What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Browser Version

What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Browser Version

On July 15 last year, the social media platform Twitter rolled out a version of Twitter.com. The company refreshed and updated this version to make it faster, more personalized, and easier to navigate. Also, it has an updated look that is more similar to the app that users see on other devices. This way, it is a lot easier for other users to access their favorite Twitter features along with personalization options.

What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Browser Version

Twitter for Browser: The Features

Twitter tested several aspects for a while before it finally rolled out its browser version. This is to make sure that the site will reflect on how the actual app works. Also, the company received hundreds of thousands of feedback and suggestions. For this reason, it made it easier for them to make Twitter.com’s conversations easier to find and follow.

Below are the features that you can find on Twitter.com:

1. More of What is Happening

The company brought the explore feature to the website version to bring users the same amazing content they can find in the app. In addition, users can expect more live videos and moments that are personalized depending on their location. They can also get context with profile information across conversations. Lastly, this feature will allow them to check out their top trends in any view. That being said, users will no longer miss out on anything. 

2. Ease of Access to Users’ Favorite Features

Lists, bookmarks, and your profile are right up front on the website version of Twitter. They have their own spot located at the side navigation. This makes it easier for users to jump between various tabs the fastest way possible. 

What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Browser Version

3. Direct Message All in A Single Place To Capture Buying More Twitter Followers

Teitter.com has an expanded Direct Message feature, allowing you to see message threads and send DMs all from the same view. This way, there will be no hassle of switching from one tab to another to send a message.

4. No More Struggles in Logging Your Account In and Out

Regardless if you have just one Twitter account or a few, Twitter.com allows you to switch between accounts faster. You can do this directly from the side navigation. When you use multiple accounts, make sure you’re extra careful when buying Twitter followers to not cross your accounts!

5. Personalize Your Twitter Account

A lot of people love dark mode themes, dim, and lights out. As mentioned, a lot of people have sent feedback and suggestions. Many of those asked for more ways to personalize Twitter. For this reason, the company added different color options and themes on the website version of the app. There are also two options for dark mode.

Trends and Tips in Using the New Twitter for Your Business

Social Media is a powerful tool for business marketing since most people rely on it almost every day. For some, it’s used for leisure, but smart business owners take advantage of its great features. 

For Twitter, approximately 330 million people worldwide are using it, and more than 1.9 million tweets in one month are all related to small business. In a month, they gathered more than 23.2 billion potential tweet impressions related to small business. That was just proof of how your business could benefit from Twitter if you’re going to use it properly. To help you with that, here are some of the trends and tips in using Twitter that is essential for your business:

Update Your Followers Frequently

Your first goal is to reach more people and gain followers, so it will be easier for you to engage with your market. To do that, you have to share and send tweets regularly, so they’ll know you are active. They would also think that there is something new about you every day, so they have no other choice but to follow you. Nowadays, business owners tweet about their business and share precautions and safety tips regarding the Covid-19 to let their audience know that they care for them.

Flex The People Behind Your Business

Employees working in your company are not just the people behind your business but also your customers. Although we are required to follow social distancing, there are still ways to express your gratitude to the people who are building your business. Share stories and photos of your employees on Twitter and use hashtags so people could easily discover your tweet. In the same way, you could still inspire and impact people, even only on virtual.

Engage With Your Market by Joining Conversations

If you see people interested in your tweet or with your products, it is essential to reach them immediately. Twitter is a powerful app to strike up a conversation and talk about related topics since Twitter made it easy for users to discover tweets through their new feature, “Explore.”

Assess All Customer Inquiries

It is better to make a customer service plan that could cater to your customers’ questions, concerns, and suggestions. Through Twitter, you could inform your customers that there are hotlines and people ready to take action regarding their needs.

What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Browser Version

Use And Share Data To Understand Your Audience

You must know what your customers think about your business and your service. One powerful step to know such is to use and share data, especially now that people are limited to face-to-face interaction. On Twitter, most business owners use the poll feature, which allows them to know what their audience prefers specific things.

Be Different

People are tired of seeing the same old thing every day. To help you step up against your competitors, you must think of a smart way to be unique. Elevate your tweets by highlighting business that makes their own product or recycle stuff to create one new product. This could create a good impression and brand loyalty that could engage people to follow and recommend your business.  

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