Twitch Streamer Permanently Banned from Using the Platform

Twitch Streamer Permanently Banned from Using the Platform

The platform allows gamers to create their own channels where they can record their gameplay and let their followers watch it. Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, is massively popular that it has registered 15 million users per day.

Due to its popularity, Twitch has been home for several controversies. And because the streams are raw and unedited, it offers a glimpse on the lives of every streamer. It has also been the cause of an individual’s less than correct statements and opinions to go public. As a matter of fact, many streamers have been subjected to the controversy over such sort of behavior. 

Twitch Followers Fuel the Controversy

There had been a recent controversy that caused the Twitch streamer named HelenaLive to be permanently banned from the platform. Still, some people believe that the lifetime ban is slightly unwarranted. The issue rooted when HelenaLive uttered the words, “There are only two genders.” The streamer has even stepped up to Reddit to defend her rather short but offensive statement.

HelenaLive, a 22-year-old Twitch streamer, was born in Greece. She became popular with the platform by live streaming while playing the game League of Legends. And before she had been banned, Helena had more than 240,000 followers.

Twitch Banning of Helena

The decision to ban Helena from streaming on the platform is a result of something controversial that she said while in the middle of streaming. The streamer was reported to have stated her view that only two genders exist. Admittedly, the statement does not sound right, especially in a world that is starting to accept the existence of different gender expressions and sexuality. Furthermore, comments like what the streamer said while she is on live were quite disappointing and even harmful.

Helana quickly offered an explanation, defending herself from the controversy. The streamer shared a video of herself while reading the emails she received from Twitch. In the same video, she was also trying to justify the statement. She said, which lead her to become the talk of the town. According to the streamer, she never meant her account to sound transphobic. She emphasized that she was biologically speaking when she said that there are only two genders. Helena further explained that she believes that there are two genders, a man and a woman, because that was what is taught in biology. According to her, she particularly commented that there is nothing wrong if a man wants to be a woman or if a woman wants to become a man and that she supported the transgender community. 

The Twitch Community Boils Up

However, it all boils down to how the public will interpret her comment. Whether Helenareally meant something offensive to the transgender community and genderfluid individuals, it was not the smart thing to say on the internet. However, many believe that there is more to the story. The streamer is publicizing and that her defense is wholly unacceptable. 

On the other hand, some people wanted to see proof of what has actually happened. One Twitch user wrote that he will not believe Helena unless screenshots of the ban reason are publicized. Seeming to support the first comment, another user added that the transphobic comment is no way the reason for Helena’s lifetime ban. 

Needless to say, the public is confused, and the reason for this confusion is some other Twitch streamers reportedly expressed the same views and still remained on the platform. Additionally, some cases are even much more offensive than what Helena said.

Transphobic Comments on Twitch Don’t Last

Moreover, some individuals pointed out that the transphobic comment was not the streamer’s first offense. There are also speculations that Twitch strictly operates a “three strikes and you are out” policy or whether every incident involving Twitch streamers are taken contextually. Whether this speculation is correct or not, Helena has seemed to have crossed the line.

What adds up to the speculations is the fact that some people believe that Helena is not telling the whole story. The abruptness of the decision to ban her as well as her comments ambiguity. In terms of context, led some people to think that there is another reason for Helena’s ban. In the light of these speculations, Helena posted the screenshots of her emails. One email sounds like the streamer is quite desperate to be understood, saying that she is near having a mental breakdown and that she wants someone to talk to. 

Is Helena Telling The Whole Story? Reddit Decides.

Some Redditors analyzed her email responses and said that these responses only further caused her to get criticized. On the other hand, some say that Helena seems to be panicking, and she would have offered an apology for literary anything. 

The controversy’s plot seems to further thicken as people eagerly wait for Twitch’s official statement regarding the matter. But until then, the decision whether they should believe Helena or not solely relies upon their judgment alone.

Being banned from using her Twitch account, Helena brought the issue to other social media platforms. On Twitter, Helena posted a message asking anyone if there is a way she could fight back and calls out anyone who can help her recover her Twitch account. In the same tweet, she then again apologized to everyone who got hurt by her comment. After all, it seems that the Twitch channel is more than just a hobby for Helena. Instead, it is her whole career. 


Helena also explained her statement where she said there are only two genders, saying that it was not supposed to be an offensive and heavily-problematic opinion.

Some people spoke out in support of the streamer. Some of them think that the streamer’s ban is a publicity stunt made by Twitch to shed some of the controversial areas of their history and reputation.

However, some are also in support of what Twitch has done. One commentator said that the ban was also caused by Helena’s over four years of lousy conduct and several account suspensions. 

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