How To Buy The Best Social Media Followers

When it comes to buying social media followers, there’s a right and a wrong way of doing it. Not all bought followers are going to be high-quality, and the same can be said of the companies that provide them. You can’t buy from the first company that says “buy followers from us, we’re the best.” You wouldn’t buy the first shirt on the rack, would you? No, you’d try some on to see how a few fit first.

Buying social media followers follows similar principles as you need to test out different providers before you make a purchase. How do you buy social media followers, and how can you buy the best ones? Let’s answer the first question – why do people even buy followers?

Why do people buy followers?

The following you have on your social media channels is a part of your social proof. Social proof is a psychological force that makes you adopt another person’s idea of what is correct. This is especially true when snap judgments and quick decisions are needed when you don’t have time to think.

In social media, social proof includes the number of:

  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Plays
  • Views
  • Followers

That an account has, along with other signals of engagement associated with a number. These statistics tell you that other people have found the post, music, video, person, or brand likeable, encouraging others to see what’s going on and join in.


Does it always work? No. Is it often effective? Yes. There are plenty of studies and statistics that show how powerful social proof can be. One obvious one is that 82% of surveyed Americans ask friends for advice before making purchasing decisions – a certain sign of social proof’s influence on commerce. Of course, there’s one more attractive benefit you can get from social proof, a very important one: Social proof can give you or your brand credibility.

A huge following can give you the power to influence your social circle, be seen as an authority on your niche, attract even more followers, drive traffic to your site, convert that traffic into sales, and more. These are all possibilities that you’ll open yourself to, and people buy followers to speed that process up as much as possible.

Whatever reasons you have for buying followers, the one basic benefit you’ll get is improved credibility online. However, would a follower that screams “Hey, I was bought just to provide social proof!” give you that? Of course it won’t. That’s why you need to focus on buying high-quality followers who won’t ruin your reputation. I’ll get to that in a moment, but first let’s talk about how the whole process works.

How to buy followers

You can buy social media signals for pretty much every social network. That includes Twitter followers and retweets, Instagram followers and shares, SoundCloud followers and plays, and YouTube views and subscribers.

Once you’ve decided on the vendor, it’s just a matter of choosing how many followers you want, and whether you want them delivered quickly or gradually. Some companies do have the option to deliver your followers at a natural pace, but other companies don’t have that option. When you’re building from, literally, nine followers, you need a natural pace:

After making your payment, just sit back and wait for your followers to arrive. These followers are fake, in the sense that they aren’t actually interested in you – they’re only there because you paid for them. There may be a real person running those accounts, or there may not be. In many cases they aren’t real people, and they’re only bot accounts. The best providers use connected networks of people, rather than bots, who all benefit from following people in some manner.

Different providers sell followers of different quality. Some companies will provide you with unmistakably fake users, who can damage your reputation, but other vendors sell high-quality, real-looking followers that you can use to enhance your credibility. This is why you shouldn’t just buy from the first provider you see. You need to take some time to find a company who cares about your reputation online.

Risks of buying followers

There are two major risks in buying social media followers: getting low-quality followers, and doing business with a shady company. We’ll tell you more and show you how to protect yourself from each of these risks.

Low-quality followers don’t look authentic

I talked about how fake followers attached to your account won’t give you credibility, which is the very reason why you’re buying followers. Low-quality followers are easy to spot, and if you can find them, so can your real followers if they look. Having low-quality followers on your list is the same as saying you bought them, and you might as well just put up a sign that says “I bought followers, and here they are.”

bad twitter followers example list

Low-quality followers on Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other networks usually have either generic or no profiles. On Twitter, low-quality followers often have the default image for a profile pic, seen above. They do not have bios, and have low to no activity on their page.

bad twitter follower example

High-quality followers, on the other hand, look like real users. They have complete bios, headers, profile photos, real-looking followers of their own, and they appear active like real people.


As long as you’re going to buy followers, make sure you only buy high-quality ones. To ensure that you get followers that will help your reputation, only do business with the best companies in the industry.

You might get scammed

Scam icon

There are plenty of scammers bent on ripping you off and running away with your hard-earned money. You must do some research before you commit to any follower provider, or go with our trusted list of sites. Using our list makes sure that you are only working with trusted companies, with no scams at all!

To help you avoid these risks, we’ve put together a list of some of the best providers of high-quality followers and other engagements for social media sites. We test and review these companies to ensure that you’ll get what you pay for, and won’t get ripped off by a shady provider.

Where to buy followers

We’ve tested hundreds of companies from all over the web so that we can accurately rank them according to the services they offer, customer support, reliability, and more. Here are our top providers for followers on Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud by platform:

  • Best Twitter follower providers: Through all of the Twitter purges, these providers have proven themselves to be able to consistently provide followers which last. They use a variety of tactics to do this, one of which is providing real followers via connected networks of users.
  • Best Instagram follower providers: When you’re doing it for the ‘Gram, you’d better be doing it for a few followers! With the explosion that Instagram has seen in popularity, an account with few followers is going to get low interest from those finding it for the first time.
  • Best Pinterest follower providers: The world’s top source for crafts and other DIY activities is also a burgeoning marketplace. Pinterest is working to add new ways to sell items all the time, and being able to attract more followers with a popular account can directly result in sales.
  • Best LinkedIn follower providers: When you’re looking for a job, it can be discouraging to be looked over again and again. Trying to attract talent to your company? Who wants to work for a company that no one pays attention to? Both instances can be helped by purchasing LinkedIn followers to boost your prominence on the platform!
  • Best SoundCloud follower providers: We all know that when we walk by a bar with a live band packing in a huge crowd we’re more likely to check it out than a live band playing to 15 people. These providers allow you to attract that same attention in a digital environment!

Each list linked to above has individualized the rankings according to the strengths of each provider. Some are better at Instagram, other excel at Twitter. A few even specialize in one type of follower only, so be sure to read our reviews to know which works for each platform.

Ready to get famous?

You can be! Just remember that buying social media followers will only be an advantage when you do it right. Keep in mind that the very reason you’re buying is so that you can build up your credibility and social authority for yourself or your brand. Don’t ruin that by making the wrong choice and going with a cheap provider that doesn’t care about your online reputation, providing low-quality followers that don’t look real.

Take the time to find the right provider for you, who will deliver the service you need. Only buy high-quality followers, and only buy from the best providers, so that you’ll soon be telling everyone that you’re famous with confidence…

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Mikaela Pierre

Great Article! As of 2018, many people are purchasing services to websites such as ViralKick to gain the popularity they want. As much as how many people give good feedback about these kinds of service, however, there are still many people who promote that these kinds of services are a sham.