Top Tips in Acquiring Views and Followers for Twitch

Top Tips in Acquiring Views and Followers for Twitch

Having a decent amount of Twitch viewers and followers is not enough if you want to become a successful streamer. Instead, what you need are loyal and consistent viewers and followers. Having a fanbase that is always looking forward to your streams is the foundation for a robust Twitch channel.

You may be thinking that forming a solid fanbase is quite challenging to do. Well, it is especially true if you are a beginner. Besides, Twitch has many streamers who are already popular with viewers. So, if you are a beginner, it can be pretty challenging to get the attention of the audience.

But if you are aiming to become a professional Twitch streamer, below are some of the tips that can help you grow your viewers and followers count:

1. Have a consistent schedule of activity

Consistency is the key if you want your audience to follow you. For this reason, you need to create a routine or schedule that your followers can follow. People will know when to tune in if they know when you are active.

But if you are still starting, the advisable thing to do is to try out different schedules first and then identify which time has the most followers and viewers. Besides, always tell your viewers to join you on your net stream as well as the time when you will be streaming again.

2. Come up with a catchy stream title and thumbnail

Your audience will be attracted to watch your videos if you have attention-grabbing titles and thumbnails. An interesting stream title and a thumbnail will help you build an excellent impression to your potential viewers. Once you have given them a positive first impression, they will watch your stream. And once they find out that you produce excellent videos, they will keep coming back for more.

Good titles usually come in a format where language, ranking, time, and what you are doing are included. So, with such an arrangement, your claim can look something like, “Mobile Legends Mythic Ranking – My Biggest Challenge! 12-Hour Stream.”

3. Organize your Twitch Channel

One right way to attract the audience to your channel is by decorating and organizing it. Fill your channel up with the most exciting things that your potential followers must know about you. Some of the information that you can add are your social media links, email address, streaming schedule, donators to your channels, and your game configurations.

4. Come up with your streaming personality

You need to stand out among all the other streamers on Twitch if you want your target audience to follow you. You need to come up with a unique gimmick that you can use to catch the eyes of viewers. Some streamers do cosplay while playing. Think of something you can do that others are not doing yet and apply it every time you stream.

5. Prepare all the necessary equipment

Streaming on Twitch is all about how you can engage your audience. You have to identify how you can grab the attention of your audience into your channel and videos. To do this, you need to have high-quality equipment that you can use to interact with them. Some of the stuff that you will need are mic, lighting system, headphones, and webcam.

6. Acknowledge the presence of your audience

Engagement matters so much when you are streaming. So, if you do not want to lose your audience, you have to acknowledge their presence. While you are streaming, you can mention your most loyal fans and welcome the new viewers on your channel.

7. Make sure to moderate the chat function

Twitch’s chat area is where you can communicate with all your fans. And since Twitch has a lot of users, its chatbox tends to become very crowded. For this reason, you have to make sure that your chatbox does not get too obscene.

Also, there is a possibility that you’ll fall victim to spammers and trolls. The presence of such can drive your viewers and followers away, so you need to take them out. Fortunately, Twitch has its auto-moderation features. These features include user blocking tools, comment deleters, and some other functions that allow you to remove spammy comments and messages quickly.

8. Utilize the follower mode option

Another exciting feature that Twitch has is the Follower Mode Option. You can use this function to give your most loyal followers and viewers a VIP status. The Follower Mode Option works by allowing you to choose whether your stream will be accessible for everyone or just for your most loyal followers. It also allows you to block trolls and spammy viewers, so only those loyal followers can enjoy your stream. It is one of many ways to buy Twitch followers safely!

9. Give freebies and introduce contests

Your followers will surely love getting some free stuff, especially if the stuff came from their favorite Twitch streamer. So, one effective way to keep them tuned in to your stream is by announcing that you are giving away freebies. You can also hold contests for your fans, such as a lottery game for those who subscribe to your channel.

10. Utilize social media platforms to gain exposure

Social media have a vast amount of users. For this reason, it would be a good idea to utilize them to boost your exposure and tell your followers that they can also reach you outside Twitch. You can also use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate with your followers further. You can also create social media accounts for your Twitch channel and then posts your announcements there.
With the right amount of effort and patience, you can surely get the fanbase that you desire. Besides, you can give gaming tips to your followers so that they will remain engaged in your channel. You see, consistency, engagement, and excellent content are the three primary keys to keep your followers watching every video you post on your Twitch channel.

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