Nearly Half of Donald Trump’s Twitter Followers Are Fake Accounts and Bots

Nearly Half of Donald Trump's Twitter Followers Are Fake Accounts and Bots

Whether you are famous or not, if you have the money to pay people, you can get as many followers on Twitter as you may please. The famous American stand- up comedian, writer, and actor Joe Mande explains on his tweet how he bought his 1.01 million followers with just $400; a reason he clearly despises these social media pages and thinks they are deceptive. In some of his posts, he has come out to strongly oppose the use of social media platforms, and he has been quoted to describe twitter as trash and Facebook as a devil. 

In the Magazine – The New Yorker, he explains that to be considered a winner on twitter, you need to have a massive number of followers. He mentions examples of celebrities like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber who have huge numbers of followers. He goes ahead to shun the huge numbers of followers saying that most of them are just bot followers, and most of them are not real human followers in the first place; they are just artificially made to make celebrities more famous. 

Fake Trump Twitter Followers

The president of the United States, Donald J Trump is the most famous person in the world. It is, therefore, right to assume that he should have the highest number of real followers on his Twitter account and that he has no need to have fake or bot followers, or rather he has no need to employ artificial boosts for his Twitter account. Strangely enough, though, according to the Scottish author and screenwriter John Niven, this could be all lies! In the recent past, the author and screenwriter have spotted an unnatural spike in the Twitter account of the president of the United States. But that is not all, there are speculations that the spike may have come from bought followers, fake or bot followers, and generally speaking, it appears that these may not be real Twitter followers.

The United States President, Donald J Trump, has thirty-one million followers on Twitter. It is approximated that of all these people, only fifty-one percent are real followers. This means that most of his followers are not real and these accounts may have either been bought or faked to get the president the fame he deserves. The number of followers appeared to shoot up in May 2017, when there was noticed a huge spike in his Twitter account followers, and when most speculations think the followers were unnaturally generated. The only legit Donald J Trump followers are those estimated to fifty-one percent of the thirty-one million followers he has, according to an audit service on Twitter that was performed on many other twitter accounts for the same reasons. Most prominent people have few real twitter followers, and the rest are just bots.

It seems that the fake followers’ idea is spiking with time. This is because the study was carried out over the years before the analysis was made. Yashar Ali, who is a contributor to the New York Magazine and an American journalist as well, performed an audit on Donald J Trump’s twitter account and found out that out of his twenty or so million followers back then, thirty-two percent of the followers were just bots. This audit shows that it is most likely that the President, Donald J Trump could be paying for followers on his Twitter account. If not, he could be using fake or bot twitter followers to maintain the credibility of his fame.

Being a former reality star of The Apprentice on NBC, Donald J Trump had gained followers of up to the count of seven and a half million approximately, eight percent of which turned out to be bots as shown in the FiveThirtyEight website. According to experts and analytics, the moment he declared his candidacy in April of 2016 for the Republican presidency, his twitter profiles along with his Twitter account followers escalated sharply, and have continued to rise steadily over time. It is deduced that it is at this point he began to buy his followers for the journey into fame.

The big question, therefore, remains, as to whether or not the United States President is actually buying new Twitter followers. There are two-sided to the story. One, it might be true because the audits that were conducted were done so from several audit firms, leaving no room for lies or false reports because the results were almost the same, and all the results pointed to one thing; the presence of fake or bought twitter followers. Secondly, this could just be fake news. Seeing that Donald J Trump is a public figure, it is expected that he has supporters as well as great opposition. It is believable, then, that his opponent could put up any kind of fights, including deducing that he is lying to his country and the world at large using huge followings on Twitter.

As compared to his predecessors, Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton, who both had a huge seventy-nine percent of real followers and only twenty-one percent of fake or bot followers, it appears the Donald J Trump is trying to desperately fake his way to the top in order to beat them both. There is absolutely no problem in trying to outdo your competitor or predecessor. However, there is a problem if you are trying to do it using the wrong means and ways. These ways include buying fake or bot twitter followers and using them to dupe the public that you are better or more famous.

This audit firms touched on many other celebrities and renowned people. Some of the celebrities that were audited were Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. These are today’s biggest twitter accounts, and they have the largest number of followers. But as much as they have the top twitter fame and are considered the top stars of Twitter, let us not forget that their followers are not all real; there are also bot or fake followers that have been bought to boost the twitter accounts. Whichever way, the followers have created massive fame for celebrities, fake or real.

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