in may have different ways of doing so, but the core concept firmly stays the same. And thus, you shouldn’t worry so much about it. Various companies that sell out followers for money can indeed give you said followers, but their ways and approaches to doing so may differ slightly from one another.

Just to give you a brief example of companies that actively do the practice, look up the Rewards NetworkFollow-first, or Bot Accounts. Rewards Network, wherein users may gain rewards to follow you. However, they may unfollow afterward. Follow-first, wherein the particular company logs in to your desired account and supports relevant users depending on your niche in the hopes that it follows you back. Lastly, Bot Accounts, wherein the given company manages different Twitter accounts and secures theirs, follows on your account as soon as you purchase.

Are the followers that you follow you using the practice real?

The actual followers that may appear within your Twitter profile as you purchase so may vary from being real followers and not depending on the company you engaged with. Remember, buying Twitter followers may vary a lot. As some services may be cheaper, because they offer inactive followers; other services may appear a bit pricier, because they are actually offering followers that are slightly more active. With that said, keep in mind that these said active followers might unfollow your account at a later time, or require a follow back. Inactive followers, on the other hand, may stick around longer or even permanently in compensation for their inactiveness.

Why must you consider buying followers?

If you want to establish social proof and such, you may as well consider buying Twitter followers. The practice of doing so is profoundly different from marketing. Buying followers within the platform isn’t about actually getting genuine followers; what it aims is to create a better social profile for the public to see. People actively buy followers to appear more reputable in the platform, to exponentially increase their real social credibility, and to appear genuinely more popular in the effort to attract people to view it as the next best thing. Putting it simply, buying followers is to entice people to jump on the bandwagon – which are hopefully, your business or actual Twitter profile. The expression “Fake it until you make it” is the best to represent this kind of trade.

The Bottom Line: Is the Practice Still Working In today’s time (2020)

Yes, buying twitter followers to amplify your profile’s growth is still actively working in the year 2020. In fact, it is more prevalent today than ever before. This is because of the increased number of varying profiles in different social media platforms that are actively trying to earn more followers. That being said, the increased competition within the digital world makes it that much more enticing to utilize such services that may render your quest a bit easier.

And the best way to buy Twitter followers is from a reputable service provider. And so, let us help you find the most ideal for you. We, at Buy Followers Guide, offer top-notch support to grow your fanbase, and of course, your influence by showing you the best companies to help you grow.  

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