Can You Get Banned For Buying Twitter Followers?

Purchasing Twitter followers and other social signals gets a bad rap due to the massive amount of low-quality providers out there who offer less-than-perfect services. The truth is, purchasing Twitter followers is actually an efficient way to strengthen one’s social proof without spending a ton of time and energy on marketing – you just have to play your cards right and do your research.

There is an assumption that purchasing followers can actually get you banned on Twitter. While this is a possibility, the chances are very unlikely if you choose your provider carefully. We’ve performed hundreds of tests with providers of Twitter Followers, and our accounts have never been suspended for it.

Getting yourself banned is something you want to avoid at all costs, but you typically have to do some pretty grave things before Twitter axes you from the platform. You can buy Twitter followers to improve your reputation without worrying about being banned – keep reading to learn how!

The risks of low-quality bought followers

When it comes to bought followers, or any other type of bought social signal, the real danger lies in cheap, low-quality followers bought from less-than-reputable providers.

Their main effect is hurting your credibility, but these dummy accounts are also notorious for sending out spammy links that put people in your network at risk as far as digital security is concerned. At the very least, they can annoy your real followers and make them think twice about following you.

You don’t want followers like this hanging around your account – they just don’t look right at all, and it’s obvious that they aren’t there for a good reason.

fake twitter followers

While there is no denying that there are a lot of bad providers out there, there are also quite a few good ones that can actually help take your social media presence to a whole new level. The key to a successful marketing campaign powered by bought followers is finding the right company who can deliver the services you want. Everyone says they deliver high-quality followers, of course, but it’s not always true.

It’s hard to get yourself banned on Twitter, you have to do something pretty bad in order to get booted out of the platform. Buying fake followers can, at most, only get your account suspended.

Never sign up with a Twitter Follower provider who will ask you for your password. By providing them with your Twitter handle and password, you are giving them full access to your account. This means they can do whatever they want with it – and you will be accountable for their actions via your account. You never need to give away your password to buy high-quality Twitter followers. You’ll only need to provide your Twitter handle.

What Can Get you Banned on Twitter?

The Twitter Rules state the different activities that could get you suspended and potentially banned from their platform through repeated offenses. As mentioned earlier, you have to be pretty awful in order to actually get banned from Twitter. In most cases, Twitter would only completely ban accounts proven to have conducted abusive behavior towards other users, or who inherently abuse the platform for personal gains.

Martin Shkreli, the infamous “pharma-bro” who hiked prices on the AIDS drug, direct messaged journalist Lauren Duca to be his date on the recently concluded inauguration. Aside from being a noted Trump critic, Duca was also adamant about not associating with Shkreli and declined his invitation.

Shkreli refused to take no for an answer and proceeded to harass Duca in a series of tweets. Duca took the liberty of bringing this to the attention of Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter. After Duca sent out her tweet to Dorsey, Shkreli was soon suspended from Twitter Land.

This goes to show that you have to go to extreme lengths to get yourself kicked out of Twitter. In this case, Shkreli was only suspended, not even banned.

Buying followers almost certainly won’t get you in trouble on Twitter – and you’ll never run into any issues as long as you choose your provider wisely. High-quality followers from a reputable provider won’t get you banned or even suspended, and can even help you reap the marketing benefits you are looking for.

How to Avoid Getting Banned for Purchasing Followers

If you want to make sure your campaign turns into a success you have to work with companies that care about your reputation. with a provider simply for their cheap price can backfire when you wind up with crappy-looking users all over your account.

As we’ve repeatedly mentioned throughout this post, adequate research is key in setting up your campaign for success. There are a number of ways you can discern which provider has your best intentions in mind.

You’re looking for followers that seem just like real Twitter users, with profile pictures, unique bios, and recent activity in their feed. Nobody will be able to tell that followers like these were purchased:

Visit their Website

Find out as much as you can by browsing through their website – check out their rates and find out how you can reach their customer support team.

In most cases, providers often put a good amount of resources and information on their website regarding the services they offer. Always look for a provider who is transparent about the quality of their services – it makes them more credible, and it helps you make a better decision.

Of course, it’s to be expected that they’ll position their services in the most attractive way possible in order to gain your business, but a reputable provider will explain their services transparently and honestly.

Look for a provider who is not afraid to go out on a limb to provide you with complete and accurate information about the services they have to offer.

Contact Customer Support

A good sign of a reputable provider is a responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. If they can answer your questions quickly and informatively, they can most probably address your concerns promptly as well – if you happened to need them to.

contact form example

A bad provider will try to cut as many corners as possible and customer support is the least of their concerns. You won’t be able to reach out to them if you find something wrong with your account after purchasing their services – these are the type of providers you need to avoid.

Check out reviews

After doing some detective work on a provider’s website, you need to step out and find other resources. This can be a long and tedious process but if you have the time, we highly recommend you read a review or two.

If you’re short on time and want to get the nitty gritty right away, our Top Twitter Follower Provider list is the way to go. We test every company on a variety of points to provide you with the most accurate review possible, so you can always get your money’s worth. We test the overall performance of these providers, from their service quality to their customer support. We can lead you to the right provider who will help you reach your marketing goals faster.

Purchasing followers is not a bad move

Purchasing followers won’t get you banned on Twitter. As we mentioned in this blog, you have to be pretty bad to get in trouble. Even then, in many cases people get suspended rather than completely banned on the platform.

While it won’t get you banned, purchasing low-quality followers from crappy companies has a lot of risks. Picking any company solely based on price can have costly repercussions down the road so we highly suggest that you invest in finding the best one for you.

There are a number of providers out there, and we’ve found quite a few honest companies that can definitely help anyone take their marketing campaign to a whole new level. Check out our reviews to learn more about some of the best Twitter Follower providers out there.

Also, whatever you do, don’t be this guy.

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