Viral Twitter Thread Shows Double Standards Between Rich and Poor

A Viral Twitter Thread Shows Double Standards Between the Rich and the Poor

This week, a Twitter thread shared in 2016 went viral again. The said tweet was published by a Twitter user named Ana Samways. In the tweet, she asked people what is considered trashy if a person is poor, but is considered classy if you are rich.

A Viral Twitter Thread Shows Double Standards Between the Rich and the Poor

There is no apparent reason why the said Twitter thread resurfaced from four years ago. In addition, the user who posted the controversial tweet did not respond to any request for interviews sent by news outlets. 

As soon as the tweet resurfaced, a lot of people have been replying to it with their comments all over again. Many of them were pointing out the differences in how the rich and the poor are perceived nowadays.

Followers see Inequality, Twitter Feels the Rage

People are now feeling inequality more acutely than ever before. For instance, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has reportedly made billions ever since the pandemic began. Jeff Bezos has more Twitter followers now than ever. On the other hand, more than 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment. This happened as the whole nation is creeping towards another recession. 

People in Twitter pointed out how, even in little things, there are differences in what is considered trashy and classy between the poor and the rich. For instance, being bilingual or eating doughnuts from an artisanal bakeshop is regarded by the wealthy as aspirational. 

But in fact, being bilingual among the masses is accosted for speaking a language different from your mother tongue, and eating doughnuts from Dunkin’ or a gas station is considered cheap or common. This is only a few of the hundreds and even thousands of replies to the said tweet. 

Things That Rich People Do And Get Praised For While Others Are Shamed.

In reply to the controversial tweet, a Twitter user named @BecomingElliot listed some things that the rich and the poor are praised or shamed for. For instance, having an uncommon or uncommon name is considered as classy for the rich. Being bilingual, having mixed ethnicity, or even wearing sportswear in public are also regarded as elegant. 

Moreover, if a person drinks beer every day, he is a drunkard. However, if you are rich and drink expensive alcohol like wine, then you are considered as classy.  

Another Twitter user named Lauren Rhoades pointed out that tiny homes are a trend for the rich. Rich people who live on mobile homes call it a small house or minimalist lifestyle. However, poor people are shamed just because they live in trailer parks. 

Furthermore, one Twitter user took a jab at inherited wealth. The said user Daniel Felsendfeld linked this to a commonly repeated critique of government benefit recipients. He questioned those rich people who are living off the money that they did not directly earn.

A Viral Twitter Thread Shows Double Standards Between the Rich and the Poor

Also, one reply to the controversial tweet said that rich people often get personal financial gain by “gaming” the government. TheBasilMag, the user who published the said tweet, is about various anomalies such as tax loopholes. Similarly, another Twitter user, Michael Brendan Dougherty, pointed out that government subsidy is another thing that the rich and the poor differs. 

Marrying Your Relatives And Living With Parents Also Have Different Views When Done By The Rich And The Poor.

Eion Keane replied on Ana Samways’ Twitter thread that there are communities that are ostracised for marriages between relatives. However, the same custom is a ubiquitous thing done by royal and aristocratic families for a very long time. 

Father Joe Misty also pointed out that living with your parents is another double standards between the rich and the poor. 

Another user named Donald Drumpf emphasized how simple branding can change the perceived quality of making things yourself. For instance, words like “craft” and “bespoke” are essentially fancy euphemisms for the word “homemade.” However, “homemade” is perceived as cheap or tacky. But changing it to a fancier term makes it sound classy. Besides, the same user pointed out that homeschooling is the same as being tutored. However, “homeschooled,” which is often used by the rich, sounds classier than the word “tutored.”

Followers on Twitter and Elsewhere Join the Protest.

According to Amy Goggins, “protesting” is a thing done by the rich. This is something that shows that they wake and can stand up for their rights. However, if poor people are doing protests, it is considered rioting. 

The use of illegal drugs is also another double standard emphasized by user StuckInntheSimulation. The poor are persecuted for using illicit drugs, while the rich quickly get away with the consequences of the same action. 

Not dye-ing gray hair also has double standards between the rich and the poor. According to Living 400lbs, when the rich do not cover up their gray hair with dyes, it is considered fashionable. However, it is perceived as a lack of self-care in poor people. 

Even eating Doughnuts has different perceptions whether you are rich or poor, According to a Twitter user named Jen, eating doughnuts bought from an artisanal bakeshop is Instagram-worthy. However, a doughnut that came from Dunkin’ Donuts is not something to be proud of. 

A Viral Twitter Thread Shows Double Standards Between the Rich and the Poor


Finally, wearing clothing with leopard print is fashionable for the rich as noted by user Casey Freeman. However, wearing the same clothing design makes a poor person unfashionable.

There is no doubt that double standards are seen everywhere. For instance, if your coffee came from a high-end coffee shop, then you are considered classy. However, if your coffee is brewed at home, then that coffee is not worth it. 

Things are different when they are done by the rich and the poor. But in reality, these things, like the ones mentioned above, are entirely the same. The only thing that makes them either classy or trashy is how we perceive them. Furthermore, it is essential to note that double standards are not going to make us more or less of a person. At a time when a lot of people are facing inequality, what we must do is to be considerate instead of setting standards for different lifestyles. 

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