“Undo Tweet” Feature For Twitter is Now in Test, But Could Be Limited to Professional Tweeters

“Undo Tweet” Feature For Twitter is Now in Test, But Could Be Limited to Professional Tweeters

The evidence shows that Twitter will be releasing an “undo tweet” feature. However, according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, users who want to gain access to this feature will have to pay Twitter for it. Wong discovered that there is a subscription screen tied to the said feature. 

In addition, the ability for users to undo tweets showed up on a survey where Twitter asked its users about what features they are willing to pay for. And just this week, CNET confirmed that this feature is indeed being tested by the social media giant. 

“Undo Tweet” Feature For Twitter is Now in Test, But Could Be Limited to Professional Tweeters

Moreover, it is still not clear when the feature will be available for the public. However, it seems understandable why Twitter may be considering reserving this functionality for its potential subscription service. Of course, they will be able to lure a lot of users to pay for a subscription just to access a button that could keep them out of trouble. 

You Can Buy The Undo Button With Your Twitter Followers

Twitter has not yet announced if the aforementioned feature will be limited to users who paid for a subscription plan. And it is possible that the company is not far enough along in development for it to decide. 

Additionally, it is important to note that the design of the buttons suggests that it works the similar way with Gmail’s “undo send” button. Notably, the undo button of Gmail simply waits for a couple of seconds before sending the message. After that, you can no longer undo it. To simply put it, the new feature in testing is far from being the edit button that a lot of users are asking for. Still, it can at least provide you with some of the ways to that feature. 

If Twitter is open to receive suggestions about the undo feature, it would be a good idea to have it appear in an instance that someone sends an offensive tweet. This way, the user who sent that tweet will have a little time to reconsider. It is not clear if doing such will fix Twitter’s general atmosphere. Still, we can say that it is worth a shot. 

Twitter Confirmed That It is Working on New Subscription-Based Features

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed in an investor conference dated February 26 that Twitter is working on new subscription-based features. However, he did not confirm if this new feature will be available worldwide or only within specific regions.

As mentioned, the undo tweet button was first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert. She shared a screen capture of this feature, which she found in her account’s setting option. 

Moreover, the undo tweet button will no doubt make the job easier for users who struggle with typographical and spelling errors when tweeting and miss them out while posting. Everyone knows how brutal people on Twitter can get in terms of spamming and trolling. For this reason, this new function sounds quite promising since it will allow you to avoid such blunders when publishing tweets.

In A Post-Trump Twitter: The Undo Button is Fitting

As of now, the micro-blogging giant has not confirmed when it will roll out the undo tweet feature yet. 

Apart from the subscription-based undo tweet function, the social media giant is also working on another subscription plan called Super Follows. This feature will provide users with an opportunity to monetize their tweets.

The Super Follows feature will potentially lure influencers from other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. In addition, it will boost the reach of the micro-blogging platform in the future.

More About the Super Follows Feature

Basically, Super Follows is a payment feature that will give users the ability to charge their followers in exchange for access to extra content. This extra content could be in form of bonus tweets or access to a community group. It can also be a newsletter subscription or a badge that users can use to show their support. 

“Undo Tweet” Feature For Twitter is Now in Test, But Could Be Limited to Professional Tweeters

Twitter showed an example of this new feature using a mockup screenshot. In this example, a user charges $4.99 a month so their followers can receive a series of extra perks. The social media giant sees this feature as a way to allow publishers and creators to directly get paid by their fans. 

In recent years, direct payment tools have become more important for creators than ever. For instance, Patreon has been significantly successful, and social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have released their very own direct payment features for creators. 

Paying for Twitter Followers and an Undo Button

It is possible that the social media giant will take a cut to those payments, though it has not yet said how much and what that fee will be. This is because the company has been hinting at subscription features that will provide it with a new source of revenue. We expect this to really boost the frequency of people and brands buying real Twitter followers globally.

On the other hand, Twitter also announced that it will launch another feature called Communities. Such appears to be a take on something like Facebook Groups. With this feature, people can create and join groups around particular interests. This will allow them to see more tweets that are focused on the topics they are interested in.

Groups have shown huge success for Facebook. For this reason, they could be particularly helpful on the micro-blogging site, too.  This is because Twitter has an open-ended nature that can make it more challenging for new users to get started on the platform.

The Undo Button is Undone

Like the undo tweet and Super Follows features, the Communities feature still does not have a specific date of launch. During a presentation for investors and analysts recently, the social media giant listed the new features as “what’s next” for its platform. But if there is something that is certain, that is the fact that Twitter is looking to enter the world of subscription features and paid services. If that happens, the content that we see on the platform will totally be different. 

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