Twitch’s‌ ‌Top‌ ‌Streamers‌ ‌of‌ ‌2021‌

Twitch's Top Streamers of 2021

When it comes to gaming, one social media platform stands out. It is none other than Twitch. YouTube and Facebook challenged Twitch’s position as the prime platform for live streaming, but they have not succeeded. Twitch is still the go-to place for gamers.

The pandemic also made live streaming even more popular. It allowed people to forge relationships while they were stuck in their homes. And so, Twitch has become more popular than ever, with streamers getting more Twitch Followers than ever before. Every day, new Twitch streamers buy their first Twitch Followers and get their new career flourishing in no time! 

Once, the platform only had gamers as content creators. But as of late, people have started using the platform for live streams of any kind.

Now, the end of the year is here. That calls for a list of the top streamers that performed exceptionally in the last 12 months. It will help you find streamers you can tune to in the following year. 

So without further ado, here are the top streamers of 2021. 

Important note: This list only includes English-speaking streamers, as they are the ones people from any country can watch. 


Twitch's Top Streamers of 2021

Opening this list is Nick’ NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff. He is on the top both for his accomplishments on and off-stream. He continues to provide entertaining content on live streams through his boisterous personality and game expertise. This man does great no matter what game he plays. To illustrate, he started 2021 dominating in Warzone. Then, he transitioned to Apex Legends. And guess what. He also became the top 1 player there. With Nickmercs’ high-level gameplay, it is not surprising that he has a huge following. Of course, people would be flocking to his channel to learn how to win games.

Aside from that, he also snagged a massive accomplishment in the MFAM BBQ – a community event he hosted. This event was a packed house – even Tampa Bay Buccaneers players Mike Evans and Chris Godwin attended. In this community event, Nickmercs spent $360,000. Talk about giving back to the community. 

Aside from that, the MFAM community also runs regular competitions and tournaments. With that, Nickmercs’ channel is surrounded by a community-focused feel. That’s why he has a huge fanbase.

Nickmercs also landed several sponsorships this year. That includes brands Under Armour and Apple Bits. Indeed, he is one of 2021’s top streamers.


Twitch's Top Streamers of 2021

Many know RichCampbell as an esports host and caster. But he has shifted his focus to streaming; this year, he became a full-time Twitch streamer. And he quickly became a favorite in many communities. 

Admittedly, his follower count is not as impressive as the others on this list. Though, it is still in high numbers. But what put RichCampbell on this list is the speed of his channel’s growth. Like many others, he lost many Twitch Followers who were actually bots, but many Twitch streamers experienced the same! 

In 2021, RichCampbell’s follower count more than doubled. That is a pretty remarkable feat. What caused that is his humorous personality. Regardless of what he is playing, he makes his audience laugh. So watching his live streams is super fun.

Regarding what he did, he played a huge role in the resurgence of Final Fantasy FFXIV on Twitch. Also, he collaborated with other popular streamers like Asmongold, Mizkif, and the OTK group on numerous projects.

It is not RichCampbell’s first year on Twitch. But it is certainly his best one yet.


Twitch's Top Streamers of 2021

More known as Fuslie, Leslie Fu is also having the best year of his streaming career. This streamer’s 2021 reached its peak when she joined premier lifestyle and gaming brand 100 Thieves. But even before that happened, she was doing exceptionally on Twitch.

Her content was primarily League of Legends. But in 2021, she decided to broaden her horizons by trying other games. And that was a fantastic decision. Last year, she averaged around 2,000 viewers per stream. But this year, because of her move, she skyrocketed into popularity. Now, she garners an average of 10,000 viewers per stream. That is more than triple what she had before!

Fuslie is also known for landing sponsorships. As of this writing, Charmin, Lexus, and Samsung Galaxy are her biggest sponsors. With that and the 100 Thieves network, she is positioned greatly. Perhaps, she would be the top Twitch streamer in 2022. If her streak continues, that is very likely to happen. 


Twitch's Top Streamers of 2021

Ludwig has exited Twitch after he secured a lucrative deal with YouTube Gaming. But still, because of what he accomplished before he went out, he deserves a spot on this list. 

There are many trendsetters on the platform. Sodapoppin, Amouranth, and Summit1g are some prime examples. But it is Ludwig who single handedly set off one of the platform’s biggest trends. He started the “subathon” craze. People have mixed feelings about this trend. But no one can deny that it has become a part of Twitch culture.

In 2021, he broke Ninja’s 2018 record of having the most subscribers on Twitch. He had over 280,000 subscribers. The crazy part is, that could have been even higher had he not capped the subathon at 30 days. What did he do with the money he got from that? Ludwig donated them to charities. Truly, he is one exceptional streamer. 

Sadly, Twitch was not able to match YouTube’s offer. Thus, Ludwig departed the platform.  


Twitch's Top Streamers of 2021

The face of Twitch 2021 is Mizkif. He managed to outperform his competition. This man had innovated with his streaming house, the OTK Organization. At the same time, he maintained the appeal that grew his following. On top of that, he was involved in various big moments throughout the year. Because of that consistency and excellent performance, he gets an average of 40,000 viewers. Like the others on this list, that is triple what he had before. His channel grew like a weed.

And he was at a disadvantage too! He was not a professional esports player or a caster. Furthermore, he did not have a decade to build a loyal following. Still, he managed to achieve this much. 

Mizkif is a little controversial, though. People accuse him of “drama farming” to increase his viewers. But that just proves that he knows what works and what does not. And so, he became 2021’s top streamer. 

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